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    “Actually gameplay experience is bad”

    So “gun play, map design, movement, core gameplay... hell even the netcode, IS is better”

    Poor visibility? Its more realistic. So with no lighting mechanics it’s better? Ive seen at least 1m subs for a uploader that plays codmw. I dont see any netcode issues nor did the person complained. Three lane maps are better than a map like Oceanfront. ok. Yes im sure ar-57 is also perfectly balanced in ironsight

    Then why would you pay for it in the first place if they would know its a camping game. Camping does not guarantee enough kills to get high killstreaks. If you cant run and gun to get low killstreak, then thats a different story with your skill. If you are spawn camping, then that also another story due to enemy skill.

    oh everyone knows the history of shots not registering in ironsight. Why does it take a whole clip to kill just an enemy?

    So you just saying that 3 lanes per map isnt good? You want oceanfront maps?

    Wait didnt you say because due to lack of your quality of experience you had with CoDMW, the game is bad? Thats a poor use for a premise to your argument and thats a false cause and hasty generalization fallacy.

    One thing I like about IronSight that it has very strong nades. Even a basic frag grenade is instakill if too close.

    Tbh all the nades should get a rework. 7.5m blast radius is too strong for a small map size.

    Where can I find blast AoE for all explosives in the game?

    Its the grenade indicator lol

    So basically noobles your saying we are taking a laptop to a bomb location. Got it.

    And as for YOU misfire lol. Where did I say anything at all about CodMW? In any event I'm just pointing out that from a gaming aspect combine with both gaming elements and real life elements. The version of SnD that IS offers is painful. It's too easy to camp and since nearly everyone uses a one shot rifle they get too many easy lanes of opportunities. Now sure you could camp in GitS:FA but at least there you had the option to use an ability that instantly puts everyone on an equal footing if you fully understood the function and can make use of it. Furthermore if bomb *cough* sorry when laptop is planted in IS all you do is instantly run to the location and defuse no strings attached aside from a player or 2. In FA, or even CS for that matter. You have a location where you can put the bomb anywhere in said location. Which that alone adds depth to the game since you dont just instantly go to the one guaranteed box on the ground.

    But here's where I will cut myself short rather than go on multiple tangents. And I will counter myself like I'm sure someone else will eventually. "Oh well Xan then just don't play SnD and save yourself the grief or an inferior gamemode." And I'll be like your exactly right unknown person and that is exactly what I do. But I have to keep the warriors on the forums busy from time to time cuz it is a topic and people love their topics.

    I was talking about camping not s&d. U did it backwards. And yes ironsight is very easy to camp. (When another person said codmw has worse campers)

    But you probably not gonna get that skin if you buy the crate which is called a scam as the main point :)

    If you go into a random drop pool expecting to get a single item out of hundreds, it's not a scam, you're just stupid for thinking that out of everything you're going to specifically get this one thing.

    A scam would be something that's misleading, this is just an example of stupidity

    then its called gambling :)

    Yes and it is your decision to want that skin. So you have to pay the publisher for it. And you have the choice to either get it from crates or buy it directly in the webshop for a limited time.

    But you probably not gonna get that skin if you buy the crate which is called a scam as the main point :)

    "You dont know how to play the new CoD and yet you conclude the gameplay is bad."

    Where on earth did you get the idea that I don't know how to play MW?

    because u said gameplay is bad and outdated and this gameplay includes all those mechanics i said before. Horrible experience doesnt mean bad gameplay. Horrible experience can be due to your skill level and knowledge of the game. Simpler gameplay doesnt mean better. If you wall bang someone, thats always a surprise to everyone which gives better appeal to gameplay. More stuff for gameplay always starts off small like calculus starts off from algebra. There is no way ironsight is better. Right now it seems youre moving goalposts to show your that your favorite fps which is ironsight to be the best fps.

    So whats your point? Mw is based on world events. Terrorists dont have actual explosive materials so they use ISD as explosives. Thats why you dont see a laptop.

    I mean theres a discussion of it being a scam

    I hope you mean the crates
    You can say what you want, no one is forced to buy a crate in the first place. You can skip them and buy weapons directly, if you don't like to play with the RNG.
    And if the Publisher says the weapons have to be so expensive, you are still not forced to buy it. Why? Because this weapons exists in a big viarety in the game.

    Lmao its not the weapons. Its the skin that its being sold. Think about it as 500 cash jackpot. You have to beat the dealer with rng on the cards. Then why is gambling really restricted?

    And how does this “bullet sponge” compare to what ironsight has/had?

    No no its not streets ahead its 10 blocks back. CoD already has “been there and done that“ with with ironsight has.

    You dont know how to play the new CoD and yet you conclude the gameplay is bad. This new CoD is now based on more realistic functions. You slide, sprint, tactical sprint, peek, and enchanted mechanics to help players be more aggressive. Like i said before if humans are scared to adapt to new things but that doesnt mean that its bad.

    I can guarantee you the activision can patch the bugs and have 2 dlc released by the end of summer and for ironsight prob 3 patches by next year and thats being generous. Yet ironsight just need a very old gpu but even modern generation of gpu cannot run the game much better. This doesnt make ironsight any much better.

    So you work at Activision? Jokes aside, I hope you're right 'cos I bought COD and it runs so bad I uninstalled it ^^ Discussing which game is better is a waste of time 'cos that's a matter of taste, but my opinion is that the only thing REALLY better in COD are the graphics. Ironsight has more weapons, more charachter customization options... not saying Ironsight is better 'cos of these things, just stating some facts. Another fact is that the killstreak system makes people camp a lot more in order to get them, which ruins the game for me. CODMW is very realistic, players are so afraid of dying they won't even move. Yeah all fps games have campers, but this is on another level...

    that is what makes it realistic. Search and destroy always have players camping. If you want to play aggressively then play it smartly. Campers can always be killed by grenades, flanking, explosives, ambushing. You saying that you dont even care about trying to solve the issue with what the game offers and just make the conclusion that its a whole new level of camping.

    When i play cod on console, i barely get killed by campers and i average 1.3 per match. YOU CHECK YOUR CORNERS. Dropshot anyone that you got jumpscared by. Lob a c4 over. Use an UAV or detection grenades. Follow your teammate so he gets killed and you kill the camper. Its not that hard.

    It depends on the sale about shich price we can talk about.
    Keep you eyes open at any time and check the webmall.

    PS: I hope for a Black Friday sale.

    I mean theres a discussion of it being a scam

    If this were the case Ironsight would have a higher player base than it does and wouldn't be known for its bad server issues. I'm beginning to think you have a computer and internet that can't handle CoD's requirements if you think this game runs anywhere near as smoothly and consistent as CoD.

    Sorry but your comment makes no sense at all. COD has more players because it's a popular franchise that has been around for years, not because the game is better.

    I can guarantee you the activision can patch the bugs and have 2 dlc released by the end of summer and for ironsight prob 3 patches by next year and thats being generous. Yet ironsight just need a very old gpu but even modern generation of gpu cannot run the game much better. This doesnt make ironsight any much better.

    1. So yore saying ironsight netcode is better? Lmao

    2. Do you even understand how killstreak works in game? There is no passive score gain to them unlike in ironsight. You have to get consecutive kills to stack points in order to get it. What youre saying using deductive reasoning is that you keep dying and cannot kill anyone which leads to 3. As they stack kills they also increase the score in tdm. This is simple logic of how they win.

    3. What makes the difference if camping in ironsight? If the enemy spawn camp then it means your team sucks at flanking and killing. Camping will always exists in game. You just need one of your teammates to clear one side to change the spawn point then it will confuse the camper eventually getting flanked.

    Ironsight is ahead? Theres many invalidities to your premises that makes this conclusion false. So your argument is a fallacy.

    Some grenades could do with a bit more roll. Annoying having a nade hit a dooirway and then just fall to the floor, and for the flash to be a tiddly little poof that blinds you more than the enemy

    Tbh all the nades should get a rework. 7.5m blast radius is too strong for a small map size. And with more physics like more rolls, u wont even know where to run away anymore

    No, it is not scam. It is YOUR choice if you want to buy them. If you don't want to buy them you can still buy the items for the full prize during sales.
    Scam would be if you have no chance to get the listed item. It is just luck in this case.

    Theres a discussion about this :)

    If they add “overkill” perk then prob its more useable

    Well, you are able to use a Deagle with the shield, which is pinpoint accurate, however, it needs the player to have good aim (You cannot hipfire with it). That's probably another reason why players are not comfortable with it.

    And also better netcode

    If they add “overkill” perk then prob its more useable

    I have and the result is the same. Look if i can grab an smg and kill someone at medium range faster than someone using an m4 something isnt right.

    What do you consider medium range and, out of curiosity, what is your FoV setting?

    Personally, the only maps on which I find SMGs to be at an advantage are C9 and Airport. And they're only at an advantage on Airport if you avoid the conveyor area.

    I always see smg at an advantage on any map. Youre always fast enough to close the distance for smg to be in effective range for most areas.

    Unfortunately you guys are suggesting for Grade AAA game feedback which these devs has other things to worry about lol

    well im kinda expecting oh you know the game that they made to actually work as they designed it to. I mean they are visually on fire, they should burn. You know like it partially does right now. Except actually make it for the full duration of the visual effects.

    Same but sadly you cant expect that for these devs

    I find hipfire to be fine on ar's, however smgs are just stupid. All you have to do is point in the general direction of the enemy and hold mouse 1 couple that with soft point bullets and you got cancer filled cancer. Regarding that problem i would either make it so they are super innacurate when hipfiring forcing players to ads more with them but also give a movement boost when doing so, alternitively an accuracy boost and a damage nerf so people cant just spray and get kills.

    U forgot lmg. Theyre like smg but slapped with ar range and damage. Bit more sluggish but not enough disadvantages to make it weak against other guns


    I know but its a big problem they have. And they need to solve it in some how. We cant be 4 month brhind asia and 3 month behind russia. And we cant wait 2.5 month for a new season after The old one ends to get new content. Have nothing to Do with diffrent publisher

    Aeria games is lasy and just wanna hyoe The game. This game have died 3times alrdy and almost fight it back. But then died agin.

    IF u wanna have a good exp for US player. Freaq uddapte game. Like 1 in a month. Just IF it is a small bug fix. Talk to US in a stream have Q and A. Thats The problem misfire. Not beacuse it diffrent publisher.....

    No the problem is wiplegames or gamigo. Aeria games just helps funding and work with playerbase things.

    Quick question -- how do I enter these commands with no steam?

    Also has anybody solved Frontline FPS problem? I have a very decent setup with 6 core CPU and 1660 TI and my fps drops down to ~60fps in the main long (along the tram tracks). And overall frontline map is VERY bad for fps.

    Simple answer, without Steam you can't. Even with Steam, the commands have no effect.

    With regards to the framerate issues on Frontline, all I can suggest is to lower the graphics settings in-game, and make sure there are as little background apps running while you play

    New to this game but registered to support the above post. Adding 3rd-party launchers to Steam doesn't give it the benefit of the platform's command line options. And - as sqroot has stated - even if it did, they would only be applying to the launcher. These commands unfortunately aren't even universally supported: "-nomansky" wouldn't do anything to CS:GO, for example (or any other Source engine title for that matter; notice how the linked "credit" thread is actually for ARK: Survival Evolved). Options are also prefaced by a + or - as well, so the first line "force-d3d12" shouldn't even include "force" at all to prioritize Direct3D 12 (... in ARK).



    Can u explain this fps increase then

    aeriagames. its time to realse for a whie ago.

    u had the patch lsat week in ur office. just relase it and make a bug fx patch if it dosent work.we have gone into hibernation!!!
    like the game but i hope u have a plan when u realse it on steam, beacuse it anit gonna grow there either if the patches and uppdate are like 4 months from eachother all the time!!!!

    Did u read about how publisher works for this game

    And you're trying to tell me that there were no games where you could lean and peek round corners in 2010? I've been leaning around corners in shooters since at least 2002 and, as for a full lean and peek cover system, Killzone 2 had this in 2009.

    But in multiplayer?

    If CoD do what they keep using the same mechanics they did 10 years ago.

    The mechanics they had 10 years ago were superior in terms of enjoyment to around 99% of shooters available on the market today. That's why, despite having numerous other shooters installed on my PC, I've played IS almost exclusively for over a year.

    It's not even as if the style of shooter that is prevalent today wasn't available back in the day. None of these 'innovations' you are talking about are actually new. There were plenty of tactical, realism based shooters around. People played CoD in preference to them because it was more casual and more fun.

    So there a fps back in 2010 with advanced movements for realistic pvp? Ok

    oh sorry lol cuz how to asked sounded like that i keep saying cod is better but it not