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    No, it is not scam. It is YOUR choice if you want to buy them. If you don't want to buy them you can still buy the items for the full prize during sales.
    Scam would be if you have no chance to get the listed item. It is just luck in this case.

    It's exactly what it is, no rng percentage and no ensurance of getting item after a certain number of tries lol Anyway, How much could it cost for the "full price" you mentioned before, and when could I be able to purchase it? (premade date or ?)

    No, So basically a crate has a probability to give you one item. The items are listed in the description.
    There is no guarantee to get a weapon permanent after X amount of crates.

    This is completely luck based and you cannot force it.

    There aren't also rng stats , i guess is a scam lol

    The M39 EMR Black Mamba is an "Epic" collection skin which only can obtained by getting all 3 weapons.
    The Pixel MSBS can actually not be directly obtained by Chips. You have to either get it from the "Collection Box" or in a sale in the webmall.

    The webmall changes frequently so checking it from time to time makes sense. If you don't want to spend money, you have to use the previously mentioned "Collection Boxes" (50 Chips each). But be warned, the drop rate is quite low and getting the Pixel MSBS is very rare...

    https://ironsight.aeriagames.c…emp-Pixel-MSBS-556B-Crate If I use this crate for example, there is a limit I will spend to get it for perm 100%?

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    I'd like to get m39 Black Mamba permanent but I don't know how to get that pixel 556 weapon to unlock it, i already purchased the 250 chips weapon but I miss this one

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this game and a close friend of mine gifted me his old acc but I've got an account all mine and I won't use it. Could I gift or trade it for something else? Is it allowed?

    IGN (Callsign): IAngryMonkeyI

    Special (Orange) weapon: DSR1 City

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: AK12 Chrome

    Drone name: HellEagle

    Type: (Offensive)

    Description: It will fire missiles and not ammos by minigun, 1 missile each 2 seconds for a total time of 30 seconds duration