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    In my history of playing FPS games, this map especially has some glaring issues when it comes to the player respawns when you're trying to get into the base to grab the flag.

    There have been many times I'll clear a section and start moving up to get into the base just to have the enemy spawn behind me. This wouldn't be as bad if enemies didn't have a 3-5 second invulnerability as well. It makes getting into the base less strategy and more run and gun and takes away the fun and spirit of the game.

    I understand this is to prevent spawn trapping, but strategically that's part of CTF and locking down spawns is a legit strategy. Right now it feels more like a game of rugby than anything else.

    Aim better ! people complain abou this ofen about hit reg but i have rec when i played and slowed it down , lots of bullets i think i hit i missed. som hit reg error the game has. but i can fell that in other fps games i play also. prefirning around corners i do evry time. u can see enemy on minimap very ez and hear when people reload walk etc.. i think their are hackers in the game but not many. i rarly see one in my games !

    i don't know what rock you and Sqroot live under but it's an abundant problem, the first game I loaded into tonight had a guy just standing stationary shooting through walls.

    The games f*cking terrible and it needs to be forcefully removed from the internet at this point. The hit reg alone is awful and you add in all the nuances of cheating, shitty connections and ghost markers and the games a dud.

    Not my end, it's clearly a hit reg problem with ping discrepancies,there are not only other threads on here but youtube videos about it as well. I'm not sure if they're using a lag comp system like the Halo and Cod games do, or if its just their hit box not lined up with their sprite, but it's a noticeable problem.

    The lesser your connection the more bullets you absorb. I have a solid 5 bar connection, 0 dropped packets and less than a 2ms jitter. I only have trouble playing with players that have connections noticeably slower than mine.

    Now, what exactly are you referring to when you talk about "bullet sponges"?

    I take "bullet sponges" as "lots of hits are being registered, but they just don't die", not "I shoot at people but no hits are being registered", which you seem to imply with the stuff about hit registration. If you meant the latter, then what I said obviously doesn't apply, although I haven't noticed the issue yet (except for what appears to be massive lagspikes) and would like to see the videos in question. Could you link them?

    On another note, a lag comp system that is correctly implemented does not result in hits not registering that should; lag compensation exists in the first place so that the converse is true.

    They certainly use lag compensation, as pretty much all FPS games do, since you would have to lead your shots without one, which is only remotely tolerable in games like Quake.

    There are videos about it posted in the last few days on these forums, players give blood spatters, sometimes even give you the hit marker but don't take damage. Or you'll outright kill someone and a half second later you'll die to their shots finally registering. It's annoying, and it has no place in such a fast paced "competitive" game like this.

    I've also been increasingly exposed to people living with 0 health and not trading. and I don't mean survived with 1 hp I mean a clearly empty health bar and saunter off like nothing happened.

    it's really not worth playing at this point, and trying to play during the day today, yes there were more people to fill lobbies with but the problems around latency become ever more present and the game lacks everything it needs to be alright.

    Players like you that adamantly protect the shitty state of the game because it's become comfortable to you over the last 14 months+ are really what's helping to drive this game into the ground, that and the lack of actual support from the devs.

    Not my end, it's clearly a hit reg problem with ping discrepancies,there are not only other threads on here but youtube videos about it as well. I'm not sure if they're using a lag comp system like the Halo and Cod games do, or if its just their hit box not lined up with their sprite, but it's a noticeable problem.

    The lesser your connection the more bullets you absorb. I have a solid 5 bar connection, 0 dropped packets and less than a 2ms jitter. I only have trouble playing with players that have connections noticeably slower than mine.

    These issues have been persistent since before the Open Beta phase, the fact that they've only manage to "release" 1 update in over a year that literally made 0 difference to how the game handles, and created and introduced a world of new bugs, shows they aren't ready to be doing this kind of game yet.

    Either they don't have the man power,
    the bankroll
    or the know how,

    either way not having the means to fix your game in a timely fashion is what kills it. Not enough budget or talent costs you customers.

    I wish to remind to the past patches especially to the last pts session where the new netcode could be tested. This was indeed the first and most time consuming change for the developers, especially tests and so on have to go on and back to the developers and aeriagames. That is actually the proof that the developers are still working on the core of the game and we also mentioned in the past what we wish to reach in the future after the beta ends. Beta is not meant to be an infinite state for this game.

    This game is going to die in Beta, it will never see an actual launch date The player base now is already in the 100s and when I play in the evening after 9pm PST there are barely enough people on to fill one game lobby with players.

    Clearly, because I've never been in a game and went "darnn if only they didn't have Soft point bullets I'd have won that"

    Connection is a bigger factor and the benefits had from having a 4 bar connection or less outweigh and positives that might be coming from SP. I lose a lot more gun fights to bullet sponges than people that "kick" my aim off them.

    The kick is quick and aiming center mass doesn't kick the view off the target it just lifts it vertically.

    Because of the bad hit boxes and hit registration, you'll get 1 shot by a blaser 9 times out of 10 in the same spots as a DSR.The key word here is UPPER chest which in my opinion is shoulders up. Not belly button up as it is now "chest up"

    In the end we're going to have to agree to disagree, you experience the game your way and I, mine, whether it's different players on different servers or just when we play the player base and the effects of the circumstances that I'm playing with lead to the snipers having a clear advantage over most guns unless you get really creative, or run a long and wide flank.

    The guns are meant to fill a niche, and right now they don't none of them excel where they are supposed to, the weapon balance is just off, and they've needed to tweak it for over a year and they've just left it the same as day 1 so far as I can tell, with a few minor adjustments inside the classes but nothing to actually make the guns work like they should.

    I mean the point of a beta is to test and update the product.

    that's not what's happening, it's being kept open in the hopes that people spend money on the microtransactions.

    Nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed in over a year. The guns still feel the same as they did, snipers still reign supreme. We got what 2 or 3 "new" maps, that were already out in Korea? whoop.

    It's not about needing gobs of money, tweaking the game is the purpose of a beta, if you're not tweaking the game and you're just releasing new conetent then "open beta" banner at the bottom is just there to misdirect your attention from the faults, like a get out of jail free card.

    "You're weapon balance sucks", It's an open beta we're working on it,
    "My game crashes frequently" It's an open beta we're working on it
    "there are huge problems with your netcode and hit detection" it's an open beta and we're working on it.

    all the while, they've not done anything to address the issues and resolve them, yet pumped out content to sell you.

    Games done bro, this is it, and that open beta is there to keep the sheep quiet so they don't have to fix anything.

    I don't realy understand why you guys defending softpoint bullets so much?I tell you why, because if devs delete this bullets much more players can easly countering you.I already dominate %70-80 of matches I played, softpoint cancers just like flies on the soup to me.I am realy happy to see how ppl crying taken advantages from their hands even we are just talking lul.Okay guys snipers are to OP, softpoints OK.Casual friendly tools is casual, no need to argue this.And yes AIM control, intelligence and reflex most important things for fps games.Once upon a time we have a Blacklight Retribution Esl community and have a electronic, magnum, explosive, toxic ammos but never used to ESL matches.So softpoint is not appropriate to ranked matches.I hope you guys understand now.

    Who exactly has defended softpoint bullets in this thread since your last post? Except for Krusti, you're attacking a strawman - I don't see all those people that state that softpoint is great.

    I didn't even defend them, I actually think they're not a big deal and anyone who claims to exclusively lose to them is just bad. Connection is a bigger factor in gun fights than SP bullets are. The lower the opponents connection quality the harder the fight in my experience.

    My scores don't change whether I run them or not, I do because everyone else does and it just equalizes the field, but I'd trade in a bullet attachment like SP for a third gun attachment in a heartbeat.

    SP bullet kick is so negligible that it might as well not even be in the game.

    The point of this thread is that the TTK of the other weapons in the game is out of balance with the snipers, the range discrepancies cause them to be the only a-tier weapons. If you have half decent aim they are viable at any range and beat every gun, unless you catch that person 100% off guard and unload in their back. when your TTK is over 500ms with perfect aim, at anything over 18M a sniper has time to react and kill you, and because of hit reg, net code issues, latency and all that hublub a ranged fight even only mid ranged where ARs should shine is still heavily weighted to the snipers.

    More Kickback while scoped in to equalize "longer" distance gun fights, and a minimal change to the hit box multipliers, like instead of crotch up its upper chest neck head only for 1 hit kills and the guns are better. Right now a center mass shot kills with either Bolt action and that's dumb.

    They're just too strong for a game like this, it just becomes a quick scoping mess with 2 or 3 snipers per team minimum even on maps like cloud 9. If 33% guns in the game are the blaser or DSR, it's a clear indicator of what the weapon hierarchy is, and since the inception of this game it's been sniper rifles.

    Softpoint kickback effect is not only usable for snipers.This bullets clearly ruining game.You are not happy for current sniper state and you okay with softpoint bullets lol.Okay I explain you what is actually softpoint bullets.Softpoint bullets = Who fire first to win!(Even you are a newcomer if you have better spec pc with this bad optimization or you have better internet connection you can easily beat a veteran fps player.) With this bullets your aim or experience does not work.If devs realy aiming better competitive play they need to fix this bullets first.Because to many players acting like pro with using this bullets.If you use any scopes, even holo you can be cancered by softpoint user.

    Ps:Sorry about my grammar.

    None of this is true. In fact I find it to be the other way around. The shittier your connection the easier you win gun fights. 90% of the fights I lose where I shoot first are to people with 3 bar connections. The hit reg, or lack there of or lag comp what ever the reason is but to me in Canada Mexican players are untouchable. I consistently get 40 and 50 kill games, but throw me against a 3 bar player and I'll die in every engagement I have with them whether I shoot first or not. The lower the bars it seems the more time you have to react to the fight and it's straight up BS.

    Soft point bullets do so little with hip fire weapons and the view kick on snipers is literally nothing. If you're having trouble adjusting to a little bit of vertical lift from soft points you've never played a game with actual recoil. As well you only need to hit 1 shot anywhere that isn't the arms or legs to get a kill.

    The devs don't care and with less and less people playing every week support for this game and it's balance issues isn't coming.

    I'm fully aware how sight lines work, the problem just isn't losing duels to long range opponents I expect to lose anything over mid range, in my mind 30m or more to a Sniper, what I don't like about snipers is that you can lose a fight in 5m and 10m despite shooting them because there is no view kick, and even with softpoint it's not enough to make a difference. Flanking is all good, and it's the play style I use the most, but it's still shut down by 1 person with a decent quick scope because you can't even knock their aim off you. If you start shooting at a sniper close range with an SMG they should be dead 90% of the time but that's not the case. Even with 3-4 shots into a sniper I'm finding that number is more like 60/40ish since you can trade kills.

    Sniper ads time needs a tweak, and the hit box multiplier needs to be examined.

    Ars need more upfront damage, 4 shots to kill is on par with pretty much every SMG, but significantly lower ROF and pathetic range leaves them completely lacking I don't think there are more than a few AR's that can kill in 3 shots over 13m which is sad since they are supposed to be the mid range weapons. There is no point in running Most of the AR's when the AR57 beats them. More stopping power and 1.7-1.8x their effective range and they would be much better.

    LMGs need more stopping power, and reduce their mobility a touch. the MK46 is just a 100 round AR. I wouldn't mind them being a 3 shot kill over any distance if their mobility was where it should be. Right now they have terrible damage and the same mobility as the snipers, despite being larger heavier weapons.

    SMGs are in a good place, if the sniper ADS and view kick was adjusted they would be strong where they are supposed to. But they consistently take 5 shots or more to kill even close range so without the view kick it's pretty easy to get that shot off, because they have such a large area for 1 shot kill.


    Snipers need to have one shot potential I agree, but they desperately need to be less effective under 20 or 30m. whether that comes in the form of buffing the damage on the other guns, Or lowering the damage on the snipers and making the ads times longer, but something needs to happen to balance the weapons out. Since this game has launched it's been a quick scopers dream. It's like all those Faze Optic kids from COD made their own game, and this was the result.

    It doesn't help that the worse your connection the better you do, I don't know if it's programmed lag comp or if it's just a byproduct of bad netcode and hit reg, but if someone has a lesser connection they don't take damage accurately and seem to just 1 shot you.

    its point and kill at any range, and beat any gun It's pretty well pointless to play with anything other than a sniper, after 13m the TTK on any other gun is so long that the snipers reign supreme. Few, if any of the AR's can contend like the HK,and the EMR, but everything else loses. 13M is only 39'. That's too close to render 90% of the guns in the game useless.

    Delete softpoint bullets first (most lame thing in this game), then nerf snipers.The first topic is shouldn't to be snipers.

    Soft point bullets barely make a difference to anything other than view kick which this game needs more of.

    Right now Snipers are still stupid strong and beat every gun at every range if you're even half way decent with your mouse.

    No view kick and instant kills from the waist up with 2 of the main snipers is stupid. They need a longer ads and to add view kick when snipers get shot scoped in.

    Right now its just point and kill.

    ..and what kind of technical support are you hoping to seek for this issue?

    Oh Krusti3, what would we do without your daily dose of sunshine and optimism?

    Just really curious as to how a game with a player count in the double digits can have such bad server issues that the game is unplayable. but it is what it is.

    10 hit markers on a stationary target with a hellbird, Ghost markers with the metal reaper.

    I didn't think the game could stoop any lower than it already was but you always continue to impress. The player count is so low that there's only 1 game being played, and you can't avoid these kids sporting their 3rd world connections in NA, making them practically invincible.

    Seems I finish a game, and instantly get put into another half over game, instead of just leaving me in the lobby I finished. There is something to be said about making matchmaking quick, but I'd really like to join a whole game start to finish.

    Tonight has been especially full of JIPs and at one point 5 games in a row I joined the score was already 0-2 in Secure point and I was put on the losing team.

    What do you guys think about JIPs? I'd personally like a menu option that was tickable to say yes or no to joining in progress games, like the COD had once upon a time. I'd take a long queue time to get better quality games.

    Please don’t take highlights that serious. Highlights aren’t accurate enough to tell where the bullet exactly hits the enemy.

    I've also 1 hit my opponents in the legs and arms

    2 big problems that might be factors are the health regen, and the reload speeds. both of which are way to slow for a game this fast paced.

    How do you nerf the snipers without making them useless? (Tip: We've already had a long discussion about this here and it's very unlikely that you'll make any points that haven't already been made in the linked thread)

    You do what every other game with snipers does and modify the hit boxes so 1 hit kills are in the upper chest and head only. Limb and Center of mass shots should be a 2 shot kill. It's pretty simple.

    Then it's definitely not working like that, because I've watched kill cams of DSR's an R93's getting 1 shot kills with legs and arm shots.

    Clearly their hit reg can't even figure out where you're shooting then if the hit boxes are assigned to work like that.

    You do what every other game with snipers does and modify the hit boxes so 1 hit kills are in the upper chest and head only. Limb and Center of mass shots should be a 2 shot kill. It's pretty simple.

    It's been a year, Snipers still dominate the game, you can beat every gun in the game with one. It's pointless to use anything else there's no aim punch to throw them off nothing they just stand there
    eating shots like skittles lining up the hardscope of the century. Quick scoping is also stupid forgiving when the DSR can hit you pretty well anywhere and kill you one shot and the Blaser is chest up.

    This has been the story since the game has first come out and by not adjusting it, it kind of leads you to believe this is the "balance" they want in the game.

    LMGs are too cumbersome to use, useless SMGS which are overpowered by just about everything including the secondaries, Assault rifles which if your aim is decent enough might stand a chance vs a decent quick scoper and even then only a select few assault rifles are actually decent, and then god tier snipers with no weakness'.

    The game play is so 1 dimensional and boring, every game is the same.

    I've noticed a lot of ghost markers, You're shooting someone and you get the visual hit marker but no damage inflicted. I've had a few trades where I've shot first and died without doing damage, or I've shot first got 5 or 6 hit markers and still died because the damage isn't being properly accounted for.

    This now coupled with the problem that some people aren't even showing up in your FOV before they kill you do to what I'm assuming is server latency and the game just feels like you're getting 1 shot by every gun because there's no real communication between your machine and what's happening on a fast enough level to keep the game fluid.

    The games suffering worse now than it was when I last played last year, and it's sad because it had the potential to be more but they're really focused on how to make money, and not on how to make the game play well.

    I played this game a year ago, and found it terrible.

    Fast forward a year, and I need a game to help practice aiming when I don't have friends online to play better FPS games, so I download this one again.

    Really selling yourself as the target audience there..

    Anyway.. a lot of the issues you're having are due to the net code. You're probably out of the loop a bit so may not be aware that a netcode patch, changing protocol from TCP to UDP, was released a couple of weeks ago. This was just a first step towards dealing with the netcode issues and further patches designed at improving the code are expected soon.

    Its been a year, they've had enough time to deal with it, instead they've focused on releasing new maps, new skins and in game transactions instead of working on the core fundamentals.

    They've not fixed anything that is game breaking in over 12 months. If any other game was in such a poor state and left to it's own devices for a year, the game would be derelict and lucky to be alive.

    They're making this game a snipers paradise, after 2 days back you just grab a sniper and hip fire that **** in close range and you're beating smgs it's pointless to run anything else. When your hit reg is terrible for full auto weapons and you can't balance guns, it's time to give up FPS games.

    I played this game a year ago, and found it terrible.

    Fast forward a year, and I need a game to help practice aiming when I don't have friends online to play better FPS games, so I download this one again.

    Same problems the game had a year ago ever present.

    Hit reg sucks, weapon balance is terrible, no aim punch when you get shot as a sniper. Grenades disappear mid flight or don't do damage if you die, flash bangs do more damage to you than they do your enemy, model vs environment collision, delayed hit reg when running around corners, ghost hit markers giving you 8 or 9 solid contact noises and only 2 damage instances.

    Basic stuff that every other game is getting right, and this game ripping off one of the largest franchises can't seem to get it right.

    How can the "devs" be proud of what this game is right now, and what they've lacked to fix and address over the past year.

    All they seem to have added is more micro transactions in a "open beta" game.

    Shouldn't have to pay to use skins in a "BETA"

    The game just needs to disappear. I left 3 months ago because snipers were broken, come back still broken.

    it's like they took all the worst parts from the Call of Duty franchise and piled it into one game.

    Weapon balance in awful, servers are awful, game modes are awful, killstreaks are awful the game will never out perform its rivals unless it stays free forever. In which case if you don't care about how bad a game is free is free.

    Just go into a bot game and watch how those things move around, they super speed up to you , they can shoot through solid buildings and seemingly phase through solid walls.

    This game has wicked bad desync, the servers are very unstable, and as I've said in a few posts this game was never ready to release as an alpha, beta w.e they want to call it.

    They are using the public as bug catchers but unexpectedly there are more bugs than they know what to do with. And from my understanding they are a fairly juvenile and inexperienced company so the likelyhood of this title every being a A+ is highly unlikely with how the games actually deteriorating over the last few months, I can't even log into the NA servers anymore its just a perpetual black screen but I can log into the EU ones no problem even though Im as far west in NA as possible.

    I can't even get on the NA servers at all, loads into black screen obscurity, but I can connect to EU servers with like a 200 ping right now.

    Frustrating that the servers aren't optimized for the highest user counts, but w.e guess we have to wait until they sort things out.

    I dont know what else to do, I've added the exe to my nvidia control panel I've overclocked and since reset the cards to factory settings engaged and disengaged sli, and this game just wont run on my cards. It doesn't use them they sit idle and barely break 39% in a solo set up.

    If anyone has any idea or tips on how to beef this up I'd appreciate it.

    I get 100+ frames in games like PUBG and Warframe but this one just wont do diddly.

    the 3gb limitation doesn't affect the game experience in any way. Even in 4k, you won't be able to get the 3gb full. My opinion would be that ironsight isn't supporting sli and that's why you're experiencing these issues. Please try to disable sli for now and check if it works without fps drops. To properly use sli, graphic card updates are needed that will be provided from NVIDIA and until now, there hasn't been any update from NVIDIA

    Even singular the cards aren't being taxed over 39% at idle fan control speeds. Its not utilizing the GPU, and it's misidentified in the game. I don't care how much memory the game uses I care that it doesn't even have the right version of my card displayed and doesn't use it.

    All my settings have my cards identified properly, but it wrongly identifies my cards as 3gb instead of 6gb. They game just isn't using the cards I can't turn the settings up to full blast to play anything more than 30fps which isn't cutting it.

    I guess they just need to work on their game even more than they expected. This Beta has been nothing but a fail since Ive been a part of it.

    Pick a Semi auto sniper, pick a close range scope and just build it like a BR, then just spam near heads and get the achievement. For LMGS just aim at shoulder height and after a few shots the recoil will draw it up to the head. It's pretty straight forward stuff really.

    My game wont use my GPU to its full potential and it's really affecting my frame rate.

    With two GTX 1070s in SLI I get the capped 144 in the lobby, the beginning of the game i'll see 120+ and as stuff comes in pointstreaks and what not the game not using the GPU drops frames to 40 or less. It makes the game, which is already hard enough to play near impossible with it not using the resources correctly.

    I spent two hours last night going through settings and checking that the cards and drivers are being used in other games, and every other game that I have atm will use both cards to my allotted 95% power, and to Use PubG as an example, give me 120 smooth FPS on High/Ultra settings.

    if Anyone has a fix, that can be applied would be appreciated,
    or if its just the game not being optimized to run on Nvidia stuff, I'll shelf it.

    Blame your team mates,

    The spawns are fixed until someone pushes into the enemy side, once that happens the spawn rotates so that you can't spawn trap in a spawn.

    Otherwise you could just set up two or three people on a fixed enemy spawn and trap them all game. which is worse.

    If the people playing this game had a half a brain, and understood how positioning dictates spawns then there wouldn't be a problem.
    But this is a free COD game so what kind of player base can you really expect ?

    Play with friends find the spawn flip threshholds and don't go past them.

    PS to the dev team w.t.f is this 5minute wait between posting answers on the forums. Your games already garbage why do your forums have to be as well ?

    Maybe instead of just complaining it's "so fucking bad" and "literally garbage", give some constructive criticism instead of raging off. And you say it's "apparently super easy to crack". There's one hack tool out there to my knowledge, and requires a very large purchase as part of a bulk membership. If you want a game that isn't glitchy, try Warframe. They just upgraded their servers, so there might even be room for that attitude of yours.

    Chuck it in the bin is constructive criticism, The game is like 190 000th in line of FPS games, It's a direct rip off of COD, and they can't get the weapons right.

    Maybe instead of just complaining it's "so fucking bad" and "literally garbage", give some constructive criticism instead of raging off. And you say it's "apparently super easy to crack". There's one hack tool out there to my knowledge, and requires a very large purchase as part of a bulk membership. If you want a game that isn't glitchy, try Warframe. They just upgraded their servers, so there might even be room for that attitude of yours.

    He signed up for the game, entered some matches, got his аss handed to him and now it's the game's fault.

    Well, how come with the game's issue I still end up 1st in my team 90% of the time? Must be game's fault...

    I've put a tonne of hours into this game, its garbage, I preform well on most of my matches as well. Just because you do well at something doesn't mean it's good.

    The game is fundamentally broken. you can't even reload in this game because the maps are so small they lend themselves to one clip thats it mentality.

    I like rush Games, I loved the cod series, this game, is broken at a level so bad, I wouldn't even consider releasing it to beta if it was my development.
    It has too many easy to access cheats, wallbangers, aimbots, hyperspeed, map glitches invincibility. you add to the fact that snipers are 1 hit anywhere but the arms and legs, and the ads redundant since they have it set up so as soon as you ads it shoots true center screen. You don't even need your scope to full come up to quick scope so it's ridiculously easy.

    The fundamentals should be in place before you go to beta. Beta is to find tune and tweak the game. Not find out it needs an overhaul and a new dev team.

    If you want to brag about being one of those guys with the DSR popping off every game getting your "pointstreaks" then go for it, but Killstreaks should require streaks not just getting rewarded for mediocre play in game.

    There's a million things wrong and nothing going right for this game right now.

    Dont Release a beta that's so fucking bad, the game is literally garbage. And apparently is super easy to crack into for cheating, with people shooting through walls, or taking 0 damage.

    If you want to beta test a game make sure the fundamentals of it are there. It's no rocket science. IF you wanted a sniper simulation then make the game that way otherwise look at every other FPS that came before you and how they balanced the weapons. Longer ads time, or a more stringent hit box multiplier where 1 shots only count in the upper chest or head for snipers. There have been dozens of FPS games that would have already ironed out all these wrinkles and you guys act like you're solving world hunger with it.

    I live in Canada and get better ping on the EU servers, the gun imbalance in this game is disgusting, snipers are the be all end all of the game, beat everything regardless of range, the hit detection is iffy at best, the lag compensation is atrocious, trade kills shouldn't be a thing, the kill streaks are monstrously over powered with the exception of the warbird which half the time is a hit marker machine.

    There is no clear benefit to running SMGS as a run and gunner when the LMGs have more bullets and higher damage with the same ads time, Ar's are useless, and the maps sight lines specifically cater to sniping.

    And I'm not even accounting for the wall bangers, Hyper sprinters, and People that float around under or above the map that take no damage.
    I get the games a Beta, but you have so many problems that it should never have been released to start with. It's an embarrassment to FPS games.

    I wanted this game to be good, but it's just a shitty rip off of Call of duty