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    I would also like to end this post with a recommendation: Once players catch on that the lootboxes in this game are a literal scam with unbelievably low drop rates (compare Drop rates in common crates), they will stop spending money on this game. Your whales will stop spending money as well, except for those who are mentally ill enough to drop 500 bucks to acquire a specific purple skin, and I'm not sure if AG wants to encourage that, because those people are often not the kind of people that can afford it.

    That's what I have been saying for a year. AG knows how their cash shop works its been the same sense 06. In WolfTeam body armor cost real money and its not even perm. This game will not last through 2020. Even is they fixed all of its problems. People are waking up noticing the shady tactics. At least in AVA when they had capsules where you got to see the odds.

    There is 250 capsules per digital gachapon machine. 1 is the jackpot, as people buy your odds of winning will go up. They usually last till 50/250 which is 1/5.

    The "why" is really pretty simple. C-level executives at any publicly traded company make huge money in bonuses based on hitting quarterly and annual numbers (profit). So they only pay attention to what will let them hit a quarterly target. Whatever it takes. Even if it makes no real sense, C-level people are truly only interested in how they can make money for themselves. It doesn't matter what industry (energy, education, entertainment, tech, retail, manufacturing, publishing, media, etc. -- the behavior is based soley on the goal of hitting the target they are incentivized to hit so they make their own bonus; all other priorities are secondary). As you noted, a CFO will cut their nose to spite their face if it helps them hit their number. If the company tanks, the C-level exits with a golden parachute and then gets hired at another company. Rinse and repeat.

    Yes, this game is going to If Devs care about their jobs and game. They'll read this and fix their problems.

    I don't see a giant issue with character skins costing 25$.

    What? You don't see anything wrong? That is the oldest tactic in the book they are using. It is way out of line $27USD(270c/2700ap)for a skin. This is why games are half broken when they release. You let them rip us off, $27 for a gun or Character is outrageous.

    Only a brain dead robot would spend $27 for TNT weapon skin and $27 to play as a girl. There is no defending it, its worse the BF2s "A sense of pride and accomplishment".

    If CTF wont work why does COD have it? It was my fave game mode in MW2/BO1(Quit after BO1)

    Chips are the main premium currency, and to my knowledge the main method that Wiple recieves payment. As annoying as the possibly obscenely priced chip transactions are, I don't think they can just be removed

    Chips make it confusing to players who spend AP. $1 is 100ap(Used to be 10ap). Multiple currencies make is harder to track how much money you spend. It is a DIRTY tactic to get in our wallets. I see many game companies are famous for this tactic. They had 4 currencies in AVA at one point. Last making us pay for Female Characters is the old trick in the book. I am shocked to see this terrible tactic used.

    Chips are $50 every 500c, character s are $25 a piece. This is the dirtiest ta tic I have ever seen a F2P game do.

    And this is your defense.

    "F2P game, even if it has free in it, has to make some money, right?"

    So you use the shadiest tactic to rob kids and trick them to buy, a female character for $25. And how you have Glorified slot machines AKA Loot Boxes. That is a pothectic excuse. It is worse then "It's player choice" or "Sence of pride and accomplishment". Now we have another quote to add "F2P game, even if it has free in it, has to make some money, right?"

    It is the manipulative tactics that are making me pissed off. Earn chips easily for free? No you can't earn 250 chips easily. It is a grind most out of any game I have played. I earn 1 - 2 chips when I play. I play one maybe 2 times a week. Giving you benefit of the doubt. After 55 weeks I have 110 chips still not even half. Most people quit an online game after 1 year. Remove CHIPS add customizable female make all characters 80,000gp or 250ap. Skins are not hard to make I xan make them easily.

    I spent $350+ on AVA with aeria games. What I listed above is why you have gotten $0 from me. Chance it you will get money from me. Its just a COD Casino with no manitary value.

    they barely have enough map and content for pc as is, do you really think this game would be able to hold a candle compared to all the other f2p or not f2p online shooters they have on console right now?

    Counter Stike have little maps. Most are Community Made. Most of the COD maps are just reskins when paths are slightly elevated. Also if you play CODOL 90% of rooms are nuketown. Iron Sight just needs a nuketown. Not NT but a map that is as good made by the Devs. Bringing it to consoles is a huge revenue boost. When I play MW2 only map I find is Terminal.

    I don't believe a console launch would do anything good for IronSight, especially with its terrible store system

    right now they should focus on PC and finally pushing this game out on Steam as soon as makable

    Indeed, but if they want to Beat Activision Blizzard to the punch. Console ASAP, AB is already releasing COD on mobile. NA is next after AUS beta. Soon they will do COD F2P on consoles. They ate greedy and a lot of people seem to excuse loot boxes i F2P market. They want to keep them in their game and will die trying to fight

    Eventually the World Gaming Commission will agree to let them stay. If the game is free and feature is 18+. It is a smart business move AG and Wiple need to think about it.

    meh, its like COD on the same level of quality and I don't pay $60 + $50 for season pass. Game needs improvement on Net Code, FFA in mm, More guns and better "Drones".

    I don't believe a console launch would do anything good for IronSight, especially with its terrible store system

    Aeria is and was always know to have bad monetization(Body Armour Cost real money in SF). Despite that they would benefit from console launch it should not be hard to port it over. Cross Play is different they will need to get Sony, MS and Nintendo to cooperate with each other. Remember Epic games account controversy Sony made?

    Good update but, can we get new weapons next patch? I don't like just reskins every update. I prefer more weapons Combat Arms had over 600 sure took 5 or 6 years for 600 weapons. Well you get my point. Give me new weapons NOT reskins. Oh and give us FREE FOR ALL in match making.

    the crossplay is kinda imposible. because noone will put a pc player aganist a console player in ranked.

    RankedMM in "Twitch Shooters" was never popular to begin with. Majority of the player base will avoid that. "The Whales" players whom shovel out cash for anything in these games have no intrest Ranked. Focusing on Ranked play is a veru dumb business move.

    You should add FFA to MM. I want XP when I play. It should be available for all maps and a CTF like mode or Bag Man.

    (I don't want to spam the forum. So herw are some off topic suggestions)

    Bring game to PS, NS and XB with cross play if you can. Better Drones, Improve Front line mode( Need to be more like PUSh in BFBC2). More Sniper Rifles and LMGs. Like M24, VSS, SV 98/RPK, RPD, M60

    In-Game ID: ShoppingCart

    Weap of choice. any SMG.

    Map title: CHINA TOWN

    Description: Los Angeles, ChinaTown, is a beautiful place at with great food, that is why it should be in this game. It would be a good map for CQC and has long straight passages that is perfect for sniper game play. Why are soldiers here you ask, there is a hide out for EDEN planing their acts of terrorism. We need to take control of their BO(Base of Operations) to prevent any further attack in the city.

    Real Life Photo


    Load Screen


    Mini Map


    Hello there! Thanks for the feedback.

    Keep in mind that the game is mostly made for PvP :)

    so was AVA, WarFace,Combat Arms and Houndz as soon as they added COOP player based doubled and revenue of the game greatly increased.

    I would like to see a Campaign that is 1- 6 players that fits into your Training intro. I really enjoy the COOP modes in Combat Arms(FireTeam, Survival Zombies) something like that would be great in this game.

    sadly, I can't tell either what exactly happened in the background. I can just suggest to retry every once in a while. Soonest this gets fixed the better the result of course. As bad I feel, I can't say any more about it.

    I found a fix well...Kinda If I want to have no Graphical errors I must play in 1024X768(75hz) Full Screen. I would prefer to play in 1920X1080(75hz) but then I get all those problems again. I just thought it might be good to post here again telling more information.

    I agree it is broken, I run perfect in WarFrame, Blackshot and others but this one. Something is effed up...I also noticed my account has stopped leveling or getting any stats. Says highest kill streak is 506 and no stats are kept for resource mode. Now I made new account and it keeps track of my stats and I gain XP unlike my first account. Please fix these server and Graphics card issues I enjoy this game. But your game will die...or Aeria will just drop you if you don't fix. Just ask the Metro Conflict team.

    If I use gamebooster, but with 800x600 resolution, I would have more stability.

    I use HiAlgoBooster frees up SHARED Memnory, Also what are the specs on it I run 50-75 1280X720(60hz) 1080X720(75hz).

    Using a HP Bsoxx 17

    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    DirectX Version: DirectX 12

    Card name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620

    Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

    Chip type: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

    DAC type: Internal

    Display Memory: 4160 MB

    Dedicated Memory: 128 MB

    Shared Memory: 4032 MB

    Processor: IntelCore i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz

    Memory: 8192MB RAM

    I noticed that as well(Shoot first then Die), but that is a typical online game issue IMO. I use Fraps unfortunately it just Captures a black screen.

    I have several complaints about the game, first of all the Chips need to go. Three currencies is dumb you just need one that is real $$ and on in game. Items that cost "Chips" are over priced its 100AP($1 USD) for 10 chips, The characters and weapons cost 250C($25USD) Supply drop is $1.20 in short your characters and weapon are overpriced. Three currencies makes it harder for gamers to track how much you are spending, this is a sneaky way empty our pockets to you. Just use AP and GP no RT, BT, Euro and, AP(Like AVA did). We need 3 default weapons you can equipe such as the "Training M4" you could use a "Training M24" and "Training Uzi". Modifiable versions would be nice, and your snipers are ridiculous you can hip fire the Blaser and DSR all day please patch that. I know quick scoping will forever remain just fix the uber accuracy. Last is the Maps/Modes your need there needs to be some 3 lane maps like old school COD, Free For Fall, Bag Man and Capture The Flag need to be added and your Secure Point zone needs to be increased it is too small.

    My cons:

    3 Currencies

    $25 a weapon and character is an "EA Move"

    Maps are chaotic

    No FFA/Bag Man/CTF

    No "DEFAULT" equip-able weapons

    Snipers can be hip fired with good accuracy

    Connection Issues

    EDIT: One more thing, AMD graphics cards have issues with "Distortion", "HDR", Chips do not appear in Resource Takeover and Capture zone will not appear in Secure Point. I notice Quest always says "Domination" fix it so it says "Secure Point" or change name. I was confused for 3 days figuring out what game mode DOM was.

    Servers should be up and running now, please let us know if you still are experiencing any issues.

    can't log in Stuck at "Connecting to Ironsight - we are verifying your agent credentials"

    EDIT: I got in just takes at lot of tries.