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    If you're able to, just forward to devs those suggestions to devs:

    1. Make quick matches as 3 choice: "TDM" , "SnD 5v5 no drones" , "casual mode (that includes resouces takeover+capture the flag+secure point+frontline" [ofc leave customs as they are, that is built pretty good atm]. And actually remove ranking button because none known there's no ranked season. Also just redesign daily missions when they ask to complete "1 secure point victory" for example with "1 casual mode victory".

    2. Remove Repairing cost and paying cost for granade, that's actually ugly, people want to try and to play without having to pay for a granade (but this is not primary as needing).

    3. Redesign menu that are confusing, persons got confused when enter the game (10 buttons with no indications, same for the shop).

    4. Implement system of mmr or "victory points" for each player also quick match and match people for their mmr or "victory points" (with "victory points" I mean an easy counter that counts +2 with a victory and -1 with a loss/left game).

    Thank you for collaborating-

    I played the game several hours in the last weeks and I actually saw few new players joining the game and I can report you their impressions because I think it's important to let playerbase grow and new players' impressions are the first way to advertise the game more..

    Basically I found few things that new players recursively told me :

    1. They actually find confusing to get in some objective mode and in few cases they drop in some objective modes several times before getting a common TDM, that's what someone wants to play as first approach.. they actually feel frustrated because when they enter an objective mode they don't know what to do and also if they get it they still don't know maps and playing an objective is pretty impossible.

    2. They are very embarassed to see you need to pay to repair weapons and you need to pay to use different tactical/support granade, they feel scared to buy something because they don't know how GP are "diffused" and they feel very bad in the indecision, so they keep using "just a weapon" and "just the default granade", that's pretty bad for a person that wants to play, he feels like "all needs to be paid" also if in-game currency, is still bad as first approach.

    3. The playerbase is small and they complain about the fact they actually get level 100+ in any single match and they can't get a single kill, since first match. I don't know if is it hard to make but having a "player value" and trying to match his mmr with other people with around his same mmr should be a good way to let everyone get some fun, also newbies, that prolly play among them at the start.

    Ok, then, I wanted to share the most frequent feedback I had from that around 50 persons I heard, actually 20-25 reached by Facebook and 25-30 reached by Twitch.

    There are also good feedback of course, most of them appreciated the graphic, others liked the drones feat, others liked the secondary weapon big choice... so the game seems to like for some parts but seems to not welcome new players for other parts and I wanted to share this hoping devs keep up the good work, I really like this game and I play it actually as my only game (because I have rn only 1-2 hours a day to dedicate at videogaming) so yeah, I'd hope to see it biggering one day.

    I contacted support of Ironsight through their page of support, hope they can singularly take off AP and release the package I indicated because I'm really disappointed if I need to wait like a new update to buy the package...

    I actually managed to get the account unlocked and bought my AP but while in game I can't purchase items because it's showed a message "timed out" after 7-8 seconds......... I contacted support but do you know if I can solve this in some way faster than waiting support response?

    I bought 500 ap through my steam wallet and now wanna buy other ap with my credit card but it says me "limited once per day", for real? i wanna spend my money and i can't ! there is a way to bypass this ?

    The mods are not able to pull that information up.

    The team is running queries which check if you've fulfilled the conditions (reached the 20 wins in this case) and if this condition is fulfilled it will send you the item into your storage. If you think you haven't received something which you should have gotten, then you need to open a ticket and the team will double-check.

    You can keep track of this yourself when you go into "Account" > top right tile "Mission Records" > Victories

    I made it ty very much for help!

    How can I be sure that system counts my victories for the 20th day advent calendar's event? and what's possibile to drop in the Christmas box?

    Ty all for the attention.

    FireWarrior - The Golden Filter - Talk Talk Talk

    FullMetal - Tones and I - Dance Monkey

    Selene - She wants Revenge - Tear You Apart

    Monsieur - Tones and I - Dance Monkey

    Helix - Jarryd James - Do You Remember

    Deadpool - Ben&Ben - Leaves [Cover by Aruvn]

    SpaceKitty - Taio Cruz - Troublemaker

    Vanilla - Bongo Cat - Christmas Songs

    IGN: IAngryMonkeyI

    IGN (Callsign): MyLifeBeLike

    Special (Orange) weapon: Kraken Desert Eagle

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Snow Aug3

    Drone name: Funny Drone

    Type: (Tactical or Offensive) Offensive

    Description: The drone was made by 2 crazy soldiers in the 2nd WW but never realized because humanity was not so hironical.

    Effect: The drone needs only to be launched on the sky after having selected the target through a common map (like for strike drones) and it will home the target and hit him. When the drone hits you, you ll have 1 minute of 50% slowing in the movements.

    I'm interested as to the reasons for your decisions.

    I mean, I have a vague idea why, I'd just like to know without jumping to conclusions

    Probably bcs of the number of cheaters that increased incredibly after last patch, there are new ones every day, again back invisibility too, the game is pretty unplayable if we add those problems to the netcode, that's garbage