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    Codename: Windows

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025):25

    Preferred Weapon: MG3 and a Beer

    Height/Weight: 1.8m 85kg

    Eye-/Hair color: blue eyes, brown hair

    Specializations/Skills:Can cook minute rice in 58 seconds and kill 3 men with an empty can of beer

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): The year is 2025, NAF have acquired the last can of snus and Windows' hunger drives him on to acquire this last can for himself to become the truest of Swedes. His alliance for EDEN will be short lived as his ego to acquire the snus is the only thing he cares about. It has also been a year since NAF killed his oldest of friend,(codenamed) Sputnik which gives him even more passion to acquire said last can. However the snus is believed to be in the one place Windows fears the most... Denmark.

    Latest mission: He recently infiltrated a base in Norway where a said sample of snus is contained, he successfully infiltrated the base and acquired the small sample of snus which he is hoping to try upon returning it back to base.

    In game name: Nitrogenn

    Orange weapon of choice: AK-47 Fire monkey

    Advance weapon of choice: Any