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    Oh yes, I take it you don't like the avatar....what in the world will we do now ?

    It was not a matter of like or dislike but more something like....

    "Woah if that guy find it appropriate to do so here What might he do next ?" rofl

    OK, Mr. glowing cat :D I hope you enjoy this avatar then... :))

    um i dont recall there being a veiw content button on the free ones just the " claim item " button o.o i think where talking about 2 diffrent types of loot boxes. im talking about the free ones you get every 2 days and every 20-30 mins not the ones you buy with ingame cash or get from leveling up or such. i allready know how to use them lol

    i was curius if the coins one aka the 3 a day for free one gives anything other then 100 coins becuse thats ALL iv seem to of gotten from it. nothing more nothing less.

    I received 150 GP once and 300 GP once and in rest every time 100 I wrote to Solaria, this box is useless imo as 100 GP means nothing comparing to how much renting or buying costs in the game....

    Hey there!

    It’s all just based on luck. You can see what you can possibly get when you press on the „View Contents“ button

    I haven't seen this option on those 2 free boxes (you can't view what they contain)

    +the GP box that you can open 3 times a day it's absolutely useless since it gives 100 GP ....100 GP is extremely close to 0 when renting AP or SP costs 7700 for 7 days (or 1100 for 1 day) or when buying a weapon costs 20.000 GP (without skin)

    i'm mostly an AR player, but I do like to sniper from time to time (especially if there are many snipers in the other team) but to be honest I think sniper is supposed to be 1 shot kill in upper body, considering that a sniper (talking in reality) does kill with 1 shot and from very long range...that's the whole reason why it's a the sniper has a big disadvantage as if you miss the shot you are 99% dead.

    Now the problem in this game is not the fact that the sniper is 1 shot kill to the torso, the real problem is that the hitboxes for sniper are way too big. They should be narrowed.

    I've seen many players using the silencer. For me the silencer is not a preferred attachment. I use it on some weapons (like AR-57, mostly SMG's) but my personal preference in attachments (at least in AR's) is Quick Shot scope and Precision Barrel (alternatively Laser Sight)

    I would love to have the option to put 3 attachments though....Like scope/barrel/laser....cause it makes more sense: on a weapon you can put a scope (on top of the barrel) then you can also change the barrel type, but in the same time you can attach a laser in IS should be the same, having a laser sight should not have to disable 1 of my other attachments, that can be easily placed on the weapon without affecting the laser sight)

    As can be seen in the attached picture, a weapon can have a scope, a laser sight AND a silencer all at once...


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    I think on my laptop only the launcher runs with the nVidia, the game itself runs on the Intel on-board (see pictures)

    But unfortunately (a feature that seems to be implemented in most games these days) I can't run the game without the launcher....(just as Diablo 3, Warface and others)....Hate those "launcher" games....


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    well, something is fishy to be honest. in game for me it shows GeForce FX1050 but 128MB. I see that on your recording it shows 1024MB...maybe something is wrong. How does your game show you 1024MB ?

    This is strange cause even on my PC (GTX 1070 6GB DDR5) it only shows me 3024 MB in game (next to the video card name).

    i had a laptop with i5 2,5ghz, 8gb ram, and fx 525m and it never reached more than 50-70 fps (with everything on low, and disabled) and you are telling us you get 105 fps with a 460m....this is the best joke of the day.

    I am having now I5 7200 2.7ghz, 8gb ram, and fx 1050 4gb ddr5 and I barely pull 115-120 fps (and it's not stable - more like 90-100 stable) with everything on low....

    "Good" to know I'm not the only one here. What makes it so sad is that even 60+ fps just feels like 20 fps at the moment. The game is only playable (for me) with 100+ fps to get a smooth feeling besides the occasional ping issues. In this kind of fast paced game it's realy hard to enjoy the game if you just feel the slow drag every gun fight :(

    So true, and I can relate to this sensing this effect very strongly, for example when I'm playing from laptop I can only have a smooth game if I'm above 100 fps, but it drops to 70-80 so often, and when that happens it feels like I'm playing a fast paced game on a very old computer :) and can't kill mostly nothing...I used to have steady 100-115 on laptop before....

    And even home on my PC I use to run the game at 150+ fps now it rarely stays stable at 140's usually 115-120 fps...and the PC is quite capable of the stable 150+ it's not from the PC (as I've changed nothing, the difference came after the patch attempt)

    Uninstall/Install probably won't do anything.

    The game runs very bad since the patch was tried to be applied. I am playing this game since the release and until now, I always had a smooth/good play, with no lags and no other issues.

    Since the "half day maintenance" happened, the game just runs very poorly with lags, people coming out from the walls shooting, people going into walls when I shoot them, and many other "strange" to say the least, things are happening.

    So the server is running worst than before the patch attempt...

    Asterion that's fine mate at least for me, I am mature enough to understand that unforeseen issues might come up, and I work in IT for quite a few years now to know that when it comes to computers, there is always something that you haven't thought or planned that will go wrong :)

    It's comforting to know that there is indeed a private test server though.

    PS: People who complain that the maintenance took too long, know that there are other games to play as well, also you can actually do something in REAL life in the meantime :)


    I think this is the only game I know where a patch needs 9 hours to be applied. :)

    Also like I said in another post, there should be a test server where all the new content should be tested BEFORE released on the main server. Everything new that comes on the server should ONLY be applied once it has been tested before and is 100% known to be working.

    I have to say that it is a bit "weird" to have almost a whole day of maintenance just to say at the end: "Well, sorry but it looks like we can't apply this patch, cause we haven't checked it before and it seems it doesn't work. Oh we didn't knew...Sorry for wasting a whole day for NOTHING."

    I personally don't stress that much about the lost time, and I can understand that unforeseen issues might appear, but I think there should be a test server where all new things like patches, maps, weapons and all the rest have to be tested before released on the main server.

    This way the main server won't be troubled with having to be shut down until everything is tested and known to be working 100%.

    Just my opinion.

    Exactly, and I've noticed that most people don't realize what a big improvement the long ears perk gives. Ever since I used it first time and saw that I can hear twice as better where enemies are, I never stopped using it. One of the best perks in game imo. Having UAV recon/Spy drone/Long ears gives a big advantage in knowing enemies positions...

    2015 lol I though the game was just release in February 2018 (the open beta version) and the previous version (pre-alpha) was released just a few months back. Does this 2015 release of the game refers to the Korea version? As I surely didn't hear nothing of Ironsight until end of 2017 (with the pre-alpha) in EU.

    guys, cheaters are all the players that are constantly killing others many times, or finishing with high score (30+). I for one just got used to all those hack accusations. When weaker players are getting rekt they will always accuse their killer of hacking, it's very common in a lot of fps games....

    Like some said here, I've never seen any cheater until now (apart from some strange kills but due to the netcode/lag). Approx 300h of play / 2400 matches....

    Also @ Virus79 there is a report button in the game mate, it was always there :)

    I would just say, for all those who are finishing the games with 10 and below 10 kills (and I've seen tons), just try harder/give it more time to get used to the game/change some settings (video settings, mouse settings - just to see if something is wrong on that side)/or ultimately just try other game in which you can be better, and stop accusing of hacking the players that are finishing on first places with high scores. It's just childish.

    Hi all,

    Just as a curious case, with what FOV are you guys playing (FOV settings located in Video Settings :D)

    google said its Call of Duty: World at War but idk if it is :grin:

    This is how the CoD World at War HUD looks like...that is not CoD WaW...

    I think there is no such thing as the best weapon....Best weapon is the one each player gets used to and makes the most of....I've seen people being very good with Scar-H...well for me that weapon doesn't work out that well, just cause I can't get used to it. So it all depends on each player.

    I think the XP rate and the gold rate should be increase, especially if there really is 1000 levels like everyone says.

    I think the same, as getting 300-400 XP and 400-500 GP is just a bit too low. (Thinking that a gold skin is 130 K and a normal box is 4800 GP)

    The rewards should be something around 1000 GP and 800 XP for 1 full game. (something like that anyway)

    Uhh, 300 GP is about the bare minimum you get from a PvP match if you played it full, you can get up to 900 GP depending on your performance/duration of the match. Also there are the achievements that give nice amounts of GP. If anybody is working or aiming towards a gold weapon should be saving all GP until having 130k, without spending on unnecessary stuff.
    If boosts were 100% people would cry P2W.
    x1.5, x2 or even x3 EXP/GP events would be great but i think that will only happen once the game gets the official release.

    Just curious how many hours of play do you have and how many matches played? I have around 300 h of play and 2300 matches and I believe the max amount of GP/XP I got was for the longer games (Resource Takeover and Secure the Point) which was around 450-500. That's the top without boosters for a full game (don't want to talk about my performance as I don't want neither to complain nor to brag)

    When on earth did you get 900 GP without boosters in PVP in IronSight ?

    There are achievements that give nice amount of GP I give you that but what do you do when you are running out of those achievements? For example for me, the only type of achievements I have left are the ones that give me titles (Stripes). The achievements I haven't done yet and give GP are those for weapons which the ones that give the most are Mastery IV for 4800 GP.

    Also you can't save GP all the time as if you noticed at the moment we have to RENT the SP and AP (soft point bullet and armor piercing bullet), and so are the tactical/lethal should you want to use something else than frag/flashbang....And the bullets (and the tactical/lethal) are not that cheap to rent to be honest.

    I don't think it's Call of Duty: Black Ops, as I don't recall any weapon like that, or those gloves, also type of HUD (bottom right corner) doesn't suggest it would be CoD BO

    some events that would have double (or even triple) XP/GP would be very much appreciated, as for the moment the rewards for a game are pretty poor. (TDM grants you around 300 XP and same amount of GP).

    With those kind of rewards it takes a long time to make money for boxes (4.800 GP) or especially for a gold gun (130 K)

    Linked off-topic
    Boxes are a bit too expensive to be honest considering that the money reward for 1 game is around 300 GP.

    Also boosters are a bit inappropriate for their price. 99 chips/day for ONLY 30%. Thinking that the XP and GP you get are like I said up here around 300 30% doesn't make much of a difference. Having in mind that buying boosters for 1 month for example would cost around 25£ I would think that this is too expensive for just 30% boost. Boosters should really make a difference cause this is their role, that's why you pay for boosters with real money, to benefit of something worthy not to get 90 GP/XP more (IMO boosters should be 100%)

    90. I have a love for high FOV in FPS games, makes everything feel more intense.

    Yeah, I use 90 too, it feels like the best "attachment" to put it this way, for a fast paced game...But with smaller FOV you can see better (I mean bigger characters at least) tho :)

    Hi all,

    Just as a curious case, with what FOV are you guys playing (FOV settings located in Video Settings :D)