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    Do hacks exist in Ironsight? Yes. That said, with the netcode in the state it's in, it's impossible to tell a lagger from a hacker, and even harder to prove. (We need tools like spectate and a real killcam to help with the proof part.)

    Pretty simple fix. Remove the scope sway and "hold breath" mechanic, increasing accuracy to the point where it will be viable to have headshot-only sniper rifles. One hit kills to the body are unfair; in order to access this instant time to kill, one should be able to land headshots.

    It would be an interest experiment to try, at least.

    i am generally ok with snipers in this game with all close quartres and all...

    but as of now it's just shooting a sniper with at close range then they quick scope me and kill me at full health far too often...

    You're contradicting yourself there, friend.

    I think doing Battlefield 1 style snipers (without the extra drop off at range) could work. Unlike some games, in Ironsight you can change what you spawn with, so you can adjust if things get really close range,

    (As an aside, at least it's not like Combat Arms, where some snipers can one shot you in the foot...)

    I'd love to see the weapon usage stats in Ironsight - unless something's basic (for example, the frag grenade, K2C), what's being used the most is probably OP. Conversely, if something isn't used much at all, it's probably underpowered.

    I still think snipers could use a damage nerf at close range to make them less of ersatz shotguns. (And shotguns... well, that's a different thread.)

    Something to keep in mind is take a Time-to-Kill of 0 (save for one's ping) is powerful indeed, especially when most other weapons can't have kill in a single headshot. My suggestion would be to make the single shot rifles "station-to-station" - nasty penalties for movement (even when scoped), slowed down accuracy on quick scoping, and heavy accuracy penalties for taking hits. If you want to snipe and be mobile, there's an SVD (or PSG, or XF-50) with your name on it.

    Honestly, I'd prefer sniper sway to remain - they have a mechanic to neutralize it, after all. The way sway works for SMGs, ARs, and pistols needs to be changed.

    I'm beginning to suspect that gun sway is part of the reason non-sniper guns can feel so inaccurate is due to gun sway and the fact that the gun does not center when you ADS - for example:

    Keep in mind that the dot is the actual aiming point, not the center of the screen. A large of reduction of non-sniper sway would be improve the gun play, I feel.

    Give the devs a break - they just had a massive player surge this weekend. Stress tests like this give them a chance to see what went wrong and fix it,

    Allow me to preface this by saying that, as my name suggests, I play mostly with pistols. Out of the roughly 2000 kills I have, 1600ish are by pistol.

    Netcode: Netcode! Netcode! Netcode! I really don't need to say any more on this.

    Pings should be displayed in numerical form, to be honest.

    Maps: The maps are ok in general, but tend to be too well interconnected. This, plus the moving spawns means that you'll be getting shot in the back unhappily often. Changing to fixed spawns would create better gameplay, I feel.

    Bolt Action Snipers: They're overpowered right now. Maybe one way to bring into line is to drastically drop thier damage as close range, say to around 50. After all, SMGs are crappy at long range, so why should a sniper be useful up close?

    Secondary Weapons: The TAC-OPS is in a pretty good place right now. For a free backup pistol, it can get the job done, but you don't have much wiggle room. The Python needs something to make it more than a "Nerfed Deagle with a higher rate of fire", I would suggest making it very accurate. Lastly, the KARD and Px4 really need damage buffs - the Storm more so than the KARD. As a class, all pistols could use a range buff to make them increase thier desirability compared to shotguns.

    Pistols could really use customization options! :)

    Now, if I were a typical player, I'd be hard pressed to carry a pistol, since I could carry a one shot capable shotgun instead. It's not really a complaint, per se - Shotguns are tough to balance - but other secondary options need to be on the same level of usefulness.

    The M320 could probably use a damage nerf.

    Movement: Going prone in combat looks really stupid, espically in close quarters. I'm not sure how you'd fix this, though. There also needs to be a much larger accuracy penality while jumping.

    Drones: Generally fine - except for two things:

    The Escort Drone should stop shooting as soon as it's escortee is dead. It's an escort drone, not a revenge drone.

    Drones should start regaining points on use, not when all 3 are used. This maybe could only cover Tactical Drones.

    Free to play Model: Way to go! Keep it this way - no one likes pay to win!

    Other thoughts:

    Grenades could use lifetime options.

    The matchmaker gametype settings need to be saved from session to session.

    A droneless mode wouldn't be amiss, I think.

    In conclusion, I think Iron Sight could be a solid FPS. It just needs some TLC.... and a Steam release once the problems are struck by a Zeus.

    PS: Forgive my rambling. :)