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    Honestly, almost every Korean developer never had clarity with communities outside of Korea. Only Redduck and Neowiz do it now, but that's due to them self-publishing Metro conflict and BlackSquad by themselves, so don't expect WG devs to come around here, unless they decide to solely focus on this version. Maybe they will, maybe they won't, but according to 90% of the other Korean fps games that have released in the past, I don't expect them to come around here.

    I said in an other topic that Neowiz (2nd largest publisher in Korea), closing the game down was a huge blow for them and tbh, even with the Product Manager telling us not to worry, it is actually still a worry point. There's too much choice in the FPS market and a lot of my friends liked the game, but not enough to stay around, which of course is not a (full) representation of how other players might feel.

    Still an Open beta test, so hopefully for them they can turn things around.

    Idk really, sometimes it feels OK, other times it;s kinda ridiculous. Like I had to shoot an AFK guy with 7 bullets from an AN94 to kill someone. Lowkey feels like horrible netcode to me and my ping is still sometimes spiking.

    I mean yeah, it's not the gun. You can say this for any weapon really.

    Hipfire is the go-to way in the game, ironically, but I don't think the devs ever meant this game to be played only with Iron sights. It's just a title

    Dang, pretty sure y'all can have a normal discussion with everyone having normal arguments. Sure you might be a better player, but that is no reason to discredit someone else's reasoning because you haven't heard of'em or because they're not the best competitive player in the game.

    Think a lot of it is to blame on the (horrible) netcode atm, like Jackal pointed out.

    Ive never seen a single thread from a CM or Mod, since the start of this game, asking the community what we think about changing X and changing Y.

    Its like we (users) always need to be the ones doing all the work when it comes down to opening discussions about these things...(just like right now)

    They're not the developers. You'd need Wiple Games representatives coming out here to talk about it or like you said, they should note it in the changelog on what the devs changed in the patches.

    In addition to that, we dont even get informed on wttf the changes that have been made are? where are the patch notes of everything youve done to the game? Discuss them with us all? this is OBT, get your shiit together Gamingo or you will fail just as much as Aeria has always failed. If you want to make a change from what Aerias reputation is, do it ASAP, cause right now it appears that the apple hasnt landed very far from its tree.

    Again, differentiate devs from publishers. Gamigo-AGE just passes along the suggestions, WG still implements it. Don't judge Gamigo on choices the developers make (excluding pricing, monetization, advertisement,..)

    After all, broken or not, it's still a beta. Network issues and ranked mode not working for some are some points they're trying to focus on more for now I think.

    Doubting there's even hackers in=game now. The closed source engine WG uses for the game, makes it way more difficult for the hackers to know the insides of the game. For example, the reason why AVA is so attracted to hacks now and in the past, is due to hack-makers knowing the whole source code for the game, thus they can manipulate it accordlingly.

    Even if there are hackers, still remember that this is an online game. Hacks will never dissapear, what they can do though, is limit the amount of hackers in the game. If one smart bloke gets through the source code of the game and develops a complete 100% unique hack. No anti-cheat will be able to catch it, unless either the source code for the hacks gets released so the AC companies can patch it accordingly, or the AC companies know how to reverse-engineer the hack, which is insanely difficult if the code's homebrew.

    There's a very relevant post on the PUBG subreddit about this issue, it is a rather short, but good read to understand the online cheating issues in games:…_of_online_game_cheating/

    Just keep in mind that AC are nothing more than just a tool and not a complete prevention from hacks. You'd need laws for that like in Korea. You can keep the majority away, but there will always be that small percentage that's gonna keep making the hacks if they're able too

    The f2p tag alone is enough for bad reviews. People have a sour taste for lootboxes after the EA debacle. There's lootboxes in this game, so p2w in their eyes. (Even though it is not).

    Game looks like CoD, some people don't like CoD, they're gonna hate on it for being and looking like a CoD copy pasta (bonus points for lesser known asian developer and, consensus wise, a "p2w" publisher). Some IronSight videos on Youtube have comments with people saying not to play the game b/c it's going to be p2w due to Aeria hosting it.

    This is overexagerated, but I would not be surprised to see reviews like that.

    Like Sev said, it's not bound to happen 100%, but there's a high chance it will get bad reviews regardless whether the game is good or bad.

    Don't underestimate bandwagons. It's cool to hate on games and/or game companies. AVA had a lot of reviews back in the days from TF2 players that only installed the game for a special skinned knife and some of them left a bad review just for the sake of it. Now of course with the current system in place, there's also the ability to see recent reviews, so that can neglect some of the jokers.

    Not advocating against it though. Black Squad showed that f2p fps shooters can get a lot of positive reviews if it is not p2w, which is also luckily the case for IS. So I have hope for a good steam version. There's just 2 sides to a coin.

    Wholehartedly agree with this post

    From KR version (Don't look if you don't want spoilers ^^)

    Point 3 is covered, a real-time leaderboard is/was present in the KR version.

    As for point 1. Ranked rewards of the last KR ranked season were Golden variants of the carmabit knife and sg553. I've no idea if there were higher compensations for finishing a match or not. (Hadn't the chance to play it thoroughy with a decent ping)

    It was also noted that rewards may differ from season to season. But they have only started one season since the addition of compensations for ranked matches in their August patch. And the won't be doing season 2 since the game is closing down in February.

    You can also earn emblems


    Ranked mode content preview

    Addition of ranking page and compensation by rank 14/08/17

    Also this may or may not differ in our version.

    Good thing for suggestion 4 is to contact ESL to start/test some cups or Go4's. Might gain some traction and even could see a creation of an ESL league like they had for AVA and Skill.

    Still, Neowiz backing out of the game in Korea is a pretty huge blow. They've done really nice things for AVA (Local cups, Asian cups and even going as far to Iesf), which of course pushed the western regions too in setting up a more competitive scene. A lot of those things might've happened to IS too, but unfortunately not as it seems.

    Now to make things worse for IS's competition, there's this other game called Battalion 1944, which is basically a fast paced competitive (marketed as such) ww2 shooter. A lot of CoD (promod) fans seems to like it, and big streamers such as Shroud have been streaming it lately. It's getting a lot of attention right now, with the game only being in closed alpha at the moment. Game's coming out in EA on Steam in february.

    Wow that's crazy, I thought it was doing really well in KR.

    Nope far from it actually ;(, not a lot of people online sometimes and if there were any, they were mostly level 100+ that have been around since the closed alpha. Their forums are also dead, like a few dozen of people only use it (it's pretty active now though , lot of'em are asking for a self-publishing route on Steam). While we're sitting here around 1200 members. But IS is not the only game that has issues in KR, Black Squad is also not that popular in KR.

    Guess it's a difference of taste. Game's like Sudden Attack were super popular there, but Sudden Attack 2 was scraped last I read about it. Ironsight is pretty niche in comparison.

    Not surprised, but also surprised at the same time. This is freaking Neowiz we're talking about, the second biggest publishing company in KR with the (second?) biggest publishing platform (Pmang) in KR too. If they're closing it down, then it means that the game had lackluster revenue and profit. Guess they thought that the game would break through.

    Adding the fact that most FPS players in KR go in PC Bangs to play their games, where they can also play pubg and Overwatch, it's highly probable that IS just couldn't take on the competition in the FPS scene.

    Other publishers could be Nexon, Smilegate, Joymax. But they either really focus on mmorpg's or don't need a new fps. There's Webzen too but they mainly publish they're own games. And if Neowiz couldn't do it, I don't see them doing it either... With Overwatch and PUBG, the FPS market is becoming a more and more difficult market to push through. It was easier pre-2016.

    Welp, on the other hand it's highly likely that they'll be focusing more on us now ^^.

    But this got me pretty shook. Crossfire, AVA, Combat Arms, etc. are running 10+ no probs. This one's down after a mere 14 months.

    And? You're avoiding my question: is this game marketable with only guns and no attachements, frag nades, smokes, stickies and claymores like you said.

    Just imagine the following: You get an front-page advertisment on Twitch about the uIronSight League, you read more about the game and you notice that it's about futuristic warfare with strategic and tactical drones. You see some trailers, and you're like "hey that's cool, I'll watch it". You proceed to watch, only to notice players playing with their guns and nothing else. Where's the drones? Where's the futuristic warfare I was promised about?

    Ranked mode and Clan wars do not disable kill streaks and drones either. Where are the teams supposed to train then? In custom premade matches? How will the matchmaking go? On Discord, ESL, forums? Who's going to define the rules? What tourney will use what ruleset?

    A lot of people are keen on not including drones in the comp scene, but there is nothing in-place in this game to make a competitive match without drones. You cannot disable drones/killstreaks in the settings. And making custom matches with everybody saying "no drones or kick" is just unconvenient, waste of time. Where are you going to train your strats when 95% of the game is built around the inclusion of drones.

    I'm telling you again, we have to try first and then adjust accordingly. Maybe let drones like UAV/Jammer get excluded or you could say that only 1 hellbird per game per team is allowed. You can build much more with the inclusion of the full core of the game, than you can build around the barebones of the game and just having another pew pew shooter game to watch.

    You should play Skill Special Force 2 then instead, or like Sev said, play Counter strike.

    There's no way that in this (over-saturated) Esports market, you'll be able to market a game with only guns, no attachments, no nades or smoke. You really think anyone would want to watch that? It's boring and it's only showing 50% of what the game has to offer.

    Like I previously stated, Neowiz and Wiple Games announced this game as a "Futuristic FPS with drone warfare" back in 2014 (source), to quote:


    The shooter promises to deliver realistic and intense FPS gameplay, a plethora of real-life customizable weapons, near-future tactical gear and a skill system.

    Key features like dynamic, partly destructible environments located on large maps and tactical drones extend the options to play the missions both strategically and tactically.

    I'm not saying we should 100% remove the killstreaks for comp, I'm saying to try it first because the whole game is built around it.

    It's part of the core game, try it out first. If necessary, remove some drones like UAV/Jammer, or put a limit on drones per team.

    The drones are the thing that make this game unique and different from other shooters. If they'd go on Twitch and market this as a futuristic drone warfare FPS game (the game is marketed as such) and you hop in to watch,.... only to see barebone gameplay with only guns, you'd be confused.

    --Dirty Bomb for example also has abilities like airstrikes, laser beams , etc. But they are beneficial to the core game. The map design, merc design of the whole game is based on the use of those abilities. So they don't get disabled for comp/ranked mode either--

    It's Open beta soon, no need to rush out now and say no to the killstreaks and drones. Ranked/clan war mode don't have the abilities disabled either, so if comp teams would want to train, you'd need to play custom games against other premade teams, which will make matchmaking even longer than necessary. (As long as the devs don't implement a feature to disable drones and killstreaks)

    There are currently 1.236 members on this forums, there's no way this could reach 12k views lmao :D

    View count =/= true viewer count. It's not a realistic representation. There's no view boosting, but there's no 12k unique viewers either, probs just a bug on Wotlab's side or some spam bots. You can literally test it yourself with any topic. Click on a topic, return to the forum section and you see that the number goes up ^^. But I don't think anyone would have the time to do such ridiculous thing.

    But why is this even a discussion, why care so much about the views.

    But I digress, to add on the actual topic and what I previously said:

    Hipfire isn't even the problem of the game, it's just that the weapons too stable (?) (which makes the game easier if you're coming from recoil-depending games as csgo and ava). You don't really have to try and aim in this game. The stability on most guns (which lowkey increases with hipfire) is just way too good on 90% of the guns. You don't get punished as hard for spraying as you do in other games. Which is funny because with the crosshairs being so large, you'd think that there'd be a lot of spread and that you would need to control most guns.

    IMO, I'd love to see weapons work similar like the one's from Dirty bomb, which have kinda more spread and a bit more recoil, but still complementing the fast-paced style of the game. But this is a pretty biased opinion since I've spent a lot of time on that game.

    Think the point I'm trying to make is that when I kill someone in this game, it doesn't feel like I necessarily had a better aim, but rather had a better reflex. Just my feel on it.

    Had 90% hipfire on my M4 according to my stats, I can't live without it. To each their own I guess :D

    But anyways, is hipfire OP? Nope, but it surely is to go-to way to kill anyone in a cqc or mid/upper-mid range distance. The way that this game is paced makes hipfire just a surefire way to kill someone. ADS takes too long for it to be reliable in most situations.

    But does it really take away a player's skill though? The way all the drones are implemented, there's always a way to counter a specific drone with another one.

    Not saying that comp should be without killstreak directly, but we should try it first and then we can take away what needs to be taken away.

    Core gameplay of this game is entirely diferent too from other games such as AVA or CSGO. While AVA and CSGO have a distinguishable difference between each gun and recoil pattern, this is almost non apparent in IS. Hipfire is the go-to way and IMO, the game relies more on anticipation and reflex on where your opponent is, rather than who can aim better. There's almost no downtime in this game, your position can be discovered by drones (and the footsteps are loud AF in this game:D).

    Also ranked mode doesn't disable the kill streaks (atleast it's been like this for over a year in the KR version).

    It's going to take a long time before anything substantial with the comp scene gets done here. There's a lot that needs to be taken under consideration before people (or even ESL) start organizing tourneys etc. If we start making up rules as we go, we're gonna have over 5 different tourneys with different rules. + the game needs an in-depth spectator tool too

    SKill SF2 for example, they pushed their comp scene hard, they even got a featured article in Redbull e-sports section. Very ambitious, was actually even doing pretty good with regular streams on Twitch (for example, but they only do Go4Skill now and have not taken over the scene in any possible way.

    Oh yeah, this korean guy plays a lot of ranked mode if anyone wants to see how they play in KR:

    tl;dr: trial and error

    Gameforge has an interesting take on this with Skill Special force 2.

    They have a VIP system in-place (, which nets you exclusive items, early-acces to maps in a VIP-channel, GP and EXP boosters. It's not mandatory, it's completely optional and not p2w. But it does kinda segregate the community since you have people playing in exclusive channels and having earlier acces to maps.

    The soldier packs that were avaible could be "re-made" into a similar system, each with different (but absolutely non-p2w) exclusive content like skins/chips/loot boxes.

    But like JtheJackal said; monetization and loot boxes are already in a huge crosshair by gamers. This can either go pretty good, or be bombarded by player who say that it's p2w (even though it isn't, but some gamers have ptsd when it comes to f2p gaming so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

    Food for thought.

    How watertight the propriety engine IronSight uses will go a long way in determining how prevalent cheats are too. AntiCheat solutions can only do so much but if the engine is garbage then the game is doomed to be overrun by them. War Rock and the Jindo engine it used is a good example. They tried multiple anticheat solutions but the engine was created by chimps so.

    This mainly too, other example is Unreal Engine 3 which reportedly has memory leak issues, which makes it easier for hackers to locate the things they need to know in the memory. AVA suffers a lot from memory leaking and (almost) The whole source code for AVA (which is made on UE3) was known/recreated by the hackers due to the "openness" of the engine. They pop out UAV/aimbot cheats like it's nothing >.<

    I mean Black Squad is really only being made by a 6 dev Korean team!

    And they're backed by Neowiz , which is one of the largest publishing companies in Korea. It's not like they're "just" 6 people and get money from nowhere lol. Neowiz publishes IronSight too fyi.

    Also AG-Gamigo are just the publishers, not the devs

    They aren't retarded lmao. The anticheat works perfectly in Korea because, just like Heiliger said, Korean law can sue you if appear to be hacking. That's mainly due to the importance of Korean gaming (and Esports) in Korea. It's a serious deal there, with actual support from the government. So their hacking laws are purely to 1) scare people off from hacking (You can be fined to up to 50,000 dollars or face imprisonment) and 2) prevent bad PR due to hack infested games.

    The AC does its job and is also Korean based (made by Wellbia) which makes it easier for Korean devs to communicate with and it's probably cheaper than its counterparts too...

    Western law does not have a system in place to deal with hackers. You can sue the people who make cheats based on Copyright Infringement, like Epic Games has done with Fortnite, but that costs money, paperwork and a lot of time so only bigger companies with money will go to court with it. Our law system isn't even prepared to deal with the paperwork to fine some script kiddies b/c they thought it would be fun to hack a game. Our social security numbers aren't tied to our game accounts either so that's another reason why "hacking" is so apparent in Western territories; bans are easily avoidable.

    Changing your AC is not a black/white story. Getting a new AC means new costs, which also means you will have to get that cost back with extra revenue. That's were it gets at an impasse for a lot of Korean based devs because your current AC is actually doing its "job", so why waste resources to get a new one and implement it in your other versions.. This has been an argument with Redduck for years with AVA, and they're still not planning to change UAVA's anticheat. You can of course argue that you'll get extra revenue if there's less hackers, but nobody knows that. People have found ways around Battleye, Punkbuster, etc. Anticheats are just a tool to prevent hacking, they won't prevent the hacks from being made and to scare those people from making'em,... you need those laws.

    Also censorship? The only thing that's here is a strong censorbot that needs to be adressed, I have not seen mods/admins closing topics to fit a certain narrative here...

    They did some re-balancing in August. It was mainly a buff of the range of AR weapons to differentiate them more from SMG's


    First row is "before", second row is "after".

    For the columns, from left to right it's: Ammo - Damage - Accuracy - Range - RoF - Mobility - Recoil control

    They also made a post about it, auto-translate can give a slight overview of their thoughts:…/read/11/N/42185953/53/11

    So I don't really expect them do impact the balance again so shortly, but this is still food for thought. Who knows, maybe they'll do so due to their expansion to Western Territories

    Stuff like that just comes down to taste... I personally don’t like it when everything is so shiny and reflective...

    So someobody would prefer a box painted with black spots instead of a detailed model?

    If you're playing a (competitive) match, are you going to look at your weapon models, or at your crosshair? Did you even check your settings, b/c my game in ultra doesn't even remotely look close to your third picture.

    The devs have their reasons for not having this. They started development in 2010, spent 3-4 years on the engine alone.

    Do you seriously think that a casual player (for which this game is obviously aimed for) is going to be bothered -let alone even notice it in the first place- by this? Nope.

    But I tell you how game balancing works today. It works about collecting data, analything it, make decisions and do some changes ingame. No game needs some casual players and a forum for this. Especially no competitive game. Data + opinion of professional players will do this job today.

    Wiple Games has had plenty of opinions and data from the KR players the past 2 years; they redid the weapon balance for a part a few months ago. They even had a whole bunch of graphs of data from their Closed Alpha and Beta in KR which showed all the stats (like the stat screen at the end of the game), they base their decisions on that.

    Keep in mind, this game is also hosted in Korea. The devs cannot just implement/remove some features because Western players said so. There's a high probability that they won't spend resources on making 2 seperate versions for the game for each region (which wouldn't even be smart in the first way b/c the game's not that popular in Korea either).

    Are snipers strong? Yeah pretty much. Can you still use other weapons? Yeah also. I haven't touched one sniper in this game yet (picked up a DSR once, but I don't like sniping in these CoD type of games anywyas), and I'm not facing personal problems with it. The only thing that annoys me is the almost unexistant moveshot penalty, which most FPS games do have (even then, if you know how to sniper you will briefly stand still. AVA for example has a huge moveshot penalty, but quickly pressing shift for a moment fixes that). But other than that, I'm still rocking my M4 and MP7 with a positive k/d in every game. This game is not that hard in comparison to other FPS games.

    It's not that difficult to counter snipers either. Top tip is to actually stop running in the same, open, place every time again. Sounds easy enough, but I see enough players just blindly going in and getting killed by snipers every time, in the same position...Flanking is always possible. I've always seen sniping as a way of killing easy targets. I always see people going nuts in csgo for example, when a sniper kills them, but usually it's because they're running around in a complete open space without cover. If you walk into someone's crosshair blindly, don't be mad.

    Game's been out in commercial service for 1 year now in Korea. It's still young, but you can't force game changes b/c a vocal minority on the forums said so. They will obviously look into it, but I see a lot of suggestions for this game in general that will probably never be implemented.

    It's pretty annoying, wouldn't be surprised if they won't increase the time though. It's been like this since their Closed Alpha in KR. They still have to keep the KR players their opinions too (not too say that they don't share the same thoughts though, dunno what they have in mind).

    If they won't adjust it, I'll just taunt every player that does this after I kill them (sucks that there's no X9 like in AVA :D)

    was going to make a reply on this but some how my post that had no bad words in it got flagged for on

    Forum has a pretty strong censor bot yeah, had the same issue with a whole wall of text I'd written, spent like 15 minutes figuring out what it was.

    But to get back on-topic, like you said, free for all would be better for this game (and easier to implement).

    I outed this in a previous post here, but spending resources for a fad that will mostly likely die withing 2 years, isn't worth it IMO. I'd rather Wiple Games spend resources on improving the core gameplay, new features, etc. etc.

    Besides, they've been teasing a new map and game mode with possible 12v12 on their facebook a few months ago. Heck who knows, maybe it's their own unique version of a 12v12 last man standing/Battle Royale type of match :D

    Game is still way too young (It's now 1 year in commercial service in Korea) to already spend resources for a BR game

    Would be better to spend resources to other things, but hey you never know. It's a craze right now, (that'll eventually die out within 3 years when they next "hype" thing comes out. IMHO ^^)

    The whole party system is based on Matching Points (cannot be individually checked, but K/D plays a heavy factor in it). The system tries to divide all players into an equally balanced match, so even if you do party up, there's a slight chance that you'll be on the same team (unless you join an empty room or the other team's Matching Points are higher than your party)

    IMHO, I agree with Weilan here. Having 3 or more pub stompers party up in 1 team makes the whole game just unbalanced and un-fun. If newbs start getting matched against premade parties that just wreck the pub matches, there won't be any fun in that.

    Although yeah, matching parties with parties could be implemented, but that would probs increase queue times (to again keep the matches balanced)

    They ended up p2w because the developers started having funny ideas of implementing weapons with skins with better stats. Aeria just captilizes on that stuff.

    Redduck had a good game with AVA, untill they saw an opportunity by bringing in more money with Fortune Stars and Mega Capsules, etc. (Although Redduck kinda masks the p2w-feel of their game by bringing Euro weapons that are as strong -if not even stronger- than some skinned weapons)

    What Dragonfly did with Special Force 2, I can't even comprehend.

    A lot of blame goes to publishers (not saying they're not at fault too), but devs are as much to blame b/c they're the ones that develop p2w items in the shops. Korean f2p culture doesn't help that much, most devs are used to players spending money to their games (All made possible by Nexon KR since 1999™). You can still slightly see it in IS because they lock the women characters behind a paywall (or you're gonna have to grind for a long time), b/c they know some people will gladly pay for it.

    I hope for the sake of IS, that Wiple Games keeps the game like it is now and doesn't start implementing p2w stuff. Cosmetics and skins (and characters to an extent) I can live with, but skins that affect stats is a big no-no.

    but just wait and watch those random boxes with op weapons coming

    So far, loot boxes in the game have only skins for weapons that do not affect the gun stats. Like I said above, as long as the devs don't get ideas to make skins affect stats, this game will have be hard to go p2w.

    Mp7 and Mp5 are top tier SMG's

    M4 ACC M is a very balanced and well rounded gun imo (my favorite so far), ak-47 and Scar-h are great too. Aug has the best range of all the automatic AR's so far. AN-94 is the most unique AR so far with its 2shot burst, second fav weap so far, but doesn't fit every playstyle:D

    If anything, they need a moveshot penalty. Other than that, they're fine and can be countered easily (Use soft point bullet in the first place to give knockback, Use flashes/stun nades, LAWS system is THE perfect counter to any sniper, get closer to them with SMG's etc.).

    And before you say that this is something a sniper player would say, I have 1 kill in total with all snipers. I'm way more efficient with AR/SMG's

    If you're a founder, you can use your "callsign change" to change your nickname.

    If not, then I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the OBT to get a new name, as everything will be wiped after the CBT

    From aimbot to wallhack and triggerbot what is there more to say?

    Not saying there aren't any, but this game is very fast paced (TTK is really low) and some drones give insight to players' position, footsteps are pretty easy to hear etc. If you're used to other fps games, this one isn't that hard to adjust too. Got some guy calling me a hacker too cause I heard his footsteps in search and destroy and killed him...

    What did you expect? High tier ESL stuff in a CBT that's been running for 4-5 days? LUL.

    Scifi is one of the few here that actually took initiative to try a tourney out for the game. Didn't go as planned, welp sucks, next time better. You can always give constructive criticism instead of raging on the forums about it, that's pretty useless. Help him out instead of putting him down for nothing, there were no rewards, there was no trophy, it was just a test. If you get triggered by that, so be it, but don't start putting other people down for nothing because it didn't go your own way.

    As for the league itself; Think y'all should just start "really" going for the league when OBT starts. There are a lot of bugs in the game and people are still trying to find out what works and what doesn't. Might've been a tad too fast to start a tourney for this game, but next time better aye.

    If you're going to play with a controller on a PC game, you'll be seriously limiting yourself (unless the devs implement aim assist, which they'll hopefully never do). KB+M will always have a faster reflex than a controller, regardless of what you think. And a good amount of fights you encounter in Iron Sight are purely based on your reflex.

    A low amount of (f2p) fps games on PC allow PC controllers, but from all off the f2p ones I've played, none of them did and I don't see IS getting this too.