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    i feel flatterned and whatever = th4nks so much :-))

    also my personal favourite by TSVenus got in the top 10.

    (i think it´s really ironsight´ish and subtle)

    so it was a nice experience to be somehwo in ironsight universe but still creative apart from solving tactical puzzles in tough bomb matches ;D

    good luck to all winners that some gun goes ingame - cheerio! :>)

    i can only use hk in a certain attachment and skill setup or things still get whacky considering the low stopping power in the game /and even lower in most other games ^^

    the whole idea from my perspective is that enemy does not get out of stunlock as he gets a big impact every half a second or something ....and then it does not really matter if you need 1 or 5 hits (except for the time needed and reloading of course, situation wise 4-5 would take to long for one to survive other enemies).

    semi-sniping as people may think of (as in, guy comes midrange around the corner and gets headshot with semisnipe) may not really work well. you could do in more realistic/tactical games though.

    if u(whoever) dont live in china and want a free to play fast-paced fps game ironsight is the way to go. i mean if ironsight was dead then that would basically mean "fast F2P FPS in West has failed completly". ah yeah some people play blacksquad bomb and everything else is more down to smaller player base, but it hast more CS influence than COD/others.

    dirty bomb of course excellent for teamplay but let´s face it: a good part of fps gamers are ego players and like to play on their own. this is were the basically flawless dirty bomb fails.

    ironsight is out of alternatives so support and stay with it or c u around in blacksquad ;D

    i mean quake champions was huge fail, even when it got free and it is about the n0. 1 name in shooters generally. they could build anything with this ip if they wanted and people have initial interest. rainbow six costs money and has been developed and improved over years and years with a big amount of time and money and care (and is basically a superfancy non competitive approach to CS).

    so at the moment ironsight dev is OVER Id, Epic and others when it comes to having produced a game that has quite a good playerbase which means a complete paradigm shift regarding everything shooter.

    i see games that involve many players by working hard on compatibility with different hardware having at least some success.

    Bein in Beta for too long causes players to get bored with the content when the game hasnt even officially released so my theory.

    @Aadi888 yeah maybe that is something better to do on a seperate harddrive if available as it might cause other trouble as you said.

    Jack_Bros did you try to turn on "disable windows fullscreen optimization" or check nvidia settings. sometimes external hardware like usb devices can cause trouble. as there is no bug reports there is just try n´error left. anticheatsoftware blocked, overclocking, anything but ironsight and browser that you tend to install after windows installation. check windows 10 game mode settings, even though i have no idea what that would do.

    again good luck on that issue

    on my gaming machine i decided to go for windows 7 again after month of trouble on all ends(there is cheap official copies in the net for around 10-15 bucks) and i am much more happy with that in every single regard of OS usage. before reinstalling win 10 again maybe think about it or perhaps you can upgrade your win10 to enterprise at least (which might not fix anything at all but is more slim).

    another thing: i think you can uninstall certain windows 10 updates you made in software center or somewhere in the depths of control panel. did u try uninstalling the security package?

    good luck

    in the time when quake 2 was hot there probably was a different structure driven by people that wanted to make games and money. then the main structure was people that want to make money and look for projects and people that may be useful for that purpose.

    now there is more and more so called indie content, which is basically the attempt to make a game without publisher fegging up things (and mebe selling game to publisher so he can mess everything up).

    i believe ironsight is quite an inspired project no matter there is all these boxes. i mean just by loggin in and making a few games you can save up some special character and skin more easily than in most other games without buying crates. weapons can be farmed easily (even though it always takes a while to get the silencer what the heck). it is still a fair game to a good degree compared to the rest regarding the ingame-buy-stuff. no p2w at all (which is a bit obscure because gaming is always a little p2w due to hardware demands)

    personally i think 2018 is a hoax, and the general level of things in FPS has gone way down. A mindset of idiocracy in game architecture will attract and build up mindless players and that makes game communities die fast.

    Many Dev´s have shown to be driven by insanity. like ...clearly shown without any discussion. i do not support insanity apart from insane coding skills or gameplay etc. so i expect more of a dev then i used to 10-20 years ago. i expect transparency to a high degree in terms of where the money has gone and what money was earned. this is the treatment you do with people who have stolen money and time from you and the treatment for people who you expect to steal money and time from you. otherwise i will not react much whith stuff that follows the same pattern as other disasters of the last years.

    i had a good time playing ghost in the shell first assault and now im cooling down from that good time with some other games before i go back to playing some old and new rpg´s i never got to play and forget that fps games ever existed. still have hope for ironsight because i believe the dev´s are going to try the best they can.

    ps: i leave out the concept of not having to pay for skins at all because that will raise a whole lot of other financial factors that have to be regarded as things are now.

    The link works well. didnt geht the thing with the number though. i like the part with the strong blue and the little plants.

    Theme: Water and Wind Elements

    ( flying Leafes, Wind, Salt, Sand, Water-like coloring )

    Concept Name: "S4LT-STORM"

    Background: "A Cold autumn day and the wind is Bashing in from the sides. A salty afternoon in the Harbor...Mood is bad and so is the aim. Even though chances are close to Zero you can hear a silent warsong in the wind: "KEEP HIPFIRIN`DUDE!!12". And so you run with the wind and the salt in your face like a silent storm that hits without warning. The water in your veins starts to Freeze and adrenaline rushes through your iced blood. You HIPFIRE THE HELL out of everything moving -invisible like a Cloud and smooth like a river - Nothing will stop you! "

    My view: I personally think there is a range of very strong smg in the field but this one has Always been my favourite for whatever reason. i put some Hours in while Servers are down and worked it out to my personal likes. Good luck everyone and don´t be salty ;D.

    Software: Krita 64 Windows 10

    PSD Export:…DDmesmeI/view?usp=sharing

    (no "google content" _except_ blurred background image of ocean)