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    i think 40% and stuff is kind of too much but yeah

    snipers when they are suppressed heavily and damage shouldn't be able to quick scope and instantly kill you at all.

    if i am correct it used to be varied depending on where you hit there was more or less hit flinch in korean beta but due to the

    snipers and other users complainning they kind of removed it.

    and yeah the aim down sight time of all snipers( i think you mean bolt action snipers that can 1 hit kill not the svd and psg) should be more in line with dsr

    make bolt action snipers take longer to aim down sights.

    make it so it can only 1 hit kill when you score a hit upper body.

    also korean version made it so you can't not cancel rechambering animation by switching weapons so why not .

    i am generally ok with snipers in this game with all close quartres and all...

    but as of now it's just shooting a sniper with at close range then they quick scope me and kill me at full health far too often...


    Magazine Pouch Skill : give +1 magazine to your primary and secondary weapons i mean it's called magazine pouch ( actually in closed alpha korean one it did.)

    Drone's Friend : well since drones are you friends maybe also reduce the drone cool downs as well ? not much like 15 % as added bonus.


    EMP Grenade : this stuff is design to disarm claymores and mines so you know it should...

    Claymore : instead of obvious large cone shaped highlighted lasers just have two lasers sticking out of the end.

    Incendiary: tone down a fire effect a bit and maybe increase the Damage slightly so it's more of area denial like it's supposed to be.


    Aerial Drones (striker, uav jammer, uav recon, hell bird) : Make them fly higher and harder to spot or shoot it .... and also maybe get rid of that hell bird, striker is coming get to cover warning sign so it's less obvious.

    Deployable Drones: make them so they can be stored in inventory and cancel the deployment it self.

    Gorgon: maybe it disables laser sights and removes red dot sight reticle for few seconds (3 to 5). and maybe blind some aerial drones ?

    Escort drone: make it sure it watches your back more and cover you from flanks rather than moving and shooting things at the direction you are shooting at.


    AK-12: honestly this thing deserves some love and i thought about it alot of giving it a GP-30, make it burst fire ( which is gonna make it worse tbh) but most sensible way would be to swap it's rate of fire with older brother 47 and you know make it fire at 70 ( and 47 at 65.)

    PP-2000: this gun in real life has 44 round extended magazine so why not make that happen so it has 44/88 bullets

    PP-90-M1:What is up with Russhan Smgs?! i am not a meh realism ruined person but .... uh maybe give this thing 62 rounds intead of 32 ? i mean it's got that big goofy helica magazine already so all you have to do is change numbers or if 62 is overkill then maybe 55 ?

    M4ACCM : give bit more range like 59 , 60 not really much but hey give M4 some luv

    MSBS: damage increased by 1 , range increased to 75 ( just bit more range and damage)

    SVD: Real slavs aim with iron sight , maybe give it option to use iron sights along with low powered optics ?

    MK46: bit of boost to this lovely thing Accuracy 76 (+3) , Range 65 (+3) , Recoil control 47 (+ 2)

    Ultimax : this thing is really light controlable Lmg so why not give it 87 (+3) mobility and bit more recoil control 38 (+2)

    Make shotguns primary !

    M320: 2 extra grenades and and bit more splash damage range.

    SPAS-12: bit faster rate of fire of 11 (+2)

    Texture improvements & detail

    Maybe rails are not just solid blocked texture but actually is there and maybe vent holes of guns could be drilled out ? and you know bit more refined texture and bump map.

    New Weapon Suggestion.

    1.Ash 12.7

    a Russian battle rifle chambered in 12.7 x 55mm round that is recently revealed in russia

    a middle ground between battlerifle and semi auto dmr style rifle.

    40 damage

    68 accuracy

    72 range

    58 rate of fire

    85 mobility

    50 recoil control

    20/40 ammo count

    2.Vepr-12 or SAIGA-12

    a full auto shotgun based on the AK series rifles

    low damage fast firing shotgun

    88 damage

    60 accuracy

    24 range

    32 rate of fire

    90 mobility

    2 recoil control


    3.M-27 IAR

    a squad automatic weapon based on infamous HK-416

    assault rifle , lmg hybrid

    29 damage

    77 accuracy

    70 range

    81 rate of fire

    48 recoil control

    45 /90

    4. GM-94

    Russian pump action grenade launcher firing 43 mm grenades capable of firig thermobatic rounds

    larger capacity grenade launcher that fires incendiary grenades

    80 damage

    100 accuracy

    12 range

    11 rate of fire

    0 recoil control

    3/3 grenades


    double barrel pump action shotgun with tube magazine

    a pump action shotgun with decent magsize capable of firing two shots at once

    (a damage per shot is lower but two shots can be fired at once if needed )

    98 damage

    50 accuracy

    17 range

    91 mobility

    0 recoil control


    i don't know about you but i really hate the new 2016 design looks ugly as fuc imo....

    they probably had licensed 2012 th version and alot of skins and materials are made based on that one so i don't really think it will happen but who knows it could change .

    people seems to really hate the idea and gunplay in this game of hipfire all day but honestly i like it .to me it's a break from stuck in aiming down sights all day kind of game play that most modern fps games have. but then this is just me

    time to kill believe is related to body parts damage multipliers being low in certain areas when hit is scored combined with probably the low minimum damage of most automatic weapons it makes it feel like the time to kill is longer. but how ever in some instances i got killed instantly without even getting a change to react and honestly felt too fast at that moment . so it 's very inconsistant and to that i agree with you that consistant time to kill values are needed but i don't think making it simply faster is the solution.

    well siege has really terrible ttk i mean the one shot headshot mechanic is dumb where alot of people just snipe people across the map with mp5 acog or gets a random spray and get cheap bullshit kills. not to mention it made made 3 speed ops really hard to take down because they are harder to headshot and dominate the whole game. and honestly in a game like iron sight where there isn't much cover and people constantly respawning it wouldn't work.