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    Okay, I understand and I know it's not possible to please everyone. When I created this topic, I was not asking to earn good items. and yes asking for transparency for me, everything can be like this, no problem at all, I just want each box to tell me my real chance to win. I spent a lot of money buying 26 boxes that gave me exactly the same prize every time. This is not random anywhere in the world.

    The stuff in the boxes is purely cosmetic. If you don't think it's worth it, don't buy them. It won't affect how well you play either way.

    1. I understand but my real money is not cosmetic.
    2. I did not know it was not worth until I bought 26 boxes with the minimum prize
    3. As I said, I did not expect the maximum either but varied items regardless of what the were


    então eu devia ter uma descrição de taxa de queda se eu comprar uma caixa com 8 itens seria 1 chance para 8 na forma aleatória de outra ordem senão que deveria ser explicado no exemplo de descrição do item raro 1x10000 item comum 1x100 chip ou gp 1x2

    but no one would invest real money in the game ... a game in beta that already wants to suck the maximum of its players does not follow the correct way

    Hello I would like to know how the drop rate of the boxes works since I bought 2.637ap I bought 26 boxes of luck 99 after a second description I would receive a randomly correct item. Well I opened the boxes and only won 2 items or 9 chip or 2,200gp then how would a random item be that I could receive a gun celebration repeated 26 times .... I do not see anything random about receiving 26 times repeated items Of course not! I wait for answers or I will stop believing in the honesty of this game because it does not make any sense.