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    Next content patch? Next bugfix patch? Steam? Is there anybody out there?

    We got an update for RU version 2 days ago with that shield weapon, 1 vs 1 mode, bullets and one more 'new' map from Korean version but there is no a second season pass. They have added some 'achievements' feature doing it you can get 2 nice looking python Retro skins. I am not sure how to describe it correctly...

    Honestly i am kinda surprised that we got it first. You should be getting it soon as well.

    So essentially more trash which no one asked for ( bullet type, shields a new map instead of fixing fps drops, more achievement while the old ones are completely broken?

    Great just what everyone wanted ... Ffs how f incompetent can you be ( devs )

    All the iron sights are trash in this game, the character literally put the entire gun up to their head so you can't see anything.

    Call of duty has great iron sights because the gun isn't up in your face

    it is true that the secondary weapons have the same kills as a primary, but they do very well, kard and px4 for me are difficult to put and complete the challenge, but at the moment 9/11 with secondary weapons in gold! the eagle, crossbow, shotgun and jackhammer make it better that certain primary weapons

    I feel bad for you, knowing that you are wasting so much time in a dead game to have "gold skins" of the same weapons lol

    Literally any other game will ensure you some sellable skins for good real money with such a big timeplay, and in the meanwhile them are not so dead-full of issues like this one.

    True.. i'll switch to Call of duty when they release the new one.

    if there's a few things call of duty actually can do, is they'll nerf weapons within 6 months if OP.

    iron sight cant even balance anything within a year.

    You should never have a bullet type in a fps game where you're having a "competitive scene" which is by the way trash because the devs refuse to balance snipers ( even cs:go had to acknowledge snipers are way to strong, and then this game comes along and introduced several objects which other games removed for the better )

    Soft bullets increase recoil for the enemy by flinching - which is so anti-skill mechanism and should NEVER been in the game.

    you can't have a competitive scene and introduce some of the worst things in the game and expect people to like it - same with the thermal scopes/sight remove them -

    R6 recently had to do that with Glaz because it contains zero skill to throw a smoke and see thought it

    This game contains so much bs that other games removed because it cant be balanced. ye sure we can all run thermal scopes then - that's pretty silly

    i'm not sure why the devs keeps expecting a competitive scene when they're literally removing the concept of skill in the game

    it is true that the secondary weapons have the same kills as a primary, but they do very well, kard and px4 for me are difficult to put and complete the challenge, but at the moment 9/11 with secondary weapons in gold! the eagle, crossbow, shotgun and jackhammer make it better that certain primary weapons

    No one cares about the pistols, **** them

    it's gadgets like explosive knife, claymore, grenades and grenade launcher and the anti air missile

    Some of the achievments are also insane as **** every weapon requires 1700 kills for tier 5 emblem - this takes me on average 6-8 hoursh with every weapon.


    just like utility - seriously insane theres no balancing regarding achievements

    Hi, i counted up my kills in that weekend and had over 250. Did not receive the last reward (3 times angry monkey box)

    Is that possible?

    hahaha this is so funny, I'd to count my total amount of kills too ( 300 to make sure ) not including kills received from killing AI robots.

    I'm so excited to see if I've same issue when I get home ;)

    I've never seen a company nerf everything because something has been overpowered ( assault rifles ) now we've even worse weapons which barely can kill some of the snipers on mid-long range distance after the nerf.

    Meanwhile snipers are broken as **** and we've not touched them at all, PSG-1, CF-X50 seriously broken.

    Vector is freaking trash same with PP-2000 AK-47 and AK12 just got a unneeded nerf and are trash tier now, meanwhile pistols are useless there's only the shotgun, python, deagle who's actually good.

    Daily missions sucks, Win 4 times in any mode - f**** yeah try to carry your team which is useless 4 times?

    And then hipfire - most unskilled combat game i've seen in a long time.

    I lock my FPS at 165 and I've yet to see it drop below that. Running an i5 8600k and a Vega 64.

    Only optimization issue that the game has for me is the server side lag on hit registration when you move behind cover.

    But vega 64 supports Dx9.. only the new generation doesn't

    i cant even play the game with 2080 after upgrading from 1060 6 gb which was stable 144 fps.. so optimization would be amazing

    I can run IronSight at 60fps on Ultra using a AMD 8350 8-core CPU and a gtx 960 GPU with no issue, even after patch.

    Is that a standard 2080 or 2080 Ti? I know the launch edition of the Ti has some serious technical issues with a lot of games. Also, Ironsight is more CPU intensive than GPU intensive, you sure there's not some other issue with your setup?

    It's because they're not updating the engine / game

    2080 runs terrible on dx9 which is what this game is using

    As nice as it would be to get a list of fixed bugs, maybe it's because the devs didn't want to make a large list showing what they may (or may not) have fixed

    i cant even play the game with 2080 after upgrading from 1060 6 gb which was stable 144 fps.. so optimization would be amazing

    Well knifing is not about skills most of times in this game but about how fast you hit run+e buttons to enable auto-lock feature.

    I took advises from this thread and easily won 2 matches in a row just by spamming those buttons.

    Why quick knife is lethal and how to?

    Better knife and prone then it's literally countering all knifing and then it's all over since you're still auto locked

    i'm not trying to say it's easy i'm saying no one enjoys bs events all the time, and i rather have 0 event instead if this is how they're done

    What kind of devs are this ******** mental ******** to add it into a event

    it's not fucking fun to have events where every kill is done on 5meters

    why is it, we have dumb, lame and directly stupid events which is just pointing out the game is fucking trash?

    no one is finding the event any fun with this much bs all the time.

    No one cares about range - when you look if something is trash you look at average time to kill which shows which smgs are powerful.

    Which shows vector is trash, p0200 and pp90 are insane bad they've a high time to kill even at 0 range

    If you're a completionist like me, getting the title/emblem rewards at the end of an event is fine. However, I sort of agree with your point. I actually seldom use those emblems, before switching back to the two or so emblems i actually use. Having a sort of more permanent, more visible reward would be nice. Maybe a perm gun skin or a piece of clothing that lasts more than a week that you can actually brag about.

    As for weapon balance, there are two kinds of people. Those who think SMGs are perfect and ARs need buffing, or those who think ARs are perfect and SMGs are useless. Please, try actually using a different type of SMG or AR, you'll find that most are actually in a decent spot.

    I also agree that some of the guns such as Chrome guns are a tad too overpriced. £25 is a tad much, but they gotta make that sweet dolla dolla somehow. They're occasionally rotated into lootboxes and sometimes as a reward for completing a forum event, so have a look at those

    Vector sucks, terrible smg literally the worst currently in game i think, pistol have a higher time to kill on close distance.

    PP2000 sucks too, not as bad as vector but not great either it literally has more recoil aiming down sight than famas, which is pretty much 1 of the best ARS in the game

    LWRC 45 sucks, time to kill/fire rate is terrible not to the point of useless but nothing amazing either

    PP90... not amazing but not bad

    Alright I've a few complains

    AP converted to chips seems like a terrible deal and i must say i wouldn't ever spend further money into this game with the current concept.

    Lack of actual event reward - sorry no one cares for badge or icon.

    i rather get chips, gold, booster or eventual a box for me to continue playing.

    Ugly skins yet expensive - there's no way i'm spending 250 chips which is like 30 euro's on a rare orange skin when I've no clue what i could possible get, while the box still contains duplicates I've 4 orange skins for the 100 hours I've played.

    3 of these are in your boxes and i'm no way in **** gonna spend actual cash on orange skins if the return is lower than the risk.

    Chrome skins - your 30 chips box sucks, it doesn't include any of the Chrome skins currently needed for your purple/pink skins

    All other blue skins are worthless because you designed only Chrome skins to be useful in order to get purple/pink - bad design might as well make them all green then.

    Weapon balance

    it's terrible majority of your ARS are in a great spot, half of the smgs are useless meanwhile AR57 is literally a AR..

    Experience towards level should be based on performance and not playtime.

    Quting last Essence's comment about hipfire, also, I think i'm one of the few players that often play without a sight in my weapons "cough" Detecting sight" + smoke "cough". a total abuse nowadays.

    I would remove all sights, including red dot. And if I were to design a fps game, I would take out the option to jump!

    And rename the game hipfire

    We talk with Wiple Games on a daily basis + some other meetings/calls with them.

    Tell them to fix achievments then and balance them out.

    Get 100 kills - mission reset

    Get 200 kills - mission reset

    get 500 kills - mission reset

    get 1000 kills mission reset

    To get a single tier 5 achievment you've to get 1700 kills


    this even count towards secondary weapons

    and the emp launcer

    how freaking absurd

    Been complaing about this from the start.

    Capture Ressources only reward you for killing the "objective enemies" but doesn't reward you for picking up the ressources at all, it's suck a terribe game design

    i'd games in Capture ressources where i've 60/80 point because we're 2/8 players that actually tried to do the objective or understood it.

    important thing would be creating a tutorial for these game modes, so new players understand what they're doing.

    Secure area - my lowest k/d game

    having a average 1.9 k/d on all other game modes but only having 1.6 in secure area i can say it's the worst designed game mode.

    Teammates are rarely doing objective usually it's 1-2 guys actually trying and then there's 6 players who plays the mode like tdm for the first 2mins of the game until they're losing.

    Spawning beside point, my biggest complain is how people can spawn close to area.

    you just cleared 4 people, and then you die because they spawned less than 5 meters away from you, and you're spawning on the other site of the map.

    i've games where the entire outcome of the game came down to the spawning areas being suck trash.


    What i would like to change

    Capture Ressources - make it so you're given 50% of the reward for killing the sentinel, and then the rest for picking it up.

    If a teammate takes the point he should receive 50% reward instead.

    It would make some people pick up their loot since "it rewards them towards their next killstreak"

    Secure area.

    Sadly you cant really change alot regarding this game mode..

    but i would love to see static spawns for sure.

    Spawning next to the point is suck a terrible design, and should seriosuly not be a thing

    only way to fix this is basically making static spawns and give a spawn protection bonus so spawncamping isnt gonna be a thing etc

    reduce damage by 50% after immortal effect expired inside "spawn area" or something

    and yet again you have missed the news that they gave up the idea :v

    Back on topic, as it was already said, the filter needs to be reworked. We passed our suggestions to the developer and are now waiting

    Sounds great i cant even type my own name without it getting filtered away, meet some super nice guy asked about my name was - my name is *******

    the new map that was inserted was actually a new in development that wasn't released in korea from my knowledge

    Go ahead and tell them majority disliked the map, it is insane unbalanced and requires you to smoke off the entire site.

    I rather have them do a few things to improve current sate of the game, fix the rng loot boxes / give % chance showing what you can get

    So I've a reason to put money into game, and remove dublicates from premium boxes so I actually bother buying anything

    With the current time to kill then it'll never be ready for eSport, eSport is skill based games where ttk is to high will and can't be a eSport

    Reason bf3/bf4 cod never became eSport even after they became so huge devs spend money into tournament but never became anything also reason many pros of BF franchise left for new games like r6 due to the eSport potential which became a thing.

    Even cod pros left for r6 because there was 10x more eSport potential obviosuly Ubisoft messed that kinda up some seasons

    Aye what a surprise just like any F******* Game that stops supporting their community they dies fast, been so many of these cases lately

    when,hackers , bad maps like the new one , Clound9 that map should be deleted.

    And you have the ba.lls to talk about community? Look around , you community ask for bigger map ,

    There's barely any hackers,

    Cloud9 is one of the better maps in the current game compared to dam,Outpost.

    True there was a request for a big map but everyone was annoyed as hell with constant flanking and that straight up fights was never a thing and here we've a new map poor optimized, constant flanking

    You're in the end just salty and a shame to community either way have a nice day and rage on

    Aye what a surprise just like any F******* Game that stops supporting their community they dies fast, been so many of these cases lately

    i7 4790k , 1070 OC, 16GB of ram 40 FPS in low settings, yeay !

    No surprise there, i've no idea what the devs are doing at this point of time but they're for sure not caring about their community

    Edit: Also, new weapon skins are pretty much pointless as a selling point in updates since 95% of the playerbase aren't going to get an inkling of a chance of getting even one of the pre-requsites anyway.

    i still haven't considered for half a second to buy any of the cases, mostly due to dublicates

    So lets start of by saying new patch is out it brings a few things mostly which is trash i launched up the game joined the new map

    My first impression of the map was - way to big to current amount of players

    To much flanking the game essential wasn't really skill based defend there was a flanking route every 5 step - and we in the community have complained about that on maps like Dam, and outpost that getting flanked happens to much it's not fun getting shot in the back every 30 sec.

    Yet we keep getting a new map that literally makes you get shot in the back every 20 sec even.

    Ironwork was pretty cool because the doors were shut when no one was close resulting in getting shot in the back was happen less than other maps, i actually like that map, but this Downtown map is basically designed to screw over actual gun fight and support constant flanking throughout the entire mode I've had very few straight up gun fight compared to deaths from behind really amazing /s

    we'd no gun balance we still have quick-scoping bolt-action snipers on pretty much every map we're playing which is not even close to being balanced with suck a high time to kill, if you've suck a hard time balancing snipers then decrease snipers their health so people who gets up to them close and personal has a chance currently it doesn't matter what weapon you're using a person quick-scoping with the sniper will have a faster time to kill, than any AR,SMG,LMG in the game, snipers is literally a better shotgun which works up close and long distance, ye it's seriously hilarious that snipers are a better shotgun than the shotgun itself that's just funny as hell /s,

    New map horrible optimized it's not even funny having a gaming-computer that can barely run the new map

    i'm using i7 6700k

    16 gb ram

    1060 6 gb

    and my pc is getting raped by the new map to no tomorrow ye that's hilarious as **** and the worst is once again you made event behind a game mode just to **** over the entire community again.

    in less than 5min i saw 3 people complain about lagg, flanking it pretty much summarized this map / design was trash, usually when you release something you test things out even ubisoft does that and thats pretty much a step-down up you cant even reach their standard

    Also i still wonder when the devs every are gonna come on to this forum and tell us anything we've moderators ye that's great cool guys but the devs literally don't care about the community?

    the only thing the community has ever changed was AR57 which was literally to change 1 number to decrease head shot damage ratio..¨

    overall a very unsatisfied person which will not be spending money further into this game when the devs doesnt give a **** about their community i don't really question why this game shut down in it's previous version

    i've 8k kills with M39 it's pretty decent don't touch it please.

    it's one of the few weapons which a skill requirement if you buff it then i'm leaving :)

    I like the M39 as well its one my favorite guns in fact it is the first gun I bought and is and will always be my main. "it's one of the few weapons which a skill requirement if you buff it then i'm leaving :)" just because a gun has a skill requirement doesn't make it usefull the point im saying is that every other gun does its roll better than it making it useless

    Cool story bro.

    every other gun does it better - not even close the m39 has the second highest time to kill in the game outclassed by HK417 you can destroy anyone in a 1 vs 1 combat scenario with it since it can 3 shot anyone at any distance so instead of claiming i highly suggest you to get good at the game instead of claiming pure bullshit over a weapon which is actually pretty good for decent people.

    i've 8k kills with M39 it's pretty decent don't touch it please.

    it's one of the few weapons which a skill requirement if you buff it then i'm leaving :)

    i've a question not exactly related to this game then, but related to your past games like Soldier front 2, and Alliance of valliant

    was they developed under Aeria or was it the publishers who requested massive p2w?