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    What is Iron Sight?
    Answer: A Promisse

    I play this game since the CBT, but the main problems pointed out since that time continue to affect the gameplay.

    1 - Correct synchronization between players and their shots.

    2 - Impratical values , extremely expensive items in the game.

    why are we buffing sr at short range

    Cause it's horrible at short range, and op at long, so you just make it healthier, balancing both edges. Don't need to be good at short range, just less trash.

    We here complaining that the sniper class rules SMG's close behind, and the guy asking to get even better up close ...


    Yes, I understand what you mean, showing points of view is healthy in every way.

    The way the BF works in a matter of damage reduction I find very interesting, the weapons have a "high point" of damage, with drops before then, and I do not see problem of having something like that in the game.

    Remembering that I'm not talking about the sniper needing 1km to get its maximum damage, I know the ironsight maps in general are relatively small, I think of something like:

    0 ~ 5mt max damage SMG

    4 ~ 9mt max damage LMG

    7 ~ 12m max damage AR

    13mt + max damage Sniper

    And I always put questions 1x1 because if it is to put other players involved, maybe you never even close to the sniper.

    And a sniper who dies for Scar-H or AUG from afar are just bad or medium snipers, here I am dealing with good players, the sniper class in ironsight is not easy for beginners, but good players and accustomed to the game are unbeatable.

    Another thing, the sniper should sway when walking, looking at least a little.

    The secondary in the game for any class does not make so much sense, but for a sniper it leaves the class even more OP, I have to know, some 600 matches and almost always the sniper has a shotgun as secondary, and that up to 1 or 2 mt kill with 1 shot. surpassing any SMG.

    Even though I hate snipers, making a weapon less powerful at close range is kinda weird :S

    I'd say a little longer scope time is a better solution, thus forcing snipers to use their secondary in "surprise" situations. About the bolt cancel, let's not forget macros make it even easier, and no anticheat can detect this kind of thing (so a lot of ppl use it... mainly "pro" players).

    Really the macro is another subject, for me the anticheat should have the whole macro program, be razer, be that universal and especially the bloody ones, but it has much more behind, partnerships and many "comradeships"

    I came to play in an amateur league on warface, and in a few days I discovered that everyone was playing with Bloody macro, these are our "pros", but I'm going to open a topic talking about it soon;)

    Wow, were lifter interesting points, and that's why I like forums: D

    This would be an interesting way out, but I do not think it would solve the problem, the good sniper will continue to kill you closely as it will always be in scope when you arrive.

    1 - "if I hit the first shot" well, for this we have to assume that I got to where the sniper is, without taking into consideration that I will have to go through 7 other players, drones that reveal my position, land mines that snipers leave, not die behind the back, and lucky enough to get in the sniper and he is not looked at where I'm coming from knowing that I come from there. and even then the netcode has to "help" me because when it helps the enemy die fast, when I can not spend 1 clip that will not work.

    2 - Often "dancing" in front of the sniper with A and D does not work, I get tired of seeing snipers firing at 1 meter or 2 from the enemy's body and killing anyway.

    3 - Most snipers take a place and stay there ad-eternum, knowing where they are at all help, as appearing ahead to hit a grenade is suicide, and try to get them back ... go back to number 1 I wrote.

    4 - on the nerf in the RPM, I do not think it would help, the sniper would still overpowered killing from near or far with 1 shooting apernas, we hardly see snipers doing double or triple kill, who will say quadra kill, the sniper depends on the players appear in the field of view will kill 1 to 1, RPM certainly is not the problem.

    5 - I do not think also that buff secondary weapons can help in some way, they kill as fast as a rifle on many occasions, 3 shots of a desert, or 1 HS

    6 - To shoot in the hand, should cross, be sniper, SMG, AR, or whatever, it is ridiculous to lose an HS for example by hitting the hand that is in front, or to stop giving greater damage by the hand being in front , serves almost like a bulletproof vest.

    7 - If the opponent starts hitting the shots you will die, that is not certain, if your move is good, you can kill it before, or lower behind something, also varies the distance and the weapon that the subject is, besides kick the weapon, end the clip of ammunition ... many variables that can make someone with a weapon other than a sniper shoot first and not kill you.

    The Sniper must be kind of forced to switch to a secondary weapon when he is close, if the snipers still attempt the quickscope, the game is failing.

    I agree that some weapons need buffing, clearly there is too much delay to kill becoming unfeasible.

    I also think it horrible this mechanic of not killing with 1 headshot, I always hated it, but I have to agree that ironsight would break the game a little, on the other hand, reducing the amount of headshots needed for 2 would be welcome.

    The difficulty has to vary according to distance, in that you are right, the problem is that currently this balance is still hanging to the side of the sniper It is impossible to kill a minimally good sniper in long range, but it is not impossible for the sniper to kill any other closely, depending on the location, yet the advantage is the sniper.

    1 - We agreed that killing with 1 headshot would not be beneficial to the game.

    2 - I also agree that AR's has an overpowered Hipfire, SMG's even makes sense, AR's do not.

    3 - I do not think snipers are balanced in the game, but this is the subject of the topic :v

    4 - I agree that Bolt cancel is the most ridiculous thing in the history of FPS, the old CS's came with it and other games copied, does not make the slightest sense and only serves to circumvent an action of the game, pure exploit!

    Finally, from everything I read here so far, I think it would make sense if the sniper's damage drop worked the other way around, SMG's, AR's and LMG's drop the damage by distance, snipers could have a smaller damage the closer , then it would make sense for the class to be good for long distance, and bad for close. what do you think? ?(

    The problem that the game presents in snipers seems to be recurrent in F2P, snipers are unbalanced compared to ALL other classes. I'll show you why:

    let's put the following situation, in the red team we have 1 sniper great, in the blue team we have 1 great of smg, 1 great of LMG, and 1 great of rifle. The fact is that if the Sniper really is good, he will win the match unless they all attack in the same place at the same time, but in a normal situation 3 players will not walk away so close.

    And why does the sniper win?

    LMG is a weapon for medium-short combat, to kill you will need at least 3 or 4 HS, the Sniper at this distance needs only 1 from the waist up.

    SMG is a weapon of short distance, to kill requires 3 HS, the Sniper at this distance needs only 1 from the waist up.

    Rifles are medium-range weapons, to kill they will need 3 or 4 HS, the Sniper at this distance needs only 1 from the waist up.

    in any situation the sniper takes advantage, it does not help to nerf the scope time, has to make her kill with HS only, and take 50% of life in the body, there may not be much aligned with reality, but take 3 head shots and not die .. neither is it.


    Wow, I still had not attacked the detail that there is no direct sale, just loot box, this is definitely a cancer of the current games!


    Courage to spend it on 4 skins, each one does what they like with their money, but it's not for me, in fact I think I do not know what to do with the players.


    Thank you for coming here, one thing I admire about your company is the contact with the players. But going to the subject, I really hope it changes, and that the lootboxes cease to exist, or become optional at least as long as the game maintain this lootbox policy I do not put a penny of my money. learn from the mistakes of other companies ... EA is being heavily criticized for practices like this, different and not the same!

    I played Pangya, and made little at the time, but the game's value policy always encouraged people to put in a piece of money. What is 15 reais? of 15 in 15 I ended up spending 400 in about 1.5 years. In Warface, I played from 2013 to 2017, but I never spent 1 real in the game for not agreeing with their policy with high value, the only cash weapons I have in the account, was a cash I earned when visiting the headquarters of the publisher when I was invited to a talk as a forum representative, if this price policy does not change in Ironsight the same will happen ...

    Hello, I have come to give feedback and at the same time to make a request, since before the game to launch CBT I was already interested in him, to explain my vision I have to say where I "come from."

    Before Ironsight I played Warface, since 2013 he played, but the game fell into decay here in Brazil shortly after the introduction of Warbox, loot boxes bought with cash with a small percentage of chance to come a weapon with a higher status which is usually won in the game.

    Currently Ironsight keeps all the weapons within reach of the player, maintaining a fair environment, for believing in this vision I would like to help the game, buy weapons skins, but the value for us Brazilians is surreal, I will give an example:

    I would like to get the "Pietro Vector", for that I need 3 weapons, "Ultimax 100 Woodland" (40k gp) + "M4 ACC-M Chrome" (250 chips) + "Ak-12 Fire Monkey" )

    so in all I need 750 chips, in the store I would have to buy the 750 + 188 chips package that cost 7500 AP, there is a purchase package with that value, the closest is 11,950 AP, which are nothing more, nothing less than R$300.00:!::huh:

    I do not know how the market analysis they did with values, but I know it's not working as they are doing, I've never seen any player with one of those legendary weapons here on server SA!

    Okay, everything I said so far has not verified facts, now my suggestion:

    A game that I played a lot when I was in my lan house era, it was the "Pangya" what are weapons here, there were the sets of golf clubs, the average value of the best sets was R$ 7.50 to R$ 15.00, we all spent almost weekly to buy a new outfit or a golf club:!:

    I believe that a policy with low values and accessible can make the game more interesting, more popular and more profitable, better to have 1000 active players spending R$40.00 per month than 100 spending R$300.00 do not you think:?:;)

    Helix and sqroot , have no idea that these first 3 videos are bug or hackers, I do not want to go out accusing anyone without knowing, even though I do not want to be wasting time with daily reports with something that is a bug.

    the game is running on an HD, the same that only contains games, because the system is running on an SSD, anyway the texture should load before the game starts.

    And leaving a little of the subject of the topic, I have seen players climbing on the roof of some maps, such as Mart and Bio Lab, I believe that such an act is not allowed, because there physics is not perfect, ie, it was not for someone to be there Is this punishable?

    I'm not going to give a quote so it does not get too big, haha. these are now recorded videos of today:

    In these plays I died for nothing, hack or desync?

    In these here the characters took to load (happens almost every time, but of these here I recorded)

    And here a teleporter, I do not know what misfortune happened ... haha

    for information base, I have 35Mb of Download and 20Mb of Ulpload of Fiber Optic, so for my part it is ruled out problems by my connection.

    Edit: Just out of curiosity, why did they take the reporting button?

    Ok, here we go...

    Flying Players: (new bug)

    Diferents Bugs on the Killcam

    (quadra kill, but apear double kill)

    (Enemy don't apear)

    (just watch...)

    Today in a match one of the players of the other team was invisible to me, the same continued until the end of the match, was playing on the Cruise map, unfortunately I could not record due to a problem in the recorder. The same for the problems you asked me to prove, but tomorrow I'll record it ;)

    English Version

    Hello everyone, I really like this game, I've played since "CBT" and I would like to point out some flaws that are recurring in the game, and give some suggestions as well:

    Note: I will not talk about the problems of netcode because they are obvious and have already warned that they are working on this.
    ----- PROBLEMS -----

    1 - Game Crashing - game crashes and closes during the game, usually in the first few minutes, this happens with a small percentage of the games I start, the fact is much more recurrent when I give "Alt + TAB" during a load, in this case it is almost sure to crash.

    2 - Low Performance (Falling Frames) - I'm Brazilian and unfortunately our reality at a time is a little distant from very powerful hardware, mine is a GTX 1050Ti / 12Gb RAM / FX8120 (and I think I'm still above the country average) the fact here is that the game can not keep 60 fps in exchange for shooting the drop reaches 30 fps! even playing in low quality the game shows with an inadequate amount of FPS, not going from 90 and falling to 30. I reported this problem in CBT and has not yet been solved.

    3 - Non-recognition of Video memory - as I mentioned, I have a 1050Ti, it has 4GB of VRAM but the game recognizes only 3GB. I reported this problem to CBT and it still has not been resolved.

    4 - At the beginning of the match there is a delay to load the character and the weapon, getting to be 4 seconds with both hands up and the weapon at the top of the screen, all bugada.

    5 - In many places the players confuse themselves with the scenario depending on the color of the team (NAF or EDEN).

    6 - In the Game of the match, always the game is showing bugada, this was not happening in CTB and became more and more recurrent, now about 90% of the killcams of the match are bugged.

    ----- SUGGESTIONS ----

    1 - Home customizable, or that changes according to the drones that the player uses most.

    2 - Decrease the price of Skins, I follow the game, I would like to buy skins and make collections, but the dollar conversion leaves the value unfeasible.

    3 - Addition of unlockable achievements that can be attached to the character's clothing (such as MVP's fire star for example)

    4 - improvement in the physics of talismans

    Well, from what I remember now this is what I have to say, I hope the GM's can see and can respond, no more thanks for this beautiful game

    Versão Portuguesa.
    Olá à todos, gosto muito desse game, jogo desde o "CBT" e gostaria de apontar algumas falhas que estão recorrentes no game, e dar algumas sugestões também:

    Obs: não falarei dos problemas de netcode pois são óbvios e já avisaram que estão trabalhando nisso.

    ----- PROBLEMAS -----

    1 - Game Crashing - o jogo trava e fecha durante a partida, geralmente nos primeiros minutos, isso ocorre com uma pequena porcentagem das partidas que inicio, o fato fica muito mais recorrente quando dou "Alt+TAB" durante um load, nesse caso é quase certo o crash.

    2 - Baixo Desempenho (Queda de Frames) - Sou Brasileiro e infelizmente nossa realidade num momento é um pouco distante de hardwares muito potentes, o meu é uma GTX 1050Ti/ 12Gb RAM/ FX8120 (e creio que ainda estou acima da média do país :( ) o fato aqui é que o jogo não consegue manter 60 fps em trocas de tiro a queda chega a 30 fps! mesmo jogando em qualidade baixa o jogo se mostra com uma quantidade de FPS inadequada, não passando dos 90 e caindo para 30. reportei esse problema no CBT e ainda não foi resolvido.

    3 - Não reconhecimento da memória de Vídeo - como citei, possuo uma 1050Ti, a mesma possui 4GB de VRAM mas o game reconhece apenas 3GB. reportei esse problema no CBT e ainda não foi resolvido também.

    4 - No início da partida há uma demora para carregar o personagem e a arma, chegando a ficar uns 4 segundos com as 2 mãos pra cima e a arma no alto da tela, toda bugada.

    5 - Em muitos lugares os jogadores se confundem com o cenário dependendo da cor da equipe (NAF ou EDEN).

    6 - Na Jogada da partida, sempre a jogada está aparecendo bugada, isso não acontecia no CTB e veio ficando cada vez mais recorrentes, agora cerca de 90% das killcams da partida estão bugadas.

    ----- Sugestões ----

    1 - Home personalizável, ou que mude de acordo com os drones que o jogador mais usa.

    2 - Diminuir o preço das Skins, acompanho o game, gostaria de comprar skins e fazer coleções, mas a conversão de dólar deixa o valor inviável.

    3 - Adição de conquistas desbloqueáveis que podem ser anexadas na roupa do personagem (como a estrela de fogo de MVP por exemplo)

    4 - melhora na física das talismãs

    Bem, pelo que me lembro agora é isso que tenho para dizer, espero que os GM's vejam e possam responder, no mais agradeço por esse belo game ;)

    the same for me, in the "closed beta" there were no such great FPS drops, but since the "tech beta test" my game does not run well, it works at 110 FPS normally, but with drops going at 40 fps or less.

    and so far I have not gotten an answer about it even in the official Discord.

    monitoring the use of hardware, I see that the game never uses even 40% of the processor and video card.

    AMD FX 8120

    12 GB RAM

    Geforce GTX 1050Ti

    I'll have to drop the game until it's fixed by the way