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    For now it should be Secure Point and SND.

    Killstreaks should be on with certain streaks banned. The only problem is that Killstreaks SHOULD BE EARNED not REWARDED EVEN IF YOU DIE EVERY TIME.

    This can be easily solved by EARNING the killstreak by killing and not dying.

    Not get rewarded even if youre doing horrible and dying constantly.

    I can run with or without streaks. I come from COD for the past 10 years so i'm use to it. But we have to make sure certain killstreaks are banned from competitive. UAV/Counter UAV etc.

    I'm confused as to why this is even up for discussion, it's not like this game is completely original. Games like CoD have already created the blueprint on streaks for boots on the ground FPS's. They have done both non-streaks and streaks. As far as competitive play, it should be as skill based as possible so I could understand if they go for no streaks. But in the event that they allow for them... UAV's, Hellbirds and other snowball type of streaks should be completely banned.


    Yeah the chopper would be too crazy for competitive. Even with how long the spawn protection is and even if takes a lot of time to get it. I mean i'd be fine if the killstreak would be earned based on your streaks without dying like COD. But here you get the killstreak regardless if you die or not.

    We have enough time to test it out but the choppa def is a no no for competitive.

    I feel like...with this day and age of video games, it should heavily support e-Sports. I do hope that we can see this game supporting the competitive scene. Not only supporting the competitive scene but also communicating with the community as well. It's so rare now a days to see a free fps be THIS good to be honest. Specially when this game isn't even Pay To Win.

    Tournament rules should be SND and Secure Point for now.

    Test out the game with killstreaks and no killstreaks. If we allow killstreaks, we should see what killstreak should be allowed and which killstreak shouldn't.

    Maps etc.

    My team and I recently scrimmed Genesis ( SHout out to my boy striker ) and we played with no killstreaks SND and it ran nicely. But streaks are a huge asset to the game so it wouldn't make sense to not allow them.