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    i'm problaly this thing will be coming on the future.

    ironsight need add Battleye this an good protection anticheat at this time if esport need to be placed in

    I seen many hight list hacker get banned from Pubg and like orther game so fast and an time this is the time will be Busted by Battleye in an days

    So that that remains equal for everything player of assault rifles exclusive head teacher for every type different from levels of rifles he always have enough there better than he of front, adds item and material, which could bought only with some real money which would give XP 25 % 50 % 100 % quite moreover similar for the GP which will give $25 %, $50 % 100$ %, and item exclusive use which to mean not for arms them otherwise would become that of the P2W, and for exclusive which will help has booster level xp the Gp clan and other one if this It is not the case

    I dont know , what you do mean rootkits but xigncode its an anti system anyone who can coding and studying can Release an cheat , im not much experience in coding aswheel but , im playing much fps free2play on my life since 2006 many system are so cheap to get easy cheat in game and detroyed an game

    I would remove the easyanticheat system and I would replace it by the battleye system one of the best system that has banished more cheater to all the system it is protected by battles, we all wanted to play a good games of competetion even more with a better cheat code system, if you do not add this well the world will think you want to divert cheat into a big open door easily returned and destroyed the skill of the player that he is very legit and left the cheater destroy the game easily