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    Yeah true. Netcode is better.. but not stable. A game can be perfect, no behind wall kill. The game after, alot of kill behind corner, or simply ghost kill.. nobody around, no killer name, only a death without reason...

    It is better because they change some to udp. But does that actually make it better? Even gits has no problem in those stuff

    2. Those top players play cuz they have the best of the best pc with full fps the game can provide (prob 150 fps) and lives near the east coast

    I do have a 2080Ti PC but lets be real here. Even a $300 craigslist PC can run this game at 120+FPS and most of us live in the west coast with 90+ ping so not the greatest assumption.

    Yeah but if ur playing in the east and with that built the east will beat u in a firefight

    1. U get dog tags when ur placed in a rank in ranked

    2. Those top players play cuz they have the best of the best pc with full fps the game can provide (prob 150 fps) and lives near the east coast

    The items were not sent at the time you posted.

    The items were now delivered. IF you have issues, feel free to have a look into this post: Bounty Hunt Rewards Dropped

    Thank you for the answer. I was talking about Mercenary Wanted's event. I contacted some moderators, here and in discord, and they said me that my entry has been removed because I used an image from internet. But there was no rule about this. The only rule that has been provided to me as motivation is : Copyright infringments or piracy are not allowed. My image was not protect by any copyright and was not piratated. Then I contacted support with a ticket via e-mail because my entry was completely legit, also according to all other rules. Thank you again for answering me, also if not to my issue. If you also can help me in this problem, maybe faster than support, then I would appreciate it. If you can't or simply don't want, is ok and don't worry about, I'll wait for support.


    Your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.

    But can use prove that it is fair usage.


    2 minutes ago, I bought the CONTRABAND DELIVERY out of the shop (which is 3 angry monkey box, 3 fire monkey box, and 3 flip box).. guess what I got?

    I GOT 50 CHIPS IN ALL 9 BOXES!!! UN-F'ING-REAL!!! If I wanted to buy chips I would have done so, but I wanted packs and I wanted weapons out of these packs... Every time the same thing happens, but when they release a new box in the shop I get excited and buy it in hopes of getting something good out of it... I don't know, I lost hope in this game's boxes..

    Stop gambling then

    They could also make chip drop at 500 chips and 100k gold only so they can raise the rate of dropping

    16 of these "random" crates, and I received 2 of each crate. Exactly 2 of each of the 8 different crates. That to me seems like each box had an equal chance of being received.

    This actually suggests that the boxes are not random. By having an equal chance of being received the probability of getting one specific box is 12.5%, getting two of the same box is 1.5%, getting exactly two of each boxes I believe would be [(1.5%)(1.5%)]16 which is what you did. I mean you could have received all 16 Christmas supply boxes or zero Lucky boxes. My compound probability of independent events is rusty so maybe someone else can confirm or correct.

    Well if each has 12.5% of dropping and you open that 16 times its 0.125 x 16 = 2% for getting all the same box 16 times or 25% for getting the same box twice.

    oof i have a feeling having an asian server on steam means all regions would be on steam soon AND that optimization and netcode isnt even fully fixed yet (before steam released. Also that the server would probably have overload problem like before when this happens (even worst then obt asian steam version). Once the reviews are going to mixed, theres basically no way for it to change.


    Bill that limits lootboxes

    And yes it could be unlawful for games to have lootboxes when devs know there are players under age of 18 (ofc there are)

    no no no these riot shields CANNOT be secondaries. If these arent secondaries before in call of duty, there must be a reason. Having shotguns as secondaries are already broken enough

    Using overkill perk for two primaries instead is a different reason.

    5. Add movement sway (i dont think this mechanic exists at all)

    I just spent over 12k AP on exactly those angry monkey boxes and every single one gave me the 50 chip, not even a scope. Total scam and Ironsight should be ashamed of themselves putting out such things in shop, so sad to see this company even worse than Russias Warface

    Not sure why you would want to pay the devs when the game isnt worth the money yet

    In cod mw2 it was countered by the fact that you had to release your fingers for a fraction of a second from the movement keys. Otherwise your shot wouln't be precisely enough to match the crosshair middle point. In Ironsight however you can walk with your sniper without loosing any precision. That is what I think needs to be amend.

    There is already movement sway but not that huge

    Also that the relics can be farmed so its not paid.

    How about simply making Snipers unable to one shot kill below what, 50m or whatever. This would make it an actual SNIPER and make people play less rambo with it,

    No because that would just make more campers

    Yes, it's sad, but not for the reason you think. You should know what you are paying for on Every. Purchase. You. Make.

    This applies to everything in life, not just online purchases. Know what you are buying before you purchase.

    Sellers never want angry customers or ones that regret their purchase, but they can't save you from your own bad choices.

    You wronged yourself by deciding to blindly purchase without bothering to look at what you were paying for.

    You are right but it is still the sellers responsibility to correctly inform buyers of that merchandise or they can be sued for unlawful or unfair business practices and uphold consumers protection and also misrepresentation.

    Yet warframe devs are getting bank from players and players are happily give banks to them 🤔

    Hey, those community Tennogen skins are pretty awesome looking. I'd say they are well worth for the 5.99$ cost.

    But in Ironsight, the AP lootbox cost though...

    I honestly believe that if they take more Community made skins, ranked top 10 by the community, and implement all of the top 10 skins, they could bank a ton of cash...

    Like csgo WITHOUT lootboxes. Even then ironsight does not have enough devs to accept community made skins like how warframe does it. I spent like 200 or so on warframe because im happy to support the devs when they dont pressure me to buy battlepass or anything even tho i can farm plat (i bought plat and tennogen skins).

    The thing i hate from devs is that they indirectly demand players to spend money and thinking that they control the game market. But what if there are no players to play that game then who actually controls the game market?

    Warframe devs added “Clem” an AI player to support the player which the idea was just a meme in the community before it was added the to game. These devs understand they dont control the market, the players do.

    Yet warframe devs are getting bank from players and players are happily give banks to them 🤔

    And how fast the server loops in present time is fps?

    Meanwhile, the player’s actual clock is ticking. If we measure how quickly the game loop cycles in terms of real time, we get the game’s “frames per second”. If the game loop cycles quickly, the FPS is high and the game moves smoothly and quickly. If it’s slow, the game jerks along like a stop motion movie.

    I have another way to make money. Dont force players to spend money ez. Even warframe is making bank without having a battlepass and theyre not forcing (pressuring) u to buy anything, Just pure cosmetics.

    What lol. Warframe literally advertises spending plat every time you log in via dailies.
    This game isn't "forcing" anyone to spend money.
    Hell compared to warframe, Ironsight's microtransactions have literally no impact towards gameplay while the other can make speed up grinding by a significant amount.

    But u dont have to spend plat. But in ironsight u have battlepass which prem players get more stuff than no prem. So how is this not pressuring?

    Getting a discount in warframe on plat is just devs being generous so u can spend more than usual. Theres no pressure if u get one or not. And besides these platinum currency ur talking about, you literally can make money without spending a penny for the devs. Players just do because they support them and being generous since the players arent being pressured to do anything for the devs. These are the devs that understand the market of gaming. Players controls the game by playing it while devs just add content hoping it would keep the players playing the game and also support the devs.

    I have another way to make money. Dont force players to spend money ez. Even warframe is making bank without having a battlepass and theyre not forcing (pressuring) u to buy anything, Just pure cosmetics.

    that won't be that easy because more players can enter in downtown. Making it available for DM could make it feel more empty. That's at least my opinion

    But tdm has a cap limit... which is the same as before

    But the map is a good size for tdm yet too many obstacles

    Nvm im think 16 vs 16

    With that said above its not gonna live on steam

    Evidence towards that?
    It'll instantly increase game traffic for several months at a minimum.

    yes but will it live no. People would be saying negative reviews not just broken special bullet attachments (at least with soft point bullets) but with bad optimization and netcode. Like i said i dont think the devs could fix all these problems before 2019 release on steam that could make reviews be better than as i anticipated.

    For soft point bullets, there are already at least youtubers complaining about strong flinch in cod bo3 that would make you lose in a firefight because u aim for the head and they aim for your legs.

    Icore 7 5500 gtx 950.

    hmmm I mean realistically, that's currently a pretty low end GPU.
    Like a GTX 970 online for $100 or so would double your performance.

    But yeah, that's strange. I am running 2080Ti's but used to play this on a 1080 without much of a difference since there's a point where fps doesn't matter anymore lol...

    Well besides being low end this the specs already is above the recommended specs for the game and which the recommended specs is to run the game at a stable 30 fps at least.