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    Long overdue imo.

    Make is like in CSGO or something. After being killed, display a message with the damage report.

    Not really a whole life story so to say, just last 5 seconds before being killed would suffice. Total damage per player, number of headshots, distance for starters.

    In some modes one cannot respawn straight away, so may as well read the damage report at least.

    I think it is due time to introduce some placements cutoffs. It is unfair, some people get easy wins, some get easy defeats lol.

    Recently I was placed in a game where I run liek 20 meters (far from objective anyway) and it is game over for me, defeat of course.

    One could make a point that this way people can get both wins and defeats, however it is far more likely for people to leave a failing team rather than one about to win.

    And the checks should be done both on a current score and timer. Obviously the limits should be different for different game modes.

    For instance, for TDM I would suggest 90 as a cutoff for joins. I.e. if *any* team reaches 90+ kills, then placement of new players is disabled *for both teams*.

    For resource takeover, make it about 65 coins. Usually one reaper generates about 16 or so coins late game, so basically the game is likely one reaper away from finishing anyway.

    For CTF and Frontline, put a limit on a timer. At least 30sec, but I would suggest even 60sec. That also should apply to other modes, if they have not reached a limit on score but about to finish anyway. E.g. in takeover, if teams have 50|40 on coins but less than one minute on a timer, disable player placement for both teams.

    In any case, it is not a tournament, it is just a pub game. If a winning team has two players d/c due to their poor internet connection or something, and then fails to secure a win, it is basically their problem.

    Getting a bit more common, me personally have seen at least on 3 different occasions in the last 2-3 weeks.

    So far I have only seen LAWS being indestructible. Still annoying -- emp launcher, shooting bullets, knife attack -- nothing works. Only gets removed when it expires normally.

    For something like Hydra and at points (like CtP or CTF) that would be a game-breaking bug actually. Or is it exploit ? :D

    I actually disagree. Maybe something else changed on my desktop, but hardware is same here.

    General performance (remember I use Ryzen which many other complained regarding this game performance) has increased somewhat. I would not say FPS are yet around proper numbers in comparison to e.g. Apex. Longs / large open spaces especially frontline still have FPS drops.

    However at least now I dont feel quite substantial lag (i.e. like input lag) in the game during FPS drops. Much easier to aim on frontline now.

    Normally though to catch all these shadow/soft/whatever cheaters you need to have a spectator view. Otherwise nothing really.

    That is why normal players completely misunderestimate the number of cheaters in any online FPS game. You only can be sure a person does not cheat if they play poor and have average or below average stats. People above average cheat quite often. Now here is some news for you if you are a bit naive in this topic :P Players in top 10% cheat. Players in top 1% cheat. Players even in top 0.1% also cheat. Far from everyone, but that happens. And some people like streamers etc well within top 1% in their games by stats -- got exposed and banned as cheaters.

    Such detections can only be done by anti-cheat systems with the help of various new technologies including (valve has such system) automatic intelligent analysis employing neural networks.

    I see different opinions on the new AR in the latest update.

    So is it really that OP or just a top grade AR compared to FAMAS/ARX160 etc?

    Me personally thinks that it could be better than AUG but I never considered AUG to be the top AR anyway.

    PS. We can agree though that Kawaii Killer skin is probably one of the best weapon skins in the game :P

    but....but....oceanfront its beautiful :///

    Agreed. I would put it into Tier2 maps easily. Tier1 for me would be Titan, Cruise and Airport.

    Regarding DAM map -- it could use some redesign. Nothing major though. It has a huge underpass which should be really removed or changed, for starters. Another problem -- it has a lot of cranes and other structures on top. Makes it very challenging to hit any drones or even worse -- hellbirds with a launcher. And even if you able to launch it quite often it actually hits a structure and wasted.

    f I remember the asian patchnotes when that AN94 nerf came into effect, it was essentially to stop macro users from abusing the an94's firerate. Now, there's a cap on how fast you can click, while the recoil reduction and damage change are essentially negligible

    Can we have same thing on semiautos liek M39 and HK417 please? :) At least before those macros users were using them almost like an auto AR.

    I think for noobs maybe. Actually since october update I see a lot of times when noobs cannot capture even point A.

    Before that not capturing point A was really a failure and did not happen often at all.

    Frontline though is ubergood and probably (though it does need some tweaking) the best mode in the game. Also the largest map I believe and definitely largest teams. FPS though is not very good, that's a trouble.

    Just in case, we can check out the market leader in anti-cheats -- VAC. It is certainly better than EAC.

    If you are coming to steam platform you may as well get the industry leader in anti-cheat technology.

    Now it seems most people here apart from maybe purrple <3 have a lot of misconceptions about anti-cheats in general.

    Regarding VAC consider the following:

    1. VAC bans are non-revocable and it happens it pretty much stays. It also puts non-removable note on your steam profile about bans.

    2. VAC auto-bans thru technical detections. That as usual involves monitoring processes on the system, modifications done to game execs, system dlls etc etc. Exact details as usual are sketchy. Besides the VAC is frequently updated and then the new code is downloaded by the client.

    3. Reports are available and being used in games -- but you are not getting VAC banned based on reports alone.
    4. They operate in waves, this theory is known as "ban waves". Even if a particular cheat has been identified, then don't VAC ban these cheaters immediately. They let them use it for an unknown period, could be a few weeks, and then ban all at once.

    5. However this also can lead to be being shadowbanned or ghosted during that period :)

    EAC should operate more or less in the same way, only thing is that it is the worst in detection rate.

    The game could only have 4 weapons because the others become useless if we really want to win games or make good scores, because they are P90, ARX, AUG and DSR, the others can go to waste

    Roflcopter <3

    After the patch I feel liek all SMGs become somewhat less valuable? Before that P90 was like almost top weapon in the game for close to mid range but not really anymore. ARs now much better. Still not bad close range but overpowering mid-range. This is a very good change in line with other FPS.

    Other points, though I dont particularly play S&D so my points mostly for the rest of the game modes:

    1. Vector was and still is, t3h king of close range combat.

    2. MP7, MP5, even PP90 and PP2000 are still very powerful close range.

    3. What about PDR and LWRC? They are very good both close and mid range. Need to try them both after update though

    (i already have mastery-5 on both of them so dont' use them normally).

    4. ARX and AUG are gr8, of course. But no way uberOP. In fact me personally still does not understand all that fascination with AUG.

    I prefer G36C personally.

    5. Some other VERY popular ARs with players who do alotta kills -- famas, g36c, k2c, an94 and of course the last but not the least -- semi-autos. HK417/M39 are fantastic weapons especially for people who have trigger fingers (macros is for loosers!)

    6. I've been using the DSR for a while. Had to get some aim first etc. Then I switched to a proper sniper and consider now that both blaser&dsr are only for loosers. The proper sniper has a high skill gap which I haven't quite reached yet. If you really master this it is practically unstoppable.

    Information is gold. Just saying "he hacks" won't help identifying the third party program. Sure, they can check logs etc. But should they really take 1000s of reports/day in consideration? A video should stay a basic requirement to report someone. Even if you don't see something, some others have trained eyes and can detect hacks better or see if it was a de-sync/lagg.

    That all should be done thru in-game reporting. Video is nice but should not be a requirement. Obviously it is far-fetched to think that EVERY report is to be checked. If one guy receives 2-3 reports on that day, another 10 reports, and the 3rd one 50 reports, it is obvious which one to check first.

    However there is one problem in this game, and a pretty serious one. There's no point in checking from your side, i.e. the one being killed. Desync|lag sometimes may also lead you to believe it was haxx. Only reliable way to check (and record a video if necessary) is to spectate.

    I think this is only possible here in S&D mode. Which means in TDM, StP and RTO modes hackers are much more common than people believe :)

    As for my personal experience, just for the obvious sh*t == I've seen a speed haxx0r (!) and a noob guy who was flying in the skies (titan and mart maps) shooting down everyone. Both such occasions this week alone. Btw both such cases (and that's after a recent client update!) mean only one thing -- the server-side coding is too weak and too much is delegated client-side i.e. can be easily exploited. Speed haxxoring is a fail by game developers, 100% of the time.

    One thing I like about IronSight that it has very strong nades. Even a basic frag grenade is instakill if too close.

    Tbh all the nades should get a rework. 7.5m blast radius is too strong for a small map size.

    Where can I find blast AoE for all explosives in the game?

    The ban is most likely executed by EAC at the end. EAC saves the data and will ban users for similar hacks in the future. So they also have to spend time changing the code for their hacks. The only differenc between a F2P company and a B2P company is that users can easily create new accounts. The report input is the same.

    And still, I barely see anyone who could be possibly a hacker in Ironsight.

    Oh, and I wouldn't call it lazyness of the support team, they get enought reports each day. Not doing proper reports is lazy.

    Not really. I ve been gaming for a while starting from CS (not CSGO) etc and cheaters ALWAYS have been a problem in any games.

    However BIG companies which provided a paid service did at least have an incentive to protect other players interests. If a guy paid let's say 15-20 euros for an online game then he would be REALLY unhappy to see loads of cheaters in it.

    In order to keep paying customers moar or less happy the companies at least partly investing to a proper anti-cheat system.

    As I already mentioned in other posts, I also play Apex which btw, roflcopter, also F2P *and* uses EAC for anti-cheat.

    The latter i.e. specifically EAC been a laughing stock there since the release. Amongst serious gamers the EAC is considered to be pretty much obsolete and non-efficient. Apex had *massive* amount of haxxors, especially on asian servers, the developers kinda more or less contained the problem by now, but it took them liek 6 months (!!) to bring the levels down to more or less manageable levels. And they had an EAC from the very first release.

    But note that the problem was contained only AFTER the in-game reporting was introduced. It was not from the very begining and the devs did acknowledge later on that in-game reports helped them a lot with identifying unknown cheats.

    With my old R9 390, i had no huge FPS drops and the game was running around 120 fps average at FullHD (with a range from 90 - 160 and more fps, depending on Map). I limited the FPS to 120 in the settings to just make them not going up or down too much.

    Can you please double check something for me. I also have a limiter in-game for 120fps. However I do notice sometimes it gets ABOVE that limit on the counter, and more often well below.

    I still have massively inconsistent FPS on ryzen 6 core even though I have an nvidia card 1660 series. Can be over 120, can be just 70-80fps in open spaces and we are not talking about Frontline yet.

    Can you tell me how is the performance e.g. on frontline long spaces on your machine? I have awful fps drops down to low 60+ sometimes. Which induces lag and hits my aim considerably.

    Now if we also take into consideration the Netcode being as bad as it is and headshots becoming more rare due to the netcode we can all just assume the overall percentage of headshots is smaller than it is as well.

    It is funny that me seems to be the only one who actually plays both IronSight and Apex. As plenty of people say netcode in IronSight is BAD.

    Let me put it like this -- you haven't even seen what *really bad* netcode means :)

    Ironsight actually has one of the best netcodes among current games. Also helps that in TDM etc modes the price of a netcode glitch is not high. If anything, Ironsight has the shortest lag for shots/damage among online FPS shooters. Movement not so much but still pretty good.

    I can see many players trying the ballistic shield. I did have concerns before that it is going to ruin the gameplay or something.

    Luckily only deagle is allowed there, and it is pretty weak. It does increase the skill gap when aiming at shielded players but that part is fine.

    The shield is massively useful for staying alive, but not so much for getting frags. The most annoying part for the attacker that the shield protects pretty well from explosions, firefly etc. Still, it is not a game breaking mechanics, so the meta wont' change really that much.

    Me personally getting trigger finger ready for the remote bomb executions. Throwing a RB behind a shielded player and then instantly exploding is kinda satisfying, just needs to be performed not fast but lighting fast.

    However if they had paired the shield with let's say crossbow... Oh, that wud be so OP then :P Better not give the developers any ideas on this though....

    Finally. I was just tooo lazy before to actually post a query on this issue.

    It is a quite crazy achievement to do. I'm still at tier3. The problem is that EMP is very useful against flying drones, UAV spy, UAV Jammer but this does not count towards challenge progression.

    It is easier to complete tier5 on a weapon (usually 1820 kills) rather than 200 kills on tier3 for emp launcher. When I have this launcher equipped I'm going for drone kills (usually LAWS and Hydra) at any situation, frequently getting killed as a result. Cause then somebody else kills them and the frag would be gone... Then you can get 1-2 kills legit for the challenge per game.

    But that's not the worst case scenario -- EMP grenade launcher is even worse challenge-wise. It is also much weaker, needs three EMP shots just to kill one LAWS.

    My mousemat is a decent size, 90*40, but I only really use a small section on the right side of it for my mouse. My keyboard takes up most of the available space.

    With such sensitivity, do you even have microflicks? I would assume all your flicks are like microflicks at such sens.

    Even with 25cm sens here, I don't use the full width of 40cm of the mouse mat. Most of the actual movements are in 20cm range.

    360 distance for me is around 5cm or so. I couldn't possibly play with a 25-40cm turning circle. I'd run out of desk space for one thing.

    That is indeed crazy. Don't know anyone at all e.g. in the BR community who would be that fast. There 15cm is considered to be uberfast.

    And that would be a very small desk. Even for mousepads the normal (aka "medium") size for gaming is 40x30cm. I use this size, and I am very far from being a pro :) Top players including some I know online use large mouse mats like 80x40cm.

    Though the only thing I want to change on S-mines and Claymores is the duration. sure some people can claim that if they stay too long it promotes too much chaos hence why they magically vanish the instant your player dies.

    Agreed. But not too much. Staying for 2 lives is chaos.

    They should last until at least your respawn, like all the bots. Funny that nades etc also stay if you die. But mines/claymore/etc do not.

    Honestly, whatever feels right for you. There's really no magic formula for it.

    Only small correction -- there is such a formula. And it is incredibly hilarious one. Always causes misunderstanding, as it is measured in cm i.e. centimeters :)

    Love saying like "this pro player has 25cm long" and watch people reaction on the internets.

    And just in case, the length should be between 20cm and 40cm.

    I use a mouse DPI of 3500 and the default 3.0 sensitivity in game.

    Most people would find that incredibly fast.

    I wud probably find you incredibly insane with uberfast reflexes. I play @1200dpi sens 3.0 in IS and that is fast.

    Many pro players (in apex etc which I also play) use VERY low effective dpi. Like 400-600dpi with 1.5-2.0 sens. Or high dpi (e.g. 1600) but sens like 0.5 or so. It is a source engine so parameters similar e.g. to CSGO etc. I play there @1200|1.5sens.

    Many pro level players advocate low dpi / sens. That would be half of what I normally use, and I tried low sens -- did not work for me.

    hijacking the thread :)

    S-Mines please improve. Very weak, I'm finally @tier4 s-mine (75 kills completed). It activates very slowly. Quite often a guy can just sprint around the mine and by the time it actually springs and explodes it deals very reduced damage or no damage at all.

    Also in a fight if you throw smine at enemy's feet you have 95% change that you get killed before it activates even though the enemy almost literally on top of the mine. Looks like it has about a second (or maybe a bit less) activation delay. And then it springs which takes another half second or so.

    I still have yet to run into any hackers in this game, so I feel like something doesn't add up when I see people crying about other players hacking. As for afking in matches I agree it should just auto-kick after a set amount of time instead of banning. However, I feel like you weren't banned for afking and it was for something else instead. Again something doesn't add up here.

    Interesting question. How many hackers are there? Because sometimes I can see weird sh**t like people knowing which way I approach even though i have silent steps and there was no drone (early rounds S&D).

    Sub-Machine-Guns: I'm not very good at SMG and haven't picked a favourite but I'll try my best.

    MP7 - Pretty fast firerate and middle of the road range the main advantage to it over something like the LWRC(which has a little better range) is the 40 bullets(with extended mag)

    AR57 - For a long time this was hands-down the best SMG in the game with 50 bullets you can't go wrong can you?

    MP5 - popularized but the South Americans this gun has become the go-to SMG for them, decent range, good fire-rate and good reload time all contribute to a South American rushing your spawn on a rampage. (Love you Hauz)

    I'm not playing competitive. However there is something missing -- the most OP gun in the current game, i.e. P90.

    Slightly less firerate than vector but much more ammo and more accuracy.

    And as for MP5 -- it is one of the best guns overall.

    But what about LWRC much longer range and also what about PDRC which is practically almost as good as P90?

    Quick question -- how do I enter these commands with no steam?

    Also has anybody solved Frontline FPS problem? I have a very decent setup with 6 core CPU and 1660 TI and my fps drops down to ~60fps in the main long (along the tram tracks). And overall frontline map is VERY bad for fps.

    Interesting video. But spreadsheet would be far easier to digest.

    Good that nobody ever talks about AK12 <3 Leave it to me then.

    In fact I'm comparing ARX with AK12 in game and I cannot really tell if ARX is *that* good. It is faster but less damage it seems. Overall both have good points and bad points about them.

    Regarding this overhyped AUG -- am I nuts or is AUG noticeably less accurate than e.g. G36C or MSBS?

    To that matter, please add indication in the UI before the match starts. I.e. the players in a party need to be highlighted in a different color. This way we would know if it is worth joining the match (as nearly 99% you would be against any large party rather on the same team).

    I have no problems with the game in general. In fact, it plays better than many paid games today. The only thing is that (and I'm sure I'm not alone here) that the womens' uniforms are completely...unrealistic. They would provide no protection at all in an actual fight! Just maybe add some realism? No problems with the game otherwise, keep it up! :)

    This is a very common meme and not just in games.

    Is 60 a good amount of hertz

    For FPS?

    Basically 30Hz or below == cheap $h1t, multile netcode issues, but allows lagged players EZ.

    40Hz == basically minimal value that should be for an online FPS

    60Hz == something that could be called good. Very common but not the top.

    Normal CSGO servers are 64Hz. But private competitive servers like FaceIT or ESEA use 128Hz.

    Problem with a higher tickrate is that server CPU and more important bandwidth scales linearly.

    So 20Hz vs 60Hz means the server has to send out three times as many packets per second.

    1. The server tick rate is a bit low.

    Some of the netcode issues we are currently experiencing may be mitigated by an increase in the tick rate to ~60hz or more.

    BTW what is the actual tickrate of the server now?

    I'm also playing btw APEX which is kinda the worst in that aspect :) 20Hz been the joke there since the start. Ironsights seem to have it better, is it 40Hz or so?

    Increase jumping accuracy penalty - I don't even think this exists or just barely

    ^^ This ^^ Absolutely positively overdue

    Increase moving hipfire accuracy penalty

    Yes, this will also help to reduce SMG prevalence. Not too much but to a fair point.

    Increase accuracy for SMG but emphasize the drop-off damage

    No. I.e. increasing drop-off is important. But too much accuracy is not good. In fact currently such weapons like MP5 and especially P90/AR57 have waaaaaaaaaai too much accuracy already. I once lost a duel having HK417 /w ACOG on my side vs P90. That was at about 50m distance ;)

    Increase range for AR especially ARX except AUG

    That is debatable. I think the current range is more or less OK. The ARs should be primarily more precise and deal moar dmg. Range is secondary :) And then it would be less sense in using modified/precision barrels.

    G36C /w precision barrel is almost OP :)

    First thing first though, a point from me:

    Nerf da freaking P90 !!!! Mostly damage drop-off and accuracy. Currently it has like 10% less ROF than Vector. At the same time having nearly double the mag capacity, much better recoil control and fantastic accuracy. Basically it is vector ultimate good for almost any distance.

    I get kicked out of games pretty frequently. I have pretty good internet, however, it will randomly ping spike during certain times of the day for short periods of time. The spikes can range from 200ms to over 1000ms.

    This is a bug. Even though I dont have such problem with my internet I also have this problem occasionally -- i.e. being kicked due to a high ping. Maybe once every 2-3 days.

    -Sometimes a game will start, but no one can move and everyone gets kicked out of the game.

    This bug has been known for MONTHS. Happens almost every day at least once. What is worse when this happens, people continue to login the same game and that's why all get frozen again. And that game is finished only once people leave and it ends in EZ victory. Very annoying when it happens.

    -The spawns could see an improvement. I sometimes spawn right next to an enemy or sometimes I see enemies spawn right in front of me. This leads to spawn camping and other issues.

    The real problem is not spawn camping. The problem is that those respawned enemies have invulnerability for a short while. More than enough to kill you. One of the worst maps for that is the airport.

    LOL, what optimisations? I use Ryzen old generation and NVIDIA card, have no issues at all. CPU usage is normally not higher than 40-50% during an actual game, same as apex really. Six core here.

    I dont bother to record videos for ironsights but for apex I occasionally do that. Even with 1080@60fps video recording (with encoding done in software as GPU encoding reduces fps) the total CPU usage is about 60-70%.

    LOL. Reading most comments in this thread is hilarious. Are those players play the same game as I do or some different maybe that russian or asian version? (never tried them, I play on the eu server).

    People for some reason hate LMGs. If anything, LMGs are almost OP in this game. Close to mid range they cover almost everything with various strings attached, yes. Ultimax is legendary for spamming when camping, also very quick to reload. Not very accurate. MG3 rips everything apart at close distance but recoil is too strong for my taste.

    However the all-killing-all-shredding-uber-precise-sniping-LMG which we call DA PKP for short is soooooo powerful that I maybe, just maybe, can agree it is OP. AR class accuracy, very easy recoil, 75 ammo (more than double compared to most ARs). Yes, it takes like 7 seconds to reload, so what. 75 ammo is enough for 4-5 kills easily even with suppressive fire, firing thru obstacles (most obvious -- your own squadmates LOL) etc. Besides you can easily reload when healing in cover (i do that).

    As for the snipers, a lot of commentators here use wrong wording. They say "one shot kill" which kinda sounds OP. The correct wording would be "your only shot maybe kill". Missing a first shot quite often makes it your ONLY shot with blaser or dsr. As any experienced player will send you back to spawn with either DA PKP, or HK417 or any accurate automatic AR (like G36C) very easily even at any mid-range distance.

    Such weapons can overpower anything else only at very long distances, which do not really exist on most maps in this game. Besides most locations good for sniping have 2-3 alternative approaches so for a single sniper that is very hard to control more than one direction.