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    Yep, it's a good idea. But I made this topic in May. I doubt any staff member didn't read it.

    Someone did, don't you worry. :) As said in other times, even if CMs don't reply immediately to some posts or even us, MODs, we end up reading it and giving the feedback to the right people.

    Yep. I know you are doing some good work. It's hard to tell from outside btw.
    The community is your bff. But there are/were some decisions that really disturbed the players.
    I hope to see some good changes after the release and come back to the game.
    Ironsight has a lot of potencial, and a market gap left by CoD, BF, AVA, BS...
    I really wanna see more players arriving after the steam release.


    Well... I think it'd be really nice if any Staff member answer us. Even if you disagree.

    Right, Aeria? :/

    I'd suggest repeating this on The_Director 's recent tournament post because he started the discussion there and just disappeared.

    Yep, it's a good idea. But I made this topic in May. I doubt any staff member didn't read it.

    Really nice!
    I also made a topic dedicated to the urgent issues of the ranked mode here:
    Ranked?? Where??
    Feel free to contribute.

    And about the Battle Pass:
    I think it should be improved as you said, but I think it is a good idea after all.
    Aeria Games is famous for letting their games die, so a good way to keep Ironsight alive is improving how the game incomes are made (Cap. Obvious).
    As said above, even with the Battle Pass issues this is a good gap to collect money and keep the players playing... But there are 3 problems here:

    1 - This is a Skin-Based free-to-play game, what is one of the strongest features in Ironsight. The majority of the game incomes is based on skins and boxes transactions, what is a good thing. But we have some problems here: the high quantity of ugly skins that dont arouse the players to spend real money, the impossibility to accumulate skins and use them in buy/sell transactions (Steam Launch and Steam Market ASAP), the unattractive aspect of the boxes and collection weapons and the high difficult to acquire the nice skins (some people prefer to just buy in the steam market, even with high values).

    2 - The game cash is just unattractive, even for NA/EU players. So you can imagine how the AP price works for the target of FTP games (South America, Turkey, Middle East, Eastern Europe...). It is very expensive, with no stimulation and with a tricky table (for example, you cant buy 1000 AP for the battle pass, instead, you need to purchase a more expensive value... in Brazil, this is R$50,00 , more expensive than GTA V... lol). Do you think your target players are inclined to spend so much money with just little things of a FTP game?

    3 - Marketing.... Because, in general, Ironsight is the best FTP FPS game atm. The only game that offers a competitor quality of gameplay is Black Squad, and, well, Black Squad is dying as you can consult here. So, what are yours competitors?? Zula?? Crossfire?? AVA?? Special what the hell?? Give me a break, in terms of quality you are years ahead. Just claim your place. Because.. the competitors, even with games made on paint, are investing.... And I dont blame Zula or any of these games for investing in the competitive scene, for example.

    So, what are the simple solutions you can make now:
    - Implement a Damage Correction Policy for the urgent and simple issues (ranked mode, battle pass... things that can be corrected in one day).
    - Dont make players waiting for simple updates and corrections, and focus the big updates on more complex things.
    - Try to anticipate the Steam Release ASAP.
    - Correct the cash system.
    - Release more attractive skins, like the ones made by this guy.
    - Fast response for the competitive issues (would be nice to have one staff member to execute this task, people are waiting like one month).
    - Answer the community, even if you disagree.

    I think thats it. Ty for your reading.

    edit: corrected links

    I agree with you, I also think it would be better to have a more square minimap, like every other fps game.
    This minimap is really exotic and uncomfortable.

    Ty for your feedback! If everyone write their suggestions here I think the chance of changes will be real!
    Now we need to wait the Staff official response.

    Everybody was waiting for the new update, and many many things are really good.
    But... well... everybody can agree that the new Ranked is.... very bad (a compliment).
    Truth has been spoken.

    I collected some feedback from the SA active community, the main NA/EU players, Ironsight Central Discord and Ironsight Official Discord.
    I hope you read it, Aeria, tsc... tsc...

    Number of players:

    Well, the main objective of a ranked mode is to provide a more... competitive experience!?
    So, the 6vs6 format can mine the game in two ways:
    1 - It is a common sense that this game is played 5vs5, and it works at its best this way. So, for both casual and competitive players, the actual system is not different from playing a normal lobby. Besides, the competitive players are really pissed off with the ranked mode.
    2 - The waiting time increases with 2 more players, and the game doesnt have so many players, right? And again, with an increased waiting time and no significant difference between ranked and normal lobby, we will have a snowball effect. Players are gonna leave the ranked mode and the time will increase again...

    Competitive Aspect:

    So, a ranked mode needs to provide a more competitive way of playing the game, right?
    We all agree that the ranked mode doesnt need to have all the competitive rules. Providing a good experience is enough.
    I can speak for all the community that, for example, removing the drones from the ranked would be really nice.

    I know, I know... It sounds like a crying kid asking the company to change the game because he didnt like it.
    But, besides the recent aspect of the update, we can see a pattern in all ranked system claims: the number of players, waiting time and lack of competitive features.
    So, as a suggestion that would benefit both the community acceptance and your incomes with the game, I have two main alterations that would fix the ranked mode for a while (asap, so you wouldnt be losing a lot of players):

    Implement the 5 vs 5 format again.
    Remove the drones from the ranked.

    Thats it, ty for your reading. Leave a reply if you agree!
    We Accept all suggestions from you,
    Have a good day!

    Edit - Other Suggestions:
    Limit the number of party members to Solo/Duo and make an other system dedicated to clan matches later.
    Implement Friendly Fire.
    Increase the number of winning rounds to 9.
    Implement a Voip system.
    Penalty for quitters.
    Implement a friendly ESP like other games (CS, Black Squad...).
    obs.: In the latest pach we got the friendly tag option across the map... the esp like cs would be really nice, but I think this is the last of the players concerns now.