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    Hm. If you can connect to the site, then I assume your ISP is either blocking the server IP, or the IP of a host you're hopping to on your way to the server. Obviously I have none of the info needed to diagnose that problem, so that would be up to a CM to pass to the production team.

    Or I suppose you could call support and ask if they're blocking any of the servers relating to Ironsight, but they'd probably ask for more info, which the CMs likely won't give.

    Michael Myers is based on the character from the Halloween series. Say you have 12 people. One of them is appointed as Michael Myers. Think Hide-and-Seek, but knife-only, and only the seeker (Michael Myers) can attack. When there's only one person left, that remaining person can fight back (again, knives only). Whoever wins is the next Michael Myers.

    V-Sync doesn't limit your FPS to a refresh rate. If it did that, then it wouldn't be needed as you could just change the FPS cap instead. Basically, it makes sure that the monitor would only change the image if it can change the whole frame. If your graphics card is done rendering only 5/6 of the frame, it will wait until the next refresh rate to draw it. If your graphics card is done rendering the frame before it's time to refresh, it will make the graphics card idle until the refresh rate. So basically, V-Sync = A full render painted or nothing painted at all.

    Also, at higher FPS, tears are much less noticeable. They still happen, but for instance, if you are running 200+ FPS on a 60 Hz monitor you will get tears, but the tears will be either smaller or will go away much faster and will be harder to notice, than a screen tear at 60, 70, or 80 FPS that you will clearly see moving through the screen. High FPS means the frames are changed much faster, so when the refresh call comes, the frames would have already refreshed twice or three times in the GPU. A tear will happen, but somewhere else on the screen and for a much shorter amount of time. You only see a big tear going or up down when the frame rate is closer to the monitor frequency.

    So what we're both saying is true. It may just be that the games I'm playing have a much higher FPS than yours.

    The report has given you two PROBABLE reasons for your account being suspended. This does not mean either are true. As Helix has said, you're account was most likely suspended due to this being your first purchase as a form of verification. The report also says this in the first reason. It also reasons that your account should be reinstated by now.

    Maybe instead of just complaining it's "so fucking bad" and "literally garbage", give some constructive criticism instead of raging off. And you say it's "apparently super easy to crack". There's one hack tool out there to my knowledge, and requires a very large purchase as part of a bulk membership. If you want a game that isn't glitchy, try Warframe. They just upgraded their servers, so there might even be room for that attitude of yours.

    TrenchBoss The only game I've seen screen tearing in is those high-resolution cutscenes in Call of Duty: WWII when I didn't have GeForce VSync on.

    IIRC, it doesn't matter if the GPU is rendering faster or slower than the monitors refresh rate. If you're getting an fps that isn't a multiple or a 1/x fraction of the monitors refresh rate there will be tearing. Even if you lock your fps to 60, 120, 30, etc. you'll still get tearing if you don't have something like v-sync to take care of the timing.

    TrenchBoss What you say about matching frames to hertz of your display is untrue. I'm playing on a 60Hz TV and I can see the difference between 60 and 120 frames quite well.

    With the current server state, having high ping will unfortunately give you an advantage.

    And plusqua what is Nieto supposed to do when you tell him to "fix these servers"? They aren't a developer or a publisher for the game. And butting out Helix when he gives an answer is rude IMO.

    They haven't banned you if you are still able to play.

    If you're being killed a lot one account, and less on another, it's likely because that account is joining a higher skill group.

    I would have to disagree with that. Because you'd be filtering out a weapon, you'd effectively be fracturing the playerbase.

    It reminds me of those sniper lobbies you couldn't join unless you got rid of a DLC pack and glitched into in Black Ops 2. (Props to anyone who ruined them, like me :D)

    Aye. Arranging a PvE team on Discord would be hard, especially when you'd be rotating people around, so I can see reasons for that. But on PvP modes, where most of the players are, you don't really need to talk to the other team, and you can talk to your team on Discord if you're running a pubstomp.

    VoIP is a complex thing to implement, so I wouldn't expect it to be too high on their list right now. Especially when alternatives like Discord exist.

    I've collated a few fixes that have worked for others.


    There's a fair amount of issues that cause a black screen. The servers are up, so it's likely a problem on your end.


    - Turning off your antivirus

    - Reinstalling the game

    - Logging in with a different account

    Привет, баланс навыков не работает, «Снижает отдачу на 50%», как указано в умении. Я хотел знать, почему. Заранее спасибо.

    Hello, the 'Balance' skill does not work. It does not reduce recoil by 50% as stated in the skill description.

    Best translation I could make, sorry.

    i mean like what are the best setting to focus on performance to play competitive like turn of vsync or something like that ;)

    The only thing you should want to change is the overall quality setting. Go to the lowest setting, then go back up, and see which one gives you at least 60fps.

    Come on... you always kinda defending and talking like guardian of devs... are you one from us?

    I didn't realize defending the developers in certain situations means you're suddenly not a member of the community.

    will auto repair hurt you? NO! then stop already...

    Didn't say it would hurt to implement. I said it was one extra button to press before you enter the game. It's not taking years off your lifespan by hitting it.

    every time someone suggests something, your reply is always oposite thing.

    Since when is everything I say the complete opposite of what someone wants? There's plenty of my posts out there saying I agree with what they say. Try actually looking through what I've posted.

    I hope devs will leave this repair dialogue feature for your account only, even make it ask again and again and again "are you sure you want to repair all weapons" - Yes. - "ARE YOU SURE?!" as i think you like clickable tabs :)

    Flloyd make it happen

    Except you have to press it three times - one for each individual loadout. This is why it sucks, if they made it at least into "one to rule them all", it would be much better. It's just a waste of time, especially between matches, because sometimes the match will start prematurely and you won't be able to repair all three weapons. Think about that.

    Tbh I don't use more than one class a game to keep my killstreaks going, so it's never bothered me.

    The picture you've linked is the final production model of the AK-12, which is based on the AK-400 prototype.

    The one you see in game is an earlier production model of the AK-12, which is based on the AK-200 prototype.


    Notice the telescopic buttstock, the more forward cocking handle, and the smaller ejection port.

    It's been featured in CoD: Ghosts and Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

    Here's a handy chart I collated with stats from memory. They should be correct.

    AK-47 600 350 800
    AK-12 (200) 600-650 500-600 800
    AK-12 (400) 700 500-600 800

    The chart only describes what would actually effect the weapon in game. Things like integrated rails, shoulder stocks, and ventilation holes don't mean much. Stripping it down to its statistics, the AK-12 (200) has a 50 rds/min advantage over the AK-47, and a 150-250 m range advantage. So a slight RoF increase, and less damage dropoff for a larger price seems fair enough.