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    im fairly sure they hike up the base price of things on the store before putting them on "sale" fishy stuff like that is why im not putting money into this anymore.

    price gouging= no money for them

    this event is a legit joke

    40,000 GP
    90 CHIPs
    7 Day Sticky Grenade
    7 Day Explosive Knife
    7 Day 30% EXP Boost
    7 Day 30% GP Boost

    for 150 games

    idk what you guys are doing but this just trash. Quit hiding locked content from the asian version and put it on the western client already. We all know you guys are slowly porting over content to make it look like you care while you money farm the game just get it over with already. Theres a reaosn why this game is borderline dead now. Way to ruin a great game

    so let me get this straight. Everyone who plays this game on a daily basis tells you that drones are bad for ranked/comp and you guys still want to put them in? Learn how to admit when you are wrong.

    A year ago we had a huge comp scene and A popular pug server that was packed every day. The comp community has done more for this games comp scene and brought in more players into the scene than you guys ever will. Everyone left because you guys sat around and gave stupid excuses on why we couldn't have a bigger prize pool and now all the comp players left. Iv'e tried going to other comp scenes and telling them to try ironsight comp but every other comp community in the industry just laughs at what the comp scene was. We literally can't bring player from other scenes because they think the game is a joke. You (the devs) brought this on yourselves. Quit acting like you all of a sudden care now when we literally had a vibrant comp scene and you guys sat there and not absolutely nothing but give us a giant middle finger.

    long time comp player here, Drones should be banned all together no questions ask. Drones influence the game way too much especially considering that your point streak doesn't reset when die. Can you guys just listen to us and ban them all together?