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    Sup guys we put up a second one! Don't worry these will be way shorter in the future, we just figured we'd go big on the first one as they are "intro" videos I guess.

    Here is the link

    Lol, most people that do the hip fire spray and pray do not have the perk you are talking about. It's sad that smg's are so better, and wish the devs would listen to our concerns instead of catering to the noobs of fps games with hipfiring spraying and praying. I like this game but it's a hot mess with these issues, and catering to that type of crowd. Fingers crossed they rethink what they going to do. Hope hey are atleast reading this as well.

    I disagree that SMG's are way better than ARs. On any map that isn't cloud9 (alpha side specifically) I'd much rather use the AK. SMGs feel like 6-7 hits at med-long range, where the AR's are 4-5. And as far as the hipfire goes, its a little OP but if you have good aim and ADS you can outgun them every time because your bullets will have a higher chance of hitting if you aren't barrel stuffing

    Not bad it's a good basic clip, my advice is maybe shorten up 6:28 is pretty long imo. Still overall good gameplay to watch.

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll think about that in my next one! (Even though one of my "gangmembers" is about to upload one that's 10 minutes haha.

    They kept the party limit 5v5 since that's what the competitive gameplay was going to be based around, however, this is not the first time this was brought up so it may end up getting changed. Depends on what the developers decide to do.

    Ah makes a lot of sense.Looked for a similar question but didn't come across one in my short research spree.

    Maybe it would make sense to have parties go up to 6 (or even higher) and just deny people from entering competitive gameplay, or modes that limit the players if the party has too many members.

    Made a montage of frags and sick plays I've had in the game over the past couple days. I'm not the best editor but I did what I could, let me know what you think! Also we're trying to launch a new YT channel and we already have more videos on the way that just have to be listed in the days to come, so please check that out and drop a like or sub if you think its worth it! :P

    Heres the link:

    So in creating a party today I found that you can't have more than five people in a party, but you can have 6 people on a team in search and destroy. Is there a reason for this? I think it's dumb that I can't have all 5 of my friends with me so we can have good comms and callouts.