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    I used (non-glyph) i think, because i have doubt about that and before i sent i ask for PM a admin, they say to me wht i need yo do, now im waiting because i make more than 300 kills whit melee event and i received 5 angry, 3 fire monkeys, 5 holidays, 3 colection and 1 comunity box, the last one even now why received that because not make part of the rewards challenge, and no, i dont have anything in spam your in other place

    Hello, like me i sent a email the suport more than a week and nobody say nothing, waiting for an answer, because the melee event they dont give me the correctly rewards, but nobody cares about that

    This update has not brought to the game anything that can be said that the game will evolve, high ranking players have nothing to offer

    Duel match, as players with players closer to the servers will always exist this kind of advantage and disadvantage. I play whit 30/40 ms, german player whit 5/10 ms or maybe less an example.

    Shield is for clowning, if u want lose games use the shield, u need to pray because after all is no team work

    I speak for myself that the mechanics of the game is good, is very poorly used, the event is 3 boxes with 10 chips each, the hallowen packs are 50 euros for 4 guns a head and 1 title, title which is the year not even bothered to create new ones.

    The events here come slowly, and is this honestly of interest to you? 30 CHIPS and buy PACKS for 20 and 50 euros?

    This game's SD its drones and camping,

    6 player parties with levels 200 or more to do completely without any interest, almost of the time.

    The game could only have 4 weapons because the others become useless if we really want to win games or make good scores, because they are P90, ARX, AUG and DSR, the others can go to waste

    It seems very difficult for something to happen in this game, now we will have a new map in a year and a few more skins for 50 euros each weapon, this creates no illusion but disappointment, after all you want players I think and not close the game because after all no one buy items for 30 euros or 40 or 50 euros, I've seen it for 80 euros, crazy

    What I find amazing is that the daily prizes have never changed during this 2 years almost!

    Maybe this game is directed to Germans and French, because from other countries players do not stay in the game, I speak from experience.

    Sorry for my frontality, but I've seen neighborhood companies with more skills than wiplegames and gamigo.

    And there was a lot more to say, but it's not worth it, because you can also realize that this is a forum and you are admins of a forum nothing more

    I dont want to be toxic and rude, but everything “will be come soon”

    Then don't be :)

    It's really coming soon, you'll hear more about it.

    Being toxic or rude will not lead anywhere, just change the speech and forget about it soon and wait for news, because even for a 5 year old no longer believes in such conversations, an FPS, has rakings, events in the game! Not in the forum to say to make titles and subscriptions, the discord is very beautiful and events there is for those who use, but updates in the game is a tremendous failure and can come the tower and players come back to play this map 1 week later go If though, the duel match maybe something not good enought for the game, the item prices are a steal, and much more could you say, is it worth it? Not! because weeks and months go by and nothing happens in this game ....

    More than 15 days after announcing the HQ remains all the same, as I am many are tired and tired of waiting for news that will not appear. I don't want to be so critical or toxic, but the updates on this game and news are bad, the worst I've ever seen in online games, just seeing the daily prize we've won remains the same as it was in February 2018.

    U got banned for 2 days because u are AFK in 1 match? Amazing! i saw the same hackers in game over and over again playing and u banned for a casual AFK, this game is magic 🤓

    Short: We are still here, we are working really really hard, we hear you, we love you! Ok, we have NOTHING to show, but it will be AWESOME when it's done .... blubb

    Jeez, I've even heard political speeches with more concrete informations than this HQ report!

    Looooooooool n1, because i think everybody or almost think the same!

    70 euros for 4 guns, so we can have 4 animation weapons, 70 euros! Not 7 euros, with 70 euros I don't buy a game but 2, I even think with 70 euros I buy a real weapon on the black market .....

    I saw the stream to yesterday and i like very much, not bad at all the spec mode, but i agree to first person all, and other and important thing really nice see an SD whitout drones, my question is, its só hard create a mode and player can choose if want play a match whit drones or not?

    U make just one tip, i make a lot, at the moment nothing new, worth the DEVS to make new updates or something its a miracle! The game maybe die because the people tired of the same maps, mods, guns, skins........and i dont want to be toxic but i feel its the true

    I sent more than 20 bugs i found and hapen to me very weird. The best bugs its in airport u can go to the roof, u can go to the underground, and hapen to me play a SP and appear the EMP mission like walls inside the airplane i cant pass, this os only airport lol. And more and more bugs......

    it is true that the secondary weapons have the same kills as a primary, but they do very well, kard and px4 for me are difficult to put and complete the challenge, but at the moment 9/11 with secondary weapons in gold! the eagle, crossbow, shotgun and jackhammer make it better that certain primary weapons

    I feel bad for you, knowing that you are wasting so much time in a dead game to have "gold skins" of the same weapons lol

    Literally any other game will ensure you some sellable skins for good real money with such a big timeplay, and in the meanwhile them are not so dead-full of issues like this one.

    Good everyone loses time in the game to play as he likes, whoever plays AUG, AK47 or ARX with his spy drone in the head and it seems that they are playing in a game that is competitive, I play for fun because ironsight doesn t have any competitive unfortunately, speak and say that it is a dead game, 13 or 14 years ago said the same in the forum of a FPS, toxic players that said the game was going to die and such, at the end of 14 the game is still active. Ironsight its 100% free to play dont need it to put money for win, but the DEVS need to make a better Job

    it is true that the secondary weapons have the same kills as a primary, but they do very well, kard and px4 for me are difficult to put and complete the challenge, but at the moment 9/11 with secondary weapons in gold! the eagle, crossbow, shotgun and jackhammer make it better that certain primary weapons

    Hello, maybe its your firewall block the game for same reason, try to inactive the firewall for a moment and try that, and unistall same program u have a conection to the game like exitlag, etc

    I agree very much with what juliastorm says, alias I have played this game for more than a year and I want to add that I see here a lack of dedication on the part of those who manage the tremendous game! let's see why players of level 100 or 200 or 300 and more stop playing for long periods or stop? The game is not about offering anything new, manners? maps competitions events weapons? worse is that what is and is not played, the way the sniper or even the own ranked that we look at it and we saw the same clause there and only 1900 points made when the last rank maybe I am in error reached many thousands of points, maybe 20 or 30k, the FFA mode because it is not entered in matchmaking? because the 2 missing korean maps have not been placed here yet? because the director creates a message to talk about tournaments and we are the ones that have to take the initiative? to all these questions there is not a clear and concrete answer, which generates indignation and is frustrating for who plays! another situation to analyze is the amount of clas that exist in the game and incredible that it seems like the ranked ranked him own one only cares to do something, to say that it is a cla that plays in the EU server and they spend hours in the chat to say come for the ranked this and that, until there they can get 6 that no matter how good they are, we are saying that who dominates the ranked has a lot of quality as players, basically I played and is not worth it, it is a match without history , it is 5-0 and it is done, is this the competitiveness that they speak? another situation is the producers of the game and who manages it, to go against what the players do, not say interests! this is because they do not create a ranked for security point? recourse? TDM? FFA? I think they create alternatives other dynamics to the game, the own front line? the SD with the option of no drones? I do not know what the community wants, but I think they are maps, ways that play, alternatives to a game that is not based, it is this and this even months in a row. Now I speak for myself, with 260 skins that I have of primary weapons more than 100 secondary, with all the skins that I have of clothes, lacking as much between 10 to 15 challenges to finish, and with nothing in concrete that makes me continue to play, What do you expect to happen? Surely it will stop playing like many others who do not see an evolution in this game, maps, modes, events, weapons? this is neither a warning nor a threat, but do you want this to be a game to send some shots or something that sparks the interest to become a solid community with a desire to bring the game to life? Excuse my English, and I hope you understand.

    I think about the box of the angry mp7 I think that there should not be the 7 days the 15 or others, it should be only with 2 options 30 days or permanent, this when buying by 299AP and 99AP 1 day is completely unnecessary, and if the director reads my post, you want satisfied buyers and not an unsatisfied buyer who will think about whether to buy again or not. I dozens of angry boxes and fireboxes that I have already opened, either by the events where I won or by the PTS too or because I bought to think that I would win something, I got a scope fire monkey and I talk to the support and respond (Better luck for next time ), conclusion, do not buy

    this game has a lot of potential and can be a game that can triumph in the market, but who is behind the back, spend months or a new map or weapons? it seems all very difficult to happen in this company that gives me the feeling that they are a little bit ......and the old players has nothing to hold them to a game that spend months without something interesting happening, korean still have 2 maps that do not understand why of not being at least one of them here, I was already encouraging anything

    Well I hackers realize that there are quite strange players but as I have no proof I am silent. about the partys in fact this is killing the game and the experience that the new players take is too bad, I speak for myself, I play partys of 5 or 6 players very punctually and on request to be punished in X members, because I have a win rate of 62% because I play almost always alone or private game with 1 only element in this case which means that it is a party of 2 and already has some impact on the match, the rest is sad to play against clas of 5 and 6 elements and at the end of the game say EZ and Noobs, that's what we have, I mean it, I do not have any kind of fun or action in the game playing in mega parties, I get bored easily and I feel even a little bit sorry for the players. another team that is an unequal fight and is a match without history and without something that in the end we say, was intense and competitive, summarizing the partys kill the game itself, be it in matchmaking or Ranked that I will not talk about this because I think it ridiculous what is going on in this ranked

    in my case the situation changes a lot, I have challenges made that I have no desire to do them again, and challenge that maybe many are not going to dedicate themselves to doing as all the drones, or all the secondary weapons made or almost made, besides to lose the title and emblem, bowei or even ax to gold again are two knives very bad and for play they bug a lot, and I have the titles blocked, of course this hapen because I am level 450 and not 50 or 100.

    One thing I did not realize, the challenges now of the weapons or maps or of what is not are the answers to the values that already were? Will we have to complete everything again? and do what got duplicate or in triplicate?

    I play Warrock for many years like u in 2006/2007 and a game destroyed by the hackers, well if the people saw the hacks exist in warrock here its a joke. I think hackers in a free game its normal but what i saw its people in ironsight very strange, and always the same players, and me? I dont have a diferent AIM for diferent players to kill but maybe for 3 or 4 players like some héroes gamers never die or 1 shot kill, hapen today even a HS and die whit SVD, but ok

    I think the ranked is very poorly done in relation to the last, now besides being able to put 6 in a party, I do not think there is so much competition to be only clans to play because there are players who want to play on their own, the 5 times I played since I left again the ranked in 2 different days I got the same clause in party and were 6 against whom a public team, summary only defeats, but I do not care what was interesting is that the game play of cla was super camped and looked like who were to play a World Championship or ESL final. Another situation is the SD of this game, I think and I can be very wrong enough weak, because nobody plays by instit, skill to know or seek the player and adrenaline is bigger, here in this game call skill by a spy drone in the head and a DSR1 in hand and ready to go because he comes and I already kill him because I know exactly that he walks through this door and at what time, I can not call this skill, and then play with macros and send PKP shots and head shoots of a side to the other of the map and say skill, I may be wrong but I think you should review both Ranked and SD of the game, because the competition is null in this aspect and whoever tries and wants the game experience in these two ways, may or may not stay disappointed

    I have a PC with less capacity than yours I try to put both in NVidia and in PC the maximum performance when I play, this Vsyn I never had activated and if I have two configures in ultra the rest in high or deactivated and squeeze in an average of 80 to 110 FPS, its very strange what happen to you because i have a friend play this game and they have a 1070 like u and the FPS 150 and more never less

    Well something is something, the angry and the fire monkey, only chips and chips, whit the PTS rewards the same, but its ok, i hope u can fix the issues u have ATM and Thx for the rewards