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    You can't see them directly, I went into private match and used monitoring sight to see how much damage it did with a headshot, which looked roughly 45% of hp

    which would be around 1.8x modifier

    Yeah I noticed that too, it almost has same headshot damage as Scar H.

    I deleted all the entries from -regedit that were tied to IronSight, then reinstalled the game again. Seems there was some kind of corruption in them that were preventing new version from opening.

    Did you maybe uninstall any specific software recently? Please check that directX and that Microsoft C++ redistributable is installed. At least the 2015 version

    Everything in check. It worked up until yesterday. Nothing changed on my PC, I checked latest installed programs and it was week ago.


    I can work with previous version I just tested it. This new update must have added something that PC requires to be installed in order to be run. Can you perhaps give me necessary programs changes that were added?

    EDIT 2

    Fixed it, you can close the topic. Had to do some work in regedit, but I fixed it in the end.

    Last few days my launcher just refuses to open.

    When I open my task manager it is in processes but is frozen on 2mb memory.

    I tried to run it as administrator, change compability, both at same time, nothing worked.

    So um.. how can I play now?

    Missed some? You missed more than 60% of the guns in the game xD


    Scar H >>> AK47 on mid-long range. Scar H weaker on short range

    Scar H = AK12 on long range, but weaker on short range.

    What is AR57? Its portable LMG, that for some reason is more accurate than P90.

    HK417 awesome gun. Although the recoil is too much on it, you are playing with RNG when using HK417 because RNG decides on which side the gun will jump after you fire.

    Just the ones I felt like needed fixing.

    I doubt it will change, but it would be nice. Though, many players like easy hipfiring rather than having to ADS :/

    Ah no worries :D

    Just nerf the hipfire so it is like in CBT and everything will be ok.

    Then, the game name will be justified. Right now its HipSight.

    But you need to realize that we need to realize that a nerf like this would be massive. It would create an entirely different meta for the current game.

    Which is what game was meant to be in the 1st place. Not this Hipfest.

    Do hacks exist in Ironsight? Yes. That said, with the netcode in the state it's in, it's impossible to tell a lagger from a hacker, and even harder to prove. (We need tools like spectate and a real killcam to help with the proof part.)

    Its actually quite possible with more experience. Not trying to make my self (OMG LUL 360 NO LIFER) but hacker won't kill you behind walls or anything. Its obviously net code. Real hacker knows all the time where you are, and looks at you through walls. Its a feeling you get, and you know he is looking at you through walls. Especially when you can hear them walking from the spawn and he stops just before you arrive, even though you are crouched. Three times knowing where you are is ok. Knowing every round where you are is obvious hacking.

    There are no aimbotters in the game as far as I'm aware, and wallhackers are quite rare. Its just that whole community is filled with trashes and people who contradict themselves without being able to form 1 sentence, so everyone who kills them is a hacker. I myself am hacker every game.

    Hackers? I only saw obvious one once. Maybe there were other hackers (since some players were good , and suddendly can't walk properly) but the game is in amazing state with hacking. Probably lowest hacking FPS game I ever saw, next to H&G.

    If you get shot first it's pretty much over, as the faster fire rate will just kick your aim all over the place and you can't shoot back.

    But.. AK47 has no recoil o.O ?

    Edit: If you shot first then its pretty much over too. When you compare those weapons in a hand of player that has same skill, AK47 will win all the time.

    Scar, SA58, AR58 (transcended assault-rifle hood), HK417 over EBR any day, AK47, MBSS. PKP (Its MG but its OP with viper scope)

    Basically most AR-s are good on all ranges, but not as good as AR57.

    I mean, most CoD games have a headshot multiplier of 1.4x, so it isn't that much lower.

    "most" and those under that category are after CoDWaW.

    Real CoD games are before CoDMW2 (It all started at WaW (the downfall))

    CoD 4 is OHK headshot, all the guns are pretty much 3hk-2hk, except few guns.

    I figured it was low, is it really that low tho? Bit surprising. It also explains why I rage a lot when I hear the headshot sound and wonder why they don't die.

    Yeah, tho I'm not 100% sure its 1.2, it might be 1.4, but I'm closer to thinking its 1.2 because of some guns I tested.

    Yeah, sure...

    In case you don't understand.

    Firing different ammo and being named just to remove confusion (AK-12 AK-15) is not the same as :

    Getting new muzzle, having different gas operation, more ROF, getting better iron sights, and the possibility to attach scope while retaining precision.

    You do realize that AK12 can use both AK-47 and AK-74 ammunition right? Not only that, it got improved so bullet trajecotry is flatter and its highly customizable. AK12 is just superior to in every possible aspect AK-47 though not as cheap.

    With this logic AK-47 and AK-74 is the same since they both work the same way and the only difference is the bullet they are using...

    With that logic you obviously don't know about guns at all :P

    You do realize that AK12 can use both AK-47 and AK-74 ammunition right? Not only that, it got improved so bullet trajecotry is flatter and its highly customizable. AK12 is just superior to in every possible aspect AK-47 though not as cheap.

    Sorry for being pedantic, but that would be the AK-15. Not the AK-12. Although the only difference is the the caliber it fires.

    AK-15 is AK-12 though. Its just to differentiate from being named AK-12 5.45x39mm and AK-12 7.62x39mm. They just designated it as AK-15.

    Its very decent animation, not sure what do you mean ridiculous.

    When you side-step with the current animation,dropshooting the animations looks messed up, specialy during a dropshot it's literally 0.5 animation which ruins ranked.

    Well if thats what you mean, then during dropshot your crossahair should increase alot, because you are firing a weapon from 1 hand after all.

    AK-12 should have less ROF than AK-47, but more damage, range and better accuracy... (since it is a superior gun after all)

    The AK-47 got the higher caliber bullets so it should get more damage but the AK-12 should be more accurate.

    You do realize that AK12 can use both AK-47 and AK-74 ammunition right? Not only that, it got improved so bullet trajecotry is flatter and its highly customizable. AK12 is just superior to in every possible aspect AK-47 though not as cheap.

    small change .

    wouldn't it be better if

    AK-47 had 65 rate of fire and AK-12 had 70

    so basically both swap their rate of fire and make AK-12 just bit more attractive.

    AK-12 should have less ROF than AK-47, but more damage, range and better accuracy... (since it is a superior gun after all)

    Everyone who kills me is a hacker mentality detected. All units intercept immediately.

    I literally haven't found one hacker in this game. I had my suspicions about few people, but when I got put against them I just realized they are average legit players.

    But I agree that anti-cheat should get changed. Better to prevent than to cure.

    personally all the smgs have decent recoil people compline and say its to good and accurate. sure the vector has high rof but tbh compered to most other games the rof is low on this games vector.

    the whole point of the smgs is rof, they are designed to be close and personal kill quick and be fast reloads. ars are more designed for longer mid range encounters its also why you don't often see ars with insane rof , infat most military prefer the semi fire option as its better for control and also cost as you will use less ammo

    Yeah exactly, SMG-s should be for CQB, AR-s for mid-long and snipers for long (and 360 no scopes ....). But in this game SMG is CQB-Mid with decent long, AR strictly long, and Snipers are also everything.

    Only reason people play AR-s is because thats their preference.

    Many weapons are different in this game. Vector having not much higher ROF than other SMG-s, while vector is a chaingun in every other game. Same with PP19, it has 64 bullets, but in this game has 32. Many things are different, only we can hope they will change. But considering this is beta, the game is pretty good.

    Dude, you comparison is exactly the same as me comparing SCAR and SA58 to SVD or PSG. We are talking about universal weapons. SMG-s are universal, Assault rifles are not. Scar and SA58 only have advantage at long ranges, as soon as they get into mid range, they are dead.

    Not just by AR57, there is Vector, Bizon, MP9, LWRC...

    Its not because of range, its because all SMG-s have insane ROF, with same bullets to kill as any assault rifle. (vector being different case, but its ROF is so high and that accuracy is insane).

    Wanna know how to beat any other AR at medium-long range with Vector? Use quick reload, rifling and laser.

    You are firing so many bullets accurately in such a short time, that even K2C will not be able to keep up with you at medium range.

    Though I agree with what you said. Firing from the hip feels more accurate than ADS, and the drop off is extreme for most weapons, but still there is minimal damage gun can do. Damage Drop off should be reduced for every gun, so Damage on the gun actually counts as a important stat, rather than range being that.

    Can I ask how many hours you have in game?

    Not sure, but more than 30

    I want to see your AR57 out dpsing a SCAR or a SA80 at range.

    I want to see your SCAR or SA58 out dpsing AR57 on medium range. You took 2 extreme cases. They fire so slow and have bad hipfire, its not even funny. Not to mention most of the maps are smalls, which goes in favor of SMG-s. Even though the weapons I use are those 2 you just mentioned.

    I was talking about AR57 from my friends experience, as he has lvl 80 AR57.

    Not much beats a SCAR full stop. Maybe the ARX160 or the AUG.

    People underestimate K2C too much. Its one of the, if not the best gun in the game.

    Same with AN, AN is a beast.

    But every other Assault rifle can't compete with SMG-s at all ranges. As I said, you can take SCAR and SA58 and camp at distance, but then you meet a sniper, you can go mid range, then you meet SMG-s same with CQB.

    SMG-s are most universal weapons in the game, and these 2 assault rifles.