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    Math, please help us calculating this madness:

    And I've spend around 300-400€ so far. I have gained 3 pink and 1 violett.
    Keep your eyes open for special web mall sales. There you can get pretty cheap items.

    Hi Dude,

    Let me introduce you to the Lobby-Queue. 8)

    2. CLICK ON OPTIONS (OPTIONAL) and choose your prev. mode or more
    3. CLICK IN THE MATCH FIELD (Not only on Custom Match)

    Oh and the Servers for Europe are in Europe and not SE Asia. If you ping is bad overthink your ISP. I have a stable 9-15 ms Ping.

    I would recommend to ask a bit friendlier next time ;)

    Gamga u do know that time is money when making games? The slower devs work on it the more the publisher has to throw in money. fps isnt a basic game that can be easily polished by a small team hence this game and its devs. There are already huge competitiors in fps market with what ironsight has and those games are AAA titles. Ironsight doesnt even have “free-range mantling” (vaulting over) or even real penetration mechanic. Now i think u got an idea on how this game could fail.

    Yes, this is a valid argument and makes sense to me. I also don't want to dig deeper into this right now.

    Well, I didn't want to write so much, but I want to try to give you a little peek into my thoughts.

    If you're gullible enough to believe that Beta means something in this trash dead game. They released 3 maps, (4 with the BIolab), one of which is bugged and doesn't work. They released a netcode patch that failed, because they don't have PTS servers to test it and it caused a disaster and they had to revert it.

    Yes, the game is in development, even if it is slow. But this doesn't have to mean that it is a dead game. They made mistakes with the last test run and learned about this.

    The game has an Open Beta tag slapped on top of it, because it's in a really sorry state and they need some excuse when people call it out for the mess it is, apparently you, like a loyal fanboy picked up the idea rather quickly and when someone says the game has X and Y issue, you're quick to pitch in with that "BUT IT'S BETAAAA, they will fix it lateeeeer...." Wake up, they won't fix anything, this is the final state of the game, it's already in OFFICIAL RELEASE, it will never get better than this

    Every update is 95% skins and other cash shop cosmetics, 3% fixes and 2% content. They don't have more content. They aren't working on it. The last bits of Korean content is drying up, once they release that, which is one more map that looks like a mountain ski lift, it's over.

    As a publisher you won't call a not balanced or nearly fixed game as official launched. This is behind stupidity. Thats why it has still a beta on the logo. They show that they still need development. (Not like other gaming publisher I know.) Have you ever tried to get in contact with anyone before you created this account? That is why all the information just never reaches you. Aeria Games and Wiple Games are still 2 different companies. You haven't got it in your mind yet?
    For map design they already opened an event for new ideas which the community wants. If you never engage as a part of the ocmmunity you will stay blind and fulll of anger.

    How did they "nerf" the AR57 which is bugged? They reduced the headshot multiplier, but that weapon doesn't get its kills from headshots, now does it?

    Can't tell you much about this here, sorry.

    What progress is there? None. How do you know that, do you work for the studio or is that just your wishful thinking working? Do you really believe something is happening with this game?

    How about contacting the team, asking for more background? If you don't understand the background you won't understand why the performance is not the best. Have you ever worked with netcodes, networks or servers? You don't need to answer this.

    They already had the chance to make a good impression with the game and they failed miserably. They aren't even doing live streams every week to get some hype going on. The view count on Twitch doesn't go above 15 viewers, which is pathetic. Warface has like 200 every EU evening, Black Squad gets between 70 and 170. Even if they fix the netcode, people won't come back, they already don't care about it. Just look around, go to the first page of the forums from autumn 2017 and see the people who were posting there, they are gone now, they quit this trash. There were passionate people posting suggestions that were ignored, the staff members just say "ok we will forward it" and that's it, they sometimes don't even say anything.

    Why aren't they doing streams by themself? Maybe they got partners for this? Sure other games got a much bigger playerbase I don't say otherwise. All people will dive into other games, thats what is happening from time to time. Numbers do not lie. Let me try to compare it with a situation from the social life. If you loose some friends, because you have some other interest won't mean you won't find new friends. Just metaphorical.

    Face it, this game is abandoned, it's on life support, it only gets skins and other cosmetics, their hope is that people will buy them or grind them, when they stop falling for this trick they will leave. Because neither the netcode is working, there is no good replay feature to see how you died, there is no competitive mode, there is no in-game report function... do they expect me to waste my time to record footage or keep a recording software on and be ready to press RECORD every time I see someone suspicious then go on their website to send a ticket? Screw that, I'm not wasting my time, because they use a pitiful anticheat like EasyAnticheat whose developers are so blinded with pride that they actually believe their anticheat works when it doesn't. BattlEye is the better anticheat.

    Content is a part of a game, you can't force a designer to work as a developer and a skin is faster created as a proper solution for a netcode issue. Or have you ever seen a banker picking up your trash bins? Different people work on different parts. Not every game needs a replay function. It's a nice thing to have, but I just record my gameplay and if I had something fishy I just rewind it and check it.
    A simple report function won't help to bust a hacker. You need evidences to ban a user for any mistakes. Sure you have to open a ticket then. Talking about EAC you miss the fact of the unique engine.

    I've been here since September 2017, when the game wasn't even in Beta, and I've seen all its "progress", it's literally the game game with the same bugs, they just changed the start menu so it's even more of a blatant copy of Black Ops 2. First it was white, now it's black so people can see that the game is not the same anymore... xD What a sick joke...

    Nice that you are here since 09/17. Why have I never seen you active in the forum or somewhere else? Coming up from nowhere jumping on the bashtrain. UI Changes are a part of game development. Keep flaming about the same issues over and over again or just move on if it doesn't suit you.

    The only thing they do is making promises while not doing anything. "We are working on it" the first time i heard this phrase was like 1day after i started playing Ironsight and since then nothing changend.

    Have you got any progress update? No? I did. And they have progress. They already had a first try of fixing the netcode in August, which failed.
    I believe in the team and they are testing again, very soon.

    The game has no future, they just release skins and think this is enough to keep it going... Shutdown in 6 months tops.

    Have you ever spend any time to research your thesis?

    I guess not. Check up the information and you'll know that they are working in the performance issues (netcode and weapon balance). :)

    They may not release the full information, but there is progress.

    Wiple Games is the Developer. Aeria Games is the Publisher. So Aeria Games cannot do alot about some points you spoke about. The events, ok, but they did some interesting ones but this is my point of view.

    I understand, that you want to make your point here, but there are a lot of threads about the "Future of Ironsight".
    But I'll make it quick and give some feedback on your feedback :)

    Does the game have future or have you already forgotten about it and the update?

    Yes, sure it has a future, the last update was a pretty little one. More is upcoming soon.

    Cheaters are not enough, anti-cheat weak, not a small number of bugs.

    In your position, I would be happy that there are not so many or no cheaters. Btw, do you know how a cheat works and that you don't need to only bypass the anti-cheat system? (EAC is btw a good choice beside BE).
    Yes, the game has bugs, and the team is working on it. How long it takes is an important factor but don't forget that you do not have to a single cent into this game.

    Such a suspicion that since the summer everything about the game has been completely forgotten as well as on the players.
    The shooter itself is interesting, but a lot of it kills;(

    I just joined back in the Fall and the game made such a progress. Also, some of my friends started to play Ironsight since then.

    This game has a lot of potential.
    You can do it as I did. Make a break of Ironsight and come back later. If you are playing the game a lot you won't see progress, but if you haven't seen this game for a while you'll see progress.


    i dont have to know sh*t about the netcode to see, the developers are dont know what are they doing or they just lazy af. Its not that they didnt have enough time, because i think they had plenty. And they, steam release its not imprtant anymore, because we all know it never gonna happen.

    Have you ever tried to check what has been done so far? If you don't know what they are doing or what has to be done, please do not make their work bad.
    Research helps. And yes, they did a lot so far.


    "guess you won't be disappointed with the upcoming december update."

    oh hell ye brother. cant wait for another LMG and SMG buff, kinda decent looking skins for sh*t guns(ak12, an94), maybe a new map. guess what. unless the we wont get a netcode update, and i guess we won't, the majority of the player base gonna be dissapointed. this game is out in "closed beta" since 2017 november. and you guys still useing the same sh*t netcode, which was used in KOREA. IN KOREA. THIS IS EUROPE AND NORTH AMERICA. in an AMA, it was in june, Chopper said this game will be out on steam in Q3/Q4. netcode fix even earlier. new guns, new maps etc. this whole sh*t was a lie. promises and promises everywhere. Soon™ btw. we havent get anything good since months. oh sorry, we got a map, which was alerady in the Korean version. my bad. Fix 2 bugs/patch and add 10 weapon skin. Sure, i get it, it a free to play game. But still. A lot of bugs are in the game for MONTHS. Its just so f*cking embarrassing. This game HAD a lot of potential. But the potential is gone now. sad.

    You don't understand alot about netcode and UDP and TCP protocol do you? They are working hard on this. Yes, it was a mistake to use TCP, but its not as bad as at the start of this game and this games works better then the most F2P shooter out there. The steam release is not so important at the moment.
    They also runned first tests with UDP, which didn't work so good.
    They are on it and pushing with forum posts won't make it faster, trust me.


    But I just record those guys with Nvidia Shadow Play and will bundle it in a video and send it to the support

    Yes please do it, more videos should help them to find the way they do it and finally fix it because i have seen like two months ago for a first time...

    Oh, I can show them all certain ways. It is pretty easy. I will do some clips about this in a custom match and send it them too. Don't worry :)

    I agree on this. But I just record those guys with Nvidia Shadow Play and will bundle it in a video and send it to the support. It is an exploid and shouldn't be tolorated.

    Seems like the installation file is corrupted.
    Download the game again and do a new file extraction.

    If this doesnt help do the following:

    1. Update your OS with all current patches, here.
    2. Update your DirectX to the latest version, here.
    3. Update your drivers to the latest version. (Location dependent on your hardware)
    4. Do a complete uninstall of your game. Re-download the client and install again. (yes again) :evil:

    It is the first aid method, if it still occours contact the support.

    Let me throw in some words. It is planned to make a netcode improvement very soon. I talked already with Aeria Games about this.
    Also the new Project Manager wants to attack this issue. the_Director Reporting

    I am totally on your side, that this game still needs improvement. The netcode is running with the TCP protocol and not the UDP protocol.
    I guess you won't be disappointed with the upcoming december update.

    Keep the finger crossed like I do and feedback is always good. Keep pushing, but also check the forum for announcments. ;)

    Best regards,

    Oh, I see.

    Quite interesting, but he isn't working on further video anymore and they are pretty basic.

    I would invest some more time and also do it for the german and english playerbase.

    He did a lot so far, no doubt.

    Hello mercenaries,

    I just got the idea to open up an info format for all available perks, drones, weapons and maps.
    To give the playerbase a better insights to Ironsight and also give some examples for the usage, pros and cons.

    I would make this format every 2 weeks on Sunday.

    What do you guys think, are you interested?
    Leave me some feedback or first wanted ideas.

    Have a great day! ^^

    Best regards,

    Hello everyone,

    I'll bring one location to your attention, that is not pretty far away from my city.

    IGN: Gamga
    Place: Beelitz Heilstätten [Beelitz Sanatorium (Surgery)] - G-Maps
    Map-Name: Sanatorium
    Weapon: Fire Monkey AK-12


    The Beelitz-Heilstätten is a town with an old hospital complex with about 60 buildings. The following building is the surgery complex with a length of 159,58m and an area about 4020m² and 4 Floors. It has 80 Beds, 6 staircases, 1 electrical lift, 3 surgery rooms, 1 x-ray institution, 1 pharmacy and 2 big bathrooms.
    It had an outer area with a well and a garden. Today, the area is dilapidated and the walls partly broken down. The nature occupied the building and the well.


    The blueprint is attached and has been simplified as good as possible. It would be still possible to remove some rooms or combine them. It is improveable, but it was the best I could produce in a short time.
    Edit: There should be a second floor, for additional space.


    The pictures are showing the stairwells, the lift, the facade and the internal structure. More would be possible, but isn't requested here.