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    Not making excuses here but, while a week might be enough time for someone to give some off-the-cuff response in general terms, business tends to move a little more slowly than that, It would probably take a lot longer than a week to have the meetings and discussions required to provide the kind of concrete response the ranked community is asking for.

    The main issue is that they began a conversation on the community saying they had plans and then revealed literally nothing and instead told us to go do it ourselves.

    So a lack of response is an indicator that there really is not plan ready.

    Hum how I know it from other games the game masters (moderatos) make like a weekly meeting in that meeting they mention what we write on the forum decide if they like it or not and write it to the CM team or Devs usually in a monthly report. I doubt they do something like that in a weekly basis and if they dont do anything like that at all then I'm clueless to the process. If there is any.

    yo since you guys showed the guys with the most kills during the event, maybe next time make an extra reward for the top 3 guys with most kills during the event. That will get people to play the game alot more!

    Can confirm IWantCheats has had a working wallhack/aimbot for ages. (some of us were snooping around after a dude went 80kills in a tdm match)

    There are several hackers in the game but it's usually extremely obvious.
    The most obvious are the insanely low level that trash talk, get 50+ kills in tdm and then are never seen again only to reappear as another account over and over again lol...

    But hardly any of the higher levels would ever be deemed as hacking.

    I'm lvl 75 atm and I get called out for hacking usually by higher levels and their remarks are commonly very racist. Getting 40-50 kills in tdm isn't uncommon if you face the right players. Same goes with all other modes besides snd ofc.

    Never seen in my life a most wannabe tryhard ahahahahaah "I like winning and having a good kda makes me happy.." ahahahhahHAHAHAHA thank you for the fun bro, appreciate it

    mhmmmm I can taste the salt, maybe if you were actually good at the game you wouldn't create a topic as pointless as this. I personally haven't seen any cheaters, only people that are bad the game complaining at those who do far better.


    I have never seen any Cheaters in this game. Ive been playing daily for a Month now. This Topic here is pointless somehow in most f2p games if someone is better than you he is a "hacker". Just try to get better instead of wasting hours of your life in the forum complaining about non existent issues.


    I think it would be far easier and better if the Moderators aka Game Masters would organize this kind of Tournaments or events?

    If they are truly invested in the game, At least that is how I know it from other games.

    I thought about organizing but I rather play myself in the tournaments and so do the guys that I play with.