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    That moment last week Monday I pulled 2 Blues and a Celebrations M4.

    It's random. From my experience sooner or later you will have unlocked every gun. Where you start collecting chips in mass.

    If you couldn't afford to buy chips. Don't get mad. That's like going to Vegas and getting mad that you didn't win...dont spend what you can't afford to lose...

    In order of Pref with some opinions on each.

    Tar21 (decent damage / fantastic at all ranges, with easy to understand Hipfire / ADS recoil control, And ROF)

    SA58 (High damage, with a intermediate level of recoil control. I slap a laser on it for the better ads)

    HK (Hard hitting gun with fantastic stopping power, I use it as a counter sniper class in scrims. Forces snipers to back off for a second or two. Which can be life or death)

    AR57 (Medium Damage but the DPS is insane, insane ROF, 50 round clip, Insanely easy recoil control, but the damage falloff is huge)

    MP7 (Very similar to Ar57) I think this is a preference choice to ar57

    Okay, So my actions were uncalled for.

    My posts are deleted. I talked to wreckit and confirmed a few things.

    This is also a apology post. My actions were uncalled for, and hashed things out with wreckit. I apologize to the community. I should be leading by example and that's not what I want to be known for.

    Detecting sight is actually broken due to it showing everything vs glow on sight, having to be right on the target.

    Most of this ruleset was from the ESH website with a mix of community rule sets from the early pug days. After talking to Wreckit for a bit, And learning more about ESH and rulesets.

    -Will (MMCREW)

    Where does making things like that look professional? To be honest that was completely uncalled for. You have a role that puts you in the door. Start acting like a real TO, And knock it off with Striker

    I also have made a post, I was the first person to make a post regarding comp rule sets, And tournament legality.

    And and I will be, September 29-30th. Using my rule sets, And re vamping rule sets.

    A post will be made after my return from Texas. Where polls are going to be made regarding about "Banned" items

    Hello everyone, we are looking to get some scrims in tonight.

    If you have a clan and a full 5s team, i encourage anyone to send me a message in game!


    Map pool : [ Cloud9, Dam, Island, Oceanfront, Mart, Airport, Titan]

    9 Rounds to win, 10 Players (5v5)

    Killstreak Restrictions

    Operation Type Drones List

    UAV Recon: ENABLED
    UAV Jammer: ENABLED
    UAV Crawling Thing: ENABLED

    Laws Drone: DISABLED

    Observer Drone: DISABLED

    Zeus : DISABLED

    Spy Drone: DISABLED

    Blinding Thingy: DISABLED

    Attack Type Drones List

    Crawler(Explosive): ENABLED
    FireFly: ENABLED
    Striker Drone : ENABLED

    Escort Drone : DISABLED

    Blade Drone : DISABLED

    Hellbird: DISABLED

    Metal Reaper: DISABLED

    Etc Settings

    Character allowed: Neil Wild only (Cosmetics are OK)

    1 Sniper per team max unless you pick one up from a body

    the portal isn't handled by ironsight.

    I think you all need to go read the other post that's like this.

    I explained everything that was known about the portal issues.

    AG and their servers handle the login portal, if their servers go down so does everything else.

    This was out of the hands of the Ironsight staff.

    So to all of you crying right now, they have no control over AG and what they do.

    You are starting a flame war / witch hunt. and on top of that you are starting it with the wrong people....

    Go read my statement on the other post

    "Servers in maintenance???"

    All the information is there for everyone. @everyone if you are QQING over a game being down, you 1.) Need to find some better hobbies 2.) Simply go find a different game to play for the time being. I'm sure all you have over 300+ games in your steam list.

    It's not the end of the world.

    As much as you don't want to admit it, every big company has had these issues.

    The 2011 Sony Hack had their servers down for 23 days....

    Just chill out, beat your meat, and go eat. Go do something else...complaining on the forums about a issue that's not even the fault of ironsight staff is autistic. Quit being entitled cupcakes.

    Also the information we gained from "Pinging" servers was a dead giveaway to the situation at hand.

    We also had players still in game playing, but the login portal was down.

    Sooooo what to do next. Well some self research.

    After pinging 30+ IPs, we concluded that ironsight servers were not the problem, and that it stemmed from the aeriagames domains, and sub domains.

    The login portal also falls under the sub domain category in this case.

    So it was, which means the exactly my above statement from my last post.

    so I'm going to state it once more, before the picture above becomes a reality.


    If you want to go flame someone go flame AG...better yet how about we don't at all, the game is in beta, and downtime should be expected. This would be a different story if this was on full release.

    honestly.... i get it, we all want to be playing the game. But I'd rather see the issues be fixed in beta. Rather then on full release.

    Now with the information given, can I ask a mod to close this thread?

    EU based company, we were informed of the current situation and it was out of the hands of the Ironsight staff, and was in the hands of AG Servers.

    Let me repeat myself again...

    This was completely out of the hands / control of ironsight staff. No need to flame them.

    Scrims are handled with only 1 scope p/team.

    Maybe check out the zerogg discord they are running pugs almost every night.

    Our pug rules


    9 Rounds

    1 Map Ban p/team

    1 Sniper p/team

    Limited killstreaks

    It's a pretty good time, get in the games, fool :p

    actually I was bugged about how much currency costs and how many different ones exist.

    For snipers, I will agree they are pretty accurate on hip fire, but you need to know where your crosshair is with out a crosshair.

    So when you can hit 3 kills in a row just on hip fire I'll agree with the hip fire portion.

    Also from my experiences. It's similar to shift shooting in counter strike. But once the player let's go of any movement button the game gives you precise shots.

    So I could be finishing out my movement animation but if I'm not hitting wasd I'm perfectly percise. This is for all guns, I AD spam with deagle and that's when I noticed it and tested it

    God I'm happy about the FGC here and showing people what's up.

    Yeah in FGs ping does make a difference. God dammit Capcom you had one job....

    But it's the server interpretation vs client interpretation.

    Personally I enjoy the trade system, it happens to everyone. We can have the jump on someone and can get turned on.

    So I mean I enjoy it

    You can AD Spam with deagle and be accurate.

    Seems like once you let go of any movement button you are accurate.

    I AD spam like I do in csgo. Sadly I have no walk button or I would be rocking shift shooting. But crouch takes its place

    I agree with striker. Only a few players I struggle against with Snipers.

    Main one being the boy Derd.

    Other wise you just need to mind game out a sniper.

    Shoulder check a angle make them shoot early or peak and crouch quickly.

    To the counter strike comment. I think almost everyone has played it.

    600 hours 1.6, 3k hours on CSS, and 900 hours on Csgo.

    I use ADS, but only on medium range targets and farther.

    Aim punch gets you killed at close range, where hip fire can and will save you...

    Can we get a dev to confirm the hitbox on the playable female models are not smaller.

    I've asked everyone in rizen and they all seem to agree it does seem smaller / harder to hit.

    If we could get a screen cap of the games hitboxes I think everyone would appreciate that.

    Cause if the hitbox is smaller I'd like to have that banned for tournaments / events.

    This also goes with my secondary post about Tournament rulesets.

    Im going to do this from what i feel is important to least important.

    1.) Servers: The server issues i feel should be top priority. due to the bad client / server interp, its actually hard to tell. as i have some instances where i dont see them peak me but i will die to them, when ive asked how its looked on their side they will tell me they full peaked me. so feel as this should be fixed as soon as possible.

    (From my understanding this is getting looked at & resolved, which is fantastic!)

    2.) TTK: Due to the community out cry on the matter, i do feel this should be changed as well. personally i'm in the middle of this topic, but it does seem to be what the community wants, and im okay with that. 1-2/3 Bullet change on damage, i feel that should even out the gun play, and will minimize the kill trades that happen.

    (Yet again ive stated where i stand on this matter in other topics started by others)

    3.) Content Creators: Helping promote your content creators so we may help you out more with content released by the community. Scratch my back, and ill scratch yours. kinda thing. Also maybe helping your streamers out more in the future. I put this in my number 3 spot cause i've seen what it has done for other games, and it does seem to help out alot. Line of Sight blew up for a while after summit, shroud and some other pros played the game.

    (Im just picky on the promotional side of things, and this is more of a biased opinion)

    4.) Events: (This has two meanings!) I do feel at some point in time you guys should have a rep head out to a esports event and promote the game when its finished and ready. I meet alot of people during my travels, and have played alot of really good games that have been showcased at Dreamhack. Its a fantastic way to showcase your title, and move forward more.


    Events hosted by Wiple, Aeria, etc. From a TO standpoint running a tournament for your title is also a really good idea for obvious reasons. Promotion, content, and encourages more players to be a comp team. Prize pools are a big factor in tournaments this day and age. So when that time comes, i would encourage you guys to reach out to companies like Astro, Steelseries, and HyperX. Alot of times they will help out and if you ask alot of times they will either 1.) throw money on top of the prize pool 2.) Include extra prizes. (mouses, keyboards, & headsets) but if i had to pick one that i know is more willing to help out tournaments, that would be steelseries.

    4.1) Add Spectator slots in custom matches, and password protected customs.

    5.) Guns: Oh the heavily debated topics of ironsight. lmao jk. but alot of the guns do feel very similar i've noticed, or im just using attachments that make them feel similar. but Tar21 & M4 are pretty much the same gun. Very similar recoil, ads, and hipfire accuracy. This seems to be a theme while testing the guns

    (Its not that big of a deal. CMs, TMs, & Devs, please dont take this the wrong way. Thats why its at the bottom of my list)

    Other then this, ive been completely happy with this title, and cant wait to see this game & the community grow! let's keep pushing for bigger and better!

    are you currently in the esports industry? Working all majors around the country.

    Buddy I'm in this now. The biggest it's been in years.

    I work dreamhack, esl, and a slew of other majors around the country.

    That is my career, my profession.

    I'm traveling 9 months out of the year.

    Talking to dev company after dev company, and my colleagues are some of the biggest in the in the industry.

    Not including the major TOs that work with us all year.

    Your not as big as you think you are. I think your seat is over there.

    Go sit down...

    dude, just because you guys were "pros" doesn't mean anything. Lmao

    I was a pro in LOS, but clearly that makes me a business major, and / or <insert here>

    Talking to the wrong cat, cause you guys get dumpstered every time we play you.

    I want the TTK to change just so I can keep wrecking you guys in lobbies and watch you guys cry on forums some more.

    Rizen has started a scrapbook collection of all the dumb stuff you say in game.

    Going to sell it on ebay calling it. "When fake pros think they know game balance"

    299$ for the first copy, any buyers?

    I laughed way to hard at this.

    And yeah? You guys know what you are talking about?

    Are you a PR Rep? Work in esports? Been apart of a actual dev team?

    Some posts I can't tell if you guys are trolling and baiting.

    Cause your responses kill me inside...

    the game has only been out for what a couple of months?

    And you guys are already crying for new content? We don't even know every square inch of the current pool of maps...

    What are you guys on?

    All I see everyday is you two crying on the forums about change.

    You two act like the only good players in this game, and the only two players who seem to think their voice is the only one that matters.

    Im done trying to be professional right now. I'm going to say it, so someone else doesnt have to.

    @Striker WreckIt quit being entitled. Lmao