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    Soo been about 3 months? maybe closer to 2 months since ive played i just hoped on and i wasnt really shocked tbh nothing has really changed in terms of actually bettering the game just more skins skins skins why has nothing been fixed i still see that the game is broken for higher end pcs running ryzen that still!! hasnt been addressed this is a really sad day people are still falling through buildings lol its a mess... it makes me sad

    For a game like this? Emp launchers and skins can wait, but netcode can not!

    i want the game to be good i truly do i even spent money but after the bullshyt ive seen its almost a year with not one single update to fix any bugs i cant evne play with a 1k pc ffs cause the game has optimization issues with ryzen...

    Been here since feb it is infact dying the game has lost its go look at youtube nobody is promoting it no patches no fixes no updates no marketing happening it is dead

    Since when does Youtube content dictate whether or not a game is alive...

    csgo league cod battlefield uhh legit every game with any community is on youtube youtube pretty much madeee fortniteeee

    It is basically like ghost in the shell. New people joins and says its rising. People that cant play the game or say how the devs are bad says its dying.

    I've been here since mid-April so I am not new.

    Been here since feb it is infact dying the game has lost its go look at youtube nobody is promoting it no patches no fixes no updates no marketing happening it is dead

    They need to stop drawing in all these naive people with promise after promise. "We are working on it" and "Charlie said so" Should be trademarked. Ironsight never was and never will be big. All these issues was supposed to have been fixed along time ago. With Fixes comes even more bugs, and even more ways for aeria/gamigo to earn money. How embarrasing it must be for CMs and Mods to always answer the same sentence. "Its being worked on" With no results. Even tho they keep banning me for no apparent reasons other than saying the truth, i cant help but to feel bad for them.

    i have been around since feb FEB honestly tell me 5 things that have changed that improve the game what some awful over priced skins lol nothing has changed besides a game mode nobody likes and a ui change sick

    they need to focus on the competitive side of this game. They need to reward teams for scrimming and reward people for playing Ranked.

    they need to make it double xp in ranked allow teams to play ranked together fix any and all optimization issues fix netcode add domination as a game mode add ffa to the actually playlist work on anti cheat system they have a decent amount of work to do before this game becames anything less then a typical f2p shooter with all the same problems

    A reason that they have not been able to fix for quite a long time tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    that is exactly why it will remain in the state it is in as of now

    Is it safe to say this game fell off none of my friends are playing or have played in months i just played my first game in months and feels still awful for ryzen users so i would just assume this games dead now it had a huge hit at the start but like most early access games it couldnt fix the issues it had in time now games like cod and its br mode the new bf game is taking a chunk this game failed to do what it was supposed to

    i dont understand how no optimization has been made to ryzen users i dont know how the netcode is still horrid i dont know how you can even make excuses for this type of stuff this game is not in beta its been out for years in korea so please explain how ryzen users can bairly push 100 frames on fkin 1024x768 res in 2018 this kinda stuff should not even be argued it is just a lack of skill as a dev

    The ui update and switch to udp was a big thing now i think the game needs to be optimized more for ryzen users and also just in general after optimizations i think the game would be steam ready

    it actually tends to happen when people start shooting


    At times, Vsync can deliberately lower your frame rate when you do a certain action like shooting, running or loading a map.

    No i have it off ive tested everything from different drivers to literal different ryzen cpus

    Well, do you have a Ryzen CPU? Try to change the CPU settings to high performance in your AMD Ryzen Tool.

    i have a ryzen 7 2700 its running full kick and it doesnt do anything i get consistent drops

    maybe it isnt that then i get drops also i meet the requirements x2 but still get massive drops ill stick around 120 then just instantly drop to 40 neither settings help i get drops on low/ultra

    Thats a little low performance i can push out 150 on bf4 on ultra 100 on bf1 on ultra so i dont understand how i cant even get 200+ or 150 on iron sight ive refused to touch the game till its fixed

    Any update on when the ryzen chip fix will come i havent played in about a month or two after i found out it wasnt my hardware and it was the game i mean i kinda already knew that but eh any fixes or temp fixes ? i drop from 150 to 59 its unplayable

    the chance to add new servers in new locations is always possible. We will see in the future what more will come.

    Edit: I apologize I made a mistake, there is no Battle Royale mode in the game. The suggestion has been however forwarded to the team.

    We will see in the future!

    Stay tuned!

    um we have maps about 100m long/wide or even less, smaller than cod maps, and def smaller than battlefield maps. Def wont qualify for BR mode lol

    His post actually triggers me lol im sick of the br modes its all over its getting old

    its coming to steam i feel as they are trying to push out patches for netcode, problems with ryzen cpus etc poor performance and just good things like that it would be no use to throw it on steam right now people would try it and quickly find out how bad netcode truly is and the ryzen problem is a bigggg thing considering its prob half or more of pc users