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    Looking great so far. If you could face paint the mask to be a jack-O-lantern or something cool like that but still resemble the Jason mask that would push it over the top! very clean though

    I enjoyed it myself Nicoplayer. I might modify it and go with a more obvious water theme, possibly waves or a tell tale sign it falls under 'water' as an element. Your design is one I like though. It has octopus tentacles which give a vibe of the ocean.

    I think it would make sense to test 1 hit kill to body parts because I know for a fact that both guns tank rounds it just depends on range and where exactly you hit the enemy. In my opinion I would choose the slower reloading and scoping in sniper that more consistently hits more regions of the body for a single shot.

    I tried to emulate the zigzag camouflage.

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    That looks like photoshop. can you show another angle of it so dont get motivated as i had the same idea

    That is a concept done in photoshop. I am in the process of painting it on an egg as we speak. Will post it with multiple angles when it dries.

    Hey everyone! I decided to try something a little different from my normal work and visually overhaul the map Titan! I drew and edited it digitally. I love run down and post apocalyptic themes so I thought that would be a fun direction to take this map in. The original map is quite clean and has minimal wear and tear on the buildings so that is why I chose that particular map. The lighting was also bright and vibrant which gave me the ability to play around with cast shadows and make sure that all of the details I was adding would be visible. I ran around the map for a little while and landed on this specific screenshot and composition with the rocket taking off because it is an iconic and visually interesting area. I included a comparison photo of the screenshot unedited (from in game) as well as my final submission for this contest. This was done entirely in Photoshop. --title of piece: The Final Launch--

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    Below my submission are comparison photos side by side.

    The maps in this game do not favor S&D imo. Most games focus a single game mode around the maps thinking through how many angles and choke points are available; S&D is a hard one to design for and do it well. Having 4 or 5 entries onto a site is rough and 'odd' when it comes to covering a bomb. Consider the well developed maps of our past that focus on this game mode Counter Strike's Dust 2 comes to mind and has stood around for centuries, if you think about the COD series Vacant is a decent example but not the only one. It just seems to me like they added the game mode and randomly added bomb sites around their map design instead of designing the bomb sites around the map which is key in such a competitive game mode.

    This is super helpful from a developer point of view in terms of map development it takes months and months to develop a map and flush it out aesthetically so I completely understand the reasoning behind it. Just a little less fun on some game modes..

    I am very well versed in Photoshop been using it for 6 years now. I posted a few concept art pieces in this forum one with an ak47 and the other was on an m4a4. Missed the contest sadly but hope there is another one!

    Hey guys so this was a fun little project I have been working on. I love the look of tempered metal heating up and displaying all the vibrant colors from reds to green to blue so that was the foundation of this concept for this AK-47 design. I heated a tempered knife in the oven at 450 degrees for about 25 minutes to get the desired colors I was looking for in the metal and took a photo of it before it cooled off. From there I was able to get the desired effect in Photoshop I wanted to achieve. This was hand drawn and edited in Photoshop. I wanted to give it a colorful and unique touch unlike anything I have seen in-game thus far. Let me know what you think of it! I have plans for weapon concepts in the future let me know what weapons you want to see!



    Hey everyone thought I would make a skin concept and post it here even though I missed the contest. Thoughts and critiques are appreciated. I design for CS:GO as well so this was a fun challenge :)


    (inspired by coridiums work)

    I was curious where the 3D model or obj. files are for the weapon contest that has since ended. I hope its not just a jpg image with one side that was given to design on.. Please let me know I would really appreciate it!