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    Good afternoon. The game attracted a large number of Russian players and now I have a question. But will not it be possible that we start to immerse ourselves in the game, and will you make a limitation on the IP for the Russian community?X/8)

    More players playing the game, is better than banning people from a specific country.

    More player = more money/time played = more money for the company = better servers and services in general

    Can someone please tell me how to use the Desert Eagle effectively?

    I feel like it's an useless sidearm. The recoil is too high when I use max ROF, and the rate of fire and the damage feels too low if I wait for the recoil to settle some before firing again, since most of the time it needs 3-4 shots to kill someone with it and by then the enemy just melts me away with thier primary weapon.

    the deagle is the only offhand i can actually use, its very good if u run out of ammo and need to fend for urself at medium ranges
    the way i use it is, i first point at someone, quickly scope in and shoot at the same time'ish, then i do that over and over to maximize accuracy!

    hope that helps

    I tried to get on the "Iron sight" discord only to be greeted by A LOT of unsightly gifs. If NA would region lock their games... or other services... NA would have much more success without the plague of laggers.... is that too much logic? this post will probably be deleted because it makes TOO much sense. I had some hope from aeriagames... Hopes that you wouldn't let and game fail or go unmanaged like you did with Alliance of Valiant Arms... Yes, I was a former player there during the complete duration of AeriaGames having the publishing rights to it... Iron sights could be an excellent game if you wouldn't let the people from ****hole countries plague it... It has nothing to do about race... but, truth if you look at the facts for the last 10-20 years of NA's experience of online gaming.... Why do you think the asian regions prosper so much? BECAUSE, they're REGION LOCKED...... If you don't do something fast... You'll lose your player base faster than you lost AvA"

    Your Logic is Faulty.

    Region locking a game is worse for the community as a whole.

    it splits it into different groups, so for example if u have a friend from EU that you want to play with that isnt possible anymore (Without using a VPN, which in turn makes them lag even more)

    Hello, quite a lot of you in the community have heard of me or talked to me for a while.

    I have been teasing with a thread for the suggestions i have for the game, so here it is finally.

    i have about 200-300 hours in the game at this point.

    My suggestions will be from my perspective, i have played many FPS games of every kind.

    I've played FPS games since 1999, so i think i can say i'm quite knowledgeable in the subject.

    Not to drag this out for too much long, lets begin with some suggestions.

    i will add more suggestions to this as my playtime becomes higher and higher.

    Okay, so, when i started playing this game a couple of weeks back, the first thing i felt was a bit iffy was the movement.

    i have since changed my mind slightly, since i've been playing this game nonstop since.

    What i first thought, was that the movement wasn't very good, since it did not feel like i was moving a character, it felt more like i was a floating ball.

    At the moment i'm a bit conflicted, i want to say the movement is good, but it isn't, the fact that your character doesn't feel like it has weight is weird to me

    I don't know exactly how to fix this without sounding like a dumbass, because i can only say i want the character to feel like an actual character.

    Another thing i learned quite quickly is how the drones we're utter bullshit and i refused to use them at all

    and i continued with this mentality through id say about 150 hours of my playtime.

    then a fellow player called "Hotmatrixx" told me to use the UAV jammer, UAV Recon and some of the other things that could help my team.

    i refused for a while, but then he told me i would not only gimp myself (which i always do in games, to make it a lot more fun for other players)

    but i would gimp my team as well, which really hit me in the head, because i don't want to make it harder for my team, even though i get a lot of kills in every match (usually)

    i didn't use any of the tools that could make it easier for my team to win. so i started using them, mostly because i wanted to help my team.

    after that, i won a lot more matches, but my own ability to kill people was going down, but after a period of adjustment to the new play style it worked again.

    This was hell of a sidetrack, back to Drones.

    So i am still very novice to drones, but i accept most of them, its a bit bullshit to get instakilled by some of them, but i accept that that is what the game is going for.

    one drone though, i cant justify at all, The escort drone. i hate it so much, since it gives players free kills.

    i actually tried using it on a new account i made (to try to get a blue weapon through the boxes)

    and it is absolutely bullshit, it made me go from getting triple kills, to penta kills.

    mostly because u can abuse the respawn with it, you just wait to respawn and let the drone kill people.

    I'd suggest just removing it. I personally don't like it when people get free kills without any skill involved.

    Okay, my next thing to talk about is weapon balance.

    this is a touchy subject, for me at least.

    but i am going to try to be brief and not get too sidetracked.

    Weapon balance in this game is both good and bad at the same time.

    most weapons have the same kill time, but there is one huge problem with this.

    according to the stats you can actually see, some weapons should for example do more damage, this does not seem to be the case.

    okay, you who read this might already know that some weapons should in theory be 3 hits equals kill.

    from my perspective this isn't the case, i always hear 4 distinct hits for these weapons.

    The big problem with this, is i have not found any stats on how much actual health our player character has.

    So because of this, 3 shots from a HK417 is needed to kill, despite it having 48 damage.

    Meanwhile a Blaser R93, can kill with one hit in the chest, and it has 90 damage.

    This is a huge problem for me because its inconsistent. (side note: does headshots actually do more damage? because if they do i haven't noticed it)

    Sniper rifles is a big problem at this moment though.

    Blaser R93 and DSR-1 mostly, since i see them a lot.

    I don't like things that can One Hit kill you, for obvious reasons.

    i like getting a good KDA for example, but that is almost impossible when any player not matter how new they are, can kill me with one lucky shot.

    and i'm not saying everyone who plays with these weapons suck or anything, i'm just saying that its very easy to play with a one shot weapon.

    my suggestion for fixing this is making a headshot mandatory for a one hit kill.

    when it comes to the upper body it can do 90% of the enemy's health.

    and on the legs it can do 60% of their health.

    Next big thing is netcode. I am going to be brief because i would imagine a lot of people are talking about the netcode.

    the netcode seems to be fine, sometimes.

    mostly i null my shots and it really gets annoying after hours of playing the game.

    suggestion is just to fix it, i know its possible, just do it before people start leaving the game because of it.

    Edit1: i forgot to bring up the spread and recoil, i will go into this further at a later date, but its needs alot of work.

    i lost my train of thought, but ill edit this thread as much as possible, to make it bigger and better as i go.

    Cheers, Jinxed. <3