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    How can you say its a scam if ppl are stupid enought to buy ?

    You're one of those guys that have already bought so many boxes and wasted so much money. Feeling extremely frustrated but being a true fanboy you try to hide your own mistakes by calling others stupid. Now you act cool and act like a ' know it all' that for sure wouldnt make the incredibly stupid mistake of buying any box at all (especially with such a clear and good description at the boxes). Besides, everything you buy is thoroughly investigated, checked, double checked and then checked even more!

    Several others have posted great and logical arguments on the matter, and you keep saying that people buying boxes are stupid?

    Yes, it's sad, but not for the reason you think. You should know what you are paying for on Every. Purchase. You. Make.

    This applies to everything in life, not just online purchases. Know what you are buying before you purchase.

    Sellers never want angry customers or ones that regret their purchase, but they can't save you from your own bad choices.

    You wronged yourself by deciding to blindly purchase without bothering to look at what you were paying for.

    You are completely right on 'Know what you are buying before you purchase.'. And I did, I bought boxes in which an item would randomly drop. Thats the exact description that is mentioned at a box. Common sense says that every item has the same chance of dropping in such box. So Buying several angry monkey boxes should give a few chips, some gp and some cool skins, not just gp/chips every time or in 99/100 times.

    I also believe it is the duty/responsibility of the seller to put a fair, decent and complete description at a product. There is a very short description at the boxes but its an untrue one. And that is causing my frustration.

    What do you read when you see the sentence : "only one of these items will be randomly delivered"?

    You instantly know that low tier items have a huge chance to drop in comparison with high tier items?

    Is there somewhere a detailed decription of droprates/chances of all different items in a box? Where should I have looked besides the box description before I bought AP?

    4. dont want to attack the thread creator ... but ... why didnt you ask about the boxes before you bought them ?

    and again someone who wasted money bcs of not reading before spending money ^^

    Isnt it sad that it is necessay to first have to read/look for information about a item you want to buy? Do you expect every item you buy online to be an absolute scam? I sure don't/didn't. For me this is the first time in computergames that I feel wronged like this, but then again its also the first F2P I liked (emphasis on past times) and put money in.

    The boxes are a scam. I bought AP to get some nice skins out of boxes but after opening several (and only getting gp / chips) and reading here on the forums it seems it was a waste of money.

    I still got 3/4 left of the bought AP (which is worth 0 for me now), already contacted billing support to get a refund but all they give is copy pasted general answers that are useless.

    Gonna try it via Paypal now, hope that works better.

    Im disappointed with the description of the boxes, it says one item will be randomly delivered. That means all items have a equal chance of dropping. If there were different chances for different items it should have been mentioned.

    Im really liking the game so far, but the whole box buying /1 per account / 99% of time chips out of a box stuff is just ripping people off, I'd change that really fast or give some proper explanation at the market pages.

    Sweat dripped from her hair into her eyes, she tried not to blink. Blinking too much was one of many ways to die in this god forsaken place. In past times they called this planet Earth, now it was nothing more then a heap of rubble filled with metal reapers, hellbirds and crawlers. She kept the laserdot centered on her target, just a few minutes left. She thought about the war.

    Two sides fighting for resources with battles costing more then they could ever hope to regain. Sarah ‘Royal’ Jester joined the Eden faction to fight against the NAF after they bombed her house and killed her family. With nothing to lose she joined a special taskforce tasked with the most dangerous missions. Like this one, operation Old Man the commanders at Eden called it. The task was simple, test a new weapon, one that could change the war. The weapon would be tested on a facility nicknamed ‘Biolab’, a production center for sentinels and Hydra missiles.

    The rest of her team was already killed, Sirocco by a headshot from a sniper and Neil Wild was blown apart by a C4 charge, she could still feel the heat from the explosion. Now she was all Eden had left for this mission, but she knew the risks and what was at stake. She looked at her rifle one last time, her trusty SCAR-H complemented with a acog scope and a silencer. So many kills, so many battles. It would end soon, the sound was clearly hearable and grew louder and louder.

    The new weapon wasn’t a missile, virus or robot. It was made of the one thing that was still in abundance and everywhere. The giant Tsunami rose high and wide, crushing everything on its path. Although devastating in force and costing no resources, the weapon needed a human to pinpoint the exact striking location. A one way mission for the greater good.

    The last thing Sarah saw was the giant wall of water, she closed her eyes and pressed the button. A microcharge inside her head exploded, killing her instantly, mission accomplished.

    IGN: Sparkle_Sparkle