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    nah sniper rifles just need more sway when moving with other nerfs i said. They should stay as one shot and blazer should have less fire rate. semi autos are two shots but cfx50 should be one shot as i said on main post.

    We all know this game needs some balancing and tweaking. Some are obvious and some are just plain annoying that gives the team almost a guarantee win. I will be using CoD as a reference because a lot of mechanics and features are similar thereof.

    Contribution Points System (CPS)

    It is cool to have something similar to killstreaks/pointstreaks but this needs a revamp. There's a reason why offensive CPS rewards should only be obtainable in streaks and gets reset on death. They can change the battle dramatically. You may say just carry LAWS or EMP Launcher but you shouldn't be forced to use them at any given time even if you're losing. Some people may like to carry other secondaries/ another support CPS reward and they shouldn't be punished for carrying those just because the team does not have LAWS or EMP launcher to counter Hellbird or other powerful drones. But you can hide from it. Well tell that to the other five players in the team that is being attacked by a Hellbird. Here is some ideas to revamp it.

    • These drones could have modules that can modify their usage in match like for UAV to be in "Orbital" which unable the enemies to shoot it down or "faster scan" which shows the enemy on the minimap faster. These modules should add extra required contribution points.
    • UAV should be an lowest cost offensive drone starting at 300 points. UAV can also be as both Offensive and Support CPS reward but for Support, it should cost at least 200 more points. Support should also have at least one high end cost supporting-offensive CPS reward.
    • A system like this in FPS can't forget about the best RNG reward - Care Package! (or something similar)


    Notice: Discretion is advised due to personal comparisons and opinions.

    Assault Rifles

    Assault rifles have pretty fast falloff but not as fast as SMG. For example, M4 does from 13 damage starting at 23 meters away (falloff damage starts at 17 meters). On the map Airport, from the desk to the venting machines it is about 40 meters away. M4 at this range would do 13 damage at this distance and would take 7-8 shots to kill (not including damage multiplier). Even as netcode is a problem, it won't solve the damage it would do at the farthest falloff range. This 13 damage feels like an SMG damage at their farthest falloff range.


    So M4 and all other full auto rifles needs buff on the falloff damage to at most 20 raw damage (5-6 shots to kill and in CoD is 4-5 shots due to their higher damage). Assault rifles shouldn't have that much falloff "steps" because SMG would have them. If both AR and SMG have them then SMG would have better advantage in killing.

    • FAMAS needs more gun kick (visual is ok) and maybe slightly less fire rate
    • All AR lowest falloff damage needs buff as well as lessen how many steps it takes to reach to minimum falloff damage
    • HK417 and M39 also needs more gun kick and maybe visual kick
    • HK417 should have falloff damage instead of flat damage like an SR
    • For SMG, AR-57 should have base multiplier instead of 1.8 on headshots
    • For SMG, Vector doesn't need headshot damage multiplier since it has the highest fire rate

    Sniper rifles

    They need to be nerfed. How? They just need to have longer ADS time and removing the different ADS time between low powered zoom and high powered zoom scopes. The magnification number doesn't magnify what it would (12x for long eye scope doesn't feel 12x) so fix number to match the actual magnification or match the magnification to the number. Above 3x scope should have the FOV blackened (this would fix hardscoping). Higher magnification scope should also have even higher gun kick and view kick (aim-punch/ flinch).

    • CF-X50 should have a one shot kill chance from lower torso and up BUT having the most visual and gun kick out of all weapons (i believe this is a copy of Barrett 50 M82)
    • Crosshair shouldn't shrink when aiming down sights.


    Shotguns need buff real good. :) Even as it may be OP in these small maps they should have better consistency of spread. They should also be Primary Weapons in order to have better buffs (as secondary weapons they shouldn't be better than Primaries).


    Recoil needs to be reworked on weapons. I've seen a lot of weapons being easily used to double tap on enemies. Low fire rate and small caliber weapons like m4 should have low gun kick but yet it is too low. High fire rate like FAMAS and SMG and high caliber like Desert Eagle should have stronger gun kick and longer visual recoil (recoil animation) respectively.

    High fire rate - strong gun kick

    High caliber - longer visual recoil.

    Special Bullets

    The Soft Point Bullets may cause a similar effect like Butterfly effect. One newbie has it which causes more flinch to other players. This gives this newbie an advantage over other players (mostly other newbies) that aren't using them. Then they too would use them. Now everyone uses them. But this gives other non-users a disadvantage even though they may be good enough to go against and not use Soft Point.

    It is basically what Treyarch did to Black Ops 3 with view kick (aim-punch/ flinch). For example, I aim at the head of an enemy at close medium range in a 1v1 firefight. He aims at my feet with soft point bullets. I would receive more view kick and when we shoot at the same time I would probably die because that view kick made me miss. You shouldn't be penalized for aiming better at an enemy and lose in a firefight.

    This should be completely removed but if Ironsight needs to use this as its own unique gameplay then this with Armor Piercing should be moved to attachments.


    Blast Protection shouldn't always be relied upon for your third perk. The maps are smaller than in CoD but this game has one meter more for the blast radius of a grenade. Either you die, get hit then get killed by an enemy's gun, or run and get killed by a gun. So need fix for grenade spam (even if its part of the game's "unique" gameplay). Maybe down to 5 meters radius.

    Maybe add a game mechanic where you can throw back grenades. xD


    It alright in terms of balancing but it should be clearer on when is it possible to be a one hit.

    Damage Multiplier

    Headshots damage multiplier should be a base of 1.4 on all weapons with exceptions. Shotguns and other high fire rate like Vector shouldn't have headshots multiplier.

    Aiming Down Sights Time

    As said before SR should have 0.4 seconds ADS time. But for Assault rifles, they should have 0.3 aim time and SMG and pistol should have 0.2.

    Health Regeneration

    Health regeneration should be fixed. After you have been shot you're vulnerable to pretty much anything from grenade launchers to a headshot for 5 seconds and still much longer usually to reach full health.

    After three seconds of not taking damage and not while taking damage your health should start regenerate. Health should regenerate twice as fast it is now.


    Penetration seems like a quick throw in into the game by devs. Pictures below show that SA58 AR couldn't penetrate. Maybe SR or LMG but it feels like AR should also be able to penetrate this metal piece and not for SMG. Needs rework.


    • Shotgun should have no penetration
    • SMG and pistols should have the lowest penetration
    • AR should have good penetration
    • LMG and SR should have the strongest
    • Armor Piercing should instead boost penetration value instead of doing more damage to an enemy after the bullet had penetrated. (What's the point for more damage if you can't penetration in the first place)

    Suggestions and Ideas

    • Add a perk to have three attachments on primary weapons
    • Add a perk to let you carry another primary weapon instead of an secondary.
    • Have a perk that has Jammer Drone specialty so you have more choices to use other than Jammer Drone and still be undetected by enemy drones (not against UAV as that would be bit OP but another perk can be just be against UAV and sights that spots enemies)

    I think this is enough for now.

    Not a single item in this game has random stats, its based off the real thing and the model used in countless FPS. I don't see shotguns with 100 bullet clips and I don't see snipers with shotgun accuracy. The only REAL random stat is on the silencers, which is why this topic post exists.

    This is funny, because it isn't even true. This game has sights that display enemies in bright red through scope, or how much ammo you have left in your magazine, or how much health the enemy has left. It has a laser sight that magically tightens your hipfire spread. "Straight pull", that's just some fantasy attachment.

    But yeah dude, silencers are totally unrealistic in this game. :D

    Actually ar-57 has random stats. The gun realistically is still being produced and no statistics has been released (as far as I can find). TTK for this gun is .57 seconds at its full damage potiential (with no damage multiplier) which is really bad. So...

    Also you don’t see shotguns with 100 ammo in a clip (which is possible) because it’s called balancing.

    well ive found that you could glitch your "gold" by buying supply boxes more than once after it said "Time out" due to server lag earlier lol