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    why would we use a ww2 .45 ACP SMG if we have better versions of that caliber smg? Its like saying they should use M1 Garand

    coz we can? i know other games where people are crazy about this gun and its buffed btw so its a good ides to buff its ROF and maybe tweak its accuracy sth to replace the p90 for those who hate it to the core.

    How about at this point we just add MP40 and STG44 too? Lets add all WW2 guns! Your explanation coz we can doesnt say anything

    did we travel back to ww2?

    Yeah. Its even older than the ak47. since in AR we have a rifle from this era we need an SMG from this era too. "For some reasons the NAF are still inclined to use WWII weapons against the evil hand of Eden..."

    why would we use a ww2 .45 ACP SMG if we have better versions of that caliber smg? Its like saying they should use M1 Garand

    I feel like the game is totally dead and limping at its last leg. Now i have to wait about 2 minutes to find a match. The last HQ report from community relations was from October of last year. I thought they were supposed to keep the players update at least per month. If there isnt much going on (which is still bad but) at least keep us up to date on what is being worked on. They could have released patches for bugs and/or small things to improve the game per month besides a major update to let the players understand that the devs are still interested in making the game. The devs had time to expand their game and company when the game was being known widely.

    Now things went silent for few months after a report and usually this means things arent going good (servers are preparing to close) as all other unsuccessful betas/games that pay the devs well. (GITS had one major overhaul then announced shutdown after few months, Maplestory 2, it wasnt an major update but you get the point)

    What if I tell you that you can save replays?
    And what if I tell you that wiple has a player for them, but doesn't make it available for the player base?

    The funny thing about these files is, that if you don't have the player, you cannot do much beside reading some stuff in text format... But watching a replay without the proper player is not possible.

    So the feature exists, but won't be available for us.

    you forgot to say that aeria games doesnt even know that exists or they would ask for those when reporting players instead of asking you to *record*

    After more than 6hrs playing this game I don't really mind the in-game bugs but for the launcher bug that requires player to restart PC as a workaround is annoying. I dont know th experience for steam players but this needs a fix unless its OS version based.

    Anyway hoping for the best!

    Weird, I have 300 hours of game and never had this problem with the launcher. My OS is Win10 Pro version 1903. It also never happened when I was using Win8.

    its the *unknown file* one it happens at any point during the game from launcher to map loading

    Frag Grenades - At a specific angle (#cloud9), you only have about 1 second to get out from the center of the grenade to 7.5m away which i dont think it is possible without taking some damage. Solution: Reduce blast radius to 5m
    Concussion grenades - It just feels awful to use when u dont land it perfectly Solution: increase max stun range in 7.5m
    Flash Bangs - The effect is pretty useless against skilled players. When it explodes you have like a opacity gradient change when getting blind, at that time frame you have time to acquire a target and hold down the trigger. This isnt what Flash Bangs are used for. Solution: Speed up time when you get blinded
    Tear Gas -
    Just not as good as other grenades. The effect isnt that great to make you miss and damage is nothing as player will move out of the area. Solution: More smoke from the tear gas, stronger effect/more damage, the effect should be continuous to whoever enters the area
    Couch Spamming- Yes I am a pro by making others miss me... Solution: Have a crouch cooldown which is 1 second

    Bunny Hopping/Corner jumping - Yes i need these to make me be better... Solution: reduce jump height

    Couching Hitbox - Is the hitbox like half of the standing hitbox? IRL when you crouch you only reduce 7 feet of your height...

    Aim time - LMG and SR should have 0.4s minimum of aim time. AR should have minimum of 0.3s. Shotgun, SMG, Pistol should have 0.2s minimum of aim time. AND SCOPES SHOULD NOT CHANGE AIM TIME (cough sniper rifles)

    Remember this is about balancing the game not to nerf players that go 50-1 KD this is about letting ALL players having a chance to have fun on getting more kills than death in a 100-99 game score match by balancing.

    I know that this game is meant to work with the lowest pc specs but why doesnt it want to try to use the most clock speed the motherboard would let it to. I have played around with my cpu and at 1.6ghz the game only runs at 30 fps but around 2.3ghz its around 60.

    Theres a difference between able to use the lowest specs to play the game and the hardware able to run the game at full speeds. Icore 2 duo may be supported and run the game but what matters is how much the resources the game requests to run.

    Misfire wrote:

    because in Call of duty MP you can only choose 3 reward streak items for all classes

    In MW3, you could choose different loadouts for different classes. MW3 also had assault (offensive), support (tactical) and specialist (doesn't exist in Ironsight) killstreak packages. But none of this is relevant to the topic anyways. Cod and Ironsight are similar games sure, but Ironsight is still it's own game.

    im sure mw3 was one of the game activision test on different classes but most cod games is one per match i think xd. but meh

    I can remember being able to choose different drones for different loadouts but this feature seems to be removed. Now i can imagine some of the reasons as to why it was removed but still, having the option to choose only 1 set of drones or to select different types of drones for different loadouts which gets its points reset when you switch to a different loadout would be pretty sweet.

    because in Call of duty MP you can only choose 3 reward streak items for all classes

    In order of preference:

    • I find AUG the most versatile and well-rounded. Works for every map.
    • SSG has a bit more power. Recoil not too bad. Good for every map too but not long corridors.
    • M4/Type89 these two are very precise with low recoil, especially the M4. Type89 might have lower TTK tho.

    I don't usually play with SMGs but they generally have a lower TTK than ARs at the cost of range.

    LMGs have trash recoil. Even with balance skill I can't play them.

    ofc u can u just need to be close to the server and have high fps

    Honestly, levels have nothing to do with skill, it's just playtime. Also, it doesn't matter if you're level 5 or 500, the same weapons are available for all. I've seen good players at low levels, bad players at high levels, in every game I've played.

    I agree a team balance system based on KD is the best solution, but then some people would complain too... like happened in CoD.

    People complain about everything. Everyone has opinions so the best solution has to happen for the sake of gameplay. In cod basing on KD has more close matches than ironsight that usually gets 100-50

    Hello guidashi,

    sadly that kind of filter doesn't exist but many players have shared their thoughts on this manner with mostly the same opinion.

    We're waiting for wiple games to bring a solution to this problem

    easy make matching making base on kd ratio. its not planet science xd

    Ar: famas for smg map but more ranged, msmb cuz better stats than aug (57 range is enough for most distances type 59 works too, m4/g36c/tar 21 for all around, hk for two shot smg meme, ebr works but not reliable in ttk for smg range, sg best all around, sa/scar best mid range guns

    Smg: ar57 for all around, most are pretty good but bad range or recoil control

    Lmg: mg4 best ttk in game, pkp for automatic high damage memes (not good at range) mk46 for all around

    Sr: dsr for oneshot wonder, blazer for quickscope (aims faster than any sr), rest are memes with silencers

    Pistol: deagle for finishers python works too, rest for if u cant aim

    Shotgun: they all suck

    Gameplay experience may vary

    also how is this netcode bad its better than before (and the optimization too)

    Yeah its better than before sure, but that didnt mean that its good. There are still a lot of lags and shots that didnt register, u still get hits behind a wall.

    Optimizationwise at least i am not able to get stable 100+ fps with low graphic settings on a ryzen 7 2700X, 16GB RAM and a RTX2070 (and i know that the game have problems with AMD CPUs) but that doesnt make it better.

    But if ur game runs fine im happy for u.

    nah its only good on tuesday where server eats less shots than other days. i should have like 100+fps with nvidia 950m but i guess not (i only get 80)

    “Actually gameplay experience is bad”

    So “gun play, map design, movement, core gameplay... hell even the netcode, IS is better”

    Poor visibility? Its more realistic. So with no lighting mechanics it’s better? Ive seen at least 1m subs for a uploader that plays codmw. I dont see any netcode issues nor did the person complained. Three lane maps are better than a map like Oceanfront. ok. Yes im sure ar-57 is also perfectly balanced in ironsight

    Then why would you pay for it in the first place if they would know its a camping game. Camping does not guarantee enough kills to get high killstreaks. If you cant run and gun to get low killstreak, then thats a different story with your skill. If you are spawn camping, then that also another story due to enemy skill.

    oh everyone knows the history of shots not registering in ironsight. Why does it take a whole clip to kill just an enemy?

    So you just saying that 3 lanes per map isnt good? You want oceanfront maps?

    Wait didnt you say because due to lack of your quality of experience you had with CoDMW, the game is bad? Thats a poor use for a premise to your argument and thats a false cause and hasty generalization fallacy.

    One thing I like about IronSight that it has very strong nades. Even a basic frag grenade is instakill if too close.

    Tbh all the nades should get a rework. 7.5m blast radius is too strong for a small map size.

    Where can I find blast AoE for all explosives in the game?

    Its the grenade indicator lol

    So basically noobles your saying we are taking a laptop to a bomb location. Got it.

    And as for YOU misfire lol. Where did I say anything at all about CodMW? In any event I'm just pointing out that from a gaming aspect combine with both gaming elements and real life elements. The version of SnD that IS offers is painful. It's too easy to camp and since nearly everyone uses a one shot rifle they get too many easy lanes of opportunities. Now sure you could camp in GitS:FA but at least there you had the option to use an ability that instantly puts everyone on an equal footing if you fully understood the function and can make use of it. Furthermore if bomb *cough* sorry when laptop is planted in IS all you do is instantly run to the location and defuse no strings attached aside from a player or 2. In FA, or even CS for that matter. You have a location where you can put the bomb anywhere in said location. Which that alone adds depth to the game since you dont just instantly go to the one guaranteed box on the ground.

    But here's where I will cut myself short rather than go on multiple tangents. And I will counter myself like I'm sure someone else will eventually. "Oh well Xan then just don't play SnD and save yourself the grief or an inferior gamemode." And I'll be like your exactly right unknown person and that is exactly what I do. But I have to keep the warriors on the forums busy from time to time cuz it is a topic and people love their topics.

    I was talking about camping not s&d. U did it backwards. And yes ironsight is very easy to camp. (When another person said codmw has worse campers)

    But you probably not gonna get that skin if you buy the crate which is called a scam as the main point :)

    If you go into a random drop pool expecting to get a single item out of hundreds, it's not a scam, you're just stupid for thinking that out of everything you're going to specifically get this one thing.

    A scam would be something that's misleading, this is just an example of stupidity

    then its called gambling :)

    Yes and it is your decision to want that skin. So you have to pay the publisher for it. And you have the choice to either get it from crates or buy it directly in the webshop for a limited time.

    But you probably not gonna get that skin if you buy the crate which is called a scam as the main point :)

    "You dont know how to play the new CoD and yet you conclude the gameplay is bad."

    Where on earth did you get the idea that I don't know how to play MW?

    because u said gameplay is bad and outdated and this gameplay includes all those mechanics i said before. Horrible experience doesnt mean bad gameplay. Horrible experience can be due to your skill level and knowledge of the game. Simpler gameplay doesnt mean better. If you wall bang someone, thats always a surprise to everyone which gives better appeal to gameplay. More stuff for gameplay always starts off small like calculus starts off from algebra. There is no way ironsight is better. Right now it seems youre moving goalposts to show your that your favorite fps which is ironsight to be the best fps.

    So whats your point? Mw is based on world events. Terrorists dont have actual explosive materials so they use ISD as explosives. Thats why you dont see a laptop.