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    what kind of f****** genius are literally punishing the player for being way to fast on their fingers through ignoring actions instead of delaying them??

    Literally every FPS game, including CoD which this game is based on.

    Time your button presses right and you won't get oversampling. It's part of the skill.

    I understand that people can be salty, because they haven't got anything/they were to slow, but it was a small giveaway. You haven't lost an exclusive skin or permanent boost. Only 25 people of the entire community got a reward. You aren't special for being excluded.

    If Long Ears nullifies Feather Steps completely (Feather Steps user is still louder), then it's broken. If Long Ears and Feahter Steps cancel each other (you can hear Feather Steps user, but they're not amplified), then it works correctly.

    I am compiling a suggestion-list of a new perk selection for IronSight, because I think we all know that the current system is very broken - it has a bunch of useless perks, they're imbalanced and pretty much randomly placed.

    But before I post my suggestion, I have a couple of missing spots in my list and I want to see, what kinds of perks you'd like to see in the game?

    Regarding the content, if you understand how games work, you'll understand why releasing more content while the game isn't fully polished yet wouldn't be a very smart move.

    But this isn't "more content". Yes, new content has to be tested by QA for missing textures, missing collisions, bugs, exploits and all of that, but this isn't new content. This is content that was already existing in the Korean version. Obviously I don't have a point of reference between popular engines like Unreal Engine, Unity or CryEngine and the IronSight Engine, but if it's made half-decently, it really shouldn't be a problem.

    I understand that you have your own repo, not some old Korean repo that you just deploy and you have to handle the netcode and such, but content is content. Unless you're running an old version and have to re-QA everything, I feel like it's dishonest to claim this needs to be post-poned.

    PS. Also, it would be just nice to know, if the Korean development team is working on the game despite it being dead in Korea. I understand that you cannot say "no", but if it really is the case, discuss it with Wiple. Otherwise, you know the game will die at some point and are just trying to get a couple of bucks before shutting it down completely.

    Well, since the technical set up of the Korean version and our is very different, yes we are working on technical issues. Which never happened on the KR version.

    It's as simple as that.

    Therefore, that's why we focus more on this aspect than on the content. Adding new content (which could mean new bugs) while we still have issues with the previous content wouldn't be very good for the game, neither for the community.

    ...but that's not how games work. Obviously IronSight works on a proprietary engine, but if you have a map and it has already been tested for years on the Korean servers, you can deploy it on yours easily. You won't get any new bugs, since it's literally the same content that has already been available in the Korean version.

    Hey, if you want to drip-feed us content that's already created, because the game is dead in Korea and the development team has probably already moved on to different projects, that's okay. But state that upfront. You can even make a point about bringing the game back from the dead, so to speak.

    Shotguns are fine as secondary weapons. Don't whip out your shotgun after spawn and expect to go on a killstreak with it. Just like pistols, they are close-range and great for finishing enemies off.

    Well, if the game has shut down in Korea, then the development team isn't working on it anymore (unless it becomes a huge hit in the West, but even then, Asian developers always treat the West like a third-world). They have probably cut the content from the Korean release and will now release it slowly, to pretend the game is being updated.

    And this you say '' All it takes is a friend to take into a custom match. Though I assume with your childish attitude, it's tough to find friends to begin with.'' is a childish argument. You love describing yourself each time you reply to me.

    Did you seriously just posted "no u" as an argument? :D

    You are outnumbered in this post as shown in the previous reply yet you dare speak as if you were on the majority.

    Ah yes, outnumbered... two to two. :D I'm sure two people represent the entirety of IronSights' playerbase. :D

    And yes, if people were looking carefully at min map they would die less, that's a undeniable fact. You must be new to the FPS games.

    Prove it! :D Give me a detailed, ten-page analysis with statistics, player interviews and video footage, otherwise your argument literally makes no sense by your own logic.

    You keep repeating yourself that the suggested stats are random or make no sense. I bet you still haven't watched the video. It's almost s if your only intention in this post was to troll constantly.. Not reading the main posts and it's contents and then jumping to argue without suggesting good ideas won't help the game grow.

    No, you are just deluded and refuse to understand very simple arguments. :D

    All the other weapon attachments you used as example basically back up my post. They all do their job in a futuristic FPS, not fantasy one, all while making sense. For example the laser adding hip fire accuracy makes perfect real life sense. If you were to lower your weapon to your hip you would still see the laser marked on the target, thus working as a guide to increase your accuracy, as if reducing weapon spread. To make this realistic what the game does is add said stat. Then again you fail to see that the problem here is that the silencer has simply been given stats contrary to what it does. It's like if I gave a sticky grenade the ability to heal my team mates.

    Oh yes, a sight with "biomonitoring technology" that displays the enemy's health makes perfect sense. :D

    Why aren't you crying that laser sight should reduce recoil, since it's putting weight on the end of the gun? Actually it should make the recoil go left, since it's on the left side of the screen... why the muzzle flash doesn't blind and deafen people that stand next to you, that's what it does in reality!

    Silencer hides your position, which is what it does in IronSight. I guess to understand it, you have to know more than watch one Youtube video. :D

    So bottom line all you know to do is brag about designing stuff in games, which no one really cares about. Jumping on posts , not reading contents and have a close minded opinion based on assumptions and lack of information. Contradict yourself constantly and ignoring the replies in which is shown how you were wrong. Because of people like you is why some communities in some games are toxic and don't really help the game develop.

    Well, you have basically devolved into insulting everyone that doesn't agree with your bad idea. You fail to understand why it's bad, you don't reply to all the points that show you why it's bad and you're in complete denial.

    Actually ar-57 has random stats. The gun realistically is still being produced and no statistics has been released (as far as I can find). TTK for this gun is .57 seconds at its full damage potiential (with no damage multiplier) which is really bad. So...

    Many of the guns have random stats, Jackhammer doesn't even exist as a military weapon.

    You are now assuming no one else from the player base would appreciate that things like this were made to fit real life mechanics, while theres some people that already agreed to the idea.

    Oh, there sure are. All two of them.

    All you do is assume, I know of players that would be attracted to this game due to it having the Metal reaper, and I know some that would join because the weapons mechanics and their attachments are accurate to real life.

    Cool, these players can play games like ARMA or Insurgency, if they want to play an FPS game with realistic mechanics.

    If something you said made no sense, it made no sense, period. You are only making yourself look bad. The fact that you perceive me as smart without me mentioning it is proof. Now you are on the defensive, and avoiding explaining your previous irrational statements.

    No, it just means you haven't understood it and most likely you're in denial. :D I'm literally only responding to you to see the next deluded message, devoid of arguments and filled with hastily-made, faulty responses.

    Like, I never said I perceive you as smart. That's just your delusion speaking.

    You love exaggerating things in your favor. Ok so adding +1 on a stat on a single attachment kills off the identity of the game. The game would be come useless. What? Are you reading what you type? That desperate are you to try and look good in something you can't due to what you have said?

    Actually, you've suggested +1 to range, +1 to damage and +1 to recoil control. Despite the fact these numbers don't mean anything, that's already a ridiculous amount of stat changes to put on a weapon. But sure, keep avoiding 90% of my arguments to come up with 14-year old-tier insults. :D

    Are you not reading the same post? Every time you reply you prove you just don't read and tall back to try and not look bad.

    You cannot even read your own posts right, so what can I say? :D

    The arguments for changing it have been exposed, video proof shown and explained. You continue to fail to understand it. Your loss.

    Oh, so when someone explains why your idea is bad, you cry that they "haven't understood it". Believe me, they understand things much better than you and they can see a bad idea from a mile away.

    Anyone can say they have proof of something but not have it. You skipped over the fact that what you said shows that you cant' use common sense to understand what a bug is. Convenient huh?

    I told you, that you can check it yourself. All it takes is a friend to take into a custom match. Though I assume with your childish attitude, it's tough to find friends to begin with.

    And yes the time per match and kills are measured each game, with those you can observe the game is currently fast paced as YOU mentioned and that few people actually play this in a tactical way focusing on map reading. You are the one that has to prove with statistics that this is not the case. I'm still waiting. Show me that the majority of the matches take long and that theres few kills ( less deaths) because players focus on map reading.

    I really don't want to explain anything to you anymore, because you're clearly too dumb to listen, but people looking at the minimap doesn't mean they play more carefully and die less. :D It just means they have an idea of where the enemies are and, more often than not, they will use that knowledge to challenge the enemy and kill them. When you have a suppressor, you don't reveal your position while shooting, meaning enemies cannot find and challenge you. This is basic knowledge for anyone that has played at least one CoD game. :D

    Not a single item in this game has random stats, its based off the real thing and the model used in countless FPS. I don't see shotguns with 100 bullet clips and I don't see snipers with shotgun accuracy. The only REAL random stat is on the silencers, which is why this topic post exists.

    This is funny, because it isn't even true. This game has sights that display enemies in bright red through scope, or how much ammo you have left in your magazine, or how much health the enemy has left. It has a laser sight that magically tightens your hipfire spread. "Straight pull", that's just some fantasy attachment.

    But yeah dude, silencers are totally unrealistic in this game. :D

    I have already explained it. It would make this game the first one to make such an attachment do what it actually does. Would make it stand out and game would be praised by this.

    No, you would praise the game. You aren't the entire fanbase. The game isn't made for your amusement exclusively.

    Moreso, your argument isn't even sound. It would be the first (actually, it wouldn't, there are many realistic shooters that have silencers). So what? What would that change in the gameplay, how would it affect the game positively? People don't play IronSight because "it's the first game to feature a Metal Reaper", that's a ridiculous assumption.

    By your logic, no one is the target audience.

    You're just posting these things to sound smart, or do you actually plan to back up your trains of random thoughts with actual arguments?

    Because the game is succeeding I'm suddenly not the target audience? what? How do you know it won't succeed even more? Crystal ball? Please make more sense next time you try. You mention game design over and over as if the whole game design depended on this single weapon attachment.

    There's this thing called "identification". It makes sure your game remains consistent and easily understandable - "grokable", as some designers would say. Adding a randomly "realistic" attachment to a game about flying futuristic drones breaks that identification. This game isn't meant to be realistic in any way.

    'What you like isn't what every player likes'' Erm this goes both ways. Some people agreed to my idea. What do you have to say about that?

    Actually, nobody in this thread has yet agreed to your idea. The point of my statement wasn't to encourage you to seek validation for your bad ideas. It's to understand that game design is never about you and what you like.

    No one said anything about fixing. It was stated this would be simply an improvement.

    No, you have stated that people are "afraid of change", so I've said it's pointless to change something that works just fine, if there are no good arguments for changing it.

    Ok so any random player can simply ''test'' something and without evidence claim it does X thing. Then slap the name ''Guide'' on it . If the game states it has -2 range and it doesn't reflect it , thats called a bug, and will be fixed eventually. This is still in open beta. If it wasn't intended to reduce range it wouldn't say it in stats. Doesn't take a lot of smarts to understand this.

    You can test it yourself, if you want. I have footage to prove it, I just haven't posted it yet. I was just informing you how the game works right now, since you clearly don't know that yet.

    You claim '' a lot '' of players use the map to identify enemies. Show me statistics proving this. From plain observation you can simply tell most really don't use it. Only a few a bit over average or pros use it. If what you say is true you would see longer lasting matches due to people being careful by reading map and having way less deaths.

    I just have to marvel the statement: "Show me the statistics proving this. From plain observation..." :D

    I don't think this warrants any other response.

    Ok so you just re-confirmed you haven't watched the video. Then dare call these stats random. Again. Guess some people never learn. If you had any real interest in guns you would have watched the video and realize the stats mentioned have a reason to be and then you'd notice you are wrong.

    Just because they are accurate to the real world, doesn't mean they wouldn't be completely random in-game. Any stat change you put into the game is just an approximation of how the real-life gun works.

    By this logic most of the attachments if not all, should be removed. If the realistic and small stats I mentioned have no place in a FPS, then none have. Might as well remove the weapons too. Too close minded are we?

    You really have a hard time understanding logic, don't you? :D You really should stop being angry that your bad idea hasn't caught on, realize why it's completely unfitting for the game and try again later.

    Yes the game takes some elements from CoD, but Ironsight is Ironsight, they have no reason to copy the mistakes other games do, the idea is to improve.

    You haven't yet proven how your idea improves the game in any way, shape or form.

    If what you say is true about their primary goal is to make a fun game, why haven't they added shotguns with sniper range? why haven't they allowed me to run at x5 the current speeds? that would make it fun for me. You see, fun is relative.

    Because game design isn't about making the game fun for you. Game design is making a game fun and engaging for your target audience. IronSight is seemingly succeeding at this, so possibly you are not the target audience.

    The goal of every company is profit and grow. One way to make that happen is by adding content that most of the player base likes and standing out from the rest. By copying mistakes from other games they aren't standing out and they aren't listening to what players that agree with this like.

    What you like isn't what every player likes.

    Just saying the Iv'e observed that the people that comment against this are simply not thinking out of the box and are scared of change.

    There's a saying, it says "don't fix something that isn't broken".

    You say they are strong without drawbacks, but they do, they reduce range by 2.

    No they don't. Just because the menu states that they reduce change, doesn't mean they do. You can check my guide here: Quick Guide: All Attachments Explained

    By themselves they aren't strong either, not all players look at the map, that is based on player skill. To fully get the most out of the benefit you have to put work into it.

    A lot of players use the map to get a feeling for where the enemies are. Suppressors were always very strong, that's why they have always carried a range penalty in CoD games.

    The perks added wouldn't be random. Seems you haven't watched the video. To comment about a topic you should instruct yourself first.

    I have an interest in guns, I've researched guns for the games I've made and I have shot guns that had a suppressor. The perks you have mentioned are absolutely random and have no place in a fast-paced shooter such as Iron Sight. If you want a faithful recreation of gun mechanics, try ARMA, Insurcency or Red Orchestra.

    I know this is just a canned response, but actually don't. This is a game. Silencers in CoD are extremely strong and need a drawback.

    This isn't CoD tho. This is Iron Sight.

    IronSight is literally a free-to-play Call of Duty.


    Why get stuck with the same outdated myth and not evolve into something more accurate?

    Because that's not how game design works. The team's primary goal is to make a fun, balanced game, not to ideally reflect the real world.


    It wouldn't make it over powered, on top of that the price to acquire it could be increased.

    Silencers are already strong and have no actual drawbacks. Silencers have a clean and readable design, adding a bunch of random perks on top of their primary purpose is pointless and clutters the game. Also, balancing something with price in a multiplayer game is an awful design.

    I hate to say this, but this is getting worse by the minute... I saw people in here get the last wave at consistently 3:12, now I'm getting it always at 3:09 (and sometimes the sentinels take even 3 seconds to spawn after the explosion). I assume people just have to fish for a stable server to get good times.

    It's definitely one of the best, and my suggestion would be to introduce a "Cold-Blooded" perk.

    Cold-Blooded - not visible on Detecting Sight, Monitoring Sight and Glow-On Sight, not visible on killstreak cameras (no diamond around you), not targeted by AI drones.

    Sights like Detecting Sight, Monitoring Sight and Glow-On Sight often give you tunnel vision, making you seek red targets. Players with Cold-Blooded would counter that quite nicely and also escape annoying killstreaks.

    No. Adding too many gamemodes splits the community and makes it hard to find a match. If the developers want to add variety gamemodes, they should add them one at a time, then remove them while adding the next one. Call it a "rotating game mode" or whatever.

    If any of these gamemodes gets a statistically significant playerbase and is more popular than others, then sure, it can be added permanently.

    Content Creep kills games. Imagine you're a beginner and you see the game you've just joined has 20 gamemodes and 150 different weapons. Most players get overwhelmed and quit.

    The point of a speedrun is to use all of the bugs possible :D

    Unless the people that haven't posted yet have some crazy exploit, I can't imagine you can go faster than 2:45-ish. The run posted by Anteey is sub-optimal (and the RNG screws him at the end), but even then there isn't a lot of seconds to shave off it.

    Here's some strats that I've researched on stream so far:

    - You need to kill the first three sentinels, otherwise the game bugs out.

    - On the stairs, you only need to kill the first sentinel and the one that's in the middle of the room after you climb the stairs, same reason as before. Don't ask why these.

    - Obviously you can just rush the EMP and not kill a single in this room Sentinel. (it actually doesn't matter)

    - Obviously you can use the conveyor belt on the right to go faster. (it actually doesn't matter as well)

    - Obviously the game will randomly bug on you and not spawn any enemies at this point. That's the bug I've mentioned earlier, killing the sentinels I've mentioned helps, but is not a guarantee. Hell, I had it bug on me when I've killed every single one. The sentinels it will spawn will start shooting at you from below the ground? Okay.

    - Oh, you want to know why I've added "it doesn't matter" to the strats before? As long as you kill all required sentinels before 3:14, you have to wait for the wall on the right to blow up anyway. So it doesn't matter how fast you are, just that you're there before 3:14.

    - Now it's literally RNG. First, the game cannot really decide whether it'll spawn the next wave of sentinels at 3:13, or even as late as 2:58. I've tried everything and I assume it's just tied to how laggy the servers want to be that day. You have to kill that wave (eight sentinels in total) as fast as possible, to trigger the final wave. That's the only thing that matters.

    - Literally nothing in final wave matters, although again the game can bug on you and not kill all the sentinels, meaning you will lose time killing them yourselves.

    So basically:

    1. Go fast enough to kill all the sentinels by 3:14.

    2. Kill the last 8 sentinels as fast as possible.

    3. Pray to RNGsus to not end your run with a random bug.

    I haven't yet tested the barrels, it's possible that they have an extremely small effect on your range. I generally use precision barrel on everything, I really wouldn't care about increasing my maximum range - you'll rarely find yourself shooting at that range anyway..

    P90 is nowhere near broken, or even good. Its damage drop-off is insane and even when within its effective range, it deals mediocre damage.

    AR57 is the bane of every CoD game - an SMG/AR hybrid. Reminds me of AK74su in Black Ops 1. Really, AR57 should realistically be P90 with slower fire-rate, worse handling and better range - that's it.

    I have recreated this thread, because it got merged with other threads by accident.

    NOTE: If you have any research on any of these attachments that would add additional info, post it in the thread and I'll update this post.

    Hey! Because attachments are so poorly explained in-game, I've made this very quick guide, so people know what each attachment does. I've bolded the ones that are especially confusing.

    Quick Shot Sight - A regular sight with a slight zoom

    Holographic Scope - Another regular sight, with an increased zoom.

    ACOG - A medium-range sight with medium magnification.

    Clear Sight - A regular sight without zoom, also displays your remaining ammo.

    Detecting Sight - Doesn't display enemies through walls. Instead, all enemies are highlighted in red, even through smoke and debris, but only if there are no walls or other obstacles in the way.

    Monitoring Sight - Displays remaining enemy health and also the range to the object you're pointing at.

    Glow-On Sight - A weaker version of the Detecting Sight, lights up in red when you're aiming at the enemy.

    Rifle Scope - A regular sight with the largest magnification on non-sniper rifles.

    All Sniper Scopes EXCEPT the Thermal Scope - Various magnification levels and reticles.

    Thermal Scope - Low magnification with a red-dot, also has a screen that displays the body area you've hit.

    Laser Sight - Tightens hip-fire spread.

    Silencer - You're not displayed on the enemy's mini-map while shooting. Has no drawback, despite the stats stating otherwise.

    Precision Barrel - Increases your maximum range, you will deal more damage on medium-to-long distances.

    Modified Rifling - Increases your maximum effective range, you will deal more damage on close-to-medium distances.

    Muzzle Break - Reduces horizontal recoil. (side-to-side recoil) (Possibly has no effect, or is very unnoticeable)

    Compensator - Reduces vertical recoil. (upwards recoil) (Possibly has no effect, or is very unnoticeable)

    Extended Magazine - Increases your magazine capacity, while reducing your ammo carried slightly.

    Hair Trigger - Increases your rate-of-fire on semi-automatic rifles. You can press the left mouse button faster.

    Straight Pull - Decreases the time it takes to load another shot into a bolt-action rifle.

    Soft-Point Bullet - Increased aim-punch. (thanks Gnomedalf) Doesn't increase damage nor range.

    Armor-Piercing Bullet - Decreases the penalty for shooting through walls by 50%. Allows SMGs to shoot through walls. (thanks Gnomedalf) Doesn't increase damage to drones.

    With Dam you actually have five exits from your spawn - middle, down and up the stairs to the pipes, down and through the tunnel, control room and the travelling platform. Spawn-camping on this map IS a problem, but there is a lot of routes for you to take if someone is spawn-camping. Tunnel is especially under-used.

    Hey, I think it's pretty weird that, despite the creators obviously wanting us to create content about Iron Sight, there is no official thread where we can share links to our Youtube videos, channels and Twitch channels... so I decided to start one.

    Post links to your Youtube channels, Youtube videos (if it's just one video about Iron Sight) and to your Twitch streams.

    I'll start by sharing the link to my stream!

    Random recoil should be in every game, i see everywhere people complaing about low skill cap and then we've a post where theres a gun that reguires skill and now it's also wrong .... what a community.

    CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege (only recently) have specific static recoil patterns for all weapons - I've never heard anyone claim the shooting in those games doesn't require skill, so flat out saying static patterns require no skill seems wrong to me.

    These games are also focused on very specific variants of S&D, CSGO in particular shouldn't be used as an example for anything, it has an extreme focus on angles and stationary shooting, unlike Iron Sight or CoD.

    cashews wrote:
    The thing here is, you can only counteract the randomness of Ironsight's spray patterns by noticing in which direction the weapon will pull mid spray. That means you WILL miss a couple of shots until you recognize "oh ok it's going right, time to pull left".At some point you will just start guessing so you'll spray correctly at least half of the time. If you're in a firefight an you guess incorrectly while your opponent guesses correctly (assuming the exact same skill level) you will die before you are able to conciously counteract the random spray pattern. I'm talking about hitting those 2-3 shots a player needs to notice in which direction the weapon will pull. That is the problem with random patterns.

    Yes, that's the entire "schtick" of Call of Duty shooting, the faster you can react to random recoil, the better your aim. It trades memorizing patters for on-the-fly reaction time.
    If you need 2-3 shots to notice the recoil trend, then you need to get better or pick a weapon with a slower fire-rate.

    Great examples for static gunplay mechanics are games like Quake

    Quake also has bunnyhoping, launch-pads and armor pick-ups. It's not a good example of anything relating to a boots-on-the-ground shooter.

    The thing here is, you can only counteract the randomness of Ironsight's spray patterns by noticing in which direction the weapon will pull mid spray. That means you WILL miss a couple of shots until you recognize "oh ok it's going right, time to pull left".

    At some point you will just start guessing so you'll spray correctly at least half of the time. If you're in a firefight an you guess incorrectly while your opponent guesses correctly (assuming the exact same skill level) you will die before you are able to conciously counteract the random spray pattern. I'm talking about hitting those 2-3 shots a player needs to notice in which direction the weapon will pull. That is the problem with random patterns.

    Also Insurgency, Red Orchestra etc.

    To be honest, I'm pretty sure it's already coded in a very simple way and adding another "if" statement will require a rewrite, so they won't implement it. Been there, done that.

    I never actually went into reading this entire thread and it's quite old, so I'm pretty interested - what was their problem? Was the netcode fixed or are they just really bad? There are no weapons that kill in 6-10 hits, unless you're shooting at someone far away on Cloud9. I never got inconsistent TTK, it feels absolutely okay. I'm convinced it's a server issue, EU servers aren't great but they're holding on, maybe NA servers just lag like hell.

    I don't know if you see it as sexist, but there's a huge group of men, especially in Asia, who want to play as females. In these games - Warface, Combat Arms, you name it, playing as a female is seen as a symbol of status. People just like looking at females, females are seen as better, while men are seen as "ordinary".

    When your demographic is 5-10% female that might be offended by the fact they cannot play as females for free; and 90-95% dudes that will potentially spend money on female characters because females are seen as "special" and "superior", that's not sitting in leather chairs and conspiring how to oppress women - that's just business.

    I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. While this game tries to appease basically every breed of Call of Duty-fan, there is one group they have clearly missed - Achievement Hunters. Yes, Call of Duty has some achievements which are basically "kill 500 people with an SMG", but these can be found in the beginner section only. There are multiple achievements which require an unorthodox playstyle, such as getting a double-kill when falling down, winning a 1v5 in S&D, or killing an enemy with their own weapon.

    Meanwhile, in Iron Sight, all achievements are basically "do X a Y amount of times" and these require purely time, not any amount of skill necessarily. These would be fine if we were to get additional actual achievements in a separate sections, but we don't.

    You might not think this is a priority, but it's definitely important. Insane achievements often give people a reason to try new playstyles and do something once they're bored with just running and gunning.

    1. Bolt-action snipers and snipers in general don't need a nerf (in terms like damage or sway), but other mechanics must be introduced to counter snipers.

    2. No they don't, they're fine as secondaries and they have respectable damage as secondaries.

    3. Definitely more attachments, but it's definitely not possible to change just parts of the weapon model, unless they've been built from ground-up to allow that.

    4. Weapon characteristics are fake and I don't think anyone did real, deep tests into how attachments work exactly.

    5. It'd definitely be nice, but it's a question for the monetization balance. Right now it's not that annoying to purchase grenades.

    6. I think the maps are pretty great (with some exceptions and subpar spawns), they should focus on repairing the spawn system.