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    I'm back with another of my feedback posts. It's been a while. Anyways, let's get to it.

    We all know that the netcode is pretty iffy right now. And we also know that there are many instances of perceived hacking, but in fact it's just a difference in ping. Case in point, I have personally experienced being shot through walls due to the fact that I was in the open moments before, and having escort drones shoot me without me seeing it, only for me to see it clip through a wall magically in my death cam (i.e. it did not appear due to lag).

    However, the current system of displaying ping in the game does not work. At all. I mean, 5 bars only tell you so much, but the system right now is just plain stupid. I'm sorry, but seeing my ping at 80-100 ms as 5 bars makes 0 sense to me. What I'm trying to say is the connection bar fails to actually disclose the real-time latency between players. If that information was just explicitly given in a value (example 56ms), it becomes easy to see if the "hacking" done by another player is due to a connection difference.

    This change can relieve some of the hackusations going on due the lag. And besides, I rather be able to see actual numbers rather than bars.

    Still is reseting me. Just finished a game and then this is what I get.


    Reset back to 0, then added the points I got on from my last match.

    SEriously, I will not get the title at this rate. I hate to ask this, but I want some sort of compensation, like everyone affected on this getting the title for free, as beabea said. To think I was 1-2 games away when this happened. . . . Should've grinded faster.


    People are probably going to hate me for this, but I'm doing this because people will wonder. And then people will use this. Then I will some time too. So what the heck, here it goes:

    AK12 and AK47 - 2 similarly performing weapons, both solid picks. Sorta like an upgraded SCAR-H

    SCAR-H - decent, but ak's win imho (less dmg won't matter)

    MP7 - Kinda self explanatory, ar57's baby brother in a way

    AR57 - no need to explain

    p90 - see ar57

    m4 - not bad, decent weapon. Good pick, like AUG

    AUG A3 - Like the m4, good all-rounder

    HK417 - best dmr, hands down

    Blaser - good if you can snap head/body

    DSR-1 good if you can snap, but not head and body consistantely

    PDR-C - Good smg, like MP7. Don't know placement

    Python - If you can aim, good sidearm

    Shotguns - Don't be a no brain no aim shotgun main please. Or I will knife you.

    I probably missed some, but that's okay, I'll be editing this as I encounter weapons on the field.

    I say we get more servers + server stability BEFORE we worry about game modes.

    But I'd love some other game modes, but hardcore? No thanks, rather go play insurgency for hardcore. Knife fights would be fun though XD

    Hello all,

    Instead of making large, seperate individual threads for each topic, I figured I should make a thread of a mini description of the issue then my own reaction to it. Agree or no? Let me know.

    Edit: That rhyme though.

    Things I currently hate about ironsight:
    Getting shot through walls - Netcode (and yes, it's not penetrating through the wall. Even the kill feed doesn't say that)
    Melee mechanics - I've been meleed, and I've meleed others in the back for half damage - what is this inconsistancy
    Weapon stats not reflecting actual performance - Vector should have fast TTK. Doesn't have enough ammo to take down 2 people in one magazine, AR57 somehow wins. Grenade fuses - Fuses take WAY too long to detonate, esp. in a fast-pased game
    Lack of proper balancing - High level players on one team, low levels on another -> What the heck
    Snipers not getting aim puched when shot - This also makes no sense
    Lack of more server regions - Symptom of Open Beta

    Ok maybe not the evo. BUT just saying, as a Vector user, it is definitely outclassed, I don't care what you say about it. I'm 200 kills away from mastery, and in that time, AR's can out damage it, and it's literally 1 kill per mag, maybe 2 if you're lucky. So maybe the Evo isn't going to be that bad considering that firerate does not equal dps, at least right now.

    Just saying, it seems like many people suggest weapons from other games XD. That's fine w/ me, that's how most of us learn of these weapons. Anyways, some of my ideas.

    P30L - Comeon, this is John Wick's pistol

    SR3-M - If there was a quick detach suppresor that gave buffs/nerfs, that would be cool, but just the sr3-m on its own would be fine (modern/upgraded vss/VAL)

    Desert tech SRS A1 - Another cool bullpup sniper, again, another John Wick weapon

    Glock - I know many of you think of this from Black Squad and the whole TAC RELOAD memes and whatnot, but srsly, this is a staple pistol in SO many games

    Vektor CR-21 - Not that Vector, but basically a kit for the South African R4, which is basically a Galil. If you've seen District 9, you know what this is

    CZ Scorpion Evo 3 - SMG, not much else to say.

    A-91 Bullpup, or even ADS (which is basically a modified a-91) - bullpup AK w/ integrated grenade launcher, ADS can shoot underwater, just need to switch mags to special 5.45 cartridges w/ underwater rounds

    Hey guys,

    This is just me saying, but just so that the devs don't have to track multiple threads regarding the same issue, I recommend re-posting what you said on this thread here. This is my thread (Tritinium Process reset back to 0/9000 . .. anyone else + Help!) on the issue, and as the first one to post about it, as I said before, I think it'll be easier for the devs and mods to sort this out if there is only one thread to worry about if there is one thread to track.

    Again, just me, any dev/mod who disapproves of this message feel free to remove, just don't ban pls (trying to be helpful).

    I think I might as well put a list of common symptoms so that everyone can self-diagnose somewhat. Ofc, when in doubt, post a screenshot (press f10, look under 'screenshots' in your Ironsight install folder). As well, be sure to post ur IGN (in game name) so the devs can track who does have this issue.

    Known Symptoms:

    • Randomly reseting event progress
    • Multiple tiers (Tritinium Rush I/II/III/IV/V) appearing under "events" tab under achivements OR duplicating event progress (ex. Tritinium Rush II appears twice)
    • Multiple Sentinel Skins (attributed w/ randomly reseting event progress)
    • Progress mysteriously resets to tier V, only to reset back to tier I one game later

    UPDATE - May 4 - May the fourth be with you - Added one more symptom

    Hip spread with any gun is absolutely way too forgiving for sure. For games like Dirty Bomb, not an issue. For Ironsight, yes. I've mentioned in another post about the hipfire of sniper rifles, which is pretty much unbelievably accurate. That doesn't make sense, nor does hipfire for any weapon. Granted, it should become so innacurate to the point that it only works if the person is within ~2 meters from you.

    And it's magazine, as Ditzy pointed out. Clips are for M1 Garand's and rifles like the k98.

    Well there'sn one problem at least realism wise, with that.

    One, your accuracy is greatest when you first scope in. After the first 2 seconds or so, you will loose stability and thus accuracy. I know this from competitevely shooting in Biathlon. If you don't know what that is, look it up.

    Now I realize that Ironsight is an arena shooter, and this mechanic of holding breath shouldn't just work for 2 seconds only. But seriously, I agree with what you said about the hipfire carp. Hipfire has to be made super-inaccurate as every bloody time I go to round a corner on a sniper, they just hipfire and kill me. That, and theoretically I should've killed them w/ my Vector's ttk (but that's another post on its own).

    And I do completely agree with a flinch affect, but as P4 has already mentioned, there are many similar threads on the topic.


    I really do think melee needs to be reworked. There are so many times where I have gone to melee a person, and only do half their health in damage, and for them to turn and face me directly and melee ME for full damage and killing me. I was at full health and evidently, so were my opponents. Why does this happen? This inconstancy makes stalking people useless if the kills are not 100% guaranteed when backstabbing someone.

    Also that, but there are times where I lock into the animation and the person just so happens to DODGE the knife at point blank. Is this because of netcode? Because what ends up happening is that I get locked into the animation in meleeing them, and before I can make contact, they manage to backpedal and shoot me, killing me. This isn't right, and I know it's hard to document, but this is basically what is happening.

    For an SMG it has nearly no drawbacks compared to every other. Recoil isn't an issue for hipfire. Fire rate is also top-tier with only the Vector really beating it.

    ^ HAHAHA yeah right. The Vector's fire rate does nothing to the AR-57. As a Vector user who is trying to master the thing (225-ish kills left at time of writing), the Vector can't go head to head w/ the AR57. The only times when I successfully beat a full health AR57 user is if I get the drop on them or they are not 100% accurate long enough for me to kill them. Regardless, I usually end up w/ practically no health and if anything but sneezes at me, I die (ex. Flash Bangs).

    Maybe a jump/drop shot m4 can counter, those are annoying too, but not as annoying as the ar57.

    Just thinking on the heels of the whole "Loot box ban" in Belgium, what would be nice is if at least we see the odds of the boxes. Yes, I know that we are talking about the cost of microtransactions, but as a certain AI has said in a certain FPS game, "I'd like more intel with my intel". Telling me what I can get isn't enough, I want to know odds and statistics b4 I buy the box.

    And with the skins, I feel that if they were cheaper, then people would definitely be more incentivized to buy more, esp. w/ the current system as described above. However, this is problem under Aeria games control, not Wiple, so we may not be able to see any resolution to this.

    ive taken a few weeks off from iron sight

    Nice to see you again Viking.Hamster  ^^. Anyways, I can tell you that these are all things that people have complained about, already. So I can guarantee that there is already pressure on the devs to do something. Anyways, regarding the skins and "minimal" content - yeah it kinda does feel cheap. But you know what? There's nothing we can do about it. I'd just think of it like that.

    But to justify what I just said, try this. Try coding a simple button on flash. Then you'll see how much code there is for a simple button. Now multiply that by a couple hundred thousand. That's game development for you. These things take time, and fixes are slow. Yes, I agree it is annoying. But the largest issue is getting servers first (IMHO) but that takes time and money and all this legal contracting yadahyadah. In term of game development, and considering the (percieved) size of the team*, this speed of development is okay for now. I rather the product take a while to be polished than be some rushed-out garbage that is not entertaining nor fun to obtain.

    And on a side note, I'm personally glad Ironsight isn't doing a Bethseda DayZ so far and improved and redesigned things over and over and solve literally nothing.

    *Can a mod tell us how big is the team is, exactly? That info should allow us to understand the issues of the development.


    My progress for the event was reset, but I still have the Pinocchio . . .What's going On? can someone help? Is there anyone else w/ the same issue? as I was literally 130000/144000 . . .


    Adding pictures to show what's going on . . . Super weird. Note the Pinocchio.


    EDIT #2:

    A Mod can move this to technical issues if they want, seeing that this is not usual/intended (I hope)

    Hello friends,

    I'm back after a long hiatus, and will be gone again because of exams. Oh well.

    Anyways to the point: I've found, in grinding out the Tritinium event, that Secure Point has a major problem. Take a look at this:


    If you can't figure it out, here's the gist: Players who get a metric shitake mushroom load of kills get more points, whereas actually playing the objectives barely gives any incentive, point-wise, to fight over it. Now, I'm not asking for it to become a BF1 style of all cap and pretty much no gunfights, but I don't think this is the right way to go, as it is not intuitive.

    What I mean by "intuitive" is that giving an incentive for capping and staying on the cap should be implemented. This way, players are "nudged" toward capping, instead of roaming and killing and barely capping. Trust me, I've seen games where the top player on the winning team has literally 0 caps. I think this should be at least considered because there are a ton, and I mean a TON of players who still don't understand that the capture point need to be, well, captured.

    Now about the kills, you can argue that yes, killing the opposition has some benefit for your team, as it puts less pressure on those on the cap. So here is my counter arguement - why can't those on the cap defend themselves? With the addition of the ironwall (or whatever it's called), grenades can be locked out, and m320's can't be directly shot in (although some areas, that is the case - but that's a map design issue, and another post entirely)

    So long story short, I suggest a incrementally increasing points given for staying on the point, to incentivise gameplay around the point. Flanking and all that is fine, for sure, but at it's current state, Secure Point is an overglorified TDM that doesn't end until the time is over or one team fully caps the point.

    Cheers for now.

    EDIT #1 Also should add, there's a bug where a dead body would count as a person on point, super annoying when you need to clutch recap.

    Honestly, right now, let's just forget the whole competive scene. You cannot even have one with the current state of the servers. I am in the same situation as Pimpin, I'm in BC and the ping is always 80-130 ms. That is absolutely unacceptable.

    If we are bringing in dirty bomb, yes, that game can have competitive modes at it's current state. I can typically get 40-50 ms, which works/is much bearable.

    And Shroud, I wouldn't give a dam. I know he is big and all, but there will be other big names out there who will like the game. Look at Levelcap; we should all know what happened after his video went up.