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    There has been no official statement from either gamigo or wiple.

    Most people assume it is due to bugs caused by these features, others expect worse. Gamigo also said they might add it back to the game.

    So for now we can only wait until it is clarified.

    they might

    ha, thats a good joke

    still waiting for the announcement about the EU version being on Steam...anytime nooooowww...

    instead of lip services i would rather see things being implemented as most of us are bored of empty promises, as right now this feels like a whole lot of nothing.


    Ranked Mode: We are currently in touch with Wiple regarding this topic, especially since we are getting Duel mode as well. We'll keep you updated on that."

    yeah you may as well hurry the f up because at this rate there wont be a sizable playerbase to speak of when ranked finally comes to our version


    Pricing and Items

    This is a topic you've been vocal about for a long time. At the moment, I can just say that changes are coming. We are still finalizing them, but you will hear about it soon and we believe you'll enjoy the changes."

    Oh boy, thats a funny one, somehow i have troubles believing it that we will enjoy it but pfff what do I even know, right?

    Maybe its just me and I certainly wont claim to be speaking on behalf of everyone playing on EU but I really dont think that the competetive scene is the most pressing issue Ironsight currently has, considering the netcode/latency problems, lack of meaningful progression systems and so on and so forth. Can you guys please actually focus on the pressing matters instead of fluff that caters to like the probably teeny tiny competetive percentage? please?

    The game is bleeding players as we speak and you really gotta do something about this and fast.

    More day less day this game will be sold to another company when they can no longer earn more money for abusively expensive items that with that money we can buy a good game

    Tbh the contract publisher and the devs signed sounded like devs was begging for a publisher that is able to launch the game worldwide. Even black squad is made by korean devs and theyre surviving a bit.

    afaik Black Squad has been quite a bit of sad state of affairs lately which is why i stopped bothering with it.

    Right now I really think that skins should be the least of priority compared to all the problems this game has and what needs fixing.

    what do you mean you cant tell us now?

    can we at least have some sort of ETA? pretty please?

    oof i have a feeling having an asian server on steam means all regions would be on steam soon AND that optimization and netcode isnt even fully fixed yet (before steam released. Also that the server would probably have overload problem like before when this happens (even worst then obt asian steam version). Once the reviews are going to mixed, theres basically no way for it to change.

    at this rate im not optimistic of what will happen next with the game

    I just wanna say that it is absolutely incomprehensible to me why someone would push a patch with a bug as significant as the sprint + shoot bug, *especially* when it is a known issue. Something along the way went very wrong for anyone to think that a bug that affects your interaction with the gameplay as significantly as this one is fine to push into the live version.

    As for the GP gain, judging from the posts here, it is infeasable to make enough GP to buy things like soft point without investing real money while still repairing all your guns (and for new players, occasionally buying a new one).

    This doesn't seem accidental at all, it looks like a very calculated change to me that is intended to make people invest more money into the game.


    im not a negative nancy but im not gonna eat up this PR bullshit, sorry.

    this is ridiculous

    i only have 8-7 weapons guns left to buy so it doesnt affects me that much but really now?

    oh well, to the trashbin it goes, im not gonna put up with this anymore, not when i have significantly better fps-s to play.

    Are you guys aiming at killing the game? because thats exactly how you do it.

    Or its really that much to ask to finally deliver what was promised to us back in mid march and having heard absolutely nothing back of it since?

    I really hate to repeat something that was asked probably like a million times but could we just get at least an ETA of when it will come? because I seriously cannot believe that sending it to the inbox of everyone would be really this much of a complicated task that couldnt be done long long time ago already.

    and no, saying that it will come "soon" is not an answer, its essentially wawing your hands in the air and say "oh it will come whenever it comes" .

    its always the same canned replies we get that its coming soon.

    Soon, yeah, as to when that will be? good question, because they sure as hell arent telling it to us. The lackluster communication really starts to become beyond infuriating.

    I wanna like this game but i absolutely hate how we literally need to yell and shout to get any sort of official response whatsoever.

    more maps would be nice, not sure about voice chat though. Unless you want kids screaming your eardrums off/ people blasting music, i dont think it would be of any use as a whole esp since most people already have discord/ teamspeak installed on their pcs to talk with their friends.

    im really not optimistic for this versions fate either on the long run

    i wont be investing my money in because im fully expecting to see a sunset/termination notice till the end of this year.

    the problem isnt that there is no new content but that new content isnt the kind of content that this game needs right now

    We need more maps, gamemodes, not some more skins

    the devs should really be fast, because many people wont wait around endlessly

    at this rate i wouldnt care if the game is still in beta, release it on Steam already. The clock is ticking

    As much as I love Ironsight and Im hoping the best for this game, content wise it really starts to feel like lacking. Could we please have some more maps, gamemodes to play with instead of having even more skins added to it?

    It gets kinda old after a while when you are always thrown into the same maps into the same 2-3 gamemodes people are actually playing and literally nothing changes. Im really not asking for much, just a tiny tiny bit of variety and new stuff, and im confident that im not the only one who feels this way.

    how about gamemodes such as dogtag/ pve modes, or heck, 1 vs 1 duel? theres a lot of potential in Ironsight but what there is right now in itself wont be enough if you wanna compete with other f2p fps games, more meaningful progression system other than just levels and completing achivements, something to work for.

    at least that my personal 2 cents about it

    Im sorry but why should the game literally give second chances when both team has equal opportunities to occupy the point for the longest time to win the match?

    this feels like unnecessary catering for situations when the losing team probably wouldnt be able to make a bloody difference for said round anyway.

    when a match is lost, its lost.

    and Im saying that call of duty games in general were known to be overpriced, quickly abandoned a year after for a new call of duty and so on.

    Im just stating facts here, sorry if it bothers you so much, being smug about it doesnt magically reinforces your point.

    But i would def pay for it because everythin is better than ironsight. If u had the money would u buy a cod game instead?

    after what they pulled with Blops4?

    hell no

    and Im saying that call of duty games in general were known to be overpriced, quickly abandoned a year after for a new call of duty and so on.

    Im just stating facts here, sorry if it bothers you so much, being smug about it doesnt magically reinforces your point.

    You named one in your post: CS:GO.

    There was also Dirty Bomb, TF2, there's Fortnite, and probably a whole bunch of FPS games I missed.

    Additionally there's loads of non-FPS games with better production quality: dota 2 and league of legends to name a few.

    erm TF2 is no shape or form in the same league as call of duty or any other modern military shooter, neither is Fortnite. Team Fortress 2 has always been a cartoony like light hearted fps game with distinctive character and classes, call of duty isnt, neither is Fortnite.

    also im not sure how is it relevant whether or not non fps games have better production quality, its like me saying a Star Wars movie has better production quality than Ironsight: there is ZERO connection or relevance to these two things! Different engine, different structure, different development teams, etc.

    You are kinda comparing oranges to apples, I feel

    Because you dont feel like dealing with constant nickle and diming, splitting of playerbase and even worse tickrate servers?

    dunno about you but for me Call of Duty WW2 really broke the camels back as far as call of duty games goes and them having zero regards or fucks to give about what the playerbase wants and just trying to jump on the BR train as well. But dont let me hold you back, if you wanna play call of duty, play call of duty.

    One costs 60 dollar and this one doesnt. Im not saying people at Aeria Games/ Wiple are saints themselves but as far as Im concerned, I would rather give them my cash than to fill Activisions pocket ever again.

    people who want to play some super realistic hardcore fps wont be playing Ironsight, they will be playing Insurgency Sandstorm/ CS GO or whatever.

    and Im fairly confident this game never was set out to be a realistic shooter either.

    Gotta love how people act like the steam community is the Spawn of Satan almost which ruins games, no exception.

    But guess what? good games gets praised and bad games get criticised, its not the steam users fault if a game isnt up to scratch.

    Also at this current state, this game NEEDS exposure. Otherwise have fun playing with less and less people till the game dies completely and that will be the end of it.

    I dont think the balance is the biggest problem here other than the lack of content and netcode and other issues.

    You know what's disrespectful? Repeating your opinion in every post and ignoring or just simply not reading any counter arguments that people bring up, especially considering that this is already the second thread about this.

    But hey, go on and reduce everything to two mean words - maybe that's all you can fit in your head, maybe that's just an immature defense mechanism, or maybe you're just willingly trying to annoy people - in the end I don't really care.

    can both of you stop this pointless bickering and focus on the topic at hand?

    settle this in private messages but not here as im fairly confident that most people arent interested in reading pages and pages of your personal mudslinging at each other.

    Good, tired of reading your bs too m8

    i truly wonder why people lioke you even use the fourms sometimes if you are so uppity

    sorry for the offtopic but I had to say this: GITS FA died because of poor business decisions of Nexon, trying to fix things that werent broken to begin with and just throwing in the towel when it didnt worked out as they expected.

    Source: I was there during the last days of the game and I saw the damage that was done. It had nothing to do about Nexon or Team Waffle prioritising team players over solo players

    if the devs could hurry up a bit with the steam release, that would be also bloody nice.

    I would be very excited for a steam release if the didn't have a ton of things left to do. Wiple is also a 20 man team, which makes it even more difficult.

    Im just concerned that the playerbase will die out before we reach that point

    Like dont get me wrong, im not trying to be the doomsday monger but it would be wishful thinking to say that its not a problem that needs adressing.

    Tfw you want proper match making by maybe hidden mmr systems.. when the game barely has any players lol.

    Have fun waiting an hour for a match I guess?

    Please explain how a system that matches parties with other parties AND/OR higher ranked players will increase matchmaking times significantly? This game has more than enough players to do it. A team balance system that goes into play during the lobby won't even affect matchmaking times. Til that there are more matchmaking systems than mmr?

    lemme keep this short and sweet

    you will be waiting longer because of the small playerbase, the amount of people who roughly match your rank will be smaller vs the amount of people who vastly outrank you.

    As others also said it before me, r

    anks means just about nothing. You could have the highest level possible and still be pwned by someone of lesser rank whos playing smart. Right now, I think they have bigger issues to fix than unbalanced matchmaking.

    right now they should focus on PC and finally pushing this game out on Steam as soon as makable

    Indeed, but if they want to Beat Activision Blizzard to the punch. Console ASAP, AB is already releasing COD on mobile. NA is next after AUS beta. Soon they will do COD F2P on consoles. They ate greedy and a lot of people seem to excuse loot boxes i F2P market. They want to keep them in their game and will die trying to fight

    Eventually the World Gaming Commission will agree to let them stay. If the game is free and feature is 18+. It is a smart business move AG and Wiple need to think about it.

    they barely have enough map and content for pc as is, do you really think this game would be able to hold a candle compared to all the other f2p or not f2p online shooters they have on console right now?