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    Unfortunately you guys are suggesting for Grade AAA game feedback which these devs has other things to worry about lol

    well im kinda expecting oh you know the game that they made to actually work as they designed it to. I mean they are visually on fire, they should burn. You know like it partially does right now. Except actually make it for the full duration of the visual effects.

    Same but sadly you cant expect that for these devs

    I find hipfire to be fine on ar's, however smgs are just stupid. All you have to do is point in the general direction of the enemy and hold mouse 1 couple that with soft point bullets and you got cancer filled cancer. Regarding that problem i would either make it so they are super innacurate when hipfiring forcing players to ads more with them but also give a movement boost when doing so, alternitively an accuracy boost and a damage nerf so people cant just spray and get kills.

    U forgot lmg. Theyre like smg but slapped with ar range and damage. Bit more sluggish but not enough disadvantages to make it weak against other guns


    I know but its a big problem they have. And they need to solve it in some how. We cant be 4 month brhind asia and 3 month behind russia. And we cant wait 2.5 month for a new season after The old one ends to get new content. Have nothing to Do with diffrent publisher

    Aeria games is lasy and just wanna hyoe The game. This game have died 3times alrdy and almost fight it back. But then died agin.

    IF u wanna have a good exp for US player. Freaq uddapte game. Like 1 in a month. Just IF it is a small bug fix. Talk to US in a stream have Q and A. Thats The problem misfire. Not beacuse it diffrent publisher.....

    No the problem is wiplegames or gamigo. Aeria games just helps funding and work with playerbase things.

    Quick question -- how do I enter these commands with no steam?

    Also has anybody solved Frontline FPS problem? I have a very decent setup with 6 core CPU and 1660 TI and my fps drops down to ~60fps in the main long (along the tram tracks). And overall frontline map is VERY bad for fps.

    Simple answer, without Steam you can't. Even with Steam, the commands have no effect.

    With regards to the framerate issues on Frontline, all I can suggest is to lower the graphics settings in-game, and make sure there are as little background apps running while you play

    New to this game but registered to support the above post. Adding 3rd-party launchers to Steam doesn't give it the benefit of the platform's command line options. And - as sqroot has stated - even if it did, they would only be applying to the launcher. These commands unfortunately aren't even universally supported: "-nomansky" wouldn't do anything to CS:GO, for example (or any other Source engine title for that matter; notice how the linked "credit" thread is actually for ARK: Survival Evolved). Options are also prefaced by a + or - as well, so the first line "force-d3d12" shouldn't even include "force" at all to prioritize Direct3D 12 (... in ARK).



    Can u explain this fps increase then

    aeriagames. its time to realse for a whie ago.

    u had the patch lsat week in ur office. just relase it and make a bug fx patch if it dosent work.we have gone into hibernation!!!
    like the game but i hope u have a plan when u realse it on steam, beacuse it anit gonna grow there either if the patches and uppdate are like 4 months from eachother all the time!!!!

    Did u read about how publisher works for this game

    And you're trying to tell me that there were no games where you could lean and peek round corners in 2010? I've been leaning around corners in shooters since at least 2002 and, as for a full lean and peek cover system, Killzone 2 had this in 2009.

    But in multiplayer?

    If CoD do what they keep using the same mechanics they did 10 years ago.

    The mechanics they had 10 years ago were superior in terms of enjoyment to around 99% of shooters available on the market today. That's why, despite having numerous other shooters installed on my PC, I've played IS almost exclusively for over a year.

    It's not even as if the style of shooter that is prevalent today wasn't available back in the day. None of these 'innovations' you are talking about are actually new. There were plenty of tactical, realism based shooters around. People played CoD in preference to them because it was more casual and more fun.

    So there a fps back in 2010 with advanced movements for realistic pvp? Ok

    oh sorry lol cuz how to asked sounded like that i keep saying cod is better but it not

    Ive tested the beta, and... its not like good old COD. I cancelled my pre-order cause i didnt like it at all. Beautiful game, weapon nice, nice animation. But its not a COD, didnt like the feeling. Ironsight is more like older COD than the new COD...

    I don't know what are you even talking about, since how many cods? 5? The CoD community has been hating them because they were trash or futuristic or very unrealistic, but now if you go cod reddit you only see good reviews, people happy with it, so i doubt this year's cood isnt good like olders. And anyway, this Modern warfare is not pretending to be the same as the old one.

    You know its fine you dont like to refine or to be afraid to change your skill in fps. But the percentage of the community that likes to change is more than the people that doesnt. Changing is what humans are most afraid off. If CoD do what they keep using the same mechanics they did 10 years ago. You would say “this is boring”.

    Yeah 70 smackaroons for 4 collection guns is questionable, but then again the guns themselves are listen as 500 chips each (or 50$). Sure, that bundle has a few extra bits in too like bullets and boosters and technically is cheaper than it's advertised price, but still not a great deal.

    I can buy the base game of cod mw an AAA game less than 70 euro lol

    Slightly off topic, but I remember you posting alot about how Modern Warfare is going to blow all arcade arena shooters out of the water this year. After a somewhat (in my opinion) lackluster experience in the Beta, I'm interested to see your position on MW

    Its the same as this game but bigger, refined, and balanced.

    You may like sliding mechanics because you dont like refining your skills or is afraid to change you have for an fps.

    Its just like saying earlier 2000s TV is better than a flat screen or Second Galaxy is better than Eve Online.

    Its not about having less accuracy on hipfire makes the game more camping fest (because devs can make ads turn slower). Its about who makes the core of the game better.

    In fact, when i played beta, there were no people sliding or camping (barely any campers). The flow of the gameplay is like ironsight, you run and gun but its whoever has tricks up their sleeves and aims better wins. Unlike ironsight, you spray and pray and pray the most.

    I dont see you people that support this game and saying this game is definitely better have any real logical argument that this game is better.

    Ive tested the beta, and... its not like good old COD. I cancelled my pre-order cause i didnt like it at all. Beautiful game, weapon nice, nice animation. But its not a COD, didnt like the feeling. Ironsight is more like older COD than the new COD...

    But is it close to being one, no.

    Not necessarily the same since they got their patch 3 weeks ago

    so its comming today ?

    Read more carefully!

    "Needs final clarification" = 1-2 weeks

    "Translation" = 1 week

    "Posting" = 1 week because the the website admin is overstretched with shop updates twice a week ;)

    Heres probably what it will say

    Next HQ report highlights:

    1. New event

    2. Some minor bug patches

    3. Some netcode improvements but not enough to sync each players client as efficiently

    4. Def more skins

    5. Steam release

    6. No performance improvements (cuz there were none said before)

    Buke The real problem is, that how many moderators/communty managers see this post and realize that we are begging for more updates since like, 2016 or so?, it just wont happen. Ive given up on the devs/on the publisher on this one.

    Nothing to say against the cms/mods, but even they cant keep a game alive that has more issues than features. What i see is that those events come from the mods that do not have the power to make stuff happen.

    I mean the 1 and only update that was not silly content shipped over from asia was the netcode patch. And look at the servers now, lag comp is still beyond anything that came out in 2005.

    Yes the mods and admins are employed from the publisher, aeria games. The devs arent like how cod devs or battlefield devs, or even any other fps. Those devs are owned by the publisher, like DICE by EA, infinity ward by Activision. Ironsight is publish with a contract agreement which Aeria games has no control over on the game besides distribution and maybe funding.

    Do you think each damage falloff and the distance should vary between guns because look at the graphs, each gun looks to have the same falloff steps, distance between falloff, and damage falloff.

    I am sorry that the figues are too boring for you. This is how the damage in IS is applied tho.

    I mean for the game to have a variety of options for players to use not just to have a weapon that is only average and other weapons are better. this is a hypothetical question.

    Who said to use smg at medium distances

    I don't get what's your point here. We were talking about Expanded Mags and, in your case, about damage nerf; distances were never mentioned.

    Apart from that, i would define SMGs as weapons for short-to-medium range.

    Again: No need to touch the Mp5 ... it's good as it is.

    balancing so players can “have” an option to use any smg.

    if hipfire isn't nerfed, then there WILL NOT BE a choice between p-90, ar57, and vector (for at least SMG and with the whole SMG category against other type of weapons) which contradict the theory of balancing I posted above.

    because in this game you can bunny hop crouch spam and move like a mouse which all changes the shape and position of the hitboxes?

    False. Crouching while in the air does not change the hitbox enough to have a noticable effect

    Unless of course you are refering to crouching and jumping seperately to change the hitbox? In which yes, that's a thing, like it is in every other game in existance with jumping and crouching

    Separately. And no not every game has the problem. Look at csgo before it had to patch that exploit

    because in this game you can bunny hop crouch spam and move like a mouse which all changes the shape and position of the hitboxes?

    And this doesnt just applies to hipfire. This applies to weapons like smg

    How does high hipfire accuracy encourage camping? The exact opposite is true.

    Pretty much all of your suggestions for movement seem designed to slow the game down. I can't support that.

    Also, not sure it makes sense to ask for the aim punch from soft point bullets to be increased for snipers while also asking for soft point bullets to be removed.

    so you want pinpoint hipfire accuracy to discourage camping and even make the gameplay go at lightspeed? There should be plenty of ways to flank campers. if not then that's the map problem as it should work with all mechanics to offer the players any playstyle, ideas, or otherwise enjoying themselves in the game without influencing win rates and kill/death ratio. Now what is said is false because the only playstyle that works to influence win rates and kill/death ratio is hipfiring.

    Heres a reason why you need balancing:

    If you offer players two guns, but one is always better than the other, you aren’t really offering them a choice. Some people might deliberately handicap themselves sure, but the vast majority will go for the better option. People who don’t will either have to switch or accept that they will always be at a disadvantage.

    The other, intrinsically linked aspect of this is how it affects your playstyle. The difference between weapon catagories directly affects what playstyles will work with each, with different weapons in each catagory allowing players to make tweaks (i.e. do you want a super specialised bolt action sniper, or a more generally useful semi that isn’t quite so good at long range>).

    If they didn’t make these changes, all weapons would play exactly the same. If these changes are poorly handled and one weapon is almost always better than others, they might as well play exactly the same still, since almost no one will be using the others.

    Therefore, if you want to give players a meaningful choice (and you usually do), there have to be pros and cons to each ensuring no single option dominates the others. There has to be at least some semblance of balance.

    In most games, LMG’s are slow, lumbering weapons that will utterly dominate any other weapon at most ranges, provided you set them up in time. Now imagine they also had no mobility penalties, could be aimed just as quickly as an SMG and had the range and damage of a sniper rifle. Why would anyone use another weapon in this situation?

    Poor balancing funnels players into disregarding all other choices in favour of the few that work. Which is bad because many players would probably prefer to be taking those other choices if they were at all viable. People who hate sniping won’t stick around long if sniping is the only real way to play.

    the example saying being offered with 2 guns is the same thing as hipfire and ads. right now hipfire is better and there is really no choice. i could even use ar57 and hipfire from cloud9 at this kind of range in the picture. Oh wait its like 90% of all the distances in cloud9! Now tell me if i like ironsight with its hipfire mechanics why wouldn't i play csgo instead? maybe cuz csgo need more skill on hipfire? csgo doesn't have that much ads? oh wait ads doesn't matter cuz when do i ads in ironsight?


    It's 25hz, I believe. The recent roadmap from Wiple stated that they intend to boost it to 60hz, so hopefully that will be implemented across all regions.

    Is 60 a good amount of hertz

    For smg accuracy since ur losing accuracy on hipfire then u can u buff smg on ads but losing more damage on falloff. For ar range buffing, its more for specific gun.

    Tbh the contract publisher and the devs signed sounded like devs was begging for a publisher that is able to launch the game worldwide. Even black squad is made by korean devs and theyre surviving a bit.

    afaik Black Squad has been quite a bit of sad state of affairs lately which is why i stopped bothering with it.

    At least they fix some problems what this game has quickly

    Hi Guys,

    I have only been playing for a couple of months and this game is pretty good but I have seen an increase of let's say suspicious players. If you played last weekend in the S&D Event, you could see the in the highlight it was obvious to watch walling and aimbot . What is needed is a better anti-cheat or a way to report cheaters or a spectate mode to record suspicious players so they can be reported.

    A couple of examples: taking down 5 players with 10 rounds, counter on a "clear sight" in 4 different locations, following a player through a wall (this is from the Highlights). I've even seen players bragging about their aimbot in the chat. Also see when they turn on and off the cheats. To me that would be the only reason to have this mode. If there is no reporting system in game the killcam would give an unfair advantage.

    That's my two cents.

    Its called trash netcode. What you could be seeing them is what they saw you 1 second ago.