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    All we know Ironsight is a basically free to play game and the service can not run without our payment. Additionally, I understand you do the best through trial and error to keep this game as long as possible.

    However, users' disadvantage caused by sudden and secret changes will destroy the good relationship between Aeria and us. If you had announced or compensated us for it before, our shock would have be more smaller.

    In addition, the increasing GP's value is going to have serious effects in the game. For example, we can not use a time-limited equipment (like special bullets, powerful lethal and non-lethal) as easily as before. And then, getting a common skin gun will be hard work for us today. The latter issue is particularly severe for new users who do not have enough guns yet. No wonder these have big influences in the game.

    So, I'm worried about what adjustments will be made from now on and whether Ironsight will go to pay to win. Of course, I respect your decision and hope this changes will lead to satisfying results for both Aeria and users.