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    or better netcode. there are some games that i played in EU from NA and the only problem i see if a bit of lag. there are no any other netcode issues

    Whats the point of getting more players if the game itself cannot be played enjoyably by anyone?

    1. So many ppl enjoy the game, it just sucks that q´s are so long sometimes ... 2. more players = faster matches = more fun and enjoyment 3. i think its not even much work to make this game big, they just take to long with fixing stuff and all the stuff ... if they launched back than with a good netcode + on steam the game would explode

    we are know steam is a potential market but like gits it may not be successful. and also the servers are bad so i dont think "fun and enjoyment" applies

    roughly feeling like every third person wishes for the game to reach steam. The staff has also confirmed in the past that steam is part of the goal to reach

    Is there anything the Community can do to push that Goal forward ? I mean, im sure the Community could move mountains if it helps to get more players and better q´s :D

    Whats the point of getting more players if the game itself cannot be played enjoyably by anyone?

    I can agree with you on that point, but the publisher can't just say to the owner that they're the only ones who have to publish the game. The owners (wiple games) have a more saying about through whom they want to make their game known.

    but isnt the publisher that funds the game, so basically the publisher has the control

    the europe server is currently not full mostly because the majority has either work or school but we also agree that the game needs promotions though it's too soon. Personally if I were a game developer, I wouldn't want to promote the game yet when there are several or heavy bugs that need to be addressed first.



    It was raining heavily down in the Amazonian jungles. There were reports about EDEN staging an ambush against the NAF facilities in the Middle East. The NAF responded by sending a small strike force comprised with Neil Wild, Valery, and Sirocco to rendezvous with Kali who is already there for scouting purposes.

    “Where is Kali?” Asks Sirocco. He and the others looks around for any suspicious activities in the forest.

    There is some rustling of the leaves ahead as Neil holds his fist up in the air to signal for the squad to freeze. The rustling grows louder and louder until it is really close. Suddenly, Kali pops up. Neil’s team points their sights at her.

    ”Hey. Hey. There were patrols around. I had to keep quiet. These sentinels have really good awareness, ” Kali says.

    Neil replies, ”So what are we facing?” The group huddles.

    ”They are staging up with Metal Reapers, sentinels and some infantry. I have also spotted a fuel tank that we can arm with C4s.”

    “Alright, let’s make this quick and clean. We will extract at 0600.” Neil and the rest move towards the staging area of EDEN.

    Few klicks out of the area, they encountered a patrol. Sirocco with his unparalleled marksmanship and armed with SCAR-H Battle Rifle takes aim through his Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG). He fires one round for each of the two sentinels. No enemy would hear the gunshot as he has a silencer attached onto the barrel.

    Hiding behind the leaves, the squad takes a look at the staging area one last time before going to the fuel tank.

    “Something’s not right,” Kali comments, “The patrols are in different patterns from the first time I scouted. It may be a set up.”

    Valery replies back, “We won’t know if we don’t test it ourselves.”

    “Alright. Valery and Kali, you two go to the right to make a light show. Sirocco and I will make a diversion if needed. We will meet back here once it's all set,” Neil instructed.

    They split up but little did they know EDEN already knew their advance. Kali and Valery reaches to the fuel tank. Kali then arms the C4 as Valery makes a lookout. Kali radios in all set and the team heads towards the extraction point.

    Just then, EDEN springs its trap. The ground opens and Hydras come up. They start to shoot at Valery and Kali. It was back in Operation: Oceanfront where EDEN learned how NAF operates.

    Valery shouts into the radio, “We have been compromised. Repeat. We have been compromised.”

    Neil replies, “Head to the exfil now!” Neil and Sirocco then moves to a better position to cover the girls so they can get back to the jungles. Sirocco snipes few down as the enemy approaches closer to Valery and Kali then reloads. Neil releases the hellbird and pilots it.

    Kali shouts to Valery as they run, “Catch the detonator! Someone has to make it out alive to trigger it!” Valery understands the situation and without hesitation catches it and keeps on running. Kali turns around and surrenders stalling the enemy a bit just in time for Valery to disappear into the forest.

    Back at Headquarters, the team gets a debrief but with Kali marked as KIA...

    weapon: chrome ak12

    (chapter 2 will be made if another contest of this comes up)

    Why would shooting while sprinting be a mechanic or at least one without a perk? Now shotguns and smg are even more op.

    Is it because if it being a perk, it would contest with faster health regen?

    You are missunderstanding the issue. The issue is that before the patch, you could sprint, and while sprinting, start shooting, which would stop your sprinting and start shooting your weapon.

    Now, if you press LMB while sprinting, you will not stop sprinting and start shooting, you will just get slowed down instead. This means that if you want to hipfire after sprinting, you always need to hit "shift" beforehand to stop sprinting, pressing LMB will not do that for you.

    hey at leasts theres sprint cancel

    i bet they wouldnt be releasing micro patches to patch this bug as soon as possible


    • Drone tutorial does not trigger by default for new accounts.
    • AUG A3 shooting audio indoors is muffled.
    • Trying to shoot while sprinting slows the character.
    • Tutorial achievement is not shown on the result match screen upon completion.

    This is a known issue and not a permanent change. Anyway, as of now it's unclear when this will get solved.

    Why would shooting while sprinting be a mechanic or at least one without a perk? Now shotguns and smg are even more op.

    Is it because if it being a perk, it would contest with faster health regen?

    Actually a lot of good games in beta doesnt have that much of a problem in technical areas. Look at fallout 76. Since the release, they are firing off all cylinders since they had “released it too early”. It can be considered as beta at those times. Fallout did have some technical issue like your character position teleports between the current and previous position (like what ironsight has) in the actual beta days. Until the release they have patched that.

    We do know wiple has a small team but if the programmers know what they are doing they could actually fire one cylinder.

    New to this game but registered to support the above post. Adding 3rd-party launchers to Steam doesn't give it the benefit of the platform's command line options. And - as sqroot has stated - even if it did, they would only be applying to the launcher. These commands unfortunately aren't even universally supported: "-nomansky" wouldn't do anything to CS:GO, for example (or any other Source engine title for that matter; notice how the linked "credit" thread is actually for ARK: Survival Evolved). Options are also prefaced by a + or - as well, so the first line "force-d3d12" shouldn't even include "force" at all to prioritize Direct3D 12 (... in ARK).



    I thought u can shoot while not fully scoping yet

    Then tell me what is the netcode worse than before?

    KlThe designs made in ironsight are no means better than cod and which most of the designs are from cod. It not worth for a f2p game even its not p2w neither does paying for the game. Cod and ironsight is not much different in terms of gameplay except with some lesser mechanics. Cod already made years of testing and balancing that ironsights devs can see fit to use. But anyways im giving suggestions that could add more mechanics to the game instead of being a similar version of the first few counter strike mechanics (in 2019).

    The reason why low levels cant beat high levels because they can match closely to their levels on the other team instead of one team did bought and uses scar and the other team didnt or 1 team uses mostly ar57 and the other team only have mostly mp5

    If ironsight isnt in its own niche of fps then gl to ironsight surviving with other AAA fps games.

    50 cal travels further and does more damage than a typical 5.50 nato So lmg is usually more powerful than assault rifles.

    But tcp waits for the first packet to be received then it sends another but udp doesnt. So if the engine gets overflowed then it lags behind.

    Im not saying cod 4 or mw2. Im saying in generations of cod prime where they tested out ideas. For example, mw2 u can refill explosives but mw3 and after u cant. In mw2 anyone gets the nuke killstreak could end the match but mw3 and after its not a killstreak anymore and does not end the match. After mw3 quickdraw perk became an attachment instead so it can be restricted to non sniper rifles.

    Can you see that cod devs have paved the roads of balancing?

    Now you say those problems that people hate because they just hate them. People also hate jumpjets in advanced warfare too so what? They dont like advanced movement mechanics and jumpjets? all these reasons you said is because the player died by them. Players hated dropshots but then should that skilled reflex be deleted? Why not just delete the game since the player hated 90% of the features because they keep dying by them? No wait delete penetration mechanic because the player got sniped behind a wooden wall but they ironsight players doesnt like poor penetration mechanic... This still doesnt prove cod isnt being hated of its features. Now ironsight doesnt have these features and what do we have now? A dull game.

    Currency locked items makes the matchmaking worse because a low level player can use a scar h and another opposite team low level player may not have it unlocked. But with level locked there is no excuse because everyone at that level will unlock it and if they dont have it equipped, its their problem.

    Good point about the programmers since why should i give a * about them when gits does it better back then. This game is already slowly going downhill on a roller coaster before it can go back up again if it still lives.

    I'm saying that snipers being able to deal with close range encounters is a necessity for both the game to be balanced and snipers to not be useless in TDM.

    When I'm sniping I usually deal with close range encounters by switching to my shottie.. which is also a one shot kill. Isn't that what your secondary is for?

    No secondaries are to backup your primary weapons in case for whatever reason you cannot defend with your primary. It is not to be used for any other specific environment.


    • I think the ability to avoid players will quickly result in there being no matchups at all, for anyone, given that it requires 12 people that all haven't blocked each other to form a match, and I don't expect there to be way that many people in queue at a time right now.
    • I don't see how LMG's are 'tremendously overpowered'; after all, barely anyone is using them. Why are they supposedly so much stronger than the assault rifles?
    • I don't see the benefit in being able to cook grenades. I do however see the downside that I'll die more random and unavoidable deaths as a result.
    • How would you change how they unlock camos? Simply asserting "Change it, but I don't know how" isn't particularly useful.
    • The max weapon level is 100, not 500.
    • What would a prestige system look like, considering that no one I know of has reached the max level?
    • How would a better progression system look like, and why is the current one "horribly balanced"? (in regards to what?)
    • I haven't played the new netcode patch, but usually netcode changes do not require a change to hit detection. Why do you believe that hit detection is broken, and not just the netcode?

    2. Cuz most lmg are 50 cals but they just need to have 0.4 aim time and highest pen if theyre not already

    4. Just like cod. Complete achievement for that gun ie. Get 1000 headshots.

    6. When u reached lvl 100 (iirc thats when u get a star for your level badge), you start back to lvl 1, and u get a prestige token that u can use to unlock extra classes (beyond 4-6 classes), keep a weapon unlocked after u prestige, etc

    7. Make everything based on levels instead of currency.

    8. I believe the engine is slow to process everything in real time with udp sending packets when udp has no wait time to send each packet.

    Most of these ideas are from cod. Why cod? Because they tested everything in their makings.

    U have uav scanning on the minimap at an interval which balances out with the spacing each map has so you have time to react and prepare. This is what i call time of engagement. In ironsight, you can get killed before the uav completely sweeps the minimap and the minimap needs to be on scale with the maps. Minimap is supposed to help u check for enemies around corners but there are too many corners.

    For uavs, i think is gen multiple uavs are up the 2nd one should make the sweep go faster instead of being an independent sweep, then third one shows enemy direction and solid positioning.

    And i wont go into weapon range and accuracy balancing as we should know it also has to be on scale with the maps.

    Its not that hard if the programmers put in more effort

    This is correct for most guns and I agree, especially for the ARs, but there's some notable exceptions to this. For instance, the P90, while not necessarily the most effective gun compared to the ARs, is way more effective when hipfiring than when ADSing at pretty much any range.

    You can literally take the gun, run around, hold LMB and watch most people drop. Sure, a good player will outmatch the P90, but the P90 player will still deal considerable damage and rack up a load of easy kills, only by holding LMB and aiming into the rough direction. I just don't think this kind of playstyle should be possible, it shouldn't be this easy to rack up kills and deal damage to people, especially when health regen is as slow as it is (at least for game modes like TDM it matters and adds a lot to deaths you can't really prevent).

    wouldn't the best change be one that the crosshair would increase alongside with the time you've been shooting? As an example, the hipfire for the p90 start as it is right now, but after half second, or a second in constant fire, it increases in 20% or more.

    I feel like hipfire is waaay too rewarding for something that is too easy to use and control, furthermore it decreases the skill ceiling of the game

    it does but not a lot to be average at close medium range

    But they still havent added patches to sr to replicate other fps sr balances.

    • Same ads time to all sr
    • same ads time to all scopes,
    • ads time >= 0.4s
    • sway and flinch magnifies at their respective scope magnification

    I dont know why devs cant understand these changes to balance them. I even use SR and i want them to be nerfed. Its like some MMORPG (you know who mostly makes them) having an op equipment that you can buy to win everything. But ironsight isnt p2w exactly so they cant make u buy it.

    But still its the lootboxes that simulates gambling which it is. Its almost like winning a lottery as the chips is winning 10$ the uncommons are 50 etc.

    Exactly so if they are not gonna improve then what will make them to

    did anyone talk to support about it

    But only europe and america takes it seriously

    I did talk to the person who did the advertising. He said "bad phrasing, my bad, next time I'll do better" and left it there. Still, kinda doubt the support would change anything.

    Well there is federal trade commission for the usa to investigate their intentions of “bad phrasing”

    doubt their focus on making money was even decent to begin with lmao. But as said, bullets are not even registering properly right now, I feel almost like I'm getting one shoted by even smgs, since for some reason the server renders all the bullets hitting you at the same time, making you feel like you got one shoted. The game feels worse than it was before the netcode update, sure there's less kill trades, but other problems were brought up, and worse than before.

    Tbh it kinda is their focus to make money. But just probably easy money as you can see many players that are blinded by how a good this fps is are buying skins. Now as more players starting play, they realize how professional and educational players for fps want a smooth game. They never knew more players would take a toll on their effort than just trying to get easy money.

    Thats a big accomplishment for the devs since they cant even make netcode to work perfectly. Using the same netcode u r playing with now in hardcore is even worse