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    I understand It can be annoying to be killed in 1 shot but everything melts in this game as is ... nerfing snipers wont do anything other than ruining peoples fun... this is exactly why every free to play game fails... or game in general... you shouldn't pander to one group because they just don't like it in general ... that's like me saying nerf AR's because I'm using a smg and they shouldn't be used up close ... its just ridiculous

    I completely agree ... what sets Ironsight apart from other free to play shooters is it is VERY fast paced which keeps the game enjoyable because most other free to play games are slow... everything you said I 100% agree with ... mostly the Health Regen ... it just takes way too long and I feel like it slows down the gameplay and makes it way more campy than I think it should.

    I have a massive suggestion that would pull ALOT of people in to play Ironsight ... adding more 1 shot snipers would 100% increase people from the YouTube scene to give the game a chance and I believe in Ironsight's current state of sniping this would just make the game a lot more played...

    So Far 5 Snipers are in Ironsight -

    -Blaser R93 (Never in Cod but a Really good Addition)

    -DSR (Iconic) (Was in Bo2)

    -SVD (Iconic) (Basically the Dragunov in the MW Series)

    -CF-X50 (Iconic) (Was In Bo2 as XPR)

    -PSG1(Iconic) (Was in Bo1)

    Other Than the Blaser and the DSR you cant get Chest up 1 shots... which will discourage people from using them... a Suggestion I have is Lower the Fire rate of the PSG1 and CF-X50 and make them a chest up 1 shot similar to the Blaser. Also I would love to see Snipers be able to use Extended mags.

    Also I would love to see other Iconic Snipers from other games enter Ironsight such as the

    - Intervention (MW2 and Battlefield)

    - Barrett (Modern Warfare Series and Battlefield)

    - Ballista (Bo2)

    - AS50 (MW3)

    - L115 (Battlefield and Cod)

    - M40a3 (Battlefield and Cod)

    Some of these are my favorite guns to use in Various Games and just from the name of them I know that people would flock to come play Ironsight and Keep the game growing ... I also would say do the same for other weapon categories but it seems like for the most part you have a lot of iconic Ar's and SMG's already.

    I will try to keep this brief...

    So today i got the X50 Sniper and based off the stats i would have thought it would be much different than it is... The damage for it is 90 which is the same as the Base sniper you get ... i would have thought it would have been a chest up one shot one kill but it only gives you a one shot for a headshot and a occasional upper chest shot... i think it might need a slight damage buff but i dont want it to be overpowered... if it does receive a damage buff please nerf the rate of fire ... other than that the game so far is really fun :)