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    I know this game is more about skills but I found weapons that are much better than others. What weapons do you think are the best? And also, what is your favorite combination of weapons/accessories/drones/grenades/secondary weapon?8)

    Is not like you will be doing it all the time. It just happens that sometimes while looking trough the scope you will see the name tag and spot someone you didn't even see. It's specially helpful in the airport when you are in the transport band and someone is coming in your direction.

    Sometimes is easy to spot the enemy with the nametag, even through some surfaces. It helps you spot the enemy faster but it also makes you get killed faster. Wouldn't be a good idea to show it only after get killed or after kill someone?

    What they can do is copy what Titanfall does, Ghost ban them. Basically, it doesn't prevent then from logging into the game or playing the game but always match them up with other convicted cheaters. They do not know they were busted for cheating, because they aren't notify about it.

    Graffy you should post this in a separate topic so more people can see it. I think that's actually the best idea since hackers rather than create another account will be playing fairly between them while leaving others alone. However this should be implemented once there are more players, otherwise they wont find a match that easy. But it's definitely a good idea.

    AERIA/Gamigo cannot do that, was explained ages ago, due to "players" privacy policy etc.

    Even when you report someone they say "we will consider it *yata yata* and will punish that accordingly *yata yata*, but won't reveal details to you *yata yata*" player might be banned, he might be not banned.. Noone knows besides CMs/GMs themselves...

    It was annoying when AVA was published by AERIA, it's going to be annoying now, since same policies apply here :) You will have to deal with it, that cheaters will be way more active here not only due to poor anti-cheat, which is XIGNCODE, but due to lack of knowledge what did CMs/GMs ban.

    I just hope they change the anti-cheat system. Is annoying to play with people who have aimbot, I have the experience from warface.

    I use a secure password administrator, however I didn't used a generated password for the game... But I used different password for the game and the forum.. I know, I can be pretty worried about my security sometimes :S

    Still, it was only one of those details I look at.

    What I like about IronSight is that is really hard to camp. You can wait for one minute but no more than that or someone will shoot you in the back... The spawn is always changing so if you stay in the same place eventually someone will get you from the back. Anyways you can just lie down and look like a dead body while waiting for others.
    However some people called me camper just because I got them with the shotgun after see them in the minimap or knowing they saw me and were going to run after me. But 99% of the time I am running around the map

    Why just ban hackers from the game? Wouldn't be more fun to punish them before kick them out? Something like a funny skin and not able to kill anyone or any other kind of punishment. In my opinion it would be more humiliating and people will know the hackers, and it will be also more effective than just a ban.

    I speak both english and spanish and I am actually perfect with english... But I know a lot of people who would like support in spanish in the forum, in the game and in discord. The community that speak spanish is big enough. And I bet there will a lot of people willing to do translations, be moderators or give support.

    My primary weapon is level 21 now... I don't really feel like playing with another gun and unlock all the attachments again. Now is the beta and I don't really care a lot but I don't like that after playing a lot and i want to try a new gun I have to start unlocking the attachment I was used to again.

    Something annoying about the guns is the levels. If you start with a basic gun and unlock some attachments for it but after you decide to change the gun you literally wasted your time. It would be nice to buy attachments or unlock them and then have them available for all the guns. There is also something necessary, the possibility to try guns and attachments before use them and even better before buy them.

    The character customization is something I like but it will be great to have more cheap basic options or a couple of free basic option that doesn't have to look great but will give more diversity in the game, not just everybody with the same character. For example, 2 or 3 hats, 2 or 3 different faces (or even more) and the rest paid, but still, a few cheap ones and the ones that looks awesome more expensive.

    Just wondering if you guys are considering to put a server in North or/and South America if there are enough players there. I live in Canada so I know I will have a lot of lag. I have been playing with friends from Latin America (I also speak Spanish) and we are all waiting for the release of this game and most of us already have beta access. And there is also a problem I had while playing warface for example and I don't want to have again, playing with people from the other side of the world trough their servers while I was connected to the closest one..., lag was really annoying. Please try to make it fair for everyone :)