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    because its NOT a spinbot lmao can u guys read what i said

    The highlight feature is made somehow to replicate what happened in game. Hacks let you cycle targets which you would snap to them which is an aimbot. The highlight recognizes turning but doesnt not recognize the the script that “snap to target”. Then the player will keep spinning.

    PLEASE UNDERSTAND that every player would not use this feature so even though the spinning doesnt occur. Enemies can still be identified through walls and they can use hacks

    Ive seen aimbots/ aim assists in game lol u can tell them by snapshots on head and “mouse acceleration” function in a highlight. When u see the playing spinning around indefinitely then theyre using one. Any other hacks like showing where enemies are is hard to prove.

    While I've definitely seen players "snapping", I've actually never came across a spinbot, nor could say a snapping player is using an aimbot, mostly because of the netcode or the fact that they couldn't do it consistently. I myself would flick at enemies with a DSR1 because thats how I normally play with it.

    you cant really flick with a mouse and when they snap theyre usually around the head.

    Idk if its a coincidence but when i actually report those players via ticket system i dont see them again few days later.

    And yes there are google search results that has ironsight hacks. There is a video some guy posted on their site that advertises their hacks recored the hack working in game. This mean EAC DOES NOT know the hack exists. Until EAC is updated the hack still is useable.

    Ive seen aimbots/ aim assists in game lol u can tell them by snapshots on head and “mouse acceleration” function in a highlight. When u see the playing spinning around indefinitely then theyre using one. Any other hacks like showing where enemies are is hard to prove.

    Yesterday i played some Rising storm and they have that uav airplane thing that shows all enemys on the region but only for a fairly short amount oftime. maybe this is an option to think about.

    That can be an upgrade like when there are more than 1 uav up for the team

    Yea gits has abilities instead if drones or killstreak rewards. But i dont see how it fits in this game since abilities will be like perks or each character has to have an ability

    You may have noticed that when shooting through an object, the damage of the bullet is reduced. You may have also noticed that low powered weapons such as SMGs cannot shoot through objects. Armor-Piercing bullets allow your shots to penetrate more objects, while also reducing the damage reduction that occurs when doing so

    Soft point bullets cause the enemy to flinch more when hit, which in turn will throw off their aim should they be shooting you back.

    Hope this helps!

    Ap rounds doesnt increase penetration. It just does more damage (or no damage loss) after a shot pens something

    That depends on whether your idea of better is the same as my idea of better.

    I've been playing FPS games consistently since the '90s. I have 9 or 10 other FPS games installed on my machine that I don't play.

    For me, IS is the best FPS in a very long time, despite its obvious issues.

    If call of duty is free i would say cod is the best arcade fps. Why would you choose ironsight if cod can do it better

    I would say ironsight is worse than cod in every corner. Your gun ready up too quick after sprint, no aim penalty when you jump, no ready up penalty when you go prone, no lag compensation (at least make it better if netcode is that bad in the meantime). Ap rounds increases damage or make no damage loss after you pen. Soft point rounds increases flinch on enemy. Dont get me started with the SR.

    Its like cs but with no balance to gameplay

    Ready up means when your gun is ready to shoot

    I use mg3 on cloud9 and it always works. Its basically an ar but with smg ammo box xd

    Disclaimer: This may require (intense) deductive reasoning to understand. :)

    Bold words are important

    Look Call of duty competitive (MLG , esports etc) uses killstreaks and pointstreak but here are the problems

    • Their version resets when you die so it is harder to get 14 killstreak for an Ac130
    • They have bigger maps so you can dance around areas with your enemy that has an UAV
    • They don’t accumulate 10 points in 5 seconds. So a minute will get you 120 points.
    • They have better game performance and netcode (obviously)

    But now saying yes or no to the drones in Ironsight is being caught between a rock and a hard place. A pro can get few drones (if the drones do reset on death) but for a noob it could be difficult. Now you just made it harder to get powerful drones and the drones is based on skill (which is what comp is right?).

    Drones like Cod killstreak can be game changing but only if it is used at a right time. Saving jammer drone (its hard to shoot down then jammer uav) may give you a counter on enemy uav but you cant get any drones the next time until you use it. Now this is based on your decision making which can backfire or carry your team.

    Deleting drones may help making the game become balance but where’s the fun without dynamics, skills and decisions that can make or break your game. Maybe even it can make the game worth saying “GG”. This is what you call a competition. How many competitions (in Olympics etc) has a record comeback, someone has a few tricks in his sleeve at the last second, or just its a 1v1 at game 8 that makes them more exciting? (Even a noob that can point and shoot in this game can be a competitor)

    Not changing drones, well, it just gives every match a freebie round to a team that gets a hellbird.

    I bet this problem will be discuss as much as SR and devs wont do anything as long as SR being complained about being op. When they do they prob would just delete all drones in comp. (aka i dont see anything the community has talked about a lot being implemented into the game) but heres a checklist for what a comp needs:

    • Skill
    • Decision
    • No freebies

    this isnt just about banning, restricting, allowing any drones in comp

    Digital extreme that makes warframe never told anyone to spend money and they make banks of money :)

    Its a processor issue. I have icore 7 5500u and i sometimes get hangs.

    A hang can also occur due to the fact that the programmer has incorrect termination conditions for a loop, or, in a co-operative multitasking operating system, forgetting to yield to other tasks. Said differently, many software-related hangs are caused by threadswaiting for an event to occur which will never occur. This is also known as an infinite loop.

    And ive also said in another thread the ping is tied to fps (so prob processor controls both operation)

    Its true. In my first call of duty multiplayer years (black ops 2), my aim was ok but later (advanced warfare), it was just natural as in you can basically aim like if you were being a soldier in real life. (For me it took years)

    Heres some tips:

    • Controllers gives you more precise aim (its easier to aim faster or a bit slower just to follow an enemy and also smoothly as you move the opposite direction as you’re aiming)
    • High sensitivity lets you check corners and your flanks fast as you move around (and also gives you a chance to attack surprising enemies at your flanks)
    • Listen closely to sound and footsteps and with minimap you can determine if it is a teammate or enemy nearby

    Actually ping also depends on your cpu. If u get fps drops for whatever reason your ping can go up.

    This isn't really true, if you have poor hardware and you drop fps for some reason, ping may shoot as the game hasn't been able to update for a few seconds.

    Same thing as i just said?

    Actually ping also depends on your cpu. If u get fps drops for whatever reason your ping can go up.

    I've heard of this but I'm not sure this is actually true.

    It happens for me and it also depends on what game

    I haven't played Ironsight in over a year, but considering jumping back in. Has much changed? Is there still kill trading and getting killed behind walls? Are there a good amount of people playing? Thanks <3

    most of the current F2P games might be a bit P2W and that's a fact, doesn't happen here so it's a great decision by Gamigo to keep it as that... F2P!! :thumbup:

    A f2p game doesnt mean terrific

    Ironsight is a 32bit, single process, program. As such it can only ever use 4GB of memory, regardless of how much you have available.

    The game appears to divide this as 1GB RAM, and 3GB vRAM.

    I don't see any scope to separate the program into multiple processes, and I don't know of any plans to convert it to 64bit.

    I bet the devs know but as they said “they wont change the engine”

    Technically you pay (with any currency) to buy soft point bullets to throw your opponents aim off allowing you to have an advantage...

    The other problem is that aeria games does not control the direction of the game unlike other major FPS games. This makes that the publisher and these forum mods/admins does not have a direct roadmap of the game and the decisions that we want to know. What i feel is that aeria games isnt asking the questions to wiple games the ones we are ask to the publishers. If wiple games cant answer these questions that are the cores of the game for the game to be better than we have a problem.