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    And yes ironsight is very easy to camp. (When another person said codmw has worse campers)

    Not worse, more. If Ironsight is very easy to camp, what would you say about COD? Every map has hundreds of windows, and you barely see the enemy in most areas (various screenshots confirm that). Shooting won't show your location in the map... the game is just designed for camping, even the devs admit that. They don't want rookies being destroyed by experienced players so they made the game easier for them, they created what themselves call "safe spaces". Now let's just remember, if you want a killstreak, you can't die... this is like the perfect formula to encourage camping.

    I'm sure many people just play CODMW because they paid for it. If it was a free game, they would uninstall it after some matches and never touch it again. But if we pay for a game, then we must play it... you try to like the dam thing.…beginning_of_every_match/

    I played this game for a looong time and never saw this, but recently I've seen some invisible enemies. Can't see the guy before killing me, can't see after killing me. Is this a known bug? Is someone experiencing the same?

    If that's a bug, I imagine it came with the last updates, 'cos this never happened before (just came back after some months without playing).

    I had to format my PC, so I installed Ironsight again. Everything is fine except for this, I change the video settings but when I restart the game they're back to default.

    Not a problem, but I noticed the same happens to the server selected, it always goes back to "Automatic", when it should remain on the last one entered.

    Any suggestions to solve this?

    I'm sorry but getting shot behind walls in this game compared to never being shot behind walls (unless it's a wall that can be shot through) in CoD is a huge difference. The netcode on this game is years behind any other FPS to date.

    If this is happening, someone (you or the enemy) have a bad ping. When this happens to me (which is rare) I always check the enemy ping and it sucks. So his bullets take some time to register and I die in cover.

    I can guarantee you the activision can patch the bugs and have 2 dlc released by the end of summer and for ironsight prob 3 patches by next year and thats being generous. Yet ironsight just need a very old gpu but even modern generation of gpu cannot run the game much better. This doesnt make ironsight any much better.

    So you work at Activision? Jokes aside, I hope you're right 'cos I bought COD and it runs so bad I uninstalled it ^^ Discussing which game is better is a waste of time 'cos that's a matter of taste, but my opinion is that the only thing REALLY better in COD are the graphics. Ironsight has more weapons, more charachter customization options... not saying Ironsight is better 'cos of these things, just stating some facts. Another fact is that the killstreak system makes people camp a lot more in order to get them, which ruins the game for me. CODMW is very realistic, players are so afraid of dying they won't even move. Yeah all fps games have campers, but this is on another level...

    I've played about 30 or 40 hours of MW and so far Ironsight is hands down the better game.

    If this were the case Ironsight would have a higher player base than it does and wouldn't be known for its bad server issues. I'm beginning to think you have a computer and internet that can't handle CoD's requirements if you think this game runs anywhere near as smoothly and consistent as CoD.

    Sorry but your comment makes no sense at all. COD has more players because it's a popular franchise that has been around for years, not because the game is better.

    Hi everyone,

    I didn't play this game for several months (maybe a year) and now I'm back, and I must say I'm surprised the devs didn't add some things like:

    Killcam or spectator view (essential to find hackers and get evidence)

    Voice chat ingame (some of us don't like Discord)

    Different drones for each loadout ('cos some drones are more useful in SnD, others in TDM)

    Female free charachter (I would be really angry if I were a girl and had to pay for a female charachter)

    FFA mode (and a big map to play it, like Downtown)

    New weapons

    I like the new maps.

    The shield is s hit. (Did someone really like it?)

    This might be the best free shooter out there, but it can get even better. I know some of these things can be hard to add, but I'm sure others aren't.

    Killcams and spectator view are essential to detect hackers. I'm surprised they didn't implement none yet. To hackusate someone you need evidence, fair enough, but how will you get evidence?

    Even though I hate snipers, making a weapon less powerful at close range is kinda weird :S

    I'd say a little longer scope time is a better solution, thus forcing snipers to use their secondary in "surprise" situations. About the bolt cancel, let's not forget macros make it even easier, and no anticheat can detect this kind of thing (so a lot of ppl use it... mainly "pro" players).

    Yeah, imo the "bolt cancel" is a very dirty exploit, devs should fix this asap. As for the headshots, well, for me the real bs is having to put 3 bullets in someone's head to kill him... it doesn't even matter if you shoot the head or body. Those who have the skill (or luck, whatever) to hit the head shouldn't be rewarded?

    And about the hipfire, I wouldn't mind if it was a bit nerfed.

    "Assuming you actually mean "camping", and not just "holding an angle for a short time": This is true, but I've seen people complain about snipers playing aggressively as well."

    I'd put myself in that latter group, not that I actually complain much about anything. If you're designing short, medium and long range weapons then it's not great balance if the longest range weapon is also extremely viable at short range.

    You don't have to spend much time looking at the 'best of ironsight' event vids to see just how viable at close range the sniper rifles are.

    The thing is, at close range you at least have a chance to kill the sniper. At longe range... pff, not a single chance (sometimes you don't even see them).

    So, in my case, I got nothing against "agressive snipers".

    Maybe the snipers don't need to be nerfed (that could make them useless), but others weapons buffed. However, by "buffed" I don't mean improve their stats, but make them kill with ONE headshot. That would make things more balanced, especially in close encounters:

    Sniper can kill with one shot to the body but has to scope

    Other weapons kill with one shot to the head but... you gotta hit the head

    Looks like a fair fight to me.

    Not to mention the majority of snipers camp, waiting for someone to appear and get an easy kill... well, at least it feels good when we get them from behind ^^

    I second that. I'm brazilian also and would love to help the game, but with these prices... tbh I don't know how the game survives in SA, 'cos I believe only a few people put money on it.

    If people had some sense everyone could "win". Split parties when needed or keep a party and start the match when the other team has the same number of players. Is that so hard to understand? I don't think so... like someone said before, if you want to choose your teammates, fine, just wait for a complete team to play against. Pay the price for choosing your team.

    The only nonsense here is a team with more players than the other. No matter what you say, it's not fair and nothing justify this situation.

    What do you suggest to fix this problem, smart boy? Or you will tell me this isn't a real problem?

    If you start to think, you'll see the only thing parties do is leading to unfair matches, not only 'cos of player number but also pro squads vs random players. But yeah let's keep it that way, I really don't mind as far as I don't end up in a 5vs1 match, which is allowed by this wonderful system :D

    Splitting up teams that are on discord is going to lead to toxic behaviour like ghosting and throwing. I don't think it's a great idea.

    Better just to force groups to wait until there are enough players available on the other team to have a balanced match.

    There's absolutely no reason to use discord unless you're playing SnD (really helpful for this mode). I like your idea, that's a good fix, but some people will say "nah I don't wanna wait even more to start a match".

    In this case you will play in the same team sometimes, and sometimes not. Is that so bad for you? Haha ok then...

    Honestly I prefer to play against a friend than outnumbering the other team. To each their own.

    Discord? What's that? :D

    What is really awful is a 6vs3 match caused by this party system.

    Sorry but looks like you didn't understand/read what I said: even without parties, you could still play with anyone you want by following/inviting them to a match. The only difference is that the number of players in each team would be balanced. Like I said, I don't care about level or skill either, all I'm saying is teams should be balanced when it comes to number of players. Parties don't need to be removed for that, but maybe just "broken" when needed to reach this balance.

    Levels don't mean anything, in any game you'll see high level players who suck, and low level players who kick as.

    That being said, I think they should remove the party system because it leads to unfair matches like 3vs1 or something. That's what I call bad team balance...

    I know, some people like to play with their friends and I got nothing against that. So, instead of this party system, there should be a button in your friend list to follow/invite someone into his match (obviously, not necessarily on the same team, to keep things balanced). This way people can still play with their friends but have a fair game.