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    FireWarrior - The Golden Filter - Talk Talk Talk

    FullMetal - Tones and I - Dance Monkey

    Selene - She wants Revenge - Tear You Apart

    Monsieur - Tones and I - Dance Monkey

    Helix - Jarryd James - Do You Remember

    Deadpool - Ben&Ben - Leaves [Cover by Aruvn]

    SpaceKitty - Bongo Cat - Christmas Songs

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    IGN: H3llShadox

    IGN (Callsign): H3llShadox

    Special (Orange) weapon: Celebrations MP5 A5

    Advanced (Blue) weapon: Treasure SG553

    Drone name: Laser Beam

    Type: (Offensive)

    Similar to Hydra, but shoot with lasers and burn the enemies


    • Callsign (in-game name): H3llShadox
    • Name of the place: Out of Doors Fest, Costinesti Romania
    • Drones: all 9
    • Image: q22wg5z.jpg
    • Special (Orange) Weapon of choice: Celebrations MP5 A5
    • Advanced (Blue) Weapon of choice: Chrome M4 ACC-M

    IGN: H3llShadox

    The_Director: Pink Floyd - Eclipse

    Flloyd: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

    Worgoroth: Gorillaz - Demon Days

    Splashy: Riot - Dance With the Death

    Bodhisattva: Måns Zelmerlöw - Happyland

    Chopper: Sigur Rós - Rafstraumur

    Callsign (in-game name): H3llShadox

    Item name: Romania Flag

    Item country: Romania

    Item type: A Dog Tag ( Title & Emblem)

    Item image:

    Special (Orange) Weapon of Choice: Celebration MP5-A5

    Advanced (Blue) Weapon of Choice: Chrome AR-57


    Codename: Bryan Mills

    Gender (male/female/diverse): Male

    Age (in 2025): 30

    Preferred Weapon: MP7A1 & TAC-OPS & Karambit

    Height/Weight: 1,78/ 70kg

    Eye-/Hair color: Green eyes & Black hair

    Specializations/Skills: Specialist in CQC, Melee combat and Assassination

    Alliance (NAF/EDEN/lone wolf): EDEN

    Background Story (200 words max.): He have a very particular set of skills, skills he acquired it over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for NAF alliance. He get dirty, but the world stay clear...

    Latest mission: Bravo six, Going Dark

    IGN: H3llShadox

    Special Weapon of Choice: Fire Monkey PP-2000

    Advanced Weapon of Choice: Treasure Famas G2


    F-r-titlu.png A story about Neil Wild

    When Neil Wild applied to the Marines in 2022, they laughed in his face. So he applied to the Air Force, and they also laughed in his face. Then he applied for the Army, and they figured they could always use another grunt to absorb gunfire, so they let him in. He wasn't particularly good at it, and they actually tried to get him transferred to be a cook after he passed out halfway through training. He insisted that he wanted to fight though, so they sent him into the maelstrom.

    During the invasion of NAF he was promoted to corporal for his awesome shooting skills, and at the same time contracted malaria, which he had for almost the entire war. Try to remember that.

    He was sent to Oceanfront in 2023. He encountered a NAF machine Metal Reaper who pretended they were surrendering, then shot his best buddy's, Sirocco & Valery. Neil completely hulked out, killed everyone, then used their weaponry and some c4 to kill every baddie in a 100-yard radius, including two more Hellbird and a bunch of snipers. They gave him a Distiguished Service Cross Sentinel, and made him platoon commander while everyone apologized profusely for calling him "Crawler."

    About half a year later, his company was given the job of defending the Bio Lab, a critical region in EDEN, even though all they had left was 19 guys (out of the original 128) and a couple of Metal Reapers.

    The NAF showed up like a tsunami with a shitload of guys and half a dozen Metal Reapers. Since reinforcements weren't coming for a while, Neil Wild and his men hid in a trench and sent the Metal Reaper's to go do the heavy lifting. They got ripped to shreds.

    Then, this kid with malaria, drop his SCAR-H and ran up to one of the crippled Metal Reaper, hopped in behind the .50 cal machine gun, and started killing everything in sight. Understand that the Metal Reaper was on fire, had a full tank of gas and was basically a death-trap.

    He kept going for almost an hour until he was out of bullets, then walked back to his bewildered men as the Metal Reaper exploded in the background Mad Max style. They gave him literally every medal they could (33 in all, although he had doubles of a few, plus five from Oceanfront and one from Bio Lab), including the Medal of Honor.

    After the war, he maried Sarah and still in touse days you can find him in game by name H3llShadox!

    He has his own Headquarter by the name Royal Jester to train newcomers...

    This is the story for now, maybe i will tell you about the secound one with the Karambit and his new Operation, but this will be a story for the next event! See ya in the game.

    H3llShadox reporting out!