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    Do we have any prove that that the current team actually "develops" something new instead of just porting stuff from the Korean version?

    It just feels like a carbon copy of First Assault...

    horrible ideas

    Ah, sorry dude, I forgot you are the one person on earth who can correctly judge changes in video games. Forgive me.

    Stop mentioning games that were doomed from the begining

    I also forgot that you can predict the future with 100% accuracy.

    those games are not FPS

    We were discussing the topic of user feedback, if you remember, I just gave some examples. So, user feedback for a FPS-title is a big no-go, but for "sci-fi games", it is a different story?

    Oh did your heard about Blackshot?

    No. But I googled it and it seems like it lost 90% of it's playerbase on Steam in the last 2 years. But I'm sure you can prove me wrong be posting the growth of players using their own launcher.

    Oh, did you hear about The Forest? During the alpha, players wanted a multiplayer mode more than anything else. The devs gave in after a few months and the game is still alive and growing. But I guess this example wont count because The Forest isn't a FPS

    So in your opinion, balancing is "unnecessary stuff"? I mean, it's not bug fixing...

    the only job of a player is to raport bugs , nothing more.

    That's a decent way to kill your game. Most devs don't have the insight of a playerbase hive mind. Look at other free games, like First Assault, Armored Warfare, I heard World of Tanks isn't doing that great either. All of them are loosing player because they decided not to listen to stuff the community wanted, but instead decide everything on their own.

    It is indeed more likely for players to come to the forum to complain about instead of praising the game, but you can't ignore all of the that just because of the numbers. By this reasoning, every statistical survey would be meaningless. Think about it this way: If they'd release a new update and everyone on the forum would be happy about it, would you say this feedback doesn't mean anything because the number of the posters is so small compared to the actual playerbase (we don't have any numbers about, don't we)?

    Developers should'nt never listen to the players

    Have you ever heard of First Assault online? Very similar to Ironsight, ported from Korea, horrible netcode, balance problems, almost no updates. The devs did exactly this, they didn't listen to feedback at all: When the players asked for bug fixes, better netcode and optimization, balancing and clans, they got new skins, imbalanced weapons and lootboxes. The players kept leaving, so they released version 2.0 (despite being still in Early Access) to rescue the game. 6 months later, the servers got shut down.

    take Counter-Strike for exemple , its the most played game of all time

    Are you sure about the last part?

    Apart from that, CS had changes aswell. And if I remember correctly, not all them were that successful.

    The "art" of quickscoping is in my experience just an extention of the mentality that wants "cool" youtube clips and instant kills every shot.

    That's basically it.

    The only reason to have OHK is to pander the xXx360_n0_sC0p3_HDxXx playerbase that spends more time watching cool MLG-movies than actually playing a game. If you'd take away that OHK and force sniper players to aim because they have to go for headshots, most people would just drop them completely, because they can't do those sick moves they see on YouTube all the time.

    Because the netcode was fine for use in Korea which was where the game was originally released. Since they have the 0 ping dream everywhere there, obviously it has a big impact on us where that's just not viable.

    And nobody saw that coming? Nobody suspected that the netcode that work fine in a relativity small country with excellent internet connection wouldn't work for a whole continent with with generally worse internet?

    What Lincuxe said.

    All faction would be the same, so there wouldn't be an difference in playstyle. Besides, you can't "choose" which faction you want to play: The factions involved are determined by the map and which side you are on is determined by the automatic team balance.

    The "backgroundstory" is pretty much inexistent and only mentioned once. The two faction share weapons, models, skins, etc., basically everything but the name and the colour of their (otherwise identical) uniforms.

    It's a F2P shooter, such things as a "story" only exist to give two teams a reason to shoot at each other.

    I'd normally agree with some kind of penalty for leaving a match, but given how broken the MM is right know, this would be unfair towards the players.

    Just look the posts in this thread and give me a good reason not to leave. The matches are lost no matter what and I'll get a lose that isn't my fault.

    Also, the Lobby-loop exists.

    Note on their country's network infrastructure. They might not have felt any movement delays while we are complaining for Europe and North America with mixed internet speeds and latencies.

    I highly doubt broken ranked, bad MM, horrible spawnpoints and a lack of password protected custom lobbies are linked to internet connection or user preferences.

    why did it take almost 4 months to implement something like pw-protected lobbies? It's like a basic feature.

    Be glad it's here now and didn't take another month

    I dont see any reason to compliment them on adding basic features. It might even encourage them to do it again.

    You can't simple just "iron them out" for one region and expect the rest of the world to be OK with them too

    Yeah, but you can fix bugs. I highly doubt broken ranked, bad MM, horrible spawnpoints and a lack of password protected custom lobbies are linked to internet connection or user preferences.

    So of course due to this, there will be issues in other parts of the world where having 0 ping for everyone isn't viable.

    They could have seen that one coming.

    the ability to inspect your weapon were added from community feedback.

    Can someone confirmed that this feature doesn't exist in the Korean version?

    When people bring up the transactions in games, I try to remind people that, it helps keep the game going.

    It seems like you aren't familiar with the whole GitS-disaster, so let me give you a quick overlook:

    Gits: First Assault was published by NEXON, a multinational, established company with enough money to keep a game going. People had to pay 5$ to join the closed Beta, so they already got some cash before the open Beta even started. When it finally launched, they immediately started to sell content like weapon- and player-skins, weapons and ingame currency, some of this packages for around 80$. And people where buying them.

    As you can see, there were absolutely no financial problems or anything else that would have justified adding loot boxes. After their implementation loot boxes were also the only way to get a weapon skin if you didn't feel like spending 10$ on a DLC that included stuff you had no need for.

    The problem is that this system works: Release a game, let people pay for it, put as little effort as possible into it and drop it the very second you don't make a profit. That's the reason why I recommend everyone not to pay a single cent on F2P titles (especially not if they are in Alpha/Beta/EA) unless they meet certain criteria.

    The reason GitS failed was that they never fixed the netcode despite claiming otherwise while completely ignoring all the other aspects of the game. They still had enough time to implement lootboxes ofc.

    Here is a quick visual overview of the patch notes:


    1.) The majority is "new" content. Even the "Improved Features" mostly revolve around the "new" content (Collection system, Weapon rarity, events), so they aren't really "improved" since you can't improve something that doesn't already exist.

    2.) The Bug Fixes section is pretty small and at the very end of the list. It looks like Bug Fixes are really unimportant, because why well else should there be so little and why at the end of the list?

    3.) In 2,5 months, you only managed to fix just a small amount of bugs and "increase server stability", something which is really hard to notice.

    4.) All the Korean stuff: a) Why did you spend so much time and effort on adding new content instead of working at the core problems? b) If copying wasn't that much work, why didn't you achieve more?

    5.) Bug Fixes: While there are some important ones (like owning a weapon twice), points like "The color of the kill log has been improved." or "Fixed a bug in the tutorial regarding the amount of sentinels killed." makes me question your priorities.

    All in all, it is quiet a disappointment. After two and a half months of absolute silence, people were expecting more from the very first patch.

    On the whole "B-But it's a Beta..."-thing: I totally agree that stability > balance > content, but given how much "new" content we got and how little bug fixes, I'm not sure if this game will iron out it's problems in time, especially if they keep updating with at such a slow pace. I'm also aware that fixing something like netcode/lag compensation/whatever takes time, but the fact that we don't have any information (progress, how many people are working on this problem, do they even know how to fix it or are they still looking for a solution?) doesn't really raise my hopes.

    AFAIK the silencer doesn't muffle the sound of your gunfire, but keeps you hidden on the minimap when firing. And this is its main purpose, denying information. A "good player" (most people aren't) might be able to narrow down your location to "roughly 2 different spots" if you use a silencer. If you don't use one, he knows your exact position, even if you move, and so does the whole enemy team.

    1. Decrease effect of tactical nades

    2. Faster sprint that drains more stamina and has louder steps

    3. Invisibility to drones while moving (can still be spotted by observer drone)

    4. Increased uptime for all drones (except Hellbird, Zeus, Metalreaper)

    5. Increased detection range for nades and detection of mines

    6. Drones need x% less points

    7. 5-Streak enemies are marked on the Minimap, 10-streak enemies are marked in 3D

    8. Increased movement-, reload- and ADS-speed when below x% health

    9. Reduced reloadtime after landing a headshot

    10. Show enemy drones and Striker-marker on your minimap

    11. Allies in close proximity gain a small amount of points the perk user receives

    Still relevant: The previous thread. I just want to stress a few things:

    1. Snipers are cancer

    2. Your netcode is disgusting, you should really be ashamed of yourself.

    Now for the new stuff:

    The Spawnsystem:

    Since there is spawnprotection in this game, you already know that the spawnsystem is flawed. Things that happen quiet regularly: Leaving a room just for the enemy to spawn right in your back, trying to flank your opponent, you walk straightinto their spawn, spawn => make a few steps => see a yellow glowing enemy coming right at you.

    I mentioned before that the spawnsystem in Resource Takeover tends to put you too far away from the action, now this also happens in Domination. Let my illustrate:


    Titan has the capture points A, B and C and the spawn areas 1, 2 and 3. Usually, on Domination players either spawn at 1 or 2. When we fought at A, my team went to 80% before getting wiped. From this point on, we would spawn exclusively on 3, while the enemy (who was at the point now) kept spawning at 1 and 2. So not only did we have to run across the whole map to get to the point, but the enemies we killed were also able to cut us of from the point because they spawned closer to it.

    Highlight of the game:

    The problem with the HotG is that is only focuses on multikills.

    Things are not HotG worthy:

    - Solo defending a secure point

    - Clutching a 1vs4 in SnD

    Things that are HotG worthy:

    - Aimlessly running around the map just to get a lucky spray'n'pray double kill in the last few seconds (90% of all HotGs)

    - Aimlessly running around the map while somewhere else a striker drone gets a double kill

    - Escort drones getting a double kill

    - The AI controlled Metal reaper (I'm not kidding on this one)

    The last point illustrates the problem with the current system: It tries so hard to find multikills that even a map object can get a HotG.


    - Why is Hammer & Sickle a G36 achievement?

    - Drone trials state that you have to use a specific drone ONCE, while you actually have to use it at least twice.


    - More stats like damage (especially for flashbangs), AoE-size, etc. would be nice

    - Form time to time, my frag grenates expire, leaving me behind with only a tactical nade.


    - Proning animations are fucked, models switch from stand to prone in a split second

    - UAV and spy drones seem to be bugged, sometimes enemies don't appear on the minimap despite being in ping range (no, they don't have jammer drones)

    - the scoreboard should be accessable during the HotG and winning ceremony

    KDA usually means (Kills+Assists)/Deaths.

    Simply taking the average score of all weapon KDAs would give distorted results. Example:

    And even than, my average weapon KDA would be ~1,5.

    I didn't spent much time in Ironsight this week, I was busy playing Server Maintenance Simulator 2018, but let's start anyway:

    Everything described here still applies, I just want to stress a few things:

    1. Your servers are the worst. I don't have to say anything else, do I?

    2. Your Information policy is still bad.

    3. Snipers are still cancer

    At the moment, I try to avoid SnD because sooner or later at least half of the players will grab a Sniper and start to camp.

    So, what to do? I read some of the posts on this topic, discussing things like more weapon sway, longer ADS-time, more aimpunch for snipers, etc. But why don't do the most obvious thing, lower their damage? From 100% HP to 90-95% HP? Results:

    a) Snipers become more skillbased, because a OHK now requires a headshot

    b) Snipers still remain a threat because after getting shot, you are a one-shot to everything

    c) Snipers aren't viable in CQC anymore, because if they dont get a headshot, they are usually dead, but still have the chance to fight with their sidearm

    d) Players now have a chance against snipers at long range either be running away or shooting back

    Now for the new stuff


    Sure, clans are placceholders right now, but this is what I would like to see:

    - a bigger info box where clans can share a description, contact info or requirements to join

    - a public list of all the players in the clan

    - a public stats page that shows stuff like average level, playtime, KDA, etc. of the clan members

    - custom clan logos

    - a special matchmaking for clans/organized groups

    - more detailed clan search, like >/< number of players, requirements to join, etc.


    I miss a death counter in this game. During a match and in my personal stats.

    Assists should be displayed in the scoreboard just like kills

    Nade kills should be counted. I have 1182 kills, but adding up my weapon and drone kills, I only have 1089.

    How does the KDA work? I have an overall KDA of 1.23, but except of one weapon (0.67, 5 kills), all my weapons have a KDA of >1.43 with a minimum of 15 kills. So why is my KDA so low? Drone kills (aren't displayed anywhere either)?

    1st place in team counter is off: Mission Record says 1, Team MVP says 8. Yes, I was MVP of the winning team more than once.


    Attachments unable to use on a certain weapon shouldn't be displayed.

    Attachments details should be displayed when you mouse-over them

    Reloadspeed should be displayed in the weapon stats


    Playernames in the lobby should be clickable for whispers, friends requests, etc.

    Strongly agree on 2,5,6,11,13. Spawnprotection only means that your spawnsystem is flawed.

    7) And people will start uploading pictures of their genitals as their clan logo.

    How many people found clans?

    How many of those people would use their genitals as their clan logo?

    Just add a report function and everything will be fine.

    Everything described here still applies, I just want to stress a few things:

    1. Snipers are cancer

    2. The killcam is useless

    3. Your servers are bad, holly shit

    GitS First Assault, another F2P FPS title, was famous for his horrible netcode. I didn't thought that you can have servers worse than FA, bit Ironsight disabused me. Not a single round without getting killed behind a wall, getting killed by prefire gods, getting killed by people in their running animation, getting no hitmarkers while the enemy fills your reticle. Not a single day without a full server going red-bar from one second to another, turning the match into a giant lag-fest.

    "But it's a beta mate, they will..." They SHOULD HAVE. I always thought a beta was meant to iron out last problems and details not to test something fundamental like the servers.

    Ok, what's next?


    I'm actually surprised how close the matches usually are, don't know if this is just luck or if there is a system behind it. However, sometimes a game starts with just a handful of players and new players get shared unequally.

    Also, certain modes and maps (namely S&D, Island and Oceanfront) appear very rarely.


    TDM: There isn't much to break in TDM, but sometimes spawn change very rapidly, like the you get shot from the room you just left or a bunch of enemies spawns right in your face.

    S&D: Sniper cancer is back. Especially on open maps defenders just have to pick up a sniper rifle and wait for attackers to come. Also, there should be a drone limit. Having three blade drones against you at once isn't fun at all.

    Secure point: Overall solid, some problems with spawns. I had a match on Island, the enemy kept the cave point and my team spawned at the same point over and over again, giving us the choice to either use the short way that led to a choke point where Snipers (here we go again) just had to waid for us OR walk around half of the map and through the enemies spawn.

    Resource takeover: Sometimes new points are way to close to the enemy spawn points.


    Nademarkers should be permanent and appear while a nade is still in the air.

    Effects of nades differ, like people suvive a nade at their feet but get killed an explosive metres away (also applies to drones). Also, Tactical nades sometimes show no effect.

    Custom rooms

    Admin should be able to kick/ban players from custom games. Or at least protect a game with a password.


    Combined with the shitty servers, it feels really odd. I have problems hitting people ADS, but the play of the game is a guy jumping around landing hipfire headshots across half of the map.

    News and stuff

    One day I tried to start the game, but nothing happened. Restarted launcher, restarted PC, nothing helped. A quick look at the forum, others had the same problem. Why? Server maintenance. Source: "Someone on discord". I know that "Join our discord!" is the 2018-gamedevs "Like us on Facebook!", but relying only on a Discord is not enough. There is a News section in the launcher, there is News and Announcements part in the forum, there even is News section at...November 2017. Ok.

    Random stuff

    Nades and ammounition should have a permanent buying option

    You sometimes suicide when stepping on the ship in Oceanfront

    You shouldn't autorespawn in the loadout section

    You shouldn't autojoin another match after the last one finished

    Because first impression matters.


    I'm from Europe, I play on the European server, VDSL 50, average ping of 21ms, no problems with other games. Sometimes I get killed after I walked around a corner. Sometimes I get shot before the enemy walks around a corner. And once, i got killed by an enemy during his death animation. From time to time, enemies appear from out of nowhere. It's a mess and judging by the chat, I'm not the only one having issues. At least it looks like the Kicked-for-AFK-thingy has been fixed, but it's to early to say for sure. Right now, this is the biggest issue.


    The killcam tends to switch into a random direction before revealing the actual killer. Also, the HP-bars are off. What I experienced so far: No bar at all, full HP while I got several hitmarkers on him, no HP and still the enemy is running around.


    There should be an easier way to cancel the reload than switching to another weapon. Or enable sprinting while reloading. Also, when prone and reloading, you can't move at all, only look around, that should be changed as well. Talking about it...


    The prone-animation looks faster from an external POV then from ego-perspective. Also, prone players seem to have very small hitbox, even when shot from above. But that's propaply just my imagination.


    My opinion: OHK-Snipers are cancer. But I guess, if they weren't OHK, nobody would play them.

    Just my two cents.