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    This would lead to bloated K/D's. Yes there are K/D players in every FPS game, however, there are those of us who have no issues maintaining 2.0+ K/Ds while playing the objective as well. Just gotta be smart in your decision making.

    The reason groups can do this is because there isn't skill based match-making in this game. Like there is in CoD, Apex, Valorant and other various shooters. Which is a good thing. No one enjoys skill based match making because who wants to play full try hard all the time? No one. Yes it may suck going against that stack but there's always the next game. Where as if there was skill based match making in this game you would constantly be put into matches like this.

    I don't agree with their statement as far as safety reasons is concerned. Almost every other game will show you the evidence submitted against you and censor any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Since this is a ban for harassment for text chat they should of easily been able to provide you with the text that you were banned for while having all players names censored out.

    I'm sorry but getting shot behind walls in this game compared to never being shot behind walls (unless it's a wall that can be shot through) in CoD is a huge difference. The netcode on this game is years behind any other FPS to date.

    Are you kidding, omg where to find the proudness to make a comparison between Ironsight and MW ahahahaha pls get out bro

    I've played about 30 or 40 hours of MW and so far Ironsight is hands down the better game.

    If this were the case Ironsight would have a higher player base than it does and wouldn't be known for its bad server issues. I'm beginning to think you have a computer and internet that can't handle CoD's requirements if you think this game runs anywhere near as smoothly and consistent as CoD.

    CoD servers are by far more stable than Ironsights, however, MW is a much slower played game and the slowest paced CoD that's been released do to the low TTK, which is why people camp more and play a lot slower.

    Hi Guys,

    I was in for 6 years, got caught up with Reagan's plan to cut back on the military back in the 80's and my MOS was Watercraft Operator.

    Ahh ok lol the way your statement was structured it made it look like you were in the Army for 44 years I was like wait that's not really possible lol.

    Hi Guys,

    44 Years ago today I joined the US Army. I was in Albuquerque New Mexico, I had been hitchhiking across the US for about 3 months, was trying to go to Hawaii. I had 3 cents in my pocket and could not get a job picking beans for 50 Cents an hour, what a "reality check". Was sleeping under overpasses. Joined the Army was stationed in Hawaii for 27 months. How about you?

    How long were you in for?

    If you reset your KDA it's pretty much like making your account brand new. You'll still keep your level but you will have 0 Kills and 0 Deaths, personally I wouldn't waste money on it, Reason being is your KD will always drop back to where you are because if you stay at a low KD there's a reason for that and it comes down to you just aren't a good enough player to maintain a high KD so don't waste your time on it. Generally I maintain a 2.23+ KD which I would consider decent/slightly above average here. But if you are stuck at like a 1.5 don't expect a reset to magically make you climb to over 2.0 or higher because more than likely you will just go right back down to a 1.5 cause that's just what your play style keeps you at.

    I still have yet to run into any hackers in this game, so I feel like something doesn't add up when I see people crying about other players hacking. As for afking in matches I agree it should just auto-kick after a set amount of time instead of banning. However, I feel like you weren't banned for afking and it was for something else instead. Again something doesn't add up here.

    Interesting question. How many hackers are there? Because sometimes I can see weird sh**t like people knowing which way I approach even though i have silent steps and there was no drone (early rounds S&D).

    There's like 3 different types of UAV's in this game to see people, silent steps don't work on this game. And plus there's hardly any varying routes in this game

    I still have yet to run into any hackers in this game, so I feel like something doesn't add up when I see people crying about other players hacking. As for afking in matches I agree it should just auto-kick after a set amount of time instead of banning. However, I feel like you weren't banned for afking and it was for something else instead. Again something doesn't add up here.

    Yeah $50 for a mediocre at best skin is not a good look, they literally need to readjust their pricing on chips for this game and how much chip guns cost. It's way way to expensive.

    Also about Modern Warfare, I was super pumped about the game, but playing the beta just made me want to refund the game. It just feels terrible, the TTK is way to fast theirs no chance to react to fire and out play anyone on it, characters feel way to slow for how fast you die, it was just overall a not so good experience imo. They need to not be battlefield and go back to being CoD.

    Adding VoIP does nothing for the competitive scene in any game. Most games that have a VoIP the players hardly ever use. So no the VoIP thing doesn't change anything. Solo queue and party queue splits it so people don't have to deal with 5 man parties alone. Where as if a trio queue happens to get placed with two other random players to get against a 5 man there is still better odds in that aspect. As 3 players can easily be better than 5 depending on skill levels.

    Their pricing for items chips/AP wise is high IMO. Like $100 only gets you 1,000 chips, that's not even 100 crates. They need to adjust their pricing on how many chips you get for AP, etc. They also should remove you being able to get duplicate items from crates as well. Especially if people are trying to go for a collection, this would encourage more spending IMO because people can then just buy a crate and achieve all the items if they want to instead of having the risk of duplicates which happens a lot.

    Some people probably won't remember who I am since I'm one of the old time players that started playing when the game first came out. I left for a deployment for a while, but have since returned figured I'd swing by and see how the community is doing. Seems like it's grown quite a bit more in my absence, anyways just wanted to say hi to everyone again might try to play a few games in once I get things squared away back home here, happy gaming 8)

    Since when does Youtube content dictate whether or not a game is alive...

    csgo league cod battlefield uhh legit every game with any community is on youtube youtube pretty much madeee fortniteeee

    False, Twitch is actually more influential than YouTube, paying big named streamers to do sponsored content actually leads to more players joining games in todays era. Don't get me wrong youtube helps, but twitch is becoming one of the biggest influencers in the gaming world. Realm Royale for instance, the game was massive, unfortunately Hi-Rez messed up and didn't listen to their community. But the majority of the players came from Ninja, Shroud, Summit, etc streaming the game.

    The servers are a little glitchy so it may be causing you to experience the FPS drop. Keep in mind the game is still in development so there will be a lot of improvements on the way.

    I'm sure they will be adding more basic skins in the future. As well as holding more design contests, so I'm sure more basic skins will be coming in the future.

    You have to realize what you feel currently may be aimbotting and getting shot through walls is due to some lag and d-sync issues currently. So while you may feel like you got shot through a wall on your screen you were not on the other persons screen. Just have to be patient and let things settle down and get fixed up.

    Not trying to comprehend it, I'm just saying it is literally doing nothing for you. Not sure what happened to you here or why you are deciding to try to act "badass" but you should really just drop the act and enjoy the game and the community.

    Well have fun with that, not sure why that would be a goal for you though. It literally accomplishes nothing for you.

    Also you don't have to cheat to be banned in-game.

    The Dev's and Mod's all talk on the discord quite a bit and generally keep the community informed there. So if you haven't I'd recommend joining the Ironsight discord.

    Haven't seen them mention anything about the lag on there either though.

    When they post things in the #news section saying "We are aware of the issues....etc" That's the issues they are referring too.

    Well then enjoy the consequences of your actions, I tried to help you but if you're going to ignore and continue to act the way you are then good luck to you.

    exitium sui If you're an adult act like one;).

    Also, you can say you'll do whatever you want here, however, the rules and standards on these forums will prove otherwise. Especially once one of the staff members stops by this thread.

    exitium sui If you don't care and have no filter then you will quickly learn to have a filter or suffer the consequences. Plus, if you all are going to resort to calling each other names you both already lost your argument.

    Lama I'm fine with drama/trash talking, however, once it resorts to vulgar name calling and further that's when it needs to stop.

    It may be lagged, cause I had an issue buying some items and it didn't register the first time, so I bought it again and a few moments later I had 2 of the same item.

    Leave the forum for an hour and another argument over nothing appears. You all need to seriously think about your posts and what you're writing before posting them. Take your issues with each other to PM's instead of making yourselves look bad in front of the community.