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    I would suggest put more weapons in game and skins , weapons i want to see in game is awp,m4a1,m4a4,galil,glock, colt, and there is more weapons wat could be added like skins to! Would be nice to see these things in ironsight! ;)

    so its not gonna be

    It's a decent feature for rushing a choke point and getting your aim steady and lined up for when someone comes running through, and yes it is limit to the sniper class.

    so its not gonna be removed?

    Just wondering if the devs would like to remove breath becouse its kidna weird and hard to play game with that breath system on sniper + so wy smgs or assasults dhont have that system its same aim system just on snipers have breath would be nice to remove it but i dhont think its gonna happen! but thats my suggestion! ;)