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    Thats what the higher RoF is for?

    Making any positive change to that gun, whether it would be a bigger magazine or anything else would result in creating another AR-57 scenario, where one gun outshines all the others. (Not saying it should be nerfed in reverse)

    It's completely fine, Esspecially on maps, where highish RoF is needed, due to a lot of CloseCombat - SA58 is argueably even better than Scar on those maps, whilst sacrificing the TTK to potentially 4x bullets.

    Its not ment to compete with the Scar 'nor with some high RoF stuff like FAMAS.

    Literally the upper end of those middle-way guns like AUG, MSBS, AK47 leaning towards more the Scar-side of life with a bit more RoF.

    On another note, since all of you are so obsessed with the 3x bullet TTK. Literally no one of us will manage to get a constant 3x-bullet TTK going with the Scar either. We all miss our shots or start hitting an arm, stomach or dmg drop off fluffs us.

    If anything, it should not be argued about how certain rifles could perform better, rather than how rifles should be adjusted in general, to be more of an interesting choice in comparison with smgs. I M O

    How is it inconsistent? It's almost the same as the Scar. Literally the only diffrence is that the SA has more ROF whilst having 2dmg points lower.

    Infact, just go read this instead of claiming random stuff. CLICK ME DADDY

    Having diffrent guns brings a variety to the table. You guys just try to make every gun the same, cause !ATTENTION ASSUMING BIG TIME! you aren't able to handle fluff unless its name is AR-57 or P90 with a 50mag bullet hipfiring everyone from 100m afar.

    it would just make the gun more accessible to less skilled players

    Thank you for pointing out the most obvious reason LOL. Really, go play AR-57 or P90 if you want an more accessible gun. Whats the point in making everything the same.

    25 rounds would be pretty reasonable, maybe with the removal of the "Expanded Magazine" attachment.

    The SCAR doesn't need a bigger mag because it doesn't eat its ammo so fast, has less horizontal recoil and usually kills in fewer shots as a result.

    Actually, nvm. Scar has a bit more damage to begin with but less RoF than SA58. So they're a kind of even and end up at the same overall dmg drop-off.

    It's no ones fault, if you simply can't hit your shots. Git gud.

    In my opinion (playing from Germany) the change to UDP is the first step in the right direction.

    It obviously isn't the miracle healing or the super wish alá gather all dragonballs, but it's certainly needed to get the game back on the right track.

    I've dealt with a lot less bs situations and had the feeling killing was significantly faster due to bullets actually connecting / doing damage.

    I noticed it a lot whilst playing Crossbow where bolts actually did kill people instead just sticking in their left cheek without any damage.

    Only minor negative expierence was during the first focus testing session; where killing behind walls did happen and the game felt a bit sluggish, as if it couldn't handle all the people playing. But that was just one day, so could have been me aswell.

    Bottom line is that I played Ironsight straight up for hours without getting annoyed or stressed out about it. Actually enjoying the game!

    Hope the data of the PTS will get analyzed ASAP and UDP-Change gets pushed to the live-servers #Soon. :)

    Replying to this feels so dumb to me, but whatever.

    Just because you find unreleased item XY in the files doesn't mean its live-server ready 'nor actually allowed to be released by Aeria/Gamigo at this point in time.

    None of us know how every patch, fix etc. is handled internally between Publisher and Developer - what does cost money? what doesn't? Does Aeria/Gamigo buy licenses for each patch or do they own the rights to everything up until Korean-version shut down or not?

    Or is Aeria/Gamigo just using current funds to push netcode-fix / public test server ASAP?

    We literally know nothing, its also not our buisness, yet you lot act like you've known and seen it all. Literally can tell that none of you actually ever was involved in publishing a game or working together with korean devs, which most likely barely speak english.

    "Its literally intern work to release them." - this made me giggle like a little school maid btw xd

    Also Chopper moving on doesn't mean anything LOL. Imagine getting a promotion our moving to a new task at your company, cause your expertise is needed there - doesn't sound unusual at all ;)

    I'm not denying that the game has a lot of issues, but please don't act like you've discovered the cure for all problems. You literally don't. And none of us will.

    Thats solely up to the publisher in co-operation with the developer.

    Crates is the way to go to accumulate skins.

    If the purchasable ones were cheaper, there would be no sense in buying crates / little sense.

    Never had an issue with the crates in Ironsight, they are pretty good, if I were to ask. Not random scam gacha like in other games.

    In addition the majority of skins can be purchased via Gold.

    Dear Community,

    We are excited to announce major changes concerning the IronSight Competitive Movement! As of now the IronSight Competitive Discord and the organizing team will operate under a new name: Clash Network


    We believe that creating a dedicated competitive organization in Ironsight will allow us to increase the quality of our competitive events. We want to push the limits constantly by presenting you a variety of tournaments, ladders, and a dedicated discord server. This makes it easy for you to start your competitive journey in IronSight!

    You can look forward to an improved scrim system with an ELO based ranking. We will also be hosting a PUG ladder for you to test your skills against players from all over the world. There will also be regularly hosted tournaments with serious competition, great rewards and a cool team of shout casters! You will receive more information on all of this very soon.

    Best regards,

    Your Clash Network Team

    Cher communauté française d’ironsight

    Nous voyons notre communauté compétitive grandir a vue d’oeil depuis quelques semaines maintenant, elle grandit de plus en plus, our par jour.

    Beaucoup de nouveau visages, beaucoup de nouvelles équipes, qui n'était pas là auparavant. Donc ça peut s'avérer compliqué parfois de contacter une autre équipe. Que se soit pour organiser un match, pour se trouver une nouvelle équipe ou même seulement pour se trouver de bon joueurs avec qui jouer. Spécialement quand il y a une tonne de nouveaux Posts dans le forum a chaque jour et que des équipes se forme et se déforme

    Donc nous aimerions organiser une liste des clans qui sont présentement présent et actif dans le jeux pour avoir une bonne représentation des équipes qui joueront dans nos évenements qui sont à venir et pour fournir une liste de clans ainsi qu'une manière de les contacter pour que tous puissent avoir cette ressource à portée de mains.

    Je vous demande donc de s'il vous plaît remplir et “poster” le formulaire suivant. Merci de votre coopération et d’aider la scène competitive a s’unifier.

    Nom d’equipe:

    Représentant de l'équipe:

    Serveur(NA ou EU):

    Serveur de communication(Discord, Teamspeak) :

    Personne à contacter et moyen de contact. Preferablement un Discord ID ou SteamID) :

    Nous apprecions votre participation.

    S'il Vous Plaît contacter l'équipe CCM pour n'importe quelles questions additionnel ou suggestions par rapport a ce sujet et svp s'abstenir de les poster ici.

    Competitive IronSight Discord -

    Nous voulons garder ce Thread le plus propre possible.

    Competitive IronSight CCM-Team

    Liebe IronSight Community,

    Die Spielerbasis von Ironsight ist in den letzten Tagen enorm angestiegen. Es ist natürlich schön zu sehen, dass wir als Community von Tag zu Tag immer weiter wachsen. Jedoch kann es durch die vielen neuen Gesichter auch mal verwirrend werden, wenn man die richtigen Leute eines Clans anschreiben möchte, Scrims organisiert oder einfach coole Leute zum zocken sucht.

    Um diesem Problem entgegen zu wirken möchten wir eine übersichtliche Kontaktliste erstellen.

    Natürlich passen wir auf, dass diese regelmäßig mit den neuesten Informationen ausgestattet wird.

    Bitte füllt folgendes Formular aus, damit wir euch mit aufnehmen können:



    Server: (EU oder NA)

    Kommunikationsplattform: (Discord-Link oder Teamspeak IP)

    Kontaktperson: am Besten ein Discord-Tag oder SteamID

    Wir bedanken uns herzlich für eure Teilnahme!

    Bitte kontaktiert das Competitive IronSight CCM-Team für weitere Fragen oder Vorschläge / Ideen.

    Unser Discord erreicht Ihr über folgendem Link:

    Bitte antwortet in diesem Thread nur mit dem entsprechenden Formular, damit es so übersichtlich wie möglich bleibt.

    Es wäre schön wenn uns die @mods hierbei helfen könnten.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Competitive IronSight CCM-Team

    Congratulations to the winners and of course the second and third place!

    Also thanks to every team,which took part in this amazing effort to create and establish competitive gaming in Ironsight.

    NA & EU both showed that they are willing to push the competitive scene as much as possible, while the game still being in a earlie state - truely impressed!

    The work of WreckIt and all the CCMs mentioned is truely magnificient and hopefully inspires as many people as possible to push competitive gaming on ironsight.

    I'll try to bring in my fair share as a new CCM aswell and hope to see even more attendancy for the next cup!

    I can only repeat myself and advice anybody who's remotely interested in competitive gaming or wants to get involved, to join the NA & EU competitive discord server and be a part of it!

    As Jackal already said, the EU-Comp-Discord will get a lot more love to give EU the same chance to build up! Stay tuned for more!

    Yea, i understand what you're trying to say..

    But i'm also wondering if the DEVS are doing something... I haven't seen a single update in quite some time =$

    Agreed, they don't even have an account on this forum... isn't amazing

    Devs be like "Hey lets create a forum for the community which we're totally not going to use"...

    This is what the Mod-Team & Community Management is for.

    If you'd only think for a second and try to grasp the essence of how this buisness works, you'd recognize that Gamigo/Aeria is publishing this game in Europe/Na.

    Therefor this is a forum hosted and modded by Gamigo/Aeria.

    Besides the whole game prolly runs via licenses and such, therefor the devs, by all means, don't really need to give a single fluff about the forum or the community, since that's the task of the publisher, which needs to forward wishes / ideas / in which way the game should head.

    Would be a whole 'nother story, when Wiple would publish the game themselfs in EU/NA, than you'd be completely right.

    So I'd reckon that the line of communication is "a bit" longer from Community to Devs, since Mod-Team has to cramp up stuff, discuss it and than forward it. In Addition we don't even know how tedious it is to communicate with the Korean-Devs. It can really be a pain tbh, speaking out of own expierence here.

    Don't get me wrong, in the end I'm completely with you and stuff has to happen rather sooner than later, yet we are in OB. So rn we are more like labor rats testing stuff and giving feedback, so the actual release of the game will be a success.

    Things might take a bit longer than as it would take for actual released games to patch stuff.

    Just my opinion at the moment. I'm pretty sure the Mod-Team & Community Management knows what has to be done and forwarded that stuff to the devs already. The community is pretty talkative and says whats wronng and whats good :) Mod-Team and Community Management is willing to improve communication aswell and started creating weekely news etc. to let us know whats up etc.

    Hello everybody,

    yes we are active. Clan currently consists, as said, of 26 members. A minority is not fully active due to them waiting for any progress regarding competitive gaming -> clanwar ranked matches etc.

    Just join our DC-server and get in touch with one of us.

    Zenzai We're a mixed european clan

    Best Regards


    Even though I'm not an NA player, I can kind of understand both sides tbh.

    WreckIt brings up an amazing effort to get the NA-scene rolling (i can feel you cuse EU is kind of ded) and kind of gets shrugged by ppl which have, by all means, only moaned as long as I can remember.

    Yet, and here I'm also honest, I can also understand that people fear the influence of a single clan due to one of their members being in charge of something community-driven.

    Really rn all you guys do is hit a dead end.

    If I may suggest something - since in the end we shouldn't really fight, but work together:

    WreckIt - just create a poll on the forum for the darn sight and go by its result. Sometimes giving in is better for the greater good and maybe try to transfer some of the essential discussion also on the forum - its sometimes more transparent for people which arent you using discord to often / stop by your server.

    Also toxic people will always hit you up with random bs as a TO - yet you kind of need to handle it and shouldn't, even after the 35754time ban them, cuse in the end, its still their opinion. Regardless of them being in the right or wrong. (This is, by all means, no excuse of what Striker apperantly did - he shouldn't be toxic/insult in the first place. No reason at all).

    @Everybody else - Instead of moaning when somebody sets something up out of good will - try to be co-operative and suggest changes, take the initiative and make polls to strenghten your arguments. Setting up rules as an TO is not that easy, esspecially in such a new game and by all honest - I would and actually did the same as and just created a cup for EU with my own point of view regarding the rules - ofc I'd change them, if people want them to, but at the end of the day we can talk talk talk but getting something done on paper is the most important thing IMO.

    Since polls also don't reach out to everybody - not everybody uses the forum and vise versa with discord.

    The game is young and still gets new players in day by day - be patient; can't get CS:GO Major Level by night

    P.S: Just my 2 cents as an EU-Pleb, in the end it's and issue you guys need to sort out^^