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    We have all played IS for a while and noticed no variation in the primary weapon login reward so same old SG553, P90, Blaser, and Multimax. Anyway to have a random weapon box of any skin that will give us different weapons? For example, the week 1 AR reward should any AR (including SG553), week 2 random SMG, and so on, so forth for the SRs and LMGs. What does everyone think?

    It'd be nice to add those to the game. If I had my way I like the C8 added there as it's considered the better, durable Canadian version of the M4 currently used by most of the UKSF units and other European militaries. And yes the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Pic of the C8 with a short-barelled M203 attached from Diemaco (now Colt Canada):


    A special operator and the C8 SFW with an H&K AG-C grenade launcher:


    Comparison between C8 CQB with L85A1 as Royal Marines sought to ditch a British rifle with a Canadian one (albeit based off the Eugene Stoner design):


    is it ok if a player found out your real life name to post it in common chat in game ?

    For them to do that is a breach of privacy, in other words, doxxing. I used to know a cop who got doxxed in a Skyrim forum and filed a complaint to the mods to which they banned the poster from the forum.

    When filing a ticket to support, make sure your screenshot is not cropped as they won't accept those, keep them as they are. If you have it recorded on video, be sure to save it on an online drive site (be it Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and provide the link to the vid.

    I have been griping over the situation that many shared while waiting for a match to enter as they were subjected a match that they don't wish to take part in. Because of the flawed matchmaking that no longer promotes balance between teams, I suggest having a timed prompt to feature the name of the match, the teams in play and whether the player wishes to take part in or not. This will save players the hassle of deselecting matches they do not wish to take part in to save their kdas and win ratios. For a player to click on the Matches and then to be put into one randomly without time for preparation nor the option of bowing out before the match loads up will end in a match they will likely end in a loss without firing a shot.

    If the devs at Wiple Games can introduce a code to prompt the players of the match they will enter in progress and a chance to bow out without statistical changes, it will look favorably and promote choice.

    If you have an account with Google (from Gmail) you can upload your video to Google Drive and use the link to said video as evidence to your ticket of suspected cheating. You will start with 15 free gigabytes with the option to add more storage for a fee.

    I get the sentiment. I started in October of last year and still find myself around the game but profited from the fairness of the those who played the game before me and the objective-laden modes that I loved being a part of. Then we get the updates and new players with no clue about how to play certain modes and scripts that are against the ToS. I mentioned in another post that IS is repeating the history of Combat Arms that will become a casualty given the two games' country of origin. The ball is in Wiple Games' corner to enforce said ToS as Aeria is only the Western publisher for the Americas and Europe.

    If there's two things you could do to upgrade your weapon levels to obtain enhancements and tune-ups for your weapons, you can do the EMP mission (through Single Player) and upgrade your levels there. Or, you can buy/get from loot boxes new sights of varied decals.

    This reeks of Combat Arms where script kiddies rule the game. Nexon had a bad rap not checking on players' use of cheats nor fixing the game where outside scripts are discouraged. I will not be surprised if Wiple's dev team were ex-Nexon devs as well.

    A shame that Wiple did not include FFA as a normal match. They're pushing for match modes where low level or completely clueless players don't know the objectives. FFA should be the priority, new maps second. Then again, they should solve the long waiting issue to enter matches before endeavoring into including FFA and new maps.

    I'm currently working on a "recruit's guide" to make sure new players get a handle on the game without being ignorant of the objectives and testimony on errant players continually not follow the objectives and the consequences of such action.

    IMO, weapon systems don't depend on its stats but the operator that uses them. Having that said, I am curious about the Howas as the stats seemed attractive to the point where it gets nerfed on the next update...

    Agreed on Downtown as a TDM map. My peeve is that the kids don't read the mission objectives and I had been constantly telling them to do this, do that. Even worse with experienced players who care about their KDAs that their teamwork is intentionally poor to the point and if they were in a RL infantry unit and pulled that stunt, they'd not only get a talk down to by their Sergeant and their CO with a reprimand and disciplining on the second and third offense, worse they'd get their platoon mates killed because they preferred to save their own six instead of getting the mission done because they think they're number one.

    I had one success story two days ago of a new player who is on Steam and led this dude to Secure Point by having him shadow me and others followed. We were losing 2-0 and had a huge comeback where we won the match.

    Great question. I think a workaround is to look at your stats, take the total number of matches, add 20, and you have your conservative number of your new total number with your 20 matches won (say you did 100 matches and add 20 matches won, you new total is 120 matches). If you did your daily of 4 matches won you can bring it down to 16 to add to your totals (assuming you won 4 matches).

    Now you may have losses in there. Best take a tally of matches won and lost and add it to your initial total matches and you should be able to reach this goal.

    Hope this helps.

    i see its use for Secure Point assuming a team can apply SWAT/Ancient Greco-Roman shield formations. This will require coordination and real-time communication.