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    1) In my opinion players are too fast paced, and taking the knife (3 key) is useless at the moment. I'd rather a LITTLE BIT slower run with a primary weapon equiped and a faster run with knife.

    2) Can you add a "show weapon" key? would be nice to see our character showing the rifles and knives equipped in their hands.

    AT LEAST snipes shouldn’t have that accuracy while they are under enemy fire, For example Battlefiled does this very well.

    Everytime i start to shoot a sniper with an AR and get hit marker they can 1 shot me without any problem.

    And about sniping while moving.. it’s a shame see guys using blaser and dsr like smg!!

    Venom i play from italy, and i have a good ping. It seems like bullets follow you behind covers, so i die even if in my “display” i can reach a safe cover. Trade killing is a problem too, i mean i know that it’s just in Beta, but i hope this issues will be fixed because at the moment it can’t be a competitive game even if i like it a lot.

    Hi, i noticed that in this game it’s really easy kill and get killed without even see the enemy crossing a wall. I always get killed before i can actually SEE the enemy shooting in front of me, can it’ll be fixed?

    First of all thanks to devs for making a triple A quality game free to play without any pay to win system. I think this game has huge potential and it can achieve a good playerbase in future, it has everything that i always wanted in a FPS: A lot of customizable Modern weapons, Character customization, NO class system, TTK not too short, Rank system separated from leveling system.

    I hope devs will add more Weapons, knives, skins, weapon attachments, carachter cosmetics ( stuff and colours ), maps and other game modes ( example a coop PVE survival), something to check out poupulation in servers would be nice.

    Obviulsy game is not perfet at the moment, there are some buggs and in my opinion snipers are too easy to use, but it can be easly fixed. What would you like to see in the future in this game?

    (Sorry my english)