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    Your profile is saved in the database, simply just log in with your usual credential. If you have used steam, just log into your steam profile, and play Ironsight.
    For the standalone version you log in with your aeria games account.

    What if I tell you that you can save replays?
    And what if I tell you that wiple has a player for them, but doesn't make it available for the player base?

    The funny thing about these files is, that if you don't have the player, you cannot do much beside reading some stuff in text format... But watching a replay without the proper player is not possible.

    So the feature exists, but won't be available for us.

    It's impressive all that's happening in the Asia version...

    Next update we should see was released back in Dez. 2019 in Asia and contains VSS as new weapon, one new Map and a new female Charakter ... pretty much Copy & Paste update and they (Aeria) tell us, it needs much testing and therefore the huge delay.

    Yes, ignore the fact that they have another backend. Just slap in the files in and good is, call it a patch.

    Sorry that I have to tell you, but this does not work. Have you ever compared both versions?
    Ignoring the content we have additional files. Let's just take the launcher.exe that is needed to be able to login with your aeria account and to load your character from the database, else you cannot play. Then we have the linked payment system, it is also done on the aeria portal and this has to work. Else you cannot spend any AP. Then let's go over to the steam features that also exist, all ay different from what we have on the asia version.

    The In-Game banners have to work, the database needs to be connected correctly, the connection with the servers need to be stable after a patch and much more stuff needs to be checked.

    Copy and Paste? Definitely not. :/

    I understand that you are inpatient, we are all waiting for the next patch. But on the other side, once you know more, you'll understand more.
    This here is no excuse for the delays, whoever creates them, this is a brief explaination that things are not as easy as you think. :thumbup:

    TAR is overall better in CQC against the M4, most likeely becaus of the proper hipfire accuracy.

    Sadly the in-game stats are most likely just a glimps of the real stats:

    TAR-21 M4 ACC-M
    Type Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
    Ammo 30/90 30/90
    Firing mode Auto Auto
    Maximum damage 28 28
    Minimum damage 17 17
    Range of maximum damage 15.5 m 16 m
    Range of minimum damage 25.5 m 23 m
    Damage drop 1.1/m 1.57
    Accuracy 70 72
    Firerate 723 RPM 698 RPM
    Mobility 92 92
    Recoil control 72 72
    Empty mag reload time 113 96
    Filled mag reload time 86 88

    You are basically creating an email with an attachment when you open a ticket. Storing whole video in there might be too much.

    The support allows now YouTube link for reports of cheaters. You can simply upload an unlisted video to YouTube and share the link in the describtion of the ticket.
    Also the people using such websites get banned automatically most times. It sometimes just need 1 or 2 days until the anti-cheat has regognized it.

    We are not here to judge as players, we can have opinions, but to judge against them is the task of the staff team and the anti-cheat provider, in this case EAC.
    Because they have the details, they have the insights and they will act accordingly.

    And just btw: Maybe your cheater is already banned.

    This won't change anything on the current situation. Ignoring the fact that we barely have hackers.
    If you think something is supicious you upload the video and report him.
    EAC will then check the account. Visual support is in this case not necessary, they have logs and other methods.
    A video is alsways just an indicator.

    It would be at the end just be a "nice to have" feature.

    This is a design desition of the graphic artist of wiple games, I doubt that they change it now. Many weapons are not full covered with a skin, if you want such weapons you have to go for the collection weapons.

    Jepp, have to say the same. 43 Kills isn't even that hard.
    Not a miracle and no cheating is needed for that.

    This is just....

    Focus on your game by adding new maps, weapons, characters. Opening ranked/clanwars/duels etcetera.

    An event planned by a moderator, who has no accesses to the game offers you rewards for a game for simple tasks and you write this?
    He has nothing to do with any of this and cannot push this. Enjoy the event in the meantime until we get info about the new update.

    DM me your in-game name. I'll gift you one reset.

    Thanks, but i alrdy buy one and i have use it! fell unessaseray to do that again after 5 days! thx anyway! u can gift me something else if u want ;) ingame namne :SkillZ . btw, do u know when we gonna see the new uppdate ? really wanna try out the new SMG

    No eta, I just know what will come, but not the date for it.

    Why would you even want to reset your stats? -,-

    To flex or to have a new clean start?

    Clan wars (or clan match how they call it) will come with the next update.
    I don't know anything about ranked yet and if we get real seasons.

    And we are currently 4-6 months behind the Asia version. So we just have to hope for them to drop the patch for us and also to provide us the changes that we need to have a proper game and keep players playing the game.

    i have played this game for 2 years and bith my little brother and my friends have played on my acc when they are here.
    now they have make their own acc and we i accully wanna see my real K/D. it was not bad from begning, i just want a clean fair start.
    and i had som chips over and i wanna support the game buy put like 10 Euros a month on cossmetics, so the people who works on the game can get a paid for the awsome work that the little micro company do for us so we can play a f2p game like this!

    DM me your in-game name. I'll gift you one reset.

    Sure it is ok to talk about the situation itself and to educate people about the flaws of the game.
    And that's what I do. I try to explain most haccusation to others.

    But it is wrong to spread videos with usernames and to accuse them.
    Even if it is a proof. There are always people around ehre which just needs such a video as a trigger to try to hack too.

    And I am already happy that this game has such a low count of real hackers. The best way to deal with such a situation is to inform the publisher, they can then inform the anti-cheat company (here KAMU) to prevent further use.

    Cheaters won't care that they get called out in public if they do it so obvious. The only thing you do by that is free advertisement for their hack.
    And that makes the situation even worse. Also it damages the game instead of helping it.

    Oh, and they do care about this. But this is the nature of anti-cheat and cheaters.
    EAC is only preventing obvious manipulation. If something get bypassed EAC needs to be informed about, they investigate and then prevent the hack for further use.

    The misinformation among the players is the dangerous part here that hurts the game.

    The features are under review. Not even one week passed. Let's calm down and drink some tea for now.

    Since it was introduced with an emergency maintenance it seems like there was an issue with it.

    So let's give them some time to get things straight.

    There has been no official statement from either gamigo or wiple.

    Most people assume it is due to bugs caused by these features, others expect worse. Gamigo also said they might add it back to the game.

    So for now we can only wait until it is clarified.

    As I have said in my post, please us something where they can download the file (like "wetransfer"). They want to stor the evidence, so that it can not be deleted and is still available whenever they appeal.