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    I dont need it and i dont like it, im totaly agains it... also im not an S&D player ... but i think if there is a mode where a killcam will ruin the mode than it is S&D ... if your team is in lead and you kill someone the enemy team gets way to much informations not only your position also mby your other teammates if there are some around or on your screen at this point ...

    in other modes if you have strats or special positions you will never be able to go there again since they will check the spots every time + will use that themself and it wil go on and on untill everybody knows it and uses it ... imo ppl should have there secrets how they perform ... the only reason could be to expose hackers (bcs to many coplaining bcs. they are braindead) ... buuuut how many ppl are recording all the games + hackers would be end killcam anyways prolly ... so yeah like i said above im totaly agains it :D

    imo its simple to make it more fair ...

    first i want to say that i also got placed in matches like secure point where it was 2-0 and the timer was like 20sec untill end and the winning team allready was close to full bar with 3 ppl standing on point ... so nobody in the world could turn this match ... and other matches like this in like every mode :D

    so how to work against this problem ?

    1. One big problem is that some players leaving/ragequitting matches ... so if you bring a system where you cant get placed into matches done by 50% or 75% or even more (like tdm ... 1 team is at 75kills this game cant get new players in) ... its still kinda mean when my team looses bcs ppl are quitting ... and when no new ppl can join the match it cant get changed to a win right ?

    2. The gamesystem is kinda working for ppl quitting for stats or ragequitting since there is no penalty for quitting matches ...

    3. There is also no fun or bonus for getting placed in a allready 100% lost match ...

    Here is whats in my mind:

    1. We need penaltys ! Just count every kill and every death even if you quit the game so this (my opinion) disgusting statquitters and ragequitters wont have any adventages by quitting matches ! Its a shooter, a teamgame ... why should i get something out of it when i let my team alone and be such a disgusting player only thinkink about my profile ?!

    2. Im ok with getting placed in running games but it should be possible to take out games from the system wich are under 1 minute or maybee 2 minutes (3miutes or whats ever good time is) since at this time, its mostly done ... or maybee if you would get placed into a running match give us a popup wich shows score + time and you can accept or decline to join ...

    3. Give players who join or get placed into matches close to the end a gift ... at this point we could fight about whats a good thing to give but at least something should be given to players joining a running match, maybe if a match is over 50% done or 75% players who join that matches getting 100% more exp and gp ? or 1 of that or maybee a gp chest ... could be everything, just something so your not too mad when you get a loose bcs the system placed you there ...

    So thats like what im thinking about ... what do you guys think ?

    and what i realy want to know ... if your a statquitter/hunter ... pls explain me why your doing it and what you get out of it + why your playing a teamgame when you dont care about the team ?!

    acog also works, you cant say only 2 sights are working on the an ... its just a point of training i would say ... at the beginning i wasnt able to play any other sight than clear sight and now im used to like all sights on all weapons

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    How can you say its a scam if ppl are stupid enought to buy ?

    You're one of those guys that have already bought so many boxes and wasted so much money. Feeling extremely frustrated but being a true fanboy you try to hide your own mistakes by calling others stupid. Now you act cool and act like a ' know it all' that for sure wouldnt make the incredibly stupid mistake of buying any box at all (especially with such a clear and good description at the boxes). Besides, everything you buy is thoroughly investigated, checked, double checked and then checked even more!

    Several others have posted great and logical arguments on the matter, and you keep saying that people buying boxes are stupid?

    if you want i show you my paymenthistory than you would see that i only bought the seasonpass ... and maybee on day 1 when the game came out the beginners pack but not sure if i bought it ... thats it

    Callsign (in-game name): iExiiT

    Item name: 1. German Eagle Emblem / 2. German Eagle Emblem + Titel

    Item country: Germany

    Item type: Emblem / Titel + Emblem

    Item image:

    Sry but idk how to cut (render?) stuff and im not into this kind of stuff but i still want to try to bring something in :)
    The german eagle is 1 of the oldest symbols of our country, thats why i think it matches so good since there is nothing older than that ... also this eagle could be used by other players who just like the animal ... i thouhgt on 2 sides ... 1. what represents my county and 2. what would other ppl except gemans use :)

    Special (Orange) Weapon of Choice: Fire Monkey DSR-1

    Advanced (Blue) Weapon of Choice: Zigzag DSR-1

    At their current state, the boxes are nothing more than pure scam. The description for the boxes aren't really helpful, no word about the dropchances of the top tier stuff ... but i think, they don't have a glue how to calculate the droprates themselfes. The possibility to get duplicates out of the boxes over and over again is making it impossible to tell.

    So far, i can remember only one f2p game that had some kind of "fair" lootbox system for some time. S.K.I.L.L SF2 had a progressive system ... you bought "capsules" to get a specific skin weapon and they counted the amount of capsules you already opened with the guaranty to get it in capsule Nr. 100 (which was around 40-50 EUR).

    With some luck, you got the weapon in capsule Nr. 10, 30, 50 ... if not, you knew it wouldn't cost you more than the 40-50 EUR to get the weapon which is still more than enough for a bunch of virtual pixels ...

    Sadly, they got greedy again and they removed the system after some time.

    How can you say its a scam if ppl are stupid enought to buy ?

    1. if it would be to ez to get skins the game would 100% die bcs nobody needs to buy stuff
    2. servers need to be paid so its simple marketing

    3. if you say random needs to be this and this than tell me why i cant play lotto 5 times and win a million ?!
    4. S.K.I.L.L was rng too ... sure they had a progression system but 1. it was another game 2. i got a prem wep after 2 tries + they were slightly better so p2w 3. if a game wants to be f2p it needs to be like ironsight ... you can cry and your can flame as much as you want ... i hate the prizes in the shop and i said 100 times that the shop is to expensive and that only the battlepass is woth to buy ... but i also know ppl who pay money for skins and for wpns etc, ... only bcs. your 1 of x ppl. who dont like or agree with the system ... it doesnt mean the system is wrong ...

    like i said ... all this points together are needed to keep a game alive ... there were games where the rate of stuff was to high and you got most stuff free what you also can get in ironsight with x% luck ... arctic combat ... if you knew the game than you know a game wich is giving to much stuff out for free will die for sure ...

    i also wish prizes would be lower than i would buy much stuff (not rng boxes) like the skull skin for the m4 is 50€ .... for 20€ i would totaly buy it bcs its a save thing ... but as long as the shop is that retarded just dont buy stuff ... buy the seasonpass for 10 bucks and your fine ... they will notice that they have to change stuff if nobody buys anything except the battlepass ... so dont fool them ... fool the ppl. who pay brainless ... thats my opinon and if you have another its ok but dont put your finger on others if your doing it wrong

    funny fact ... im playing ak-12 and pp-2000 and i dont have problems bcs they are "weak" or something ... also the vector seems pretty strong ... also i see many players with that weapons (also ak.47 etc.) so im not even close to understand what you mean ... ok snipers are 1shot but they are in most games and agains auto snipers i dont have any problems ... so imo. the problem could be you :O

    Here are some points from my experience and whats in my mind right now ...

    1. How do you define luck ? winnig 1million in a lottery or finding 10€/$ on the street ? so i think luck is a realy big word, since the boxes were lucky boxes im not wondering that its like winning the lottery, imo the only worth thing in IS atm to spend money on is the Seasonpass ... thats also why i think the game !COULD! die, the shop is just expensive and to much gamble ... example: GINORMOUS DEAL: SKULL M4 ACC-M ... "only" 4499 AP wich is close to 50€ ... 50€ ! wth.. do i need to say anything about this ? i realy love this game and i would cash for it but not with this prizes ... like i said only the seasonpass is worth it imo and thats the only thing i ever bought ...

    2. I have some nice skins like city, pixel, angry monkey, fire monkey ... but i only got them from lvl up boxes and from gp boxes ... never got anything usefull from "premium" boxes ... but at this point it can be that a player is just lucky/unlucky

    3. i dont think skins for archivments are a good idea ... BUT i think for events its a good idea ... did we ever got anything else than a banner, icon and slot charm + day limited weapons wich are not even for 30D ? why dont they give out skins for events ? i mean they can do them harder to get at a stage after banner+icon or charm and they dont even need to be the best skins ever but at least something ... or give boxes as rewards at events ... they just keep going with stuff nobody realy wants imo ...

    4. dont want to attack the thread creator ... but ... why didnt you ask about the boxes before you bought them ?

    ppl just search for anything they can use as a excuse for a loose or bad performance ... so they call enemys hacker or team noobs ... 2 options that are pretty simple to use instead of searching mistakes by themself ^^

    your playing on NA ? bcs im mainly playing on EU, i played the game when it came out and when it also had hackers ... than i had a big break and im back now, im around lvl 100 and i dont know what your talking about ... i only see ppl. who flame about camping and snipers ... than sometimes there is 1 big mouth who tries to stress out and thats it, there is maybee 1/100 games where someone says something racist but everybody ignores that kid, blocked words are not hard ... play secure point and tell the ppl. "pls stand on point" point will be censord ... and since the netcodeupdate i dont see anybody who is stuck at start ...

    im not the best player, i have a 51% winrate and a average KDA of 1.22 with only 1500 matches played ... but i dont need any deathcounter of other players .... and if you want to target the better players, than press tab and look on who has the most points, otherwise target the lowest point player ... thats all, in tdm you should target everybody anyways, in secure point you should target the person who is holding the point for the longest or the ppl who cover him with flanks, at resource takeover target the person who tryhard collecting every chip, in snd just see who is performing the best and same for frontline .... the only reason i understand for what a deathcounter would be good is for your party or clan builidng, but if your playing for a longer time you know who is playing good or bad anyways :D

    sure but i guess you know what i wanted to say ... should be enough to change the aim/accuracy instead of the ability to jump/duck etc ...

    and yes i know that nobody in rl would dropshot or jumpshot XD nobody would also quickscope or noscope XD

    i just want to mention that a limited time of jumps or ducks is not that good, change the aim/accuracy maybee like before said ... i mean in reallife you also can jump and duck multible times or ? so think about what a soldier can, they are trained to jump, climb, crouch etc. so its the worst thing to limit it ... change aim/accruacy while jumping etc. and it should be fine

    yeah q´s sometimes seems kinda buged ... i waited 26minutes for a frontline match and when i found a match it was at the end, joint last 30 sec. <.<

    the direct things thay the community can do is to support the game directly with purchaes, feedbacks, reports and you can also invite friends you know to play the game.

    problem here is, aeria is ... how can i say it soft ... a publisher known for its failing games ... many games are gone, some games are dead ... ironsight is a good game, but it needs work, imo the seasonpass is the only thing worth to buy ... they totaly should remodel the cashshop, should work more to get patches and fixes faster, they need to do ads and they need a big helping hand like steam, otherwise i dont see a bright shining for this game, at the beginning the game was booming, just the netcode sucked, now the game is pretty smooth but there are so many players gone, so something needs to happen, i dont want to attack anybody with this but its the sad truth. also it would be nice to see other event rewards, there are only events ingame like "kill X amount of players with weapon X" and you get everytime the same rewards ... make some events harder and give more time + permanent weaponskins or coupons instead of 3D premium skins or dogtag´s or charms ... all we get everytime is a titel + a emblem ... but im drifting of ... what i want to say is that the game needs love, imo it allready had so many chances to be the best shooter on the market ... but nothing happend ... i still love and enjoy the game, thats probably why i want to see changes

    In my personal opinion, I like it how it is right now but the suggestion isn't that perfect either. I mean if hypothetically we should receive a votekick one day, who would be the ones to be kicked first because they seem like making a loose inevitable? But on the other side it could also instill more competiton for the player itself, something like "He/she got 2 kills more than me... but HA! I performed better because I died way less!", if you know what I mean. It can be seen negatively against others too

    imo showing the deatn counter public in this game will only bring a option for "better" players to attack "not that good performing" players, sometimes im mad about campers other ppl are mad about weapontypes ... but if there is a death counter it will explode on offensiv attacks agains each other ... if there is a counter, than only in ranked i would say

    Once upon a time there was a crazy and evil Old Man named Crawler, he worked in a Bio Labcalled Tsunaminear the Oceanfront.

    Rumors say he was included into an Operation to creat a big weapon like the Hydra to bring war all over the world. He smelted a rare material called Karambit wich is known as the hardest iron on earth, only found in the deep mines of Sirocco.

    The Headquarter knew about Crawler´s operation to creat the new weapon. Neil Wild the head of a special troup named Sentinel, had a plan to stop Crawler before he could finish the new weapon.

    Neil sent out his 2 best soldiers to destroy Crawlers plan. The 2 soldiers were Vallery & Sarah who are also sisters.

    Vallery is known as a deadly Sniper who eliminates targets from far away and also can handle explosives.

    Sarah is a close combat specialist. She and her favourite weapon (a SCAR-Hwith a Silencer and a ACOG attached) are not less deadlier than Vallery.

    Vallery and Sarah flew with the Hellbird near the Bio Lab where Crawler worked.

    The Sisters walked and came closer to the Lab. Close to the Lab they activated an alarm by mistake. Crawler saw on hidden cameras that Vallery and Sarah were coming to end his work. Crawler sent his helper named Royal Jester out to stop both girls. Jester attacked the girls with his Dragon Fang, both girls took cover and traded shots wich didnt connect. After a while Vallery was able to take Jester out with a snipershot. Since they lost some time, they ran to the Lab gate. Infront of the Lab gate they noticed a loud sound. Behind them appeared a big hole and something slowly appeared.

    A never before seen thing appeared out of the hole and Crawler stood on top of it. Vallery and Sarah were wondering what it was.

    Crawler was laughing and said "You are to late ! This is my new weapon called Metal Reaper! You wont have any chance so say goodbye to your life !"

    Crawler entered the Metal Reaper and started shooting on the girls. Both girls took cover and shot back. All bullets rebound of the Metal Reaper. The girls didnt know what they can do, they couldnt do anything because Crawler had to much Ammo. It felt like it would never end for the sisters. After a while Crawler had to reload and both girls started running to the Metal Reaper. At the Metal Reaper, Sarah opened the entrace to the Metal Reaper and Vallery threw a bag full of C4 into it. They ran far away and took cover to press the button and let the bag explode. After the smoke of the explosion disappeared they saw that the Metal Reaper was destroyed.

    Back at the Headquarter the sisters reported Neil that the mission was successful, what they didnt know was, that Crawler was still alive because he was able to jump out of the Metal Reaper. Now Crawler is hiding at another Lab called Overlab and working on ....


    Sorry for my bad english, but since this event is not aviable in german i had to bring up my self teached english ^^

    To be fair i havent counted the words but i hope its enough :)

    IGN: iExiiT

    Is there anything the Community can do to push that Goal forward ? I mean, im sure the Community could move mountains if it helps to get more players and better q´s :D

    Whats the point of getting more players if the game itself cannot be played enjoyably by anyone?

    1. So many ppl enjoy the game, it just sucks that q´s are so long sometimes ... 2. more players = faster matches = more fun and enjoyment 3. i think its not even much work to make this game big, they just take to long with fixing stuff and all the stuff ... if they launched back than with a good netcode + on steam the game would explode

    roughly feeling like every third person wishes for the game to reach steam. The staff has also confirmed in the past that steam is part of the goal to reach

    Is there anything the Community can do to push that Goal forward ? I mean, im sure the Community could move mountains if it helps to get more players and better q´s :D

    I'm not directly working but I have more a volunteering position but I still share suggestions regularly and keep the staff up to date of current bugs, issues and main feedback. We all want to have a better game ^^

    Did anybody told them that they should bring Ironsight to Steam ? Im 100% sure it would increase the population by enourm Numbers